Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock – Add Extra, High Security to your Home and Prevent Unauthorized Entry – 3” Stop, Aluminum Construction (Satin Nickel Anodized Finish) – Screen Door Hardware –

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KEEP YOUR HOME SAFE – Designed to withstand 800 lbs. of force, this U 10827 satin nickel finish door reinforcement lock helps to prevent doors from being kicked in, increasing your home security and keeping you and your family safe! EASY INSTALLATION – The included 3” hardened screws make installation a breeze – extra security and peace of mind can be achieved in just minutes! ADDITIONAL HOME SECURITY – Use this high security door reinforcement lock for additional home security on any swing-in door of any door thickness. It helps to ensure any door cannot be opened from the outside. CHILD-SAFE AND TAMPER-RESISTANT – This door reinforcement lock has a spring-loaded design that is both child-safe and tamper-resistant. It can be installed higher on the door where your children can’t reach! Plus, not only can doors not be kicked in by intruders, it protects against lock picking and bumping while in the locked position. WATCH THE VIDEO ON THIS PAGE for installation tips and operating instructions. For all dimensional information please refer to the line art and compare to your needs before purchasing
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Defender Security U 10827 door reinforcement lock is a security lock that provides added safety for your door. The lock will require two hands to operate, making it difficult for someone to gain entry without your knowledge. The reinforced locking system will help to protect your home from becoming a victim of burglary.

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Defender Security

Prime-Line Door Blockers

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Helps to prevent doors from being kicked in.

  • Use on primary entry doors to keep you and your family safe while inside
  • Keep your home more secure while on vacation by installing these on secondary entrances such as back door or side doors

Withstands up to 800 lbs of force!

These high security door locks are constructed of extruded aluminum and meet the Texas building code requirements. Featuring a spring-loaded, child-safe and tamper-resistant design that protects against unauthorized entry by preventing lock bumping and lock picking (while in the locked position). Choose from one of six finishes and increase your home’s security and give your family extra peace of mind.

  • Tamper resistant and child-safe design
  • Installs in just minutes using 3″ hardened screws
  • Cannot be opened from the outside
  • Requires Drill, 1/8 in. drill bit and Phillips screwdriver
  • Chisel may be required if door fits tightly against the jamb (mortised installation)

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Easy to lock & unlock

Pinch lock from top & bottom

Pull towards door

Pull lock towards you

Lock in fully open position

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Additional information


‎Prime-Line Products

Part Number

‎U 10827

Item Weight

‎5.9 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎2.5 x 1.38 x 3 inches

Country of Origin


Item model number

‎U 10827

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



‎3 in.


‎Satin Nickel




‎Satin Nickel



Item Package Quantity


Included Components

‎1 door lock

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Warranty Description

‎1 year limited



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4.7 out of 5 stars

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Date First Available

May 24, 2013

10 reviews for Defender Security U 10827 Door Reinforcement Lock – Add Extra, High Security to your Home and Prevent Unauthorized Entry – 3” Stop, Aluminum Construction (Satin Nickel Anodized Finish) – Screen Door Hardware –

  1. Arnel A.

    You that feeling when you have peace of mind? It’s a great relief deep down inside knowing you are safe with these in your door. The design of these locks is simple but super effective. To lock and unlock is as quick as turning the knob on your door. Don’t be fooled by other brands, these come with 3 inch screws. The only regret I have is that I didn’t order the white ones to match my door, however the brushed metal looks great too. Iy thinking of buying a few more and giving to my friends and relatives.

  2. wild animals

    I recommend this lock to everyone. There are many ways to make your home more secure without spending much money and this is one of my favorite. It’s extremely well made and even looks kind of elegant. It is quite easy to use, but honestly it could be easier. I wish they had added a grip or loop of some kind to make it easier to unlock. My concern is that someone unfamiliar with it would be trapped inside during a fire. Occasionally it will get bumped out of position when it’s unlocked, so when we try to shut the door, the lock is in the way and the door bounces off of it which is startling (and could feasibly damage the door).For installation, you do need self-drilling screws and a powerful driver of some kind, which could be expensive if you don’t have the driver already, or you can use a less powerful drill with a very long drill bit, and those bits can be expensive and hard to find. This type of hardware kit should always come with a drill bit.If you have a door that doesn’t fit well in the frame, you may have trouble placing this lock. The bottom half of our door has a huge gap, and this lock doesn’t have a ton of overlap even on doors that are hung correctly. There are a lot of YouTube videos showing how to fix the gap in a door. Usually you just need to bend or shim the hinge.Most burglaries happen due to people leaving windows and doors unlocked. The burglar just walks right in. Beyond that, they kick in doors, or use the items in your yard (ladder, trellis, large rock, hide-a-key, etc.) to break into your house. Most front doors on most houses and apartments are installed with very short screws that only go into the door trim, not the heavy frame. If your door is kicked in, it’s not usually the door or the lock that fails; the strikeplate just gets blown right out of the door trim. So almost anyone can kick your front door in–it doesn’t take a lot of strength or skill. If you replace the screws in your strike plate and hinges with 3-inch or longer screws, the door will be attached to the studs in the wall and will be vastly more difficult to kick in. It will take so long and be so loud that the burglar will likely move on, not wanting to attract any attention. This kind of lock adds another layer to that, and gives you more time to react. Even if someone bumps your locks, they won’t be able to open the door. This also keeps out uninvited landlords and maintenance workers. :)Summary of some simple/affordable security actions and ideas:* if someone wants in, they’ll probably get in; the goal with security tools is to slow them down and get your attention, so you have enough warning to call for help and hide or prepare to defend yourself, or more ideally, to make breaking in so time-consuming and noisy that a potential burglar has to give up and move on* burglars may use anything around your home to break or climb in, so try to minimize the tools you give them* replace door screws with 3″+ screws* replace strikeplate with security strikeplate* add door reinforcers (metal plates that protect doorknob and deadbolt from kick-ins)* put battery-powered alarms on your windows and doors (you can even get alarms that detect your window being broken)* add screw-on locks or put a charlie bar/1″ doweling in your sliding door and window tracks* if your sliding windows and sliding doors can be lifted up and out while they’re closed, drive a screw into the upper track to prevent it (google this if you aren’t sure)* don’t leave boxes for things like giant flatscreen TVs in your curbside recycling, and don’t leave your address on similar attention-getting packaging that you’re dropping off at a recycling center* don’t keep desirable-to-burglars possessions where they’re visible to passersby* have some means of protecting yourself in case someone does get in (gel pepper spray is a good place to start looking)I don’t believe in being paranoid or lowering your quality of life for “security,” especially since the risk of a home invasion is so relatively low. However, we moved into a place that had already had both doors kicked in and I needed to take action to avoid anxiety about it, without going overboard or spending a ton of money. I think these tips are a good compromise, especially since they require so little money. Since I know anyone breaking in will have to make a lot of noise (and if they get in, I’ll be waiting), I feel less anxious. I used to worry that someone could already be in the house and I wouldn’t even know it. Now I have a bunch of passive systems in place, and a big dog :), so I feel a lot better.

  3. T. Edstrom

    With just a few screws in the door frame and Bam your done. I love the area it covers and how really hard it would be to get in with it locked…You would have to kick the door down…But if your going that far to get in…Well there IS a Gig Sauer P365 to welcome you on the other side bahaha

  4. JJB

    This lock is very heavy duty. The lock slides into the locked position easily. To unlock, push the locking mechanism away from thre door frame and open up – it’s spring loaded. The installation was a bit more difficult that I expected. I predrilled the holes with a 1/8″ drill but BUT some of the philipps head screws stripped so I had to replace them with better screws.

  5. Nancy Morrow

    Lo conseguimos como un seguro adicional para la puerta, ya que el bebé empieza a crecer y alcanza la cerradura. Así que este seguro además de fortalecer la entrada a casa nos da la calma de saber que el bebe no podrá salirse… ademas de tener un aspecto discreto y moderno.La instalación es sencilla pero requiere un poco mas de tiempo en caso de necesitar desgastar la puerta para que abra y cierre con fluidez.Sin embargo vale la pena el esfuerzo y la inversión.Como medida de seguridad me parece muy adecuada. La seguridad nunca esta de más.

  6. Diana

    We purchased this for two reasons: first was for extra security on our door. Let me tell you, this lock is SOLID. If someone wanted to kick your door in they’d have a bad day. Secondly, we wanted a lock to place up high since our toddler can reach the other locks and open the front door if he had a mind to. For both of these reasons we have found this little lock to be phenomenal! I recommend them to everyone now.

  7. James

    This is a great solution compared to the typical little chain or swing bar latch type security feature. The thing I really like about the Defender is how attractive it is once installed. It seamlessly blends into the rest of the door’s hardware. When you open the door it doesn’t seem out of place or an add-on. The installation is super easy. It took a total of about 2 minutes. Also, I really like the fact its very easy to use. Super smart design. For instance, it cant just accidentally locked or be enabled. It is a much stronger solution than anything else I’ve personally seen on the market. Definitely highly recommended.

  8. Jason

    I installed this on my French doors leading to my swimming pool as a child lock and it works far better than i expected. Even if my kids could reach the lock, they wouldn’t have the strength to disengage it. The hardware included made for an easy installation.

  9. Michelle R.

    I have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder and this lock has been the key to keeping him safe inside. He is what is called an “eloper” which means he will run without any concern for safety. Into roads, people’s yards or homes, and even bodies of water (he can’t swim), out of nowhere and without reason. It’s terrifying. I used to have to sleep with one eye open just in case he woke up in the night or the morning before me, I was stressed out all the time, afraid to even go to the bathroom while he was playing in the living room. I don’t have to do that anymore, I feel free and finally able to relax a little. It has been life-changing. The lock is very easy to install and use. I have already purchased more for my ex-husband’s home and the grandparent’s. Recommend 100%.

  10. Danielle

    Crazy how this little piece of metal can make me feel so much more safe at night.It was extremely easy to install & I did it in about 10 minutes.I read the reviews about the screws being cheap & mine seemed really strong & thick to me.(Don’t mind the stripped screws. That was my fault. I used the wrong sized drill bit.)

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