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Presidential adviser Jared Kushner has been in the news a lot lately. With a job that is usually behind the scenes and out of the media’s eye, Kushner takes on his most public role yet with Donald Trump’s administration. In this article we are going to share 10 new facts about white house advisor Jared Kushner; from his early life and business dealings to his controversial appointment as an advisor to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and later transition team.
Jared Corey Kushner was born January 10th, 1981 in Livingston, New Jersey. His parents are Charles and Seryl Kushner and he has three siblings; two sisters and a brother.

Kushner grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family, reportedly attending Hasidic yeshivas. He graduated from The Frisch School, a progressive high school located in Paramus NJ. Kushner attended college at Harvard University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in government.

Kushner’s rise within the Trump administration started in 2005, when he worked for New York realestate investor Donald Trump and his father. Jared Kushner was given an exclusive contract to buy the New Jersey Devils hockey team and reach agreements with other companies. The deal went bad and after failing to sell the team to potential buyers, Kushner resigned from bringing in more than $300 million from his real estate success.

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10 reviews for Breaking History A White House Memoir Kushner, Jared: 9780063221482: : Books

  1. Joshua J. Kimbrough

    Everyone should read Jared’s book if they are interested in learning about how the administration managed its’ priorities and the barrage of scrutiny they received. Trump accomplished some amazing things in spite of the utter disorganization in his administration and undermining that was taking place throughout his Presidency. Jared and Ivanka were key players in helping get bipartisan criminal justice reform signed into law, tax cuts achieved, the Covid response and peace in the Middle East between several Arab countries with Israel. This book details each major event and walks you through what was happening throughout the process. I couldn’t put it down, received the book on Tuesday evening and finished on Thursday evening. Highly recommend to anyone!

  2. odonnal

    This book has kept my attention from the moment I opened the book and read the forward. Amazing writer, keeps you involved in the true workings of the government!! His dedication to the problems he was handed, he performed beyond my wildest expectations. Between the back stabbers, power seeking individuals that make up our government and all the individuals working against, President Trump and the wonderful things he wanted to do is breathtaking!! Kudos to Jared Kushner and his memoir!! Absolutely loved the book!!

  3. Rick Shaq Goldstein

    Jared Kushner author’s this book… the same way he became way more than the President’s son-in-law. There’s a reason he became the President’s top adviser… on everything from how to maximize social media in planning untold strategies… to brokering multiple middle-east peace deals… that every other historical high ranking and leveraged figure never could! This young man is extremely straight forward… as well as intelligent. He knows when to say no and why… and unlike countless failed negotiators and Kings… Princes… Presidents… Vice-Presidents… et al… he knew when to ask questions… AND LISTEN… in situations that few others did.This story of what it was truly like behind the scenes of Donald Trump’s election and time in office is laid out in such a smooth… intelligent… no-holds-barred format… that the four-hundred-fifty-plus-page book (plus pages of crisp clear color pictures… with interesting historical footnotes) will be read with the type of interest that will make you want to slow down and re-read a few passages as you go… to fully absorb accurately what you just learned… because as sure as I’m typing this review… you’re going to want to quote and discuss these “gems”… WITH FRIENDS AND FOES ALIKE!The author… in my opinion makes a great decision on what he covers right off the bat. If a potential reader is not aware… his Father was convicted and sent to prison by then New Jersey U.S. Attorney Chris Christie. Jared’s family is extremely close and the years his Father was in prison obviously affected Jared for life… and is one of the reasons that along with the Middle East… prison reform and second chances were high on Kushner’s list right along with peace in the Middle-East. When Trump appointed Christie to head up his transition team… it was quite a dramatic moment in time when in a face to face meeting of all involved Trump said:“SO, WE ARE GOOD THEN?JARED REPLIED: “MY FATHER IS GOOD. BETWEEN CHRIS AND ME, IF WE’RE GOING TO WORK TOGETHER, I SHOULD EXPRESS THAT I FELT THE WAY YOU HANDLED MY FATHER’S CASE WAS OVERZEALOUS, AND IT BROUGHT SERIOUS HURT TO ME AND MY FAMILY.”CHRISTIE EXPLAINED THAT HE HAD JUST BEEN DOING HIS JOB, THAT MY DAD HAD COMMITTED A CRIME, AND THAT IT WASN’T PERSONAL.“WELL, RESPECTFULLY, I HAVE A DIFFERENT POINT OF VIEW ON THAT,” I SAID. IF IT WASN’T PERSONAL FOR YOU, THEN HOW COME YOU CHALLENGED MY FATHER’S RELEASE DATE AFTER HE HAD SERVED HIS SENTENCE? I HOPE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND HOW BRUTAL IT IS FOR A FAMILY TO HAVE A LOVED ONE IN PRISON. THE ONLY SOLACE IS HAVING A DATE WHEN YOUR NIGHTMARE WILL END. WHEN THE PROSECUTOR COMES BACK AND CHALLENGES THE RELEASE DATE, AND IT GETS DELAYED INDEFINITELY, THAT’S DEVASTATING TO A FAMILY. SO DON’T TELL ME IT WASN’T PERSONAL, BECAUSE IF IT WASN’T PERSONAL, YOU WOULD HAVE LET HIM COME HOME ON TIME.”“YOU KNOW, THE CRIME YOUR FATHER COMMITTED WAS TERRIBLE.” CHRISTIE STARTED TO SAY.“THEN TRUMP INTERJECTED: “CHRIS, IT WAS A FAMILY DISPUTE.”This is just a hint of the absolute “gloves-off-bare-knuckle” storytelling of recent political intrigue and… yes… HISTORY BREAKING! Calling a spade a spade as far as “leakers” and back stabbers such as…. Bannon… Tillerson… Priebus… Lewandowski… Manafort… and the total… spineless abandonment of Israel by the Obama administration… are laid out chapter and verse. Jared also makes the reader truly feel the stress and frustration of lives and political accomplishments put on hold or extremely weighed down by the disgusting phony Russian Collusion Hoax.The author also shares and educates readers with his Grandparents escaping the Holocaust. The benefit of much of this early introductory narration… is that you can feel and start to understand not just what makes Jared tick… but what the whole of his soul… that he immerses into the opportunities he has to truly make the world a better place. Being that he always tried to stay in the background during the time he served our President and country… and was totally unlike ninety-five-per-cent of politicians who are “me-me-me”… and have ulterior motives… Jared like President Trump… didn’t need this job to earn money.As someone who is constantly reading my entire life… a key to my enjoyment and my depth of education that I hope to get from each book I read… and how I rate them… is what I have come to call the “AUTHOR’S WRITING STYLE… HIS FLOW… AND… ARTISTIC SIGNATURE”. Unfortunately many authors have no real unique artistry… kind of like an orchestra without any instruments. I really enjoyed many things from Jared… one that I thought was “cute” and kind of endearing was the way… sometimes referring to Donald Trump…as… Trump… or… The President… or… my Father-In-Law… in natural ways based on the storytelling situation.This is definitely not a “fake-news” kind of book… just trying to shock you… it truly comes across as a book that wants to educate you on the tumultuous period of time that it covers.

  4. linda galella

    Jared Kushner has done an exemplary job of detailing his experiences serving the people of the United States and his father-in-law, Donald Trump, former POTUS.Kushner, like Trump, is a business man; successful in his own right. Drawn into political service by way of marriage to Ivanka, he learns the ropes of D. C. and participates in some of the most successful political accomplishments of the last 50+ years: Abraham Accords, USMCA, Operation Warpspead, Criminal Justice Reform, Border Wall and more.Contrary to the biased blast proffered by the NYT, Kushner is forthcoming with regards to his shortcomings and his fears. He readily admits to being a novice and openly discusses how he went about learning to navigate the inner sanctums and long serving members of Congress. Kushner uses his skills from business and lessons learned from family and faith to craft an hardworking persevering presence that earned him accolades from foreign countries and brave domestic individuals. Jared doesn’t get all snarky and partisan in this book but he does give specifics on who in the administration was friend or foe; very enlightening.Unlike other memoirs I’ve read recently, this one has the benefit of more intimate relationships with Trump and the family, for obvious reasons. Kushner doesn’t use his family status as a club to pave the way or wield power for himself. It’s a driving force behind his ardent motivation and the level of insight that we readers are afforded in this engaging, conversational volume.If you’re interested in greater details about the Middle East peace negotiations or the trade agreement between the USA, Mexico & Canada, this is a good read for you. There’s no politicking and no slandering and even the language is clean. Kushner served with his whole heart and soul, along with his wife, Ivanka. A worthy read; were I younger, I’d be inspired to political service?

  5. Jerry E Bartram

    As a CPA who likes to know what goes on behind the scene, I found this book to be an outstanding demonstration of what a family can do for our country if they put personal ambitions aside and focus on what can be accomplished. The contrast between the Trump administration and the current administration stand in stark contrast.I would expect this type of book to emphasize the good that has been done and not tear into the president Trump. In meeting this expectation it also confirms my belief that what Trump Twittered many time were part of a negotiating strategy not random thoughts. Thanks for sharing your insights to all of us.

  6. Nicole Marie Story

    OH THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL BOOK WRITTEN BY A WONDERFUL MAN!!!!!!!!! I have completed only the first three chapters, but I want to shower the Goodreads world with this premature review to counter all of the jealous and hateful commentary that already exists in this forum. Mr. Kushner, in the first few pages of his spectacular memoir, paints an honest, caring, hardworking portrait of his family and of the Trumps. I am so very excited to finally learn of Mr. Kushner’s background, and I am delighted that true to form, the Trumps (namely Ivanka) selected high quality stock for their dynasty. Thank you, Mr. Kushner for being a great human, for negotiating peace in the middle east, and for writing this glorious autobiography. You, sir, are divine! * full review to follow on my completion of this masterpiece.

  7. Jtorriani

    This is a summary of Jarred Kushner’s work in the Trump Administration. I found the highlights of the book is his Middle Eastern work, The Covid Pandemic, and Operation Warp Speed (to develop a vacine fast.) The discussion of how Covid was handled and operation warp speed is the best I have read. I am a Life long Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. But I have to question the New York Times review which dismisses the book without mentioning these things or any thing Kushner did. It makes me wonder if he even read the book..

  8. Robert

    Jared offers an unvarnished memoir of his remarkable life that is honest, reflective and thrilling. He takes the reader on his journey of upbringing and many life challenges, revealing anecdotes that are courageously authentic. Stories of success through tribulation as a businessman and entrepreneur are raw and enlightening. And riveting play-by-plays of the most consequential moments during the Trump Presidency are insightful and shocking.  Jared was the ultimate insider and the most influential voice in the Trump Administration. This, however, is the intimate account of an outsider achieving unprecedented success while navigating a White House and government that actively rooted for his demise.Breaking History is a must read for anyone reflecting upon Donald J. Trump’s presidency.

  9. Jacqueline E. Torres

    Like everyone else I was always very curious to know exactly what the family went through in the four years they were in the White House. I think Mr. Kushner wrote an amazing account of his experience not only in the White House but his life experiences which helped him very much navigate what is probably one of the most backstabbing, toxic environment a person could be in. I hope everyone enjoys this book as much as I have and gets a chance to see another side into this presidency…one that has been hindered since the day it began. We as Americans should demand the media and our government to provide us the truth, for so long it has been so dishonest that it has caused the division that we live in. Thank you for such an insightful look into what we on the outside will never understand. It wasn’t easy!!!

  10. Susan D

    This is one of the best books I’ve ever read in the political genre. I am so glad Jared Kushner took the time to write about his White House experience. This is probably the only book of this kind that I’ll reread.It brought back memories of the happenings of Trump’s term as President. Kushner’s motto is “Where There is a Will There’s a Way.” Thank you for your service to our Country. Enjoy your time with your family. You truly deserve it!

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