Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds with MagSafe Charging Case. Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio, Customizable Fit, Sweat and Water Resistant. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone Electronics

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About this item Active Noise Cancellation blocks outside noise, so you can immerse yourself in music Transparency mode for hearing and interacting with the world around you Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sound all around you Adaptive EQ automatically tunes music to your ears Three sizes of soft, tapered silicone tips for a customizable fit Force sensor lets you easily control your entertainment, answer or end calls, and more Sweat and water resistant
More than 24 hours total listening time with the MagSafe Charging Case Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri” Effortless setup, in-ear detection, and automatic switching for a magical experience. Connectivity- Bluetooth 5.0 Show more

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Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds with MagSafe Charging Case. Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio, Customizable Fit, Sweat and Water Resistant. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone Electronics

-These earbuds are customized for you to have the best fit possible. The design allows them to rest in your ear securely so that you get more quality music playback on the phone or other device that you are using it with. -It is compatible with most devices including IPhone and IOS because it includes an Apple W1 chip which automatically connects to your phone as soon as they pair together. -The battery life of the iPhone earbuds is long lasting and maintains battery for about 5 hours of listening to music. In addition, it comes with a rechargeable case that has a capacity of 24 hours. -It also has a cable management system which allows you to gather the earbuds together in one place.

Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds with MagSafe Charging Case. Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio, Customizable Fit, Sweat and Water Resistant. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone Electronics

-These earbuds are customizable which means they fit in your ear snugly. This is good to prevent any sound leakage. -They also have a built-in battery which provides you with up to five hours of listening time. It is rechargeable and has an excellent battery life, making it one of the best headphones that you can buy on Amazon today. -The charging case can be charged as well and it comes with a two year warranty if anything were to go wrong with it during the period of time being charged in the case or after the charge has been discharged then it will be warrantied for a full minute.

10 reviews for Apple AirPods Pro Wireless Earbuds with MagSafe Charging Case. Active Noise Cancelling, Transparency Mode, Spatial Audio, Customizable Fit, Sweat and Water Resistant. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone Electronics

  1. G. P.

    Wow, these really exceeded my expectations. I’m usually slow to buy new Apple products because mostly I feel my needs are more than met by the iPhone and MacBook Air I own. But I also find myself frequently fumbling with ugly tangled headphone cables, attaching and detaching (and sometimes losing) the obnoxious “dongle” needed to switch from my iPhone’s lightning jack to my MacBook’s headphone jack, and I find the sound quality on the standard Apple earbuds pretty bad for anything but the most utilitarian listening, e.g. a news podcast or a call to the bank. So I’m pleased to report that my AirPods have already become *incredibly* useful in the first week of use for their ability to connect almost instantly, and with fabulous intuition about when and where to connect, to either my two primary devices, transforming my day’s patchwork of Zoom sessions (I’m a therapist and a yoga teacher), phone calls, audiobooks, podcasts, and music into something much smoother and more flowing.The features, and their usefulness, were what surprised me. When I bought these I had assumed, wrongly, that they would basically be the same as the standard Apple earbuds, but made wireless. On the contrary, the sound here is massively better, a gigantic leap from one end of the quality spectrum to the other, and the sound can be shaped in several useful ways:1) Noise-Cancelling Mode, which instantly sucks the background noise out so well for a moment you’ll think you’ve gone deaf2) Transparency Mode, my favorite, which beautifully mixes the original sound source (music, podcast, etc) with the sound of your own breath and the outside world. The levels are perfectly adjusted to give you an amazingly crisp listening experiencing while remaining aware of your surroundings. It’s ideal. If in a dystopian Total Recall scenario a microchip were implanted in my head to play music, this would represent the best possible audio mix.3) Normal Mode/“Off”, which gives the unmixed, untreated effect of standard headphones, allowing the normal amount of bleed between the sound in the ears and the slightly muffled sound of the outside world. This is the only mode I have no use for, because the other two are such big improvements to me.Turning these features on and off, pausing, or switching between music tracks works very well with the old “pinch the stem” technique that most wireless earbuds use. It’s the Morse Code style, squeeze once for this, squeeze twice for that system, and while it occasionally fails to understand what I want to do, it is much more intuitive and accurate than the few other brands I’ve tried. I’d say it following 3/4 of my commands perfectly, which for me is good enough, and again a vast improvement on other wireless earbuds I’ve tried, which usually suffer horribly in this category. I was a bit worried about this feature due to past negative experiences, but there was nothing to fear. Once again, Apple made the best.My strongest area of constructive critique is the voice quality of a AirPod user as experienced by the listener. The sound is crystal clear, and the volume is well-controlled, but it does sound slightly sterile and thin to my ears. I am a therapist and a yoga teacher and I frequently see clients through Zoom or other streaming video, so I was hopeful that these might also double as a solution for a wireless microphone. But I find the sound of a voice over AirPods in Zoom to be too thin and papery to match the sound of a good or even mid-level wireless mic. They sound best-suited to business purposes to me. Your experience may differ! That said, these are about half the price of an average studio or wireless mic, so this is not a crime, merely a point worth noting for other users.They are also a bit distracting visually for me, as their shape is a little chunky and protruding from the ears, and their milk-white color really pops against the skin. They are by no means huge or ridiculous, you’ll feel fine wearing them, but they are large enough that I am persistently aware of them when I see someone over video talking to me or giving some kind of instruction. It also throws me off slightly because I associate headphones with someone being unable to hear me, rather than as a way to connect with me. This is another reason that a wireless mic or a proper studio mic still has its place. That said, connecting a wireless or studio mic to literally any Apple device requires a bit of technical knowhow, plus a receiver and a collection of cables and connectors to get it to work, and with AirPods you just take them out of the case and that’s it, and you’re connected!Great product. These are the droids you’re looking for.

  2. Evan Lloyd

    I recommend these to anyone who asks. The noise cancellation and transparency modes are ridiculously good for something this small.I think I found the life-expectancy of these things. I recently bought my second pair of these. I had my first pair for about 30 months. I used them on average for a total of about 2-3 hours a day every day, off-and-on. I never came close to having a concern about battery life. I recently noticed when using noise cancellation while walking, I could hear what sounded like a loose component in the left pod with every step. Being that it was an inner-ear noise cancellation thing, even though it was subtle, it was something that once you noticed it, you couldn’t un-notice it. I figured 30 months was a good run so I just sprang for a new pair rather than going through the hassle of sending in to Apple or buying a single replacement pod for $80.

  3. warner., terry

    I finally treated myself to Apple earbuds. This was my final Apple product to transition and should have done it much sooner. I always avoided the purchase due to the cost but the money spent over the years on inferior products could have easily purchased at least 3 or 4 of these.Best sound quality ever!Excellent battery charge life.Amazing comfort and they stay put and don’t fall out of my ears at all.Who needs sound cancellation???? was what I thought. How did I live all these years without it is my response.I listened to my Audible books at bedtime each night until I got these. Between the noise cancellation and great sound quality, bedtime book listening is more enjoyable and relaxing than ever.Don’t wait several more years like I did and buy these for your next purchase that will likely last many years and provide quality listening experience.

  4. Alexandria

    I have never been a fan of the shape and feel of Apple’s earbuds, so I didn’t consider AirPods until recently when they added the Pro to the lineup of AirPods. They sync wonderfully with all my Apple devices and the noise cancellation = top notch! My favorite feature is transparency mode, which allows you to hear your music or audio and outside noises. As a woman and a person who is always aware of my surroundings, it has always been a challenge for me to relax and enjoy myself when I can’t hear what is going on around me…I am always worried I will be caught off guard by a person or event due to not being able to hear anything with earbuds in. Transparency mode solves that problem and that alone makes this purchase worth it for me. Another fantastic Apple product!

  5. Destpo out of repose

    I always hesitate to spend the money to buy apples version of the product I want. I’ve done the same with laptops, tablets and now these. And in the end I just waste money on 10 pairs of crappy headphones (or even some decent headphone) but when I finally buy the apple product I get that “Oh so THIS is what a carefully engineered well thought out set of headphones is like.”If you’ve never experienced top notch noise cancellation it will change your world. Especially with continuous noises…turning on noise cancelation is like hitting mute on my AC. And transparency mode makes me hear better than without them on. Being able to toggle between them, especially with Siri is really great…actually I think one of the best things about them is how well they integrate with Siri. The mic is good enough that I can kindof mumble under my breath to give Siri commands in public without feeling like a shmuck.Look, at this high of a price point I’m sure their are other options that are very good as well, but if you don’t have a reason to go with one of those I’d just buy these. And if you are already invested in the apple ecosystem then definitely get these.The only thing I would add is that they are quite easy to lose. And yes “Find My” does do a decent job helping but because the batteries don’t last all that long it can’t always help (I wish they had an option to turn them off at like 20% just so they have juice for “Find My” just in case.) But finally I bought a silicone case that I put on a lanyard to wear around my neck AND a little silicon cord that connects them so that I can take one out and it hangs on my neck. These cheap additions have really helped (fingers crossed).But, FYI, if you do lose ONE but still have the case and other headphone you can by a single replacement from apple for like $80. Still allot but worth it in that situation.

  6. Henry E.

    Clearly meant to work within the Apple ecosystem, it really does seamlessly hand off between your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch (don’t have a Mac so can’t vouch for there), these buds do an excellent job of delivering excellent sound, decent noise cancellation, and a transparency mode that goes a little unappreciated. It allows you to enjoy buds with ANC and still have the ability to work transparently in the environment so you can be aware of what’s happening around you and even enhancing conversations, all while still sitting in the entrance of your ear canals (their really not in ear monitors, but rest against your ear canal for some noise isolation) so you have the benefit of closing off the outside world with listening to your music/podcast in ANC mode, while still offering a transparency mode to instantly reengage with what’s around you and still listen to your music. It’s like the best of both worlds, the openness of AirPods with buds that provide decent ANC.The sound quality is very good, but there are other buds (certainly at this price) that are more “musical” and neutral for better critical listening, and other devices (certainly over the ear headphones) that outperform the active noise cancellation performance, but this is an excellent balance of all that while being small, easy to use and integrate with your media sources (Bluetooth does allow it to work with other hardware than just Apple, but it’s way more weighed for Apple products).Comfort is subjective. I find them very comfortable and can forget they’re even on my ears. Other people complain about the fit. The fact is eat anatomy varies enough you just don’t know until you try them on yourself. Which I encourage you to do. If they fit right, and you like the musical signature, you’ve got a great sound solution for a pair of buds.

  7. joamil herrera

    Solo puedo decir: “¡¡¡Totalmente impecables!!!”Vale completamente la compra. Al principio estaba reacio a comprar en la tienda de Apple en Amazon debido a los comentarios negativos que circundan por ahí pero nada más lejos de la realidad. Los auriculares vinieron en Perfecto estado y en efecto fue comprobado de que se trata de un artículo original 100% y 100% nuevo, tal y como lo especifica la descripción. Usualmente no dejo reseñas aquí en Amazon, pero debido a que el producto vino totalmente nuevo y que quizás otros se estén preguntando como yo que si vale la pena comprarlos por aquí puedo asegurar desde mi experiencia de usuario que es una inversión segura de su dinero. Un tip para aquellos que quieran cerciorarse si en verdad se trata de un artículo original es irse a la configuración de Bluetooth de los audífonos y revisar la versión de firmware y compararla con la última lanzada por apple de manera oficial. Ya que los fake no actualizan firmware y lo más probable es que tengan la primera versión lanzada al público, aunque ya les digo yo que los materiales nada más tocarlos se sienten de calidad y eso dice ya bastante, pero para los que se quieran asegurar de más pues ahí lo dejo caer. Eso es todo lo que puedo decir hasta el momento, más adelante daré una actualización por si acaso cualquier irregularidad con los auriculares que pueda surgir. De momento, en esta semana y tanto de uso no ha sucedido nada irregular así que esperemos que todo siga así de ahora en adelante.

  8. Thegrove

    I went though 2 sets of $$$$ top of the line audiologist fitting hearing aids, I concluded that Bose Hearaid ($400) better performed. It broke in less than 2 years but Bose stopped selling them. After 2nd set of hearing aids with disappointing similar performance as the first set, I searched alternative similar Bose. then ended up with Airpods pro. Transparency mode was why i bought these. I did not expect much but I could recognize speech without all the noise and distortions, also better than Bose hearaid. I learned i could add hearing test to the accessibility in setting. i jacked up the transparency volume to 100% and i wish i could increase more though. it does have distance limitation though. So i bought a second set as a backup then i returned it because i heard apple was launching a 2nd generation with tracking ability on the case – these are lifeline rather than a simple gadget for me. i gave up on music long time ago so my review is purely on transparency function!note. my right ear has severe loss that could not be helped much with these airpods. i primarily rely on left ear which is mostly moderate hearing loss.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Wearing these ear buds allows me to sleep in the same bed with my husband without hearing him snore! Such a game changer. I also bought another brand ear buds because it had great reviews for noise cancel. So I tried both. Returned the other set the next day. I even told my husband to put my Apple ear buds in and started talking to him. He was flabbergasted! He saw my lips moved but couldn’t hear a thing. Thank you so much! The one extremely down side is the battery is only good for 3-4 hours when using the noise canceling . For a person who sleeps 6-7 hours nightly, THAT is a bummer. After I place them in the charger to charge I put in corded buds with white noise and that helps but REALLY wish the battery was at least 8 hours using noise canceling. Other than that, they are amazing!!

  10. Terrance H. Heath

    AirPods have been my go-to earpods since they first came out. The convenience and seamless use with all my devices was enough to sell me. Since then, I’ve followed each upgrade, and the quality has only gotten better.Still, I had a few complaints. The fit wasn’t always great. I kept having to push the AirPods back into my ears, and had them fall out more than a few times. Also, the lack of noise cancellation became an issue, especially during my commute. I found myself increasing the volume to hear stuff above the environmental noise.So, I finally decided to upgrade to AirPods, Pro and it has been well worth it. Right away, I noticed the better fit with the gel tips. The medium tips that came already on the AirPods were the perfect fit for me. Nice and snug. No more constantly adjusting the earbuds and pushing them back into my ear.Let’s talk about the noise cancellation. I haven’t come across many, if any, that do a better job of it than Apple. Turning on the noise cancellation is like entering in invisible room with soundproof walls between you and the outside world. It’s important to note that it doesn’t completely block outside noise. Some sounds that are loud enough, close enough, or high-pitched enough to bleed through. So even in noise cancelling mode, you still have some environmental awareness. If that’s a concern, there’s always awareness mode.The pressure controls to pause, rewind, and advance are an improvement over the tap controls.My only slight complaint is that the battery life is pretty much the same, and is low enough that I have a backup pair of earbuds for use when the AirPods run out of battery and I have to recharge them in the case. Maybe I just use my AirPods longer than most people do. But that’s a small complaint. AirPods are simply the best earbuds I’ve had so far.

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