Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones & Tablets (Black) Health & Household

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【1080P FHD Camera & Safe】 – With the 1080P high resolution camera, you can see the earwax clearly and remove the earwax safely with the soft ear spoon. Make removing earwax clearer, safer and more accurate. 【Intelligence Camera & Constant Temperature System】 – The smart ear scope has a 360° wide-angle, help you reduce the number of misoperations. 6 strong leds can light up your ears but they will not hurt your ears because the Constant Temperature System. 【Stylish Design & Friendly User Interface】 – The ear scope is light to carry and simple enough to use. 3 soft replaceable ear spoons will not hurt your ears. Download the APP and the software is very easy to use, you can not only see your ear but also check the remaining charge of the re-chargeable battery. 【High Quality Rechargeable 250mAh Battery】 – The ear scope has a high quality rechargeable 250mAh battery which can be used up to 30 days. And you can see the remaining charge of the battery through the APP. 【Wide Compatibility】 – This otoscope works with almost all of ios and Android devices. Download the app and contect to the ear scope with wifi, you can start to enjoy earwax removing.

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This post will be about an ear wax removal endoscope otoscope, which are both medical and diagnostic tools utilized to examine the ears. The ear is home to the sense of hearing, so it is important and necessary for anyone who wants to enjoy a good listening experience.

The ears can tell you when things are too loud or if there is something unusual going on with your hearing. While they may function properly most of the time, sometimes they might get clogged and need a little maintenance. One way that people tend to maintain their ears is by using an ear wax removal tool such as an endoscope otoscope that has been specifically designed for this purpose.

What is an Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope?

An ear wax removal endoscope otoscope is a medical tool that has been designed to help remove ear wax from the ear canal. It has a small camera on one end that can view the inside of the ear and then send this information to a monitor located on the outside of the ear. This can help you properly get rid of any buildup in your ears and make sure that you are using the right tool for this purpose.

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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July 6, 2022



10 reviews for Ear Wax Removal Endoscope Otoscope, Earwax Remover Tools, Scope, with 1080P FHD Camera, 6 Led Lights, Wireless Connected, Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones & Tablets (Black) Health & Household

  1. Erick Santana

    First off, I’m a physician in USA, as most physicians, I do not recommend removing the ear wax with any device. Do no introduce stuff in your ear canals (including cotton swabs, aka cue tips)That out of the way, this product is amazing and picture quality is great. I bought this because my wife is always telling me about she not hearing well from the right ear, and how it sound muffled.My wife was checking another product worth more than a hundred dollar… do not buy another product thinking the quality will be better. THIS IS ALL YOU WILL NEED.I was able to remove a huge chunk of ear wax debri that was stuck to my wife’s right tympanic membrane, it was painful, I had to buy debrox drops to soften it a bit, not that much, but it worked.Would I buy this again? Yes.Would I have bought it sooner if I knew how good this was? Absolutely!!!

  2. Johan

    I have always had a dreaded time cleaning my ears using tons of different products that just did not work out without going to the doctor man himself. Being able to SEE the issue and handle it yourself is extremely gratifying and easy. It takes a little getting used to heavily requesting coordination and proprioception/kinesthesia, but this product is really amazing. the self adjusting camera takes this product to another level, and as a person who really dislikes downloading apps to use products I buy (personal preference) I still strongly believe its worth it. My only regret is I didn’t record my extraction process to gross out my family for future use.

  3. AM

    It has always been a crap shoot once a year when I go for my annual physical to have the doc look into my ears and tell me whether or not I have ear wax buildup – sometime yes, sometimes no. With this handy little device, I can do that check myself now. I am reluctant to root around in that sensitive area with the metal implements that are included with the scope, but a liquid ear wax removal kit from the local drug store takes care of the problem within a few days – I just hate using it unless I know that I really need to. Problem solved now – the real-time image quality on my cellphone screen is more than enough. And it’s a jungle in there! I recommend this device.

  4. LL

    After buying this, I received a nice mailer from one of the founders asking for a product review to help support their store, so here’s the review.The overall verdict: this works great.For full disclosure, I’m a physician, but not an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist, and I am not giving a recommendation for this product as a physician, just as a regular user.Here’s the conundrum:1. Cotton swabs, as used by most people, are not recommended by Otorhinolaryngologists (Ear, Nose, and Throat) specialists and other physicians because most people just jam cerumen (ear wax) deeper into the external auditory canal. People generally have at least one of two types of ear wax: wet and dry. The wet type gets jammed deeper into the canal by swabs, and swabs don’t usually have a good enough grasp on the dry kind. The problem is with both technique and technology here.2. When I was a child, my (Asian) parents used small metal spoons (sold for the purpose of ear cleaning) to clear out ear wax. I have no idea how they convinced me to allow them to stick a thin metal spoon into my ears, but somehow they did (at least, when I was an older child). I can’t imagine doing that with my hyperkinetic, four-nager at this time. The spoons were used to gently scrape ear wax off the sides of the canal. Because they’re small, they are less likely to impact/jam the ear wax deeper into the canal. However, because of the curve of the canal and high degree of sensitivity of the inner part of the external auditory canal, it’s hard to clear out the wax without causing some discomfort while blindly scraping the sides. One might have a fear of accidentally pushing the spoon in too far and scraping or injuring the ear drum itself. These are available online, and I purchased some on Amazon to clean my own ears. It’s a doable but challenging process. Again, this requires good fine motor skill and technique; the technology is only marginally better than cotton swabs.This endoscopic product mimics those ear spoons, but it adds a small Bluetooth-enabled camera, allowing you to advance the spoon while watching your progress on the screen. Like with any medical procedure that can be done blind (without imaging guidance) or with imaging guidance, the task is so much easier, so much more accurate, and so much more comfortable when you can see what you are doing. The image quality, illumination, and frame rate is surprisingly good. I cannot speak to the longevity of the product yet, but I am hopefully that I will be able to use it well for years to come.

  5. Amazon Customer

    I’m quite surprised how great this product was. The last few months I had ear wax problems to the point where I would get frustrated and hard to function correctly. I would buy so many different ear drops but nothing would work.This product made my life so much better! After I got all the ear wax out of my ear I could finally hear better and my ears didn’t feel like its clogged up anymore.The instructions are very easy to follow. I got it set up in a few minutes. You have to download a special app which the instructions will tell you. I have no clue why the app has low reviews because it worked really well on my iphone 7.The picture quality is super clear. Only reason it gets blurry sometimes is because something is blocking the camera but you just need to wipe it down.Its super easy to use. You can even use it by yourself.The price is actually super cheap for what it for you. You can see everything in your ear and take out all the ear wax. If I would of went to see the doctor it would of costed me an arm and a leg. Plus I can’t afford a visit anyways.Always be careful when you use it though but you can see the ear drum as well very clear so you can avoid going too deep.

  6. Austin Concepcion

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     My video shows just how bad my earwax had gotten. My hearing was 90% gone and no home remedy was helping. I had waited longer than I should’ve to do something about it and as a result may have almost required a professional. The video shown was after about a half hour after starting to excavate my ear canal and it was still very bad.I could not see my eardrum for most all of this process, due to the extent of my blockage, which very badly concerned me having read reviews of punctured ear drums. What helped for me to feel more comfortable was using my other ear (which had no blockage) as an example of how far the tool could go in before being right at my eardrum. We used a sharpie pen and marked the point at which the tool was uncomfortably close to my eardrum and used that same marker on the other side to help me keep a safe distance while removing the wax. It was necessary to go later by layer over a 2 hour period using 3% peroxide in my ear for 5 minutes at a time and removing the softened layer after each soak. This was extremely necessary due to the wax being so dense that it was being pushed further into my ear if not softened adequately enough prior to attempting extraction. I’m an very relieved to say that ALL of the wax shown in that video was removed from my ear with this tool and I can now hear crystal clear again for the first time in around 6 months of progressive loss of hearing in the affected ear. I have attached a picture of the final product. I will be removing the remaining wax with peroxide and leaving it at that. It is necessary to have SOME wax in your head to prevent infections and keep foreign object from reaching your eardrum easily.I cannot recommended PATIENCE enough here, this tool is very very good but also very VERY dangerous if used haphazardly. PLEASE, please be very cautious and aware of the dangers of shoving foreign object inside of your ear outside of professional supervision. There is no coming back from an injury to your eardrum to 100%, ever.All of this to say, this tool really works! The tip is very soft so it doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin in the inner ear as much as some of these hard plastic alternatives would have. If you’re ready to take the precautionary steps to operate this tool with care, then it will pay for itself 10x in utility and quality of life improvement.

  7. David Aughey

    This is the second one I’ve purchased so I can have one at home and another for travel. I wear hearing aids and have trouble with deep wax build up in one ear. This reduces my hearing or clogs up my hearing aid. The ear endoscope easily and quickly remove ear wax that previously was only pushed deeper by Q-tips. This second purchase includes new removal tools and, more importantly, extra tips for the scope. I’m a retired pediatrician and am also impressed by the quality of the images as well as the safety of the endoscope if it’s used according to the simple instructions. I use mine weekly and am no longer frustrated by hearing aid feedback and diminished hearing.

  8. Frequent Traveler

    this is an amazing product. Well thought out design yet, safe. I consider myself clumsy and not careful when it comes to my ear cleaning. This a product I wanted to try despite being skeptical since our underlying assumption is that an ENT specialist is better. My last two appts with the ENT specialist wasn’t up to my expectation.Anyways, I gave this product a try and man, the camera is so clear that you can actually see the wax build up and safely scoop it out. And, very well thought out app as well that tells you to switch between right and left ear. I am so super right handed that I was worried, I will only end up cleaning one ear well.Left ear cleaning for a right handed person was equally easy. I’d rather have two of these products than run and get a huge bill from ENT specialist who doesn’t have time for me and is impatient.The seller did a great job of sending the product in a nice packaging as these are small and delicate items.Just in time. Will buy again!

  9. J. Stevens

    This tool is definitely worth your money! We were so impressed with how easy it was to use and setup. The directions were clear and concise. You turn on the product, download the app, go to Wi-Fi, and choose it by it’s name. The app is great! Not only do you get remarkable picture quality, but you can take pictures, videos or even record your reaction while using the product! This is a great product for parents, people who want to film relation videos, or just your average Joe to check their ear health! We love it and it’s already helped us ensure we keep our ears clean. The camera in the app even has a mirrored feature depending on which ear your in so you don’t have to work “backwards “ with the camera. Out of all the similar products on the market, we would absolutely purchase this one again. Not just for ourselves but even as a fun gift! Nice job to the team who made it. You made a good product for a price we can afford.

  10. Misee Vang

    THIS IS WHAT I NEEDED. I have sort of a curved ear canal so it’s hard to see down into and get out ear wax. For a while my right ear kept feeling itchy and bothering me and when I looked, HOLY COW there was so much gunk in there. It was easy to set up and control! Unfortunately, the wax was too hard so to soften it I had to do a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water before going back in to scoop it out. It was the best!!!!!!! I even did my niece’s ears. Sometimes I just look into my ears for fun too. I feel so much cleaner now! what a relief : )

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