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In 1883, geologists believed that Yellowstone National Park was the result of a rebound from the last ice age. Using mapping and other scientific methods, they soon realized that the park was much older than previously thought. After more than a century of searching, they finally found evidence of a large ancient eruption that has shaped the park to this day.

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1883: A Yellowstone Origin Story

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From visionary creator Taylor Sheridan comes a prequel to television’s #1 show, Yellowstone. 1883 follows the original Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. It’s a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land — Montana. This acclaimed series features a star-studded cast including Academy Award nominee Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, with cameos from Academy Award winners Tom Hanks and Billy Bob Thornton, and Rita Wilson. Now dive deeper into the Dutton’s origin story with over two hours of behind-the-scenes content including never-before-seen featurettes with the cast and crew.

Over Two Hours of Special Features

  • A Land of Peril & Wonder: The Journey of 1883 (exclusive to DVD, Blu-ray & Digital)
  • From Cast to Cowboys: Creating the Pioneer Spirit (exclusive to DVD, Blu-ray & Digital)
  • 1883: The Road West – Behind-the-Scenes Special
  • Inside 1883
  • Behind-the-Story for all 10 episodes

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Tim McGraw as James Dutton

Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton

Isabel May as Elsa Dutton


Tim McGraw as James Dutton

Faith Hill as Margaret Dutton

Isabel May as Elsa Dutton

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Audie Rick as John Dutton

Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan

LaMonica Garrett as Thomas


Audie Rick as John Dutton

Sam Elliott as Shea Brennan

LaMonica Garrett as Thomas

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Yellowstone First Four Seasons

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10 reviews for 1883 A Yellowstone Origin Story : Sam Elliott, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw: Movies & TV

  1. Jane Evans

    I almost didn’t watch because of the bad reviews and am so glad I didn’t miss it. Because of the flashbacks in Yellowstone, I expected the show to be very different. When I realized it was going to be mostly a showcase for the young actress playing Elsa, I wasn’t the least disappointed. She was lovely and the narration was perfect. I thought the production values around the action scenes were excellent. Those horses! The scene when she was playing the piano and the camera would cut to the battle taking place back at the camp. I wonder if Taylor Sheridan realized he wrote a young adult romance. I loved the ‘heavenly’ ending. I agree with one reviewer who said it would be helpful if we could give a thumbs up or down to some of these reviews. It is almost as if we have Russian trolls even on Amazon Prime Video. It’s not as if this is the first storyline that developed a romantic relationship between a Native American and a settler. I am also tired of people who object to language. Really, I’m an old lady and I couldn’t care less. Then there are the people who literally need to be a testament to their religion in a movie review. My goodness. I guess some people just have to go there. Anyway, I do have one complaint. I thought all of the acting was good. Tim, Faith, Sam…great job and with all others. The two young actors who played Elsa’s lovers were great and Isabel was just wonderful. But the make up. What was that? Why was Faith made up to look so dark and both her and Tim’s bushy eyebrows? They are both good looking people and the overdone makeup made them unattractive. The brief performance of the sister was also excellent. The Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson cameos were great fun. Billy Bob too. I loved binging this series. Elsa’s narration was like a prose poem. I mean it. You really should do a book adaptation, Taylor. Btw, you seem to get better looking as you get wealthier. Not bad. You are becoming the second most famous Taylor. I love her too. Maybe her greatest oldest living fan. xo Jane

  2. Mark L. Mckenzie

    I watched the first two episodes on Paramount and was captivated.. It’s beautifully narrated and the vista’s are wonderful… The BS woke comments are weak as the bad folks are of all races and sexes… Tired of reading racism in certain folks views of Indians… It’s not a fast moving series as it has a calming view of a challenging time in history.. Not for everyone but if you let its words echo into your heart , its a beautiful experience…

  3. Bobbie I.

    Unlike Yellowstone, 1883 took me a bit to get into. I struggled in the first couple of episodes (and really wanted to punch Claire more than once), but when it hooked me I binge watched it. Faith Hill was the ultimate mama bear and Tim McGraw was a Dutton father with more heart than anger. But the final episode, oh dear lord did I cry. It was a wild ride, hope, anger, excitement, and in the end tears. But it was one hell of a ride.

  4. Lynn Roberts

    This is how the real West was taken hold of and the acting is way above most series so 20% 1 star is so sick. I could really get into this to continue into the next century. Of course the killing off of a lot of the ole timers is wise so new actors get a chance to show their stuff. I don’t usually write a review so this says a lot for the show.

  5. Debla

    The young actress that played the daughter, amazing ! She made the story come to life ~! Her narration could not have been more mesmerizing and on point to the story. All of the actors were on point and perfect for this story. I cannot wait to see 1923 !

  6. Wayne Werne

    I cannot for the life of me fathom the criticisms of the people leaving one star reviews. This series very accurately portrayed the hardships of a westward journey by inexperienced pioneers and the many ways one could die in the west in those days. Contrary to my skepticism, Tim McGraw and faith hill did an excellent job of acting their parts in spite of not being professional actors. Sam Elliot added to the production with his iconic western tough guy persona.The way in which this story was told through the eyes of an adventurous 18 year old girl was novel with the interjections of her narrations at key points. The dialog was quite poetic and enthralling and encompassed the adventure of a westward journey accurately and eloquently.This series reminded me a lot of lonesome dove mixed with dances with wolves. A cattle drive from Texas to Montana with trials and tribulations along the way. Led by hard core cowboys – including a black character – everything that could kill or maim you was encountered along the way. And the sheer brutality of those life or death situations was an uncensored version of what it must have been like. Lonesome dove had that as well but this was was a more R rated version of the same storyline.I would call 1883 an epic tale with outstanding narration and panoramic cinematography and a well put together storyline acted by an excellent cast.I’ve watched it at least 3 times through and will watch it again in the future. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes westerns.

  7. Josh

    Don’t let the negative reviews sway you. 1883 is absolutely incredible. 3 Emmy nominations, including best cinematography and best score. The show perfectly balances the beauty and awe experienced in the American west with the downright horrid living conditions and reality of the late 1800’s. Despite being a western, the story is completely original and undoubtedly tragic.I’m not sure where the negative reviews are coming from; the show is slower paced than most modern movies/shows and is far from the popular superhero/MCU style of writing, but if anything this should be a positive as original quality content is far and few between. I suppose some aren’t fans of sad stories, and if so than this show is definitely not for you because it’s a tear-jerker. The historically inaccurate complaints are baseless; the show contains an incredibly accurate depiction of life in the late 1800’s so much so that inconveniences of the day are a driving point in the plot.This is a must-watch show of the decade. Stunning beyond belief from visual, audio, and strength of story standpoints. If it released on more than just Paramount, I think it would have had similar success to Yellowstone and Game of Thrones (before seasons 7-8).

  8. C. Briggs

    I don’t know why people are bashing this series. I found it amazing. I don’t totally believe it was entirely historically accurate however you need to suspend your fact finding in leu of the story. It was beautiful, sad, triumphant and heartbreaking. I found the actors to be fantastic! The music alone was powerful. I recommend!

  9. Mili

    This is a great series!

  10. Movie Lover

    This is the history of how the Dutton family from the show Yellowstone ended up at where the current ranch they live in happened and the trails and tribulations of getting from Tennesse to Montana. It is just their history. It helps explain why John fights so hard to protect the ranch today. Great show just like Yellowstone. Can’t wait for 1932 it will continue to present day.

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