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online money course
Online money course
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What you will learn from this course

Module 01: Time

Lesson 1: Time management for starting a New Business

Lesson 2: How you can manage your time for your Business Startup

Lesson 3: Prior Skills Can Improve Your Business Startup

Lesson 4: Ways to Gain Experience Before You Start Your Business

Lesson 5: Starting a Business with No Industry Experience and proper Time Utilization

Module 02: Repetition until your Neurologic System (get it)

Lesson 1: Laws of The Mind – Repetition

Lesson 2: The Benefits of Repetition

Lesson 3: What You Repeat in Your Mind Can Affect Your Life

Lesson 4: How Do You Start Changing the Subconscious Mind? Repetition!

Module 03: How to Reprogram Your Mind

Lesson 1: Remove Negative Thoughts from Your Mind

Lesson 2: How to Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind for Lasting Success

Lesson 3: Train Your Brain to Be More Creative

Lesson 4: Tips on Reprograming mindset

Module 04: How to make Money

Lesson 1: Choosing a Startup over a physical job

Lesson 2: Generating an Idea for Startup

Lesson 3: Writing a Business plan from your Intellectual mind

Lesson 4: Knowing Your Customer’s Needs


Module 05: How to Value, Price and Difference

Lesson 1: Understanding Product Value

Lesson 2: Importance of Determining the Market Value of a Product

Lesson 3: Defining A Product Value

Lesson 4: Value-Based Pricing

Lesson 5: Ways to Set Your Value-Based Price

Module 06: How to Avoid Mispricing Asset

Lesson 1: Recognizing True value of any product of Service

Lesson 2: Mispricing in the Market

Lesson 3: Pricing Mistakes that companies generally make

Lesson 4: Ways to Fix A Pricing Mistake

Module 07: How to Change Liability to An Asset

Lesson 1: Assets

Lesson 2: Liability

Lesson 3: Types of Liabilities

Lesson 4: Liabilities vs. Assets

Lesson 5: Ways to convert Liabilities into an Asset

Module 08: How to Calculate and Get A Collateral Loan from Your Asset

Lesson 1: Understanding and calculation of Assets for getting a Collateral Loan

Lesson 2: Examples of Collateral Loans

Lesson 3: Pros of collateral loans

Lesson 4: Cons of collateral loans

Lesson 5: Tips for Securing a Small-Business Loan with Collateral

Module 09: Proven Mentor

Lesson 1: Understanding a Mentor

Lesson 2: Reasons to work with a mentor for success

Lesson 3: How to choose a mentor

Lesson 4: Asking someone to be your mentor

Lesson 5: Tips for choosing someone to be your mentor


Module 10: Cut Off Gossip People (Welcome Creative People)

Lesson 1: How you can recognize people who only gossip and can’t succeed

Lesson 2: Reasons to get rid of gossip people from your life

Lesson 3: Habits of Highly creative people

Lesson 4: Surround Yourself with Creative People

Module 11: Learn as You Go (Efficiency)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Lifelong Learning

Lesson 2: Benefits of lifelong learning

Lesson 3: Organizational lifelong learning

Lesson 4: Adopting lifelong learning in Life

Module 12: Communication Skills

Lesson 1: Importance of Communications skills

Lesson 2: Presentation Skills

Lesson 3: Improve Your Communication Skills

Lesson 4: Body Language in Communications

Lesson 5: Improve your body language for Communication purposes

Module 13 Retirement Strategy and Plan

Lesson 1: Retirement Planning for Business Owners

Lesson 2: Types of Retirement Plans for Business Owners

Lesson 3: Ways Business Owners Can Start Preparing for Retirement

Module 14: Don’t Just Buy and Read (IMPLEMENTATION)

Lesson 1: The Importance of Goal Setting for Entrepreneurs

Lesson 2: Setting entrepreneurial goals

Lesson 3: SMART Goals

Lesson 4: `Tips for Entrepreneur Goal Setting

Module 15: Secret of Money

Lesson 1: Introduction to Money

Lesson 2: Characteristics of Money

Lesson 3: History of Money

Lesson 4: Modern-Day Money

Lesson 5: Hard Money

Module 16: Changing Your Mindset

Lesson 1: Mindset Basics

Lesson 2: Ideas on How to Change Your Mindset

Lesson 3: Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

Lesson 4: Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Lesson 5: Cultivate an Agile Mindset



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