AstroAI Air Compressor Tire Inflator Portable Air Pump for Car Tires 12V DC Auto Tire Pump with Digital Pressure Gauge, 100PSI with Emergency LED Light for Car, Bicycle, Balloons and Other Inflatables Automotive

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FAST INFLATION & ADVANCED ACCURACY: High-quality materials were sourced for this tire inflator as it can pump up your car’s tires with 35 L/Min, it can inflate the 195/55/R15 car tire from 0 to 35psi under 5 minutes. Professionally calibrated to always return a reading within 1.5% of the pressure of your tire. Please NOTE that after 10-15 minutes of continuous use, let the air compressor rest and cool for an equal amount of time at a minimum before continuing use. PROGRAMMABLE INFLATION: Use the “M” button to set your desired pressure unit, and then press the “+” and “-” buttons to set the desired pressure. The air compressor will automatically shut off when it reaches the pre-set pressure (Please make sure the pressure you set is higher than the current pressure of your tire). PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS: One-click to change pressure units among PSI, kPa, BAR and KG/CM; Large white backlight LCD screen makes it easy to read even in the dark; Equipped with integrated LED flashlight with independent switch control for emergency use; 12V 120W 10ft (3.05 meters) long heavy-duty car cigarette lighter cord makes it convenient to use;NOT 110V AC plug. It needs a 10A or 15A converter to use in a wall plug. WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: 3 Nozzles and Extra Fuse Included. Inflates any Schrader valve on cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles; the included accessories quickly inflate balls, air pillows, cushions, balloons and mattresses. NOTE: This pump is NOT intended for use with high pressure or large volume applications like pools and Inflatable canoe BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Gifts for men women. Easily stow the compressor away in your car or garage and it will be ready to use at a moment’s notice. Package includes 1* digital air compressor, 1* Replacement Fuse, 2x Air Nozzle Cones, 1* Needle Valve Adapter 1* Presta to Schrader Adapter, 1* Extension Hose Coupling, 1* User Manual; If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.
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AstroAI Air Compressor Tire Inflator Portable Air Pump is a highly recommended portable air pump. AstroAI is a creative, up-and-coming company that specializes in unique and innovative products for outdoor enthusiast. The company was founded out of necessity and became completely self-supported by selling its own product line on for years now. AstroAI has been able to provide high-quality, functional products at low prices to people all over the world, no matter their skill level – beginner or expert.

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  2. “For All of Life’s Adventures” is more than a slogan for us. It’s a lifestyle and the core of our business philosophy. AstroAI supports the adventurer within and we encourage our customers to take risks and push the envelope. We develop tools and products we want and need for our own adventures, then we go out and use them to make sure everyone can enjoy our products. We make our products for ourselves, based on real life needs and expectations.
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‎12 Volts

Power Source

‎Corded Electric, 12V DC

Sound Level

‎71 dB

Special Feature

‎▲ 35L/min fast inflation speed



Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎0.01 x 3.74 x 6.69 inches

Air Flow Capacity

‎35 LPM

Model Name




Part Number


Item Weight

‎2.18 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎0.01 x 3.74 x 6.69 inches

Item model number



‎120 watts

Item Package Quantity


Special Features

‎▲ 35L/min fast inflation speed

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Warranty Description

‎Three-year warranty



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4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#12 in Automotive (See Top 100 in Automotive) #1 in Wheel & Tire Air Compressors & Inflators

Date First Available

July 25, 2019

10 reviews for AstroAI Air Compressor Tire Inflator Portable Air Pump for Car Tires 12V DC Auto Tire Pump with Digital Pressure Gauge, 100PSI with Emergency LED Light for Car, Bicycle, Balloons and Other Inflatables Automotive

  1. Nicolas

    After one trip to the gas station where quarters are needed for 5 minutes of frantic pumping to get your money’s worth of air, I decided to opt for this portable unit. It’s pretty simple to use out of the box and comes with multiple attachments. I can’t speak for the exact accuracy but it’s enough to get my tire pressure light to go away. Can also be used for bikes up to 100 psi.

  2. Shelton Hall Jr.

    I don’t review too many items but I am 100% impressed with this little compressor. My 8year old junky one finally broke and needed replacing. This is the Cadillac of air pumps! The digital display glows so you can see it at night. You can manually enter the PSI you want on the display and once you turn it on it’ll automatically stop at that Pressure. There is a nifty LED light built into the side of it and it is super compact. Every vehicle should have one for sure. Once my kids start driving they both will have one in their trunks. The only small change I would make is possibly making the power cable a little bit longer, always nice to have extra distance.

  3. Mike Shaw

    This thing is lowkey kinda sus but it works. I drive a Tesla, okay, and it tells me the PSU on my touchscreen. And it doesn’t match the PSU on the tire inflator. I had to set the machine to 43.5 so that my Tesla would read 45. Don’t know who is right or wrong, but I would rather trust the $50k machine rather than the $20 or whatever machine . Ggs I guess

  4. S D

    Possession of the AstroAI Portable Air Pump will change your life. I was once a snivelling, cowering poltroon who was afraid of her own car tires. When I hit the road, doubt, uncertainty, and yes, terror, rode in my passenger seat. My dread was not just that I would have a flat, but that I would have to use the horrific, god-cursed air pump at some desolate Valero station or Mini-Mart. The nether-spawned pump, the pump that lied, that stole, the pump that wheezed out before the tire was filled. By the end of every ride I was a wreck even if nothing happened. And then by a miracle I saw this miraculous device and ordered it. Now I drive with the confidence of a formula 1 driver, of Steve McQueen in Bullitt, of the great Knight Rider himself. The AstroAI Portable Air Pump is my superpower, and my origin story is that I paid $27.99 for it on Amazon. Order yours now, and join the pantheon of obscure Super Heroes.

  5. Teach4life

    I don’t normally do the review thing-don’t have time for it but….I just have to say…This thing is pretty awesome for the money!! My husband has a big air compressor he has on his truck, but sometimes he’s not around! I like to be self sufficient and be able to take care of things without his help. Tonight at the farm, we put it to use on an old farm truck that had a flat…and buddy I was impressed! Worked so easy! I’m not completely inadequate when it comes to working this kind of thing, but I’m also no mechanic!!One draw back, I hope you’re not in a real big hurry when needing to fill that tire up!! We were down to 7psi and got to 35, but it took us about ~20 minutes! Oh well! Tire was up, I could check cattle, and I did it myself! Well, my 9 year old man and I !!One more thing-my boy was playing with it in the truck when we were done and it’s also got one heck of a light on it too!! Didn’t even notice that feature, but that’s pretty handy!!Get it. You won’t be disappointed!

  6. MillwrightWife

    SO EASY! it’s goofproof!The best feature is – it – does – not – have – a – battery – that needs to be charged or is susceptible to heat/cold, or worse fails when you need it most, *instead it plugs into your dash and the cord is long enough to reach all 4 tires. I was able to set the PSI just once and it remembers the setting permanently so all I have to do is connect hose to my tire valve stem and turn the unit on, then it automatically reads the current air pressure already in the tire, then fills it to the amount I had previously set. Works like a charm every time!SIZE – it’s about the size of a half gallon of milk, so it’s easy to store and use! Wish I’d gotten one of these years ago. LOVE IT! I highly recommend giving this as a gift to anyone who drives a car. It’s paid for itself many times over. GET ONE, YOU’LL LOVE IT.

  7. Allie

    Original review: I bought this less than two months ago, and have used it once. It was great, pretty quick to fill up tire, and so light/easy to use. Today when I went to use it for the second time, two of the wires disconnected and one of the nubs (not sure correct term) is stuck in the other cord, so I’m unable to use it again. I’m not sure if I received a lemon or what; it was great while it lasted but horrible value given uses.UPDATE: the company reached out to me within a day of my review. They offered me a full refund or a new device. As stated in my original review, I really liked how it worked, so I chose to get a replacement. I received it super quickly and tested it out twice on my truck (4×4 so lose air when off-roading). It works great and I’m so impressed with AstroAI. I will be recommending them to anyone in the market for their products!

  8. L. D. L.

    I don’t like the insecure feeling of having a low tire and having to worry about where, or how far I’m going to have to travel to refill a low tire. I also REALLY don’t like swiping my credit card to pay 2.00 to put air in my tire. I extremely don’t like the insecurity of having to crouch down to my tires to put air in them, and having to watch over my shoulder for some creeper or potential mugger coming up on me. I purchased this to avoid all of that.I used it today, and I love it. I also purchased the 12 foot extension cord, so I have a lot of cord to work with, and can reach all tires.When you put the nozzle on your tire, and turn the device on, that will show you the current PSI in your tire. When you turn it off, and then on again and set the PSI you need in your tire, it will let you know when you have reached that PSI & then you shut it off, remove the nozzle from your tire and put your cap back on.Make sure you have your car running,while you’re running the inflator. It’s a good one & I’m recommending it.

  9. Sarccado

    I bought this to stop me from having to drive around looking for a gas station air pump that ACTUALLY WORKS:(I used this today for the first time to put air in my tire. My tire size is P245/40/R19 which should be at 35 psi (per manufacturer specs) and it was sitting at 27 psi. I hooked this up, set it to fill up to 35 psi exactly and within approximately a minute my tire was aired right to where it needed to be. I even doubled checked with my tire pressure guage. Very easy to use and came with many different tip options for all kinds of applications. I am impressed with it and it will sure be handy in the future.

  10. Michael L. Ruet

    This cute little unit works and for the price, it’s a bargain. The day I opened the box I used it to top off 2 low auto tires. It took several minutes to get the tire from 18psi to 36 and the unit was noticeably warm by then. Today I inflated 2 bicycle tires from 0 to 65 psi. I used a stop watch and it did each in under 1 1/2 minutes. Pressure read the same with my analog gauge. If this is all you need, it’s fine. I guess it would be suitable for a basketball or a couple of small beach toys. If you want more (truck tires, trailer tires etc.) spend more money for a suitable machine. I’m going to store mine in the box it came in.

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