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Glue, Peanutbutter scent Mouse glue boards come with Catchmaster signature high quality Boards can lay flat

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Catchmaster 72MAX pest traps are the perfect way to take care of any pesky pests in your home. This trap features a 72-square-inch device that captures and holds pests for up to 12 hours. Plus, the included controller makes it easy to set and operate your traps.

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Catchmaster 72MAX Pest Trap

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  2. Catchmaster<img alt=”Catchmaster” src=”,0,652,300_PT0_SX315_V1___.jpg”/>
  3. We leave no stones un-turned when it comes to developing our product line. Our glue is our bond and it is backed with 65+ years of know-how. Our products are field-tested under the harshest conditions to ensure maximum reliability for any level of pest control expert.
  4. Our products allow you to monitor rodents, insects & mosquitoes with confidence.

How did we get our start?

  1. Our American based company was founded by Moses Frisch in 1952 as a specialty glue and adhesives company. The Catchmaster brand was introduced in 1977.

Why do we love what we do?

  1. AP&G has been an American-based company from the start.
  2. We are proud that our products are designed and created right here in the USA –
  3. guaranteeing the quality, consistency & performance our customers
  4. expect from the Catchmaster experience.

What problem are we solving?

  1. At our core, we are dedicated pest detectives. We believe in utilizing a science based approach to integrated pest management.

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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10 reviews for Catchmaster 72MAX Pest Trap, 36Count, White Rodent Traps : Patio, Lawn & Garden

  1. James Cheneweth III

    In the middle of construction and I’m having to store food in my garage. Not the safest thing to do and vulnerable to mice. And sure enough when you see them(mice) during the day you know you already have a big problem. I bought catchmaster on Amazon and I liked that they were a small family business. The order came promptly and well packaged. I deployed the easy to handle traps and over one day I caught 10 mice. I’m very pleased with this product and will buy again if I should continue to have this particular problem. I was not solicited to give this review.

  2. Anthony

    I’ve been using these for a few years now. I used to live in the city apartment and had to deal with Roaches, it helped minimize the activity and every time they came around, I would always find them in the traps, boy it feels good seeing little creatures in that trap. After buying a house near the mountains, no more roaches but ended up with so many more insects and I knew this was my go to product. I place these in the corners inside the house and garage and replace it at least once a month depending on the activity and catch. It will catch just about anything. You want to know what’s crawling around your house, place these bad boys and you’ll find out.

  3. JD

    I live in the country where there are a lot of critters, and these work exceptionally well at attracting and capturing them! I’ve placed them both in my home and in my garage, and these have caught all manner of bugs and arachnids for me. It’s caught spiders, crickets, roaches, beetles, flies and a few bugs I definitely could not identify.The rectangles are easy to assemble and easy to hide in corners and behind doors. I definitely will be purchasing these again!

  4. ML

    These are very easy to use: fold each at the perforated lines to crease into the shape (easier to do this before removing the backing), remove the backing, fold into box shape and secure the closure. Just watch your fingers on the glue!Very stick and do an amazing job at controlling bugs (mainly spiders) in our basement. I will lay these around and out of reach of our animals. I make sure to put them snugly against the wall edge on the floor. These things fill up with bugs to a disgusting level, that is how well they work.

  5. Laura Ashleigh

    If one finds themself in need of this solution, well… perhaps life has gotten a little out of control… I faced a situation that warranted a pest control solution that would be pet-friendly (placed out of reach) versus spraying chemicals in the home.These are great. Well made. Easy to pop up into shape. I wish there was a larger size for human cockroaches but these did the trick. Recommended.

  6. Laura

    Absolutely essential for catching any kind of common household pet from earwigs to roaches and spiders. Easy to conceal and change out, unobtrusive and the folding feature allows small pets to avoid falling victim to the adhesive.

  7. AKZ

    Before buying I read some of the reviews that said these didn’t work, but thought to try anyway. Guess what, these work! But they are a trap, nothing actually attracts silverfish to these traps. So you need to put them in the path of the silverfish, such that it will naturally walk into the trap. Look where you see the silverfish coming from, then put this in their path. Some of the pictures I saw, the people just put the trap in the middle of the room. Of course that won’t work, what are the odds that the silverfish will travel a path to the trap?It’s awesome and I no longer see silverfish scurrying along my bathroom floor. I live in a highrise, so no question that they are somewhere in the walls, but if they make their way into my bathroom (which is really the only place I used to see them in the past) then it’s a one-way trip. Mind you they seem to like to move around when it’s dark or shadowy, so they get trapped when I’m not around. Ideal. Place ’em and leave ’em and when there are 5-10 trapped, toss and put out a new one. No chemicals, except of course in the sticky stuff, which is just glue. Five stars for sure!

  8. Jesse

    These sticky traps worked fantastically well for helping me get rid of a minor silverfish (actually, probably more accurate to say firebrat) infestation under the heat register in my apartment.I really don’t think there could have been an easier or cheaper solution. All we did was crush up some crackers to use as bait, sprinkle the crumbs in the middle of the glue trap, and set the trap under the heat register where we had seen the bugs coming from.Within just a few hours of placing the first trap, the silverfish had made their way to the trap and started to get stuck. I caught over 30 individuals on one single trap at first! The subsequent uses of the traps caught fewer bugs each time, as in the interest of reducing suffering, I didn’t leave the next traps out as long before I placed them in the freezer to put the stuck creatures out of their misery.There were a few unintended insect and arachnid casualties while using the traps to catch the silverfish but thankfully, I didn’t happen to catch anything bigger than a junebug. I would absolutely not be surprised if larger critters did get stuck to it though, the traps are VERY sticky.We needed to clear out a problem, and these traps provided an inexpensive and minimally obtrusive way to do that. Recommended!

  9. KnightinTunisia

    Looks exactly like what my exterminator uses. He can’t visit me anymore, and while my roach situation has been under control, some recent construction here in the building has them scurrying about in the walls and somehow or other find a way into my apartment. The big ones too, yuch!Fortunately, most have been caught on the old boards, and they are a few years old. The new ones are real sticky, taking off the paper is a challenge! I’d rather have them on the glue board than seeing them on the floor or wall.I think these will be good. The scent is light and I think it attracts mice and roaches to the board.A few years ago a mouse ended up on the board due to a hole in the wall after a lousy repair to a pipe in the kitchen… the problems of NYC apartment living…It is inhumane to catch an animal like this, and while disturbing, we can’t live with mice in our homes. As I understand it, some stores do not carry the glue boards for this very reason.Anyway, the mouse was a one time thing, I’ve been here in the building for 45 years, and now the glue boards will hopefully address occasional visits from roaches.

  10. Hawk Tamer

    Before you start make sure you have a can of Pam cooking spray on hand. If you stick yourself to it, just squirt a little on there and it will release. It’s best to fold into a box to avoid issues. If you’re sliding it flat under something get some string or popsicle stick stuck to a corner so you don’t have to touch it again. If your cat sticks his paw in it, it’s your fault he could reach it- get the pam out and do a quick release. I live in a senior apartment building and we have residents with less than desirable living habits. When pest control comes every month sometimes things will migrate down the hall. I keep these near my door at the hall and it catches any visitors. Also good to put under the kitchen & bathroom sinks in case they enter with the plumbing supply/drain line penetrations. It sounds gross but it you do catch something, leave the trap in place and any others that may get in will join them. Replace them every other month. I am chemically sensitive and can’t have them spray in my apartment and have never needed them to- as I keep things really clean.

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