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Storing necklaces in a box is a great way to keep them clean, organized, and protected from other pesky items that like to hide inside your jewelry packaging.

There are a lot of ways to keep necklaces and other pieces of jewelry. The most popular way is using a jewelry box or any organizer where you can store your necklaces without messing them up! 

Today, I’ll tell you in detail how to store necklaces in a box in different ways to keep you safe from tangling. So, let’s go!

The Best Ways On How To Store Necklaces In A Box

There are various options for storing necklaces in a box. Because storing necklaces in containers is an easy way to keep them organized. So they don’t get tangled and mixed up with other jewelry items.

  • Use Jewelry Box

You can use many different kinds of generic jewelry boxes to store necklaces. These boxes have sliding lids that keep your necklaces organized, pendant shanks keep them from getting tangled inside the box, and many others. 

But the best part about these jewelry boxes is that they are cheap. So, you don’t need to go with cheap jewelry boxes; instead, go with solid wooden containers that will give your necklaces a high-quality look. So this is a good solution as well.

  • Organize Jewelry in your Roll Organizer

Some people love to kit their rolls with necklaces. Some people love to wear them around their necks. But these days, it’s much easier to store necklaces in a box today than in the old days.

However, even if you buy a roll of jewelry, stretching organizers are available beside you. It will be more cost-effective and keep your items organized and well-protected from other things that could harm them if they get mixed up with them.

How To Store Necklaces In A Box!

  • Keep it In jewelry trays

You can keep your necklaces inside a jewelry tray by sliding the tray to open it. First, make sure you choose a cheese box that fits into your drawer. Then slip the necklaces inside and close the drawer for easy access.

  • Use Pill Case Organizer

If you love your pill case organizer too much, it can be a great way to store necklaces in a box without a problem. But you must be very careful when storing your items inside the cases. Because if you’re not careful and accidentally drop your necklaces on the ground, they could get damaged.

  • Use Straws for Organizing Necklaces

According to the experts, when you use straws to organize necklaces, it is important to remember that they are very delicate. So if you are going to do this, be sure that you do it carefully. At any rate, putting your jewelry items through a straw is one of the easy ways to store necklaces in a box.

  • Use Cardboard As a Jewelry organizer

If you do not know how to store necklaces in a box, cut two pieces of cardboard for the ends of your box. Your cardboard should be bigger than the width of your necklace. For example, if my necklace is 5 inches wide, I would use a 6-inch piece of cardboard for one side and an 8-inch piece for the other. 

Tape one end to each end of your box using clear packing. Or you can use duct tape to ensure that your necklace stays. Place something heavy on top of the package before you tape it (hot water bottles work well). Place it somewhere out of sight, away from direct sunlight and heat sources like fires or furnaces.

  • Keep Plastic Wrap for Necklaces

You can keep a plastic wrap protector for necklaces in a box. If you already have a plastic wrap protector in your drawer, it is easy to store necklaces in a box. But you have to make sure that you wrap your necklaces around the cone of the plastic wrap. Otherwise, they will tangle together.

13 Easy Ways On How To Store Necklaces In A Box!

  • Use Bubble Wrap

You can store your jewelry inside bubble wrap. Using bubble wrap as jewelry packaging is a good way to keep your items safe and organized. Just make sure that you use different colors of bubble wrap, so you don’t mix up your jewelry.

How To Store Necklaces In A Box!

  • Use Ziploc Bags

The Ziploc bags are very good for storing jewelry because they are moisture and gas-resistant. So it will be fine if you use them to store your necklaces. But when you do this, you should ensure that they are well sealed and placed in a box with other things to keep them safe and prevent them from mixing up with other items that were stored improperly.

  • Use Hangers for Necklaces Or Other Jewelry 

Hanging your necklaces is a great option as well. There are many different types of hangers that you can use for this purpose. You need some wire hangers or plastic suede hangers, and you’re all set up for the necklace storage.

How To Store Necklaces In A Box!

  • Use Decorative Hooks To Hang Necklaces

Still confused about how to store necklaces in a box? If you like to use decorative hooks, you can do that and then change them up every few weeks. Then, you can place your necklaces on any hooks and never worry about tangles or mixing them with other jewelry items. 

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that your decorative hooks will be located in a different area than where the other jewelry items are stored. Make sure this is okay for you before moving forward with this option.

  • Use Designer Jewelry Organizer

You can use a designer jewelry organizer box to store necklaces. Make sure your necklaces will fit easily inside the box. So you don’t have any problems with tangling. 

A good example is the locket jewelry box with a necklace, bracelet, and earring organizer. This jewelry organizer comes in various shades, sizes, and designs. So you can find one to match your personality.

  • Fold Toilet Paper Rolls

Last but not least, you can use toilet paper rolls to organize your necklaces. You can easily cut down the rolls and then fold them in half. Then slide your necklaces inside. This is a good way to store necklaces in a box if you’re going out camping or traveling and you don’t have any room for other jewelry boxes.

Overall, keeping your necklaces organized helps you in many ways. Like when it comes to finding the right necklace for the right occasion or ensuring that they stay intact while worn around your neck.

Final Words

So, there you have it! Now that you have all the information about how to store necklaces in a box from tangling or getting lost. All you have to do is follow the steps. 

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