Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High Back PC Computer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Black) Home & Kitchen

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About this item Devoko high back ergonomic gaming chair covered by premium breathable leather and freely adjustable lumbar support & headrest pillow protecting your spinal & neck 360 degree swivel rotation with top quality mute rolling Wheels avoid scratching on floor board and freely move in your space Heavy duty racing gaming chair with integrated metal frame, international standards explosion-proof gas Spring, Suitable for playing your computer games, watching TV, lying down rest and office working. Easy lock-tilt adjustment with recline angle adjuster, relieve tired feeling and pressure during long gaming or working What We offer: A new gaming chair, Complete installation tools, An installation instruction, Our Friendly after sale service. Load capacity: 300 LBS, Seating area Dimension: 19.8″ x 20.5″ (L X W), Backrest dimension: 19.8″ x 30.5″ (L X W), Adjustable seat height: 16.1″-20″
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The Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable is perfect for those who enjoy gaming. This chair has an adjustable height and width to make it perfect for any gamer. The racing style design allows the user to reach different positions without having to use their hands.

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For more consumers to provide more choices that meet needs, with the continuous recognition of customers, we have our brand DEVOKO

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  3. For more consumers to provide more choices that meet their needs, with the continuous recognition of customers, we have our brand DEVOKO
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Product Dimensions

‎21 x 20 x 50 inches


‎Leather, Paper

Room Type


Age Range (Description)


Unit Count

‎1.0 Count

Included Components

‎Gaming chair

Item Weight

‎45.5 pounds



Model Name

‎Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High Back PC Computer Chair

Maximum Weight Recommendation

‎300 Pounds

Seat Material Type


Furniture base movement


Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer




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4.5 out of 5 stars

8,703 ratings
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4.5 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#11,981 in Home & Kitchen (See Top 100 in Home & Kitchen) #7 in Video Game Chairs #9 in Computer Gaming Chairs

Date First Available

September 22, 2017

10 reviews for Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height High Back PC Computer Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support Executive Office Chair (Black) Home & Kitchen

  1. Joseph Hurd

    I got this for my son. Pretty easy to put together and sturdy

  2. Beanz

    I was using a chair from the dining room when I saw this chair on Amazon for relatively cheap in comparison to other gaming chairs out there. I wasn’t expecting much when I got it but it was actually really comfy when I sat on it after I put it together. Assembly was easy except for the side panel covers that cover up the hinge that you use to lean back in the chair. The chair can lean quite far which is nice if you need to stretch your back out during a long gaming session. The chair rolls very smoothly. The adjustable height works well, it lowers and raises as smooth as any other chair that can raise and lower. The neck and lumbar pillows are comfy and add support, however they can be hard to attach at times unless you use your knee to hold the strap to the side of the chair, but that’s my experience, could be different for others. Definitely worth the money for an upgrade from the chair I was using.

  3. Cody

    Love it

  4. Mary Bailey

    Love this chair great support I use it for my work from home

  5. Rojo

    UPDATE: The company has personally reached out to me regarding my dissatisfaction with the product, and we have worked out a solution. I am updating my review from 3 stars to 5 for their customer service and willingness to make adjustments for customer satisfaction. My original review can be read below.=====SUMMARY OF PROS AND CONS:+ Gamer/racing-style aesthetic+ Good back support+ Relatively easy to assemble- No adjustable armrests- Deep seat uncomfortable for wide-set bottoms/wider sitting positions- Squeaks after short period of time- Height adjustment stopped workingI purchased this chair in May 2020, and as of this review it will have been five months since my original purchase. In these past five months, the chair has exposed all of its flaws.When the chair arrived, assembly was fairly simple. While there was one cosmetic part of the chair—a plastic part that only covered the metal hinge of the recliner—that did not fit properly into the assembly, everything else was smooth in putting the chair together.Regarding the ergonomics of the chair itself, it is a solid chair. The back is built well and provides plenty of back support. It also comes with a head pillow and a lumbar pillow for those who require extra support. Because this is a racer-style chair, however, keep in mind that the seat sinks into the middle. The dip is fairly significant, so if you have a wider set bottom, it may be uncomfortable. The dip also makes it uncomfortable to sit in any other position than with your legs both on the ground—if you’re one to sit with one leg sitting over the other or with a wider stance, it will not be a comfortable sit. Granted, for the sake of your posture it’s probably better to sit in a neutral position, but old habits die hard. The armrests are not adjustable, though that was not a dealbreaker for me.I was loving this chair until about two weeks after the purchase. At that point, the chair began to squeak regularly when I would lean back to a significant degree. While that did not bother me too much initially, the squeak gradually became more prominent, and now it squeaks even with the slightest rocking. Four months in, the seat height adjustment began to falter. I have the chair adjusted to the highest height at all times, but within four months, it would slowly sink over the course of a few days, to which I would need to readjust it. This gradually worsened to the point of needing to adjust it multiple times per day if I am seated for a prolonged period of time.All things considered, the chair still works and is still usable. It is flawed and is not built for prolonged or long-term use, but if you really need the gaming-style chair aesthetic, this is an okay choice. Otherwise, look into regular old office chairs with a better ergonomic fit and better build quality.

  6. Olivia D.

    Awesome chair for the money, son says it’s very comfortable and works well for his gaming needs

  7. Nikkigiovanni

    Easy to assemble and a quality product for the price.

  8. Zakk

    I use this mostly for video editing. I was actually quite surprised by the quality and size for the price. The lower lumbar support actually does pretty well also. Sometimes I’m sitting there for hours at a time working and the support does a good job keeping my back comfortable which was a big a reason I got rid of my old big leather office chair. Also, pretty awesome how they offer so many different colors. I picked up the red and black model and it’s a cool accent in my video production office

  9. mary vines

    Nice chair

  10. Taylor P

    This chair is a great value, and I would recommend to anyone interested (so far).Disclaimer: I cannot speak to the durability of the chair just yet, as I have had it for only a few days, but will update the review later on for this.PROS:-Looks – This chair is so similar to brand name “gaming” chairs such as DXRacer, Noble, Secret Lab in appearance. It looks great, and has no visible signs of damage out of the box, uneven stitching, etc.-Assembly – Though some may say it was “unclear”, if you can determine what part is what and look at a blueprint type instruction sheet, you should have this chair ready to go in about 15 minutes.-Size – The chair is wide enough in the bottom seat, and tall enough in the back. I wanted a tall chair (I’m about 6′ 3″) and this goes to about the top of my head. LOVE the size of it, I don’t feel cramped whatsoever.-Casters/Base – One main concern I had was that the base and wheels would be a bit flimsy and cheap for the price. This is not the case. The base seems pretty solid (after minimal use, that is) and made of very sturdy plastic.-Mechanics – The recline of this seat is awesome. It reclines 180 degrees, and you can lay flat and even nap in it if you want! It also has a functional rocking feature, which is not outlined in the description (just the “recline”).-Lumbar – I will place this in the “pros” because of the pillow being removable. I did not like it much for how I sit (probably incorrectly) but it can be taken offTBD:-Durability – I can’t speak to this chair’s longevity but will update this review later on. This includes the bottom cushion padding, mechanics, and most importantly the gas hydraulic adjustment longevity.CONS:-Smell – Out of the box, the PU leather does stink up the room a bit. Not a BAD smell, just not pleasant. This will likely fade over time but it’s something to point out (especially if it doesn’t; I will update)*Update* – After just a week of having this chair, the smell has almost completely subsided.-Armrests – I find the armrests awkward. Not necessarily uncomfortable, but they are not adjustable and they are a bit forward for my liking. They are removable, but I like having them to lean on. Not a huge fan of the stock ones.OVERALL:Not much to complain about here.I have never owned a “name brand” gaming chair, so cannot compare to the DXRacer, etc. That being said, I don’t see the major differences yet. Maybe they will be in the longevity of the chair, but as of now I am VERY happy with this purchase.This is 100% worth the price and if you don’t want to spend $300-$600 on a chair, buy this one. Yes, if you game as much as I do you spend a lot of time in it and you could justify that much $$ on a name brand, but it seems a waste after buying the Devoko. The fact is, you can buy 3 of these for 1 of those, and this chair checks all of the boxes I had on what I wanted out of a chair, with the exception of the armrests.Buy this chair.**UPDATE 2/18**-The chair has started to wobble a bit, and it is not due to the tightening of the bolts/hardware. It is in the hydraulics. Not super happy.**UPDATE 7/16/18**- Ive noticed recently that the left armrest seems to give a lot more than when new, and I have to yank it back to it’s perfect upright position every few days. This is majorly due to the fact that I tend to lean on it with my elbow and weight when not playing games. This has also given the chair an ever so slight tilt to it.So mostly my doing, but I think the longevity of the materials, especially the metal, could be improved upon. But again, for 1/4 the cost of a dxracer what’s surprising there.- The bottom cushion has worn a bit, and the foam has become slightly compressed. Considering getting a cushion or pad to make it feel “like new” again, but something to consider if you’re on the heavier side. I’m I’m about 6 foot 3, 200 lbs. and the cushion has began to lose its support.- Sticking with 5 stars due to the use I’ve gotten out of it, price, and likelihood it will last longer still.

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