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A smart lamp for kids – Pair with any compatible Alexa device to control color and brightness with your voice. Certified for Humans – Struggle-free, tinker-free, stress-free. No patience needed—it’s actually simple. Make family routines colorful – Create lighting cues that help with counting down to dinnertime or setting a reading timer. Kids can create and choose – Give kids the freedom to add color and fun lighting while playing or listening to music. Unlock the magic of Rainbow Timer – As the colors of the rainbow change, kids get a visual reminder that can help morning and bedtime routines stay on track. Create and choose – Give kids the freedom to add colorful lighting or ask Alexa to start a dance party for a music and light show.

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With Amazon’s newest product, Echo Glow, you can now turn your own room into a sci-fi scene right in time for the holidays. The Echo Glow is an interactive lamp with more than 16 million color combinations that can be controlled using voice commands. Not only does it light up your room and make it more festive, but it also doubles as an alarm clock.

The Echo Glow features include six light settings like reading, anticipation/calming, and excitement/energy boost as well as three customizable programs to fit different moods or activities (e.g., bedtime stories or building blocks). It also has an auto-off timer that you can preset to go off after 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or until the Echo Glow is turned off manually.

Echo is a new generation of voice control device that takes the best of both worlds and puts them together in one. Echo is more than just a smart speaker, it lets you control your lights, music, connected home devices, and your thermostat using your voice using the same Alexa technology that powers other Amazon products.

The echo has a 360 degree touchscreen with a built-in speaker making it easy to use and navigate through all the features on the screen. You can change the color of the lights or turn it off during quiet hours. You can also choose from their audio like classical or jazz that play for about 5 minutes before stopping.

1. You can use this not only as a lamp but for an alarm clock, a timer and a music player.
2. It has cool features like voice commands, color changing lights and an auto-off timer that you can set up to 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes or until the device is turned off manually.
3. The relatively low price makes it more affordable than other smart lamps with similar features.
4. It is compatible with Amazon Echo products so you can sync it to your other Alexa devices and interact with them using the same voice commands instead of having to reach out for your phone every time you want to do something with this lamp.

1. It does not work on batteries and requires you to plug it in.
2. As a lamp, it does not cast enough lighting.
3. Some users complain that the quality of the light color is not as good as they expected even though it is a 16 million color choice lamp, you might still find yourself wanting something better.

10 reviews for Amazon Official Site Echo Glow – Smart lamp for kids

  1. CKC

    I’m 57 and just received this. Just so anyone knows, it’s for all ages. It’s beyond me why Amazon markets this pretty much as a children’s toy. I had one silly glitch during setup. I could not get Alexa app to show this light after a few attempts. I soon realized I did not have parental controls set up with my Amazon account. Soon as that was fixed, the light showed up.It’s just a cool little gadget. With the Mood Light setting, I can imagine it being a control for something on the Tardis or other space traveling vessel. Full brightness is pretty bright. I have it set to 50% and it’s very ambient.

  2. Marlysia

    When the children fall asleep with the light I don’t have to enter the room to v cute off, or even dim the light when it is time to sleep. I just tell Alexa to do it for me.

  3. Aneth Enriquez

    Lo ame. Lo puse con Alexa y le puse temporizador ⏱ para que se duerman mis niñas muy buena calidad y la luz ? excelente

  4. ♥ Books & Gadgets

    I am not the target demographic for this device: middle-aged empty nester who loves to watch sci-fi, thrillers, and horror. I have a number of these brilliantly simple, highly configurable lights. They are perfect in the bedroom where, depending on our intended mood, a variety of different colors or modes might be appropriate. I have two in the living room, hiding behind tropical plants at a 3′ height, on either side of the big screen, about 5 feet away on each side. I have a routine set up to turn off all the lights in the room and engage campfire mode in both lights at 45% brightness with a single keyword. Voila–instant torchlight in the jungle (or romantic candlelight – take your pick). I am a colossal LOST fan, and this lighting is perfect for watching LOST, or anything scary or dark. And if I need a different effect, that’s only a few words away.The simplicity with which these set up and configure themselves is so good it makes Apple products jealous. If you have an Alexa on your Wi-Fi network, simply plug the Glow in to a power source, open the Alexa app on your phone, and the light will auto-connect to your network and add itself to Alexa. It will then prompt you to configure it with a name and add it to any groups, etc. Utterly simple. If the setup fails, it might ask you to scan the barcode on the back of the booklet it came with to get it going, but this has not been my experience – they have all self-configured and join the network seamlessly.For those of you complaining this does not have a mic and speaker – folks, it works WITH an Echo device. It is a light – that’s it. If Amazon built Alexa mics and speakers into this it would cost double–and I am positive they are developing just such a light …for which you will pay $60+.Normally, these are $30/ea, but they were 45% off on Prime Day, so I added a few more. There are indeed cheaper (and much more expensive) smart mood lights on the market, but if you run Alexa at home, this is hands down the best way to do it. Seamless.It baffles me that Amazon does not have a whole range of lighting products which work exactly like this. They easily could. Give me one of these on a larger scale (12-15″) and make it weatherproof for outside on the patio, please.

  5. Saray Corona

    My daughter loves it. She loves to talk to Alexa. Volume is awesome. Very surprised it’s really loud because of its size. She uses it as a night light. Very happy with this purchase.

  6. Michelle A. Mace

    I live several states away from my mom, and I worry when she doesn’t reply to calls or texts. She’s partially deaf and most of the time, she doesn’t even realize I’m trying to reach her. I set-up and control the Glow as our own “bat signal” to cue her about something. Blue means I’ve been trying to call her, green is check texts, yellow is for email and the siren colors are for emergency. She even asked me if I could do pink just to let her know I’m thinking of her! So far, it’s been great – she put it in a high visibility location and her response time is much improved. Now I know if I don’t hear from her for a long time, something might really be wrong and not that she just didn’t hear her phone.

  7. Amazon Customer

    My two year old grandson lives this. I. Ought this to help hom learn his colors and he loves it!! He’s a visual learner and he already has learned blue red and yellow. Blue is his favorite and what is on at night now.

  8. Melissa And Amelia

    We love this! We are using it as a much less expensive option for an okay to wake clock! The similar options are at least double in price and it has worked perfectly for us. We set it as a routine to turn green at our preferred wake time.

  9. John Kaiser

    We got an Alexa as a gift but I didn’t really know what it would be good for. So I bought this glow lamp to go with it. It’s fun to have a disco dance party. My kid really likes changing the color of the light by pounding the table or the lamp itself. I thought I might use it for a wakeup or nighttime routine, but I didn’t find that feature very useful so I disabled it. It’s not bright enough to light up a whole room, more of a fun toy.

  10. Mototats

    Little did I once it was just a light thought it was like the Google home mini. That’s ok I purchased this and rhe echo for my grandson. He is almost 3 and loves to have a dance party with the light.

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