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Fast and responsive – powerful octa-core processor and 3 GB RAM. 50% more RAM than previous generation. Long-lasting 12-hour battery and 32 or 64 GB internal storage. Add up to 1 TB with microSD (sold separately). Brighter display – Vivid 10.1″ 1080p Full HD display is 10% brighter than previous generation, with more than 2 million pixels. Enjoy your favorite apps like Netflix, Facebook, Hulu, Instagram, TikTok, and more through Amazon’s Appstore (Google Play not supported. Subscription for some apps required). Stay connected – Download apps like Zoom, or ask Alexa to make video calls to friends and family. Get more done – Check email, update shopping lists, and set reminders. Use your favorite apps like Microsoft Office, OneNote, and Dropbox. Hands-free with Alexa, including on/off toggle.
Thinner and lighter than previous generation. Screen made with strengthened aluminosilicate glass. Split screen – All-new feature for Fire OS that shows two compatible apps, like Facebook Messenger and Prime Video, open side by side for easy multitasking. Show more

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The Amazon Fire HD 10 is one of the best tablets you’ll find on the market, with a 10.1″ screen and Alexa hands-free capability. The tablet comes with 32 GB of storage and a microSD slot to expand that. The Fire HD 10 also has powerful Dolby Atmos speakers for the best streaming video, game, and audio experience.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is the tablet for you if you want a new entertainment device to enjoy in your downtime. The tablet is available in black, blue, and red. This device is compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around wherever you go.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet comes with a dual-band Wi-Fi connection for faster streaming and overall performance. The tablet also has Dolby Atmos sound for the best audio experience on videos or music. This device also comes with Alexa, which lets you control your Amazon device with your voice without having a remote. You can use all the same controls while using Alexa, including switching songs on your speaker or asking questions like what’s my traffic?

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is a great device that is affordable while still producing excellent streaming video quality. It’s a great device to watch your favorite movies or shows on, or even an excellent tool for work.

The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet is a great tablet with performance that shows on streaming videos and music. The tablet has fast processors and high-quality speakers to make sure you get the best hands-free experience possible. The tablet also comes with Alexa, so you can ask it questions about news, weather, or traffic no matter where you are. The Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet allows you to listen to your favorite songs whether you’re in the living room or outdoors for your ultimate listening experience.


10 reviews for Amazon Official Site Fire HD 10 Tablet, 10.1” Display, 2021 release

  1. quin

    I have over the years tried many tablets, from generic to ipad. When my ipad mini was about 2 years old it was no longer able to be updated. That was unacceptable to me, considering the cost of ipad and that it was only 2 years old and being made obsolete by apple, so I tried my first kindle fire. My first one was an 8 in version. I found that it was able to do all I wanted and more. After having it for a period, I gave it to a friend and then bought my first 10 in hd Fire tablet. For my work, I was able to become 100% paperless with the use of the tablet and my computer. I recently bought my third, again a Fire HD 10 now the 11th generation, and again, I love it. Could not ask for better for the price.

  2. XRX

    This is an excellent 10.1 inch tablet with a brilliant screen (1080p), 64 GB, and stereo speakers. I bought it during Prime Day for $95, which is about 1/4 of equivalent iPad or 1/3 of Galaxy Tablet. The battery last at least 10 hours. I also inserted a 64 GB micro SD card, which works perfectly after formatting. When I inserted a 128GB Micro SD card, however, it gave a error (warning) message each time I turn on the tablet but it disappears instantly. It is a little annoying.The major drawback is that you cannot download and install many of the apps on Google Play. But for surfing the web and watching stream movies, it is perfect, especially for such a low price.

  3. Wjones40

    I bought this because I wanted to give my wife a Kindle and I planned on giving her this one. She doesn’t like reading on tablets, so I am using it. The screen is easy to see and read on even with cataracts. It’s not an iPad, and hopefully it’s not made with slave labor, like the iPod. It does everything I want and does it well, so I am very pleased with it. It’s much faster than the previous version. I know because I went back to it after finishing a book on my new one and the load time of a book that was already downloaded to it was about the same as the wait to download and open a book on the new. Watching video is a pleasure, the color depth is excellent and the CPU on this version is fast enough that the WIFI is the limiting factor on how video is displayed. we watched “Tombstone” on the laptop and there was no buffering. Something that my previous Kindles couldn’t claim!The only issue I have with it is it wants to work in landscape mode, not portrait, which is the easiest way to read a page.

  4. Julia

    This works well and does the basics. We bought 2. It is extremely reasonably priced. When family comes over to our camp site in the summer we can give them to the kids or drunk adults 🙂 and not worry about them (we have a kid friendly cases with handle). They can stream from all the streaming apps, search the internet, check email, play games. We do have iPads, which are definitely more expensive. iPads are faster and there are some apps you can get through Apple and you can’t get through Amazon. We have Direct TV Stream and couldn’t get it through the Amazon app store but that is the only one I found so far. What I do like is Alexa, iPads do not have that, we hook the Fire Tablet to a Bluetooth speaker and pass the tablet around and people can just ask Alexa to play what they want on Spotify. No one has to press buttons, just talk to the tablet. And if something happens to the tablet we aren’t out a lot of $$. So far they have taken a lot of falls and the tablets have held up well. I would recommend these if you need it for basic web surfing, emails, use it as a mini tv, or play music games with big people drinks 🙂 Picture quality is good. May want to use a Bluetooth speaker to it so it is louder. Battery life is good.

  5. Michael Cast

    I am reviewing this tablet because I’ve been asked to. To combat all the false BS reviews coming out nowadays. So, here are the facts.I got my first Amazon tablet (a seven inch 16 gig) back in 2012. From then on, the s**t got real.. I would upgrade as soon as the newest tab would go on sale. BTW I’ve spent WAY too much money on Amazon!? Anyone else? Anyway and I’ve gotten this latest 2021 10.1 32 gig. I really like it. Over the years, up to this point, all of the tablets were tough, very entertaining, I couldn’t put them down! So fun! I spent hours and hours reading, streaming, shopping, and reviewing. As a mater of fact I was, at one time, among the top 1,000 reviewers in the country. A lot of hard work. But something, (I was told rather vaguely) about “suspicious activity” on my profile and it caused me to loose about 500 reviews, votes, and over 1,000 views!?! I still don’t have a clue what the he!! happened. Anyway, I just about stopped reviewing after that. I’ve fallen into mediocrity. I have over 950,000 views. I HAD a squeaky clean reputation. Wow. I couldn’t believe that MY Amazon did that to me.. so even though, I still have to put that aside and review these super tablets. This newer model is very fast. The battery is absolutely stellar compared to the earlier tabs by Amazon. Simply a great device (not gonna bore by going on and on about all the bells and whistles that these tablets have. Honestly, after wearing out at least seven or eight tablets in the last ten years I’ve never really had a “bad” device.. all except the one weakness that would eventually ruin every one of my tablets, the USB port would wollow out and get so bad that they wouldn’t take charge. Well the new USB C port is much more secure. I have great expectations for this tab. Very pleased. The tablet has a micro USB card slot for tons of storage. Great screen clarity. And the sound is actually loud and clear enough to use without ear buds if you’re sitting in a quite room. I think these tabs will be very popular… And those are the facts.

  6. KL

    I thought my standard-sized Fire had stopped charging, so in a panic, I ordered a backup, a Kindle Paperwhite. As I waited for its arrival, I discovered my original Fire was just fine. The charger had been loosened in the plug. Nothing was wrong with my Fire at all. I didn’t cancel my order though, because I couldn’t imagine having to go to bed without some way to read. My eyes can’t handle most books. Kindles are my reading salvation.The Paperwhite arrived. I got it open and downloaded the service. Immediately I backed all my information out and arranged to return the device. With my eyesight, the small screen size, and the black-and-white images on the book covers, I was lost. I couldn’t recognize the covers nor could I read the titles. Obviously, I was back to Fires.I started thinking that a larger screen would make visualization easier as my eyes worsen, so I considered the 10-inch model. I don’t think numerically. I should have gotten out a ruler to estimate how much more screen I was getting because when I unpacked it, I started laughing. This baby is the IMax of Kindle screens! But, yes. I could enlarge the print and still have a decent amount of print to enjoy on the larger screen. It even improved my reading speed because I didn’t spend a third of my time turning pages.I have gotten a keyboard to use with the 10-inch but haven’t had time to get the hang of it yet. I have several cases for it, but none are quite comfortable to hold. The one that works with the keyboard is the best for tabletop reading. I spent one whole Saturday reading at my desk. (And the charge level hardly dropped after hours of straight reading!)Oddly, bedtime reading, the reason I got a new Kindle, is what I haven’t solved yet. Previously, I could lie on my side, change the orientation to horizontal, prop the device on its side and read away. However, the new device is such a whopper, I have to lie so far away, turning pages is uncomfortable. If I move closer, my eyes keep going out of focus. My preferred method of lying for hours on my back with my arms stretched above my head does work. However, there always are moments of drowsiness when I lose my grip. Rarely do I miss my catch. However, I’m afraid that my hands might not be as quick to recover the falling 10-inch as they are the standard size. If I miss, that sucker would leave me with an impressive shiner! Visiting students and teachers to my library would silently wonder if I were “safe at home,” as they say at the doctor’s office. Who would think of someone getting a black eye from a falling Kindle?I have another case coming that looks more slender and lighter than the two I have. That should make my grip more secure. I do love the larger screen. The 10-inch fills my needs in every other way. I WILL make this work! This is a great device. I have more capacity, a larger screen, a crisper picture, better speakers, and a better camera. What’s not to like?Yes, I am happy with my purchase. And since I’m also creative, there will be no downside as soon as I come up with a plan for nighttime reading.KL

  7. Pluto

    Truly an excellent value for this tablet with the full functions that it offers. There are just two somewhat annoying aspects of it, however. The first is that it only allows you to use the Fire or Amazon ecosystem. The tablet is locked from allowing you to easily download popular apps found on the Google Play system – as it runs on Android. The second annoyance is that the charge port (which is thankfully USB C) is located on the right side of the tablet – I prefer the top or flexibility in case I want to rotate the screen. Unfortunately, most of its apps won’t rotate, so I have my cable sticking out. That all said, I’d still purchase additional units. One I have just sitting on my treadmill so I can stream Netflix while working out. You can’t beat a high-quality treadmill screen for under $100!

  8. William C Shutters

    tl;dr up front — This is an excellent tablet! I would certainly purchase it again. (I paid $75)I primarily use tablets for streaming purposes, audio and video. This device does both very well.My primary apps:iHeart RadioPeacockESPNxfinity Stream (companion app for Cable TV)Amazon PrimeAmazon Prime MusicSpotifyAll of those apps work well. Video quality is equal to an iPad (yes I also have one of those).iHeart Radio has a problem with streaming one particular radio station on this tablet, but I suspect it is not primarily a Fire problem.I typically use bluetooth headphones, but the built-in speakers work well when I need them.Battery life is multiple days for me. I typically run the battery down to 10% then charge up to 90%. (it helps having another tablet available)Of note — fast charging via USB-C works fine with this tablet.Of note 2 — no YouTube app, but! You can download an ‘app’ (on-screen button) that just opens, which works just fine.Occasional minor problems with touching the right spot on the screen for some menu options — but I suspect my fat fingers are the problem more than the device.

  9. Frank in NJ

    Just before Christmas in 2021, this item popped up on sale for just $75. We’re an apple family. We have numerous iPads in the house, plus our iPhones, Mac, MacBooks, Apple TV, etc. I’m an audio mixer, and use a product from Avid called the S1. It’s a control surface for Pro Tools that is meant to house a tablet for additional functionality- or eye candy. My older IPad worked, but looked tiny in the cradle, and wasn’t all that useable. I wanted something bigger, but didn’t want to spend the money on yet another iPad. For $75, I was willing to roll the dice.It fits great, looks great, and does exactly what I bought it for.But then I started to explore it deeper. It has built in Alexa with the wake word Amazon. As an audio engineer working from home, I sporadically have actors coming to record. I’ve got Ring doorbells at the entrances, and Echo devices in nearly every room. But for the first time, I can say “Amazon, show me the front door!”, and actually SEE it- and a lot faster than the Ring app on my phone would allow. This was a nice bonus. In fact, in my experience and opinion, Alexa works for much quicker and more reliably than Siri, that I’ve found myself relying on it a lot more. Having Alexa in the tablet to verbalize reminders, appointments, phone calls, etc- all right in front of me, is amazing!I became fascinated with my new toy, and downloaded all the steaming media we subscribe to, plus other apps for news and weather that provide lots of content. I quickly found that I enjoyed watching tv on a 10 inch screen a lot more than on my iPhone. It’s nice to have lunch at the table with my kiddo and share a video we can both easily see and hear. So- this little guy has a great screen and works perfectly for watching shows, movies, YouTube, news, etc.Now- I love my iPhone, and have my music library in iTunes. But when I purchase music, it’s always via Amazon. This is because I get my MP3 files instantly for most albums- but then have a physical disc arrive that often goes unopened. I just like know that HAVE the disc if I ever need to load it again or want to enjoy it in my stereo system. My iPhone can store a decent amount of music internally for when streaming isn’t an option. But I was floored to learn that the HD10 2021 has a micro SD card slot that can store up to 1 TB!!! That’s amazing to me. I can preload entire series, movies, music, photos- anything I need for a long trip or chilling in downtime. For like $25 I added a 400 gig card. Why iPads don’t have this is beyond me.I work with and coach voice actors outside of my day job as a recording engineer. Having that much memory on a tablet and access to an app like WavePad, gives them the ability to record in a pinch while away from their studios. On-screen editing is also fun and easy. I actually added a nifty stylus and case to my HD10, along with a Bluetooth keyboard. It’s essentially a mobile studio, albeit limited.While I haven’t experimented a ton with this- Silk browser (which seems to run on Chrome) allows me to use Source Connect Now to tap into actors or listen to sessions remotely at “CD quality”. Of course you can also use Zoom, Skype, etc.As an apple user, I still want access to my ICloud apps, like Contacts, calendar, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc. You can log into your iCloud account and get it all. The trick is to choose “request desktop site”, otherwise you dead-end at “find my device”. You can even log into Apple Music via the browser. So all my apple stuff is still with me!I chose Outlook email to run my various work and personal emails and have a unified calendar. It’s perfect for what I need.For $75, I’m finding myself using it more than I have ever used my iPad. It’s the right screen size for me to actually be productive with it, while also having endless entertainment in reach. Add a case, keyboard and stylus- and you’re good to go!

  10. Al A.

    I’m a iPad/Mac user, but, for kindle book reading, I’ve used a dedicated Fire Tablet HD 8 that I’ve had for well over 2 years.When this new model 10 inch Fire Tablet was reduced in price during the holidays in 2021, I decided it was time to make the jump to a larger screen (more (paper) book sized) and gain more battery ife per charge due to a larger battery.This 10 incher did not disappoint at all. As a primary use for Kindle books, I’m getting 20 or more % battery life then the 12 hours the specs suggest this tablet can get.The screen quality for reading is perfect. I typically set it to lower brightness (fixed) and there’s no glare in the eyes nor any eye strain when using in a darkened bedroom at night.The faster processor then my older 8 inch HD clearly adds some speed to anything you do on this tablet.There’s no lag at all in trying it for video, gaming, etc. As stated though, for me, I use a Fire Tablet primarily as a reader, period.Screen resolution and contrast is excellent, certainly not any better ( and a little less) than my iPad PRO, but, of course we’re talking a big difference in cost between tablets here and very different display technologies as well.That said, this 10 inch HD Tablet is no slouch in offering a clear, sharp/detailed display with very sufficient color saturation and accuracy plus nice crisp text over-all.Given Amazon offers just about any app needed for this fire Tablet, it certainly could be used for just about everything that an iPad could be and at a competitive price to the new basic model iPad model that sells in the $330+ dollar range now.Some reviewers said due to where the camera is (oddly) located, one must use this Fire tablet in a case with the cover opening to the right rather then to the conventional left, but, not true. Since this tablet can flip screen orientation based on where the top of screen is located, I’m using a hard shell case for my Fire and the conventional left cover opening as normal. Granted the camera is at the bottom left corner in my configuration, but, that is no issue since if one needs to use the camera, they can orient the tablet however they wish and the screen (and camera) will orient as needed for photos. The net here is you can use the tablet in a case and flip open the left cover as normal.As an owner of both an iPad Mini and an iPad Pro 11 inch, I can say in all honesty, anyone wanting a tablet on a budget and hoping to get some decent performance and screen quality plus great battery life won’t be disappointed at all in this new model 10 inch Fire Tablet.I got the base 32 GB version with ads. Ads only show on the screen saver when opening up the sleep/wake cover and a one finger flip up of the screen goes back to where you left off or the home screen. Ads really are not a biggie in this context at all.Given one can add a micro SD card to gain more storage space, and Micro SD cards are dirt cheap now, the 32GB version is fine for me.No complaints at all and 5 stars all around for this Fire Tablet. A well designed tablet at a very good price.I highly recommend it! If you order one, it’ll be a definite “keeper”.

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