Cremo Blue Cedar & Cypress Cologne Spray, A Woodsy Scent with Notes of Lemon Leaf, Cypress and Cedar, 3.4 Oz Beauty & Personal Care

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About this item A brisk, woodsy scent with notes of lemon leaf, cypress and cedar Layered and complex scent designed by Cremo’s scent experts Long-lasting fragrance that doesn’t overpower A scent you’d expect to find in a high-end boutique without going to a high-end boutique

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Cremo Blue Cedar is a hardwood that can be found in the east and northeast United States. The tree is often grown as a hedge or against a fence as it does not prize well in direct sunlight. As a result, it is often used to create walls and posts. The tree’s natural blue color can be greatly improved by treating it with a solution of ammonia and water.

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Cremo Blue Cedar

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scentsGood Uncommon Scents

The Cremo scent experience is all about elevating your daily grooming routine. That’s why we only work with top scent experts to create fragrances that are truly unlike anything else you’ve experienced. It’s what we call Good Uncommon Scents. Happy grooming.

Cremo Blue Cedar & Cypress Spray Cologne

Smell uncommonly good

Our luxurious cologne scents have been designed with passion and purpose by people who live, eat and breathe scents. With extra emphasis on the breathing part. Each fragrance is made with a thoughtful blend of ingredients and bottled in a classic, glass spray bottle. There’s not an ounce of common in them.

  • Blue Cedar & Cypress
  • Refreshing, woodsy scent reminiscent of an aromatic forest
  • No. 4 in the Good Uncommon Scents Collection

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Cremo Spray Cologne

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Our powerful scents are designed to keep you smelling uncommon throughout the day, yet without overpowering.

Layered and complex scents

Each uncommon formula is designed with three distinct scent notes. A top note, which is what you initially experience. The middle note, or the heart of the fragrance, which lasts longer and is often floral or fruity. The base note. which are heaviest, such as woods.

Smell like a gentleman should

Just spray on your wrist or neck and show everyone what being a gentleman is all about.

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9.63 x 5.88 x 6.88 inches; 4.8 Ounces

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Cremo Company LLC

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#2 in Men's Cologne

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10 reviews for Cremo Blue Cedar & Cypress Cologne Spray, A Woodsy Scent with Notes of Lemon Leaf, Cypress and Cedar, 3.4 Oz Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Jamie Mayer

    The label is also in French. Is there a possibility that it is counterfeit?

  2. Jackie

    When I first sprayed this scent on myself I was instantly brought back to my childhood with my father watching him write his music notes and play his sax. He smelled of vanilla musk and his sticky tobacco pipe. This men’s cologne is my new favorite perfume. The sweetness is not overwhelming and I am extremely picky about gourmand scents. I can pick up each note in this cologne and they hit it spot on. Great on a man or a woman. Perfect fall/winter scent.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Love it, last long, wife likes it, and was exactly what I was looking for. Definitely going to try other scents from this brand for sure! And for 20 bucks, can’t go wrong!

  4. Sunshine

    I’ve always been most complimented while wearing vanilla perfumes, but I’ve personally always preferred musky scents, to the point where I would use my own husband’s colognes. This is a PERFECT combination of the two. It’s peppery (hint… the “spice”) and the sweet vanilla smells amazing. This really is a great unisex perfume/cologne. I can still smell a hint of it by the end of the day. It doesn’t last as long as the more expensive colognes do, but for the price, I’m very satisfied.

  5. andrea remer

    This cologne is my absolute favorite. It smells so good and lasts well over 24 hours! I buy it for my husband twice a year and it lasts because it doesn’t require much!

  6. abe levinson

    Very nice scent for the price. Cedar is definitely there. Mid to high notes. Not too deep or cloying. Doesn’t get annoying if you spray a bit too much. Will last about 5 or 6 hours if just on body. Will last longer if you spay on clothes like an undershirt. The Bourbon is a better scent and lasts longer. Also a bit deeper and lower scent profile, more masculine.

  7. Clay Porter

    This cologne is pleasant, not overly projecting, and age-appropriate for me. It smells somewhat like the Duke Cannon Buffalo Trace soap, which I like, but DC does not produce colognes that smell anything like their soap counterparts. As an aside, my suggestion on DC colognes – don’t bother.Does it smell like Bourbon? I’m not sure, since I have not smelled or drank bourbon in 40+ years. Does it have a white oak base note? Yes! And a quite smooth one, I might add. If you’ve ever burnt white oak in a woodstove or fireplace, you will definitely recognize this. I had tried three other Cremo colognes with mixed results.I bought the Blue Cedar and Spruce about 2 years ago and though it was relatively inoffensive, I kept remembering life in middle school, with pubescent boys attempting to cover BO, athlete’s foot, and other fungal afflictions with right guard and brut. I can’t disassociate the unflushed toilet/athlete’s foot smell from this. In addition, it had a “meh” effect on The One Who Matters Most. She believed it to be extract of “Janitor In A Drum” combined with some kitchen spices. I set it aside, and would have given it away except that I had another banished fragrance that also had evergreen ingredients – a GIT clone (Rasasi Egra) that smelled like juniper berries so strong as to be unwearable. I was comparing the two to possibly get a clue on the common unlikability to The Supreme Opinion, and happened to smell them together. Surprise, it was actually quite pleasant, even garnering a favorable comment from Sovrano della Casa. I uncapped the two bottles and decanted them, and it has turned out to be a surprisingly good rescue.Cremo #2 was Silver Water and Birch. This is just a plain no-go. I wore Dior Eau Sauvage for years, and was hoping from the top notes description that this would be similar. It was not. It smells like chemicals, plain and simple. Chemicals that don’t need to ever be together again on me. It was donated.Cremo #3 was Palo Santo. “Get thee away from me satan!” is the response it evoked from The Council for Happy Home Relations. I have never smelled a more potent and long-lasting smell, with the possible exception of Berryman Chem-Dip back when I occasionally overhauled carburetors. Going back to the middle school analogy, this smell is like walking into the lumber closet in shop class. I didn’t care for it at all. The weird thing is that I am certain I have smelled it a few times in public, but not on men – on women. It doesn’t work there, either. It was donated.

  8. Gaurav Patil

    I was a skeptical about the cologne at first but ordered anyway after reading the reviews. And now I am so glad that I did. It is such a beautiful fragrance with good silage. It has the freshness of sandalwood with hints of cardamom. I got the palo santo one. I would highly recommend it to everyone. You can have a niche experience at an affordable price.

  9. bolo

    got a lot of complements every where i went people asking me whats the name of the cologn. i never told them they are not stealing my style . Cremo Bourbon & Oak Cologne Spray smells very good and it lasted all day will buy again. and going to get the Cremo Spice & Black Vanilla Cologne Spray, next .

  10. Giselle Ethengain

    Great inexpensive dupe if you love le labo santal 33. Smells almost identical just a tab bit sweeter/less smoky. But the main scent is spot on.

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