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About this item Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask Siri for help Precision Finding with Ultra Wideband technology leads you right to your nearby AirTag (on select iPhone models) Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network Put AirTag into Lost Mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the Find My network All communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, Location data and history are never stored on AirTag
Replaceable battery lasts over a year AirTag is IP67 water and dust resistant Make AirTag yours with a range of colorful accessories, sold separately Show more

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Are your wires and cords a mess? Do you ever feel like you can’t find the cable for your phone or the charging cord for your computer when you need them? With Apple AirTags, those days are over! This 4-pack of wireless tags lets you label all of your cables so that you’ll always know what cord is for what.


They’re really easy to use. Just peel and stick, then put the stickers on each end of a cable before wrapping it up with tape or velcro straps. Now you can keep your cords straight and organize them without having to hold the end in your hand.

Apple AirTags work on any cable or cord up to 6 feet long, which means they’ll work on charges, earphones, power cables, and just about anything else you can wrap up! The wireless tags last up to 5 years (depending on use) and are really easy to replace when they run out.

There is a one-year warranty on all AppleAirTags. If you’re having trouble with them, just send them back to us and we’ll fix it.


Compatible with all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod) since 1st generation. Additional tags can be purchased if needed to support more devices.

Weight: 1.5 oz each (0.5 oz w/o case)

Wireless tags are designed to last 5 years under normal usage.

Package includes 4 x Apple AirTags, 1 x User Guide & 1 x Gift Box

Product Requirements:

iPhone® 4, 4S, 5, 5C and 5S; iPod touch (5th generation) and iPod nano (7th generation); iPad mini and iPad (3rd generation) are NOT compatible with the AirTags.

Only the latest version of iOS will work with the AirTags.

Instructions for use can be found here.

10 reviews for Apple AirTag 4 Pack Electronics

  1. drbrousters

    In order to keep track of my dog , used Tile for years…and, though I’ve never lost him, the range is pretty limited. If someone took him, they’d be out of range before they got him home. I decided to AirTag was the answer…But, learned from a car dealer, that it was also a good way to track your car.Where I live, the police have had law enforcement abilities limited and their ranks reduced. They no longer investigate car theft. Consequently, car thefts are way up and recoveries way down. However, if you can find your stolen car and tell them where it is, the police will assist you get it back for you.I put one in each of my cars, one on my dog’s collar, and had one left over for my keychain. (I’ve never actually lost my keys, but have misplaced them…sometimes for several days.)These are easy to track; thru the Apple FIND MY app: “PLAY SOUND,” even around the house. Well worth the price.

  2. J. M.

    I purchased these to help track my luggage when traveling. These were a lifesaver that offered peace of mind during a long trip with plane changes. Nice to know that my stuff arrived with me to each airport. There were some slight delays with the location tracking but overall I love the airtags.Set up was a breeze. Simply pull off the sticker and have your phone handy. Apple product set up is very straight forward that even your toddler could do it.I now use them on my car keys and my child’s sports gear. I’ve only had them for a month so hopefully they last as long as they say. A+ from me so far.

  3. john steele

    I replaced my set of Tiles with these Airtags. The tags are so much easier to use. There is not subscription cost of actual service, no added account beyond you Apple account, and there are way more iPhone user swithout Tile to help you track lost items. There also no annoying button like the Tile has. Mine started going off multiple times per day. I don’t even know what they had that feature. I don’t need an alter front the tile on the keys in my pocket thanks. On the flip side, the Airbags will automatically alert me if I wonder too far from my keys without having to ask, which is a really great feature.

  4. B. Becker

    These are handy little gadgets. I put one in each of my two 4-wheelers, one in my kayak (theft is a growing concern), one is in my purse and one in a dog collar case. The only issue I have is the one I use in my dog collar. I live in rural Missouri with valleys and hills. My dog likes to visit the neighbor about a mile and a half down the road. I cannot track him when he leaves due to the terrain and his low build to the ground, I suppose. Usually I know where he goes and when I get closer to him and we are both on top of a hill the tag shows up on my phone. Well, I kind of expected that in the Ozarks.On a good note, the tags will notify you if you leave them behind. You can individually name each tag making it easy to tell them apart. The app on your phone shows you when it was last seen and you can locate it with features provided. My dog lost the one in his collar but I was able to find it using the lost feature, and even zooming in to the direct spot in which it lay, right next to the tractor.The batteries last a long, long time.Overall I am happy with them. The first one I bought, for the dog, didn’t work out like I wanted but they are very reliable in other situations. After all, how else would you know you left your purse at 1234 Main Street, USA without them?

  5. Roger Dooley

    Apple understands the value of a simple user interface, and these trackers show it. As long as you have an Apple device like an iPhone or iPad, these things are dead simple. I set four up in a few minutes. Only complaint is that these are from Apple, so there’s no attempt to create interoperability with non-Apple devices, i.e., there’s no “Find My” app for Android. (Third party solutions are apparently available, but I haven’t tested any.)On an international trip, they did a great job of showing where our bags were. (Fortunately, they stayed close to us. Happy to not need to see if they functioned when separated by thousands of miles.)

  6. Brianna Bailey

    The airlines have been a mess lately that’s no secret. I ordered these for a trip to Italy. One to put in my bookbag and one in my luggage. When airfrace lost my luggage I was able to pull up the app and say “well I see it was here last” which was very helpful. I would highly recommend these. You can also play with the settings and it will notify you if you’ve left the item behind which is nice if you constantly forget stuff like me.Now that I’m home I use them for my keys after buying an additional holder for it. I love love love this product!

  7. William Vaughn

    I wanted so way to track my bags as we ventured again into the staggering airline and luggage handling systems. Everyone is short-staffed. Qantas is now recruiting baggage handlers from their corporate executives. We heard one horror story after another about lost bags, bags that went on lovely vacations all over Europe and Asia while their owners looked for places to buy clean underwear.I bought this 4-pack with no experience in this device–based on reviews and advice from friends.I have an iPhone and it was easy(ish) to set up. The first AirTag I set up would not pair, but that was my fault. I was not familiar with the app on my phone. Start that first so it’s ready to pair as soon as you pull out the plastic battery activation strip. I had to figure out how to take out the battery (again, not simple, but I figured it out) to reset the tag.Once activated, the FindMy app on my phone notified me when I walked away from the bags. At first, it seemed like having a child calling out “Daddy! Don’t leave me here.” But it was handy to see the bag begin its own tour of the baggage system. I could see it was not on the plane as I took my seat, but seconds later it reported to be “nearby.”No, I did not put the tags on the outside of the bags so I didn’t need the rubber holder and D ring. I tucked each one inside a zippered pocket–buried under my socks. It worked fine. I didn’t want them to snag on luggage handling equipment or be pulled off by angry baggage handlers.So what did I pay for? Peace of mind. Now that I’m back I’m wondering if I should slip one into my wife’s purse. Seriously, she’s a senior (as am I) and it would be nice to know where she is when she’s out and away from the house. Incidentally, the tags are magnetic so you might be able to stick them on the refrigerator if you’re afraid of it walking away in the night… 😉

  8. Randall W. Rasner

    Review of Apple AirTag 4 Pack @ $97.61 at time of order.Visit the Apple StoreThese have so many uses. They’re water resistant, They’re pretty tough on their own, but I chose to vault them for extra protection on the dog’s collar. They take a common watch battery, and the battery lasts a year or so. Your iPhone will tell you when the battery is low. They’re not huge (1 photo with a US Penny alongside as reference).They’re not perfect. You can depend upon the Apple Community to help you locate a missing item, but I can see drawbacks to that too. When you’re at your home, for instance, and lose your keys, you still have to walk around your house from room to room before the Find my Phone feature will activate to help you narrow your search. Otherwise, and to begin with, it just shows the item is at your address somewhere. But once you get closer, arrowed directions show up on your phone’s screen to point you to the location, and even tells you how many feet you are away. They’re kind of expensive, but a 4-pack is a little cheaper. I’ve had Tiles before and I like these better.I do wish that they would let you connect more than 1 iPhone to each tag. It tags to your Apple ID. I wish there was a permission the owner could code in or authorize so that at least 2 phones could be tagged to each AirTag. My daughter and I had to decide which one of us was going to have our German Shepherd’s collar tagged to our phone. This means that we cannot split up to find the dog if he ever gets out of our yard, not without calling each other and doing it that way.I hope that this helps someone decide whether or not to order this product.

  9. dmyrie

    All I will say is that those stories you here about people losing their bags and then finding them because they have Airtags – they’re true. Happened to us the first time we used them when the Delta agent only checked our bags through to our connection and not our final destination. We were able to monitor the progress of the bags through the Airtags; at one point, we knew our bags were in Greece when Delta thought they were still in NY. In fact, we were able to pinpoint the bags to a certain room when the agent swore up and down they weren’t in there. We were both right: the bags were in the room one floor below! That saved us a day in getting our bags instead of waiting for the airline to deliver them. Two things: pick up the silicone cases (they’re $10 for four and when you get home, use them. If you have pets, put them on them (there are small collar cases on Amazon for sale). Put them in your bag, your purse, your car, whatever. Use these – they are truly a remarkable piece of technology.

  10. Milo

    Dog harnessCat collarKeychainDay-pack.That’s how I use mine.I lost my keys today. In short, I work at an Amazon FC, and I left my keys in a tote by accident.On break, I got to my car and realized I didn’t have my keys.Knowing the possible locations my totes have gone to, I asked for an extended break, and it took 15 minutes of searching three areas, and I found my keys after they had taken a tour around the Amazon FC.The moment my phone caught the signal, the feeling was unreal. “So this is what it feels like to have Jack Sparrow’s compass,” I thought.Not ~exactly~ how they said, because everyone’s location is the building’s location data, hence the searching in specific areas).Get these. There’s a chance you’ll retrieve something you lost, before the retrieval efforts get exponentially more difficult.

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