Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone Electronics

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About this item Quick access to Siri by saying “ Hey Siri ” More than 24 hours total listening time with the Charging Case Effortless setup, in-ear detection, and automatic switching for a magical experience Easily share audio between two sets of AirPods on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple TV

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Apple AirPods are wireless earbuds with lightning charging case. The latest generation of Apple AirPods has been announced and released September 2018. AirPods come with a battery life of 24 hours and the product has a charging case for up to 24 hours of use on a single charge, which can be charged wirelessly or plugged into an electrical outlet. The Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone work on either iOS 10 or later, macOS Sierra 10.12 or later, and watchOS 3.0 or later.

The built-in sensors detect when AirPods are in your ears for hands-free control of your iPhone’s virtual assistant. Just double tap on the right earbud or say “Hey Siri”;
AirPods use infrared sensors and motion accelerometers to detect when they’re in your ears. The sensor measures the difference in path length between each AirPod to determine their position so they can play audio out of both AirPods simultaneously.
Under the hood, it’s all powered by a custom Apple W1 chip, a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery and sensors that detect when they’re in your ears.
This allows AirPods to have up to 5 hours of listening time on one charge. And when you’re on the go and need a quick charge, 15 minutes of charging gets you 3 hours of listening time.
AirPod charging case holds multiple additional charges for more than 24 hours of listening time. So if you’ve got just 15 minutes, you can get 3 hours of listening time — or two additional days’ worth of battery life over 24 hours total.

10 reviews for Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds with Lightning Charging Case Included. Over 24 Hours of Battery Life, Effortless Setup. Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone Electronics

  1. imoreno

    I considered getting some for a while and finally did. I didn’t want the noise cancellation AirPods so I got these. I like that I can hear clearly yet hear sounds around me at a good level . . . Not overly noisy. Works great. . . Only issue I have is my ears get a little sore.

  2. Weeze Reese

    Bought these because I was tired of my other bluetooth headphones being so hard to connect. I didn’t think i would use them a lot because I never used my old one. I was so WRONG. these are AMAZING!! Packaging was brand new and sealed, headphones came in perfect condition, Im able to use them all the time at work because of how easy it is to use them. I wish I would have bought these years ago.

  3. Annie

    The Bluetooth was bad and the battery life wasn’t satisfying so I returned it. However they are good with everything else. Only reason someone would have to wanna buy it from Apple is if they’re too boujee for Amazon or if they want the free engrave option you can request if you buy them from Apple. Lol still good though

  4. Brandon Adams

    I bought these for multiple uses: music, podcasts, conference calls and watching training and YouTube videos. I’m sure someone who is knowledgeable in audio products could better vouch for the sound quality of these versus the newer versions, I’m just an everyday guy and these work perfectly for all the uses I’ve mentioned.I’m an Apple ecosystem guy, and the seamless and instant pairing and compatibility were the main reason I got these instead of knock offs. I’ve tried the cheap route before and from intermittent pairing/dropping, to being completely unable to use with multiple devices, and these were worth the extra money to avoid that.They average about 2-4 hours of use per charge, and with the quick recharge of the case I’ve never had to worry about dead earphones. I love these, the newer versions might be technically better, but for the value I don’t think you can beat these.

  5. Ilovemymac

    I love my AirPods. I thought about getting the AirPods Pro but I didn’t wanna spend that much more just to have the noise canceling feature. Now I will probably upgrade in a year or two now that they’ve even improved the AirPods Pro even more.Coming from somebody who has an iPad and iPhone and an iMac at home having the AirPods and the ability to Switch between them so effortlessly without having to unpair and repair is so nice.I’ve had a number of Bluetooth headsets over the years from Plantronics to generic to a number of other different companies I don’t even know if I could remember every different manufacture that I’ve had. I always hated that they were bulky they never fit in my ear just right. I just never felt like they were great and it was always complicated they seem to fuss to pair up and especially if they ever unpaired then it was starting all over again. I love that the minute that I got my AirPods I flipped open the case and right away my iPhone registers that they are there and with the top of a Button on my phone and the top of the button on the AirPods in a couple of seconds I am paired up.I also have a very nice charger that I bought right here on Amazon for about $25 and it will charge my Apple Pencil my AirPods my Apple Watch and my iPhone all at the same time which is amazing and so nice that I can just click my AirPods case on there and they charge up in a very short time.First off I’m not a sound engineer or an audio file so I can’t say that they have the absolute best sound quality and I’m sure that they don’t I can’t imagine that if you went out and got some of the beads or some other type of wireless headset that fits over your entire ear with a bigger driver in it that of course it’s going to have better sound quality.But I love that they are tiny small and easy to just throw in the case. The battery life is great if my case is fully charged with the AirPods in and charged I can go to complete times to almost dead with both AirPods being used. If I only use one way talking on the phone I can go even more so in between case charging times is sometimes over a week which is absolutely amazing. The talk time on them is very long as well. I’ve never sat down and figured up exactly whether I get the exact time that Apple says.I love that the minute that I put them in my ear I get a nice little tone to let me know that they’ve connected if I’m listening to music and I take them out it automatically pauses. I love that it will even pause my music if I get an iMessage and it will read my message it will tell me who it’s from if they’re in my contact list if not it will read me the phone number and then read me the message and then asked me if I would like to respond all without touching my phone.I love Apple products even if they are a little more expensive in some areas but I love that for instance with the AirPods home they tie Effortlessly Into my phone my Mac and my iPad.I absolutely hate when I am talking on the phone for more than a couple of minutes to have to hold the phone. Also I run a business and so I have to multitask sometimes someone calls and I need to be able to pick up a remote to navigate to something to check I may need to grab the computer etc. and having the ability to have both hands free to do something like that while still talking and not worrying about the AirPods falling out of my ear is worth more than the money that I paid for them by far and then all the other features that come with it are great.So in the end I think that they are amazing and I’ve had it again a number of different Bluetooth headsets and they never fit right they fall out of my ear or the ones that took over my ears are always so uncomfortable after a short period of time that I never ended up using them I always ended up using my wired earbuds that come with my iPhone.

  6. Vanessa

    Honestly I thought these airpods were just all hype, another thing apple put out for you to buy and blah, blah, blah. But man I cannot say how wrong I was. These things are so freakin convenient! You can wear one ear and still get awesome benefits with or wear both if your in a situation where you don’t need to hear your surroundings. When my phone mic on my phone is acting stupid and people cant hear me on calls, this eliminates the problem completely, plus i can get stuff done not having to hold the phone.I should address my subject about the ears. I have tiny ears and these fit great! I had read reviews about the pro and other versions just were too big so I am really happy I got these. They dont hurt like some oflther buds if u have small ears and they dont fall out. I havent jogged with them yet so will have to see how that goes.They connect so easily to your phone and if you have the watch as well, it automatically syncs as your phone does. Wish i had gotten these a long time ago because they are really more than I coulda imagined.

  7. Kindle Customer

    I waited a long, long time before buying “Apple” ear pods. I have used Skull Candy, Soundpeats, and a host of others. They all have their little quirks and variations. The Apple ones do as well, but not nearly as many. Overall, the quality of these is awesome. The sound is great, it allows for pass through sound so I can listen to music and still hear what’s going on around me, and the charge lasts for several hours.The downside(s). First, my ears don’t necessarily fit these (or the wired ones that always came with the iPhones), so I have to adjust and push these in every once in a while. I know that’s why they came out with the pro ones with the plastic ear bud. Those will be the next pair I get. Secondly, live listen works great, with one caveat. I would have imagined that the mic used would have been the mics on the ear buds themselves. Nope. It uses your phone mic. So, if you put your phone in your pocket and have live listen on, you hear the phone shuffling around in your pocket. In other words, you have to leave your phone out (laying on your desk, holding it in your hand, etc.) in order to use it with any success. Maybe that changes on other models, but for these, it makes the live listen almost pointless. I want to be hands free, with my phone in my pocket, but be able to hear someone if they talk to me. Not sure what else the concept would have been used for in using the phone mic.Other than those issues, I really have no complaints. The case charges the pods quickly and multiple times, so you can continue to use them for a long time. Again, sound quality is as good, if not better, than any other ear buds I’ve used. You can set what the functions are, so tapping the right ear twice can mean whatever you want versus tapping the left ear twice.I am really pleased with these and would recommend them.

  8. M. T

    I have been looking for a good quality and easy functioning set of wireless headphones. Most of them don’t fit my tiny ears especially the ones that go into the ear canal (rubber ones)..ugh. I did not want to invest the money into the apple brand but after going through about 6 different brands of headphones under $80 I finally gave up and got these. They pair very easily- responsive to touch, battery in case lasts about 4-5 charges for me. Only downsides are-The total battery usage time- I am lucky to get 5 hours out of them before charging. If it was at least 8 so people can make it through their work shift that would be a plus. Also, if there was a volume touch command it would be great but instead tells you to ask Siri. TapTap to skip forward but a swipe up/down would be nice for volume control.Overall they are worth it.

  9. Jess

    I was reluctant to spend this much on a non-necessity for myself but I am so glad that I did. I listen to podcasts all day at work and only wear one headphone so I am still able to communicate. I am on my feet all day running around. I used to wear corded headphones and would snag the cord if it was popping out of my shirt and it would rip the bud out of my ear and I would go through sets quickly.Now that I have these I am able to leave one in the case and switch them out as one dies so there is always one charged. The charge lasts about 6 hours per bud and between the buds and the case, I am only plugging them in to charge about every 4 days. With these I am able to set up a queue of my podcasts and keep my phone in my desk all day. I have the double tap feature set up to pause on both so I can easily stop my podcasts to have a conversation. I love not having my phone on me or cords hanging from me. They sound great and I can’t think of a single issue I’ve had with them over the past 6 or so months. Maybe there are more affordable versions but so far I am loving these. I would highly recommend them and can’t imagine how the newer/more expensive versions could be any better 🙂

  10. Edith Miller

    I love the sound quality! These are definitely worth the money. I considered getting a different brand other than Apple, but I’m so glad I paid more and got these. They charge really fast. I use them with an iPhone 5, so some of the features are not available. However, they are still worth using. They were very easy to set up. I had been using apple earbuds, but decided I wanted these. The bass is even better than earbuds. I would definitely recommend them. And they even came mostly charged. I bought a cute protective cover as well. They also came with a charge cord that I can use for my phone. Altogether worth the money.

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