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See your day clearly with Alexa at the ready – Set alarms and timers, check your calendar or the news, make video calls with the 2 MP camera, and stream music or shows – all with your voice. Add Alexa to your nightstand – Ease into the day with a routine that turns compatible lights on gradually. Or wake up to your news update, the weather forecast, and your favorite music. Manage your smart home – Look in when you’re away with the built-in camera. Control compatible devices like cameras, lights, and more using the interactive display, your voice, or your motion. Connect with video calling – Use the 2 MP camera to call friends and family who have the Alexa app or an Echo device with a screen. Make announcements to other compatible devices in your home. Be entertained – Ask Alexa to play TV shows and movies via Prime Video, Netflix, and more on the 5.5″ screen. Or stream favorites from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and others. Subscriptions for some services required. Put photos on (smart) display – Use Amazon Photos or Facebook to turn your home screen into a digital frame. Designed to protect your privacy – Amazon is not in the business of selling your personal information to others. Built with multiple layers of privacy controls including a mic/camera off button and a built-in camera shutter.

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It seems like Amazon has released a new Echo device every single day this year. With the new Echo Show coming out, I decided to make a list of the most notable Amazon devices. For this post, I’ve focused on the hardware and software features that are unique to each device and not just the primary functionality.

When it comes to smart home assistants in general, there are three main categories of products: speakers, smartphones/tablets, and full-fledged smart displays like Echo Show or Google Home Hub. I’ve tried to choose categories that I think makes the most sense in terms of objective usefulness. For example, anyone would consider an Echo Dot a standalone device and therefore fit into the category of smart speakers. However, an Echo Show is clearly a smart display and should be categorized as such.

For each category, I’ve rated each device on three factors: quality (1-5 stars), usefulness (1-5 stars), and wow factor (1-5 stars). Not every device has all three of these factors. For example, the Echo Dot has a wow factor, but not much else in terms of quality or usefulness. The Echo Show has all three factors, but I didn’t give it stars for wow factor because I think the wow factor is proportional to its cost and the Show is very expensive. Instead, I included a section below discussing the wow factor for each device.


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(8,771) Alexa built in check mark check mark check mark check mark Screen 5.5” with 960 x 480 resolution 8.0” with 1280 x 800 resolution 10.1” with 1280 x 800 resolution 15.6” with 1920 x 1080 resolution Motion check mark Speakers 1 x 1.7” 2 x 2.0” 2 x 1.0” tweeters + 3.0” woofer 2 x 1.6“ Camera 2 MP 13 MP with auto-framing 13 MP with auto-framing 5 MP Visual ID personalization check mark check mark check mark Built-in Zigbee smart home hub check mark Wall mountable check mark Orientation Landscape Landscape Landscape Portrait or Landscape Camera controls Built-in camera shutter and microphone/camera off button Built-in camera shutter and microphone/camera off button Built-in camera shutter and microphone/camera off button Built-in camera shutter and microphone/camera off button Dimensions 5.8”W x 3.4”H x 2.9”D 7.9”W x 5.4”H x 3.9”D 9.9”W x 9”H x 6.7”D 15.8”W x 9.9”H x 1.4”D


10 reviews for Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen)

  1. Anastasia Berreth

    Honestly, I love these Echo devices so much that we have them in every room in the house. Originally we had just the speakers, but every time there’s a deal I grab another ES5, or an ES8 if I can manage it, and am slowly replacing the older speakers. My toddler especially loves Alexa because he can ask her to play his music—-and she’s learned to understand him really well. He also loves to watch cartoons on the Show, and it makes it a lot easier for him because he can’t really navigate the TV alone yet.Just about my ONLY complaint about the ES5 is that unlike it’s ES8 counterpart, there is no access to Hulu. I tend to use my ES’s in my office and workroom a lot, and I like to watch shows on them because it’s a lot cheaper than installing a small TV to watch stuff on when I’m working on projects—-except I tend to watch a lot of Hulu, so in my office where I only have a ES5, vs. an ES8, it remains a little frustrating. I can’t see a single reason why they don’t do Hulu on the 5. If they fixed that little issue it would be absolutely amazing!

  2. Kona girl

    I had second thoughts because I read some of the negative reviews about all the adds, but it was a lighting deal I couldn’t pass up and decided to give it a try. I bought the deep sea blue. I googled how to remove the adds and it is very easy. They had a you tube guy show you how. I also called Amazon to help me choose one background without rotating and the clock I wanted. You can also put it on do not disturb.I bought it for the large numbers on the clock and the music. I love how it shows the lyrics. I bavent tried it to watch anything. I have a tv and an iPad for that but it nice you can if you want to. I ended up buying another one for my husband because he really liked it so now we have surround sound music. It sounds really nice.

  3. E.

    My mother has been telling me for months I needed to get an echo show. I finally saw them on sale and said why not. Regularly priced at $84.99 I got 2 for the price of 1! (They were $39.99 each). The sound quality is great for them to be so small. The picture quality is very clear as well on video calls and when streaming. I set one up in my childs room and he’s been having a blast learning how to use it. It’s an added layer of peace of mind. I can drop in on my mother’s devices to check in on her. I can drop in on my own devices when I’m out of town. My own personal assistant! Excited to turn my home into a smart home and these were the first step! They are definitely worth the money spent! You child needs help with homework? Covered! You need to remember doctor appointments or sports practice and game schedule? Covered! You need to order something? Tell Alexa! You need your morning turn up music before work? Covered! Need dinner ideas/ recipes? Covered! Need to translate something? Covered! The possibilities are endless! I don’t know why I waited this long to buy this thing!!! The only thing I wish were included were 2 USB ports to charge devices. That would be clutch to have but hopefully they will have them on a future model. Overall extremely happy with my purchase!

  4. John Miller

    Alexa/Echo can easily hear you when you call it’s name and the screen quality is great as you can see in the picture I attached.I love that you can watch Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube on this. It also is great for everyday use like asking what the weather is like, what time it is or any other general questions with the built in Alexa.There is a camera cover built in for privacy so you don’t have to worry about a hacker checking out the video through its camera. I personally have not used the camera on this device since I use Skype and do not believe it is capable of calling from Skype however you are able to make this device a security camera to check on your house while you’re away or can call others with voice or video via Alexa.The speakers are loud and sound great when listening to music especially the bass. The only problem that I see with the sound is when watching a movie at night and want it to be more of a background noise or you are not trying to be too loud it can seem like the bass is too loud even when it’s turned all the way down in the options which can make the movie or show sound less appealing.It also serves as a great alarm clockOverall I would highly recommend this product

  5. R Good

    We have had various dots, firesticks etc. Bought the Show 5 over prime days. I really enjoy it More than was expecting! & would not mind a larger screen in the future. But the screen is lovely, similar to a smart phone. Having Amazon prime is probably a benefit. Its fun to watch shows, listen to music & see the words! It works immediately, needs internet connection. The sound is better than the dot. I put in the kitchen for recipes & company. We will probably buy another. Yes! Perhaps the screen size up, if in our budget ???. It would be great for the Grandparents with the Voice commands, they could call us! Onsale the Show 5 is absolutely A Yes! ?. If the larger one is in your Budget – get it!Have had about a month, still learning yet quite happy with the purchase. Especially if you are getting “smart” lights, etc. Does need to be plugged in to work (cord included) & no aux plug, but a mini usb next to the power plug. Ours came with a white power cord connected 2 prong plug., yet our show is black. Not a big deal. They should match though.Overall. Recommended – especially if you have dots or other shows. ??

  6. Sloopie1

    The Echo Show is such a nice addition to any room. I ought to know as we now own 4 of these. They are handy – you can ask Alexa just about anything and she’ll give you the answer. I love the drop in feature – makes it real handy for calling hubby to dinner. I love the way Alexa recognizes your voice – our Granddaughter always asks Alexa who’s speaking, and it thrills her when she responds with her name. Link your Ring doorbell to her and she’ll not only show you who’s at the front door but you can even speak with them without ever leaving your chair. Very handy if a stranger is at your door. I’ll admit, when I received the first Echo Show, I really didn’t think I’d like it but boy, was I ever wrong. Now, I don’t know what I’d do without it. We did struggle a bit at first with my Southern accent but Alexa powered through and now we get along just fine. ? The features are very well thought out – the notifications are great. I love using the timer(s) feature in the kitchen along with the recipes. But I’ve only touched on a few of the many things this marvelous piece of wonder is capable of. I highly recommend the Echo Show 5 and think you’ll like it just as much as I do.

  7. Dexon

    Not sure why negative comments I mean seriously because of temperature and small screen issues for real! Get a bigger screen and ask Alexa about weather! I have echo show 8 and 5 and echo dots all over the house. I use 5inch one for the kids and 8 for me and already thinking about going to 15 inch one. We fell in love with all Amazon Alexa products, kids love it we love it. It just takes time to get used to it and to program all the routines and skills not to mention linking to your other apps or devices. If you dont know what is this all about you should definitely watch videos how to and what it can all do for you. Seriously some unbelievable people and their comments and reviews! Obviously this is not for everyone and my advise is steady it first and then buy it and if you don’t know how it works or how to setup you should not leave negative coments just because you dont know how. So if you want bigger screen so you can see then get the bigger one for you lol or if you want a monitor then buy monitor and for the guy with temperature issues maybe you should set the correct time zone or ask Alexa what’s the temperature today LOL

  8. MP

    So the secret is I purchased the Echo Show 5 2nd Gen solely as an “add-on” bc it only cost me an additional $10 as part of a Prime Day Deal (w the purchase of 3 Blink Outdoor Cameras- which I love)The pros are that it’s extremely easy to set up (uhhh, just plug it in), has great voice recognition, decent screen quality, and it’s the perfect size for me on the night stand (neither too big nor too small). I also like the clock feature(s) and all the different ummm apps? which you can download to use on the ES5 (like Netflix). Now, that being said, I haven’t watched a single thing of substance on it yet (no movies, videos, video calls) bc I have my iPad, iPhone, etc. for all of that stuff.I also like all of the different settings and features available, allowing you to customize your ES5 screen(s).Finally, I like how you can easily block the front-facing camera on the home screen so no bored pervs at Amazon can watch me sleep.Now, the one negative … WHICH I 100% KNEW GOING IN … So it’s not really a fair knock … BUT unless you’re willing to pay substantially more (at least in the Prime Day deal I was offered), you can’t select one single Lock Screen for the ES5 to display all the time (such as an alarm clock face or the weather forecast). Instead, it’s always scrolling through various screens.Now, you absolutely CAN get all the information you need on the screen at times; but, unless you pay extra, your ES5 screen will also contain auto-scrolling nonsense as it shuffles through various faces (stocks, scores, weather, pics, etc.). I’d love to be able to use the Home Screen solely as a weather station or solely as an alarm clock, both while I’m using it (as a speaker) and while I’m not using it at all. To be fair. I’ve really only used it as a Bluetooth speaker so far, and it’s been really good for that limited purpose.Again, in full disclosure, I only purchased the Echo Show 5 2nd Gen as an inexpensive add-on to a Prime Day deal, so keep in mind it’s always possible (likely) I’m only tapping like 3% of it’s actual abilities, but that’s ok too, bc I’ve been really satisfied with it as a Bluetooth speaker so far.Final thoughts- If you can get it as an inexpensive add-on as part of another deal/item, that would be ideal. However, it’s still a good + solid product that delivers as promised, which may not sound like much, but is actually quite the rarity these days.FINAL VERDICT: SOLID BUY … as long as the price is right

  9. Adarra

    My mom is in an assisted living, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. One of the things the disease took was her ability to use a phone and read a clock. With the Show she can ask Alexa to call us, or ask the time. I put a little sign next to it that she can read that says “Alexa call [name]. I have the ability to “drop in” when I’m calling, so she doesn’t have to figure out how to answer the phone. Because of the disease it’s really good for her to see who she is talking to, which lessens her confusion. If you are helping someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s the Echo Show can be a real help.

  10. Nazmul Hosen

    I have purchased this on a deal. Maybe that’s why my expectation was not that good. However, it turns out that the display quality is quite satisfactory. The touch res[ponsiveness seems very good to me. I do not like watching any movie in the eco show, however, if one wishes to do that, I think you won’t be disappointed. The best part of the eco show is it can play youtube videos where eco dot can not do so. Generally, I can use the Alexa app on my iPhone to jointly play on all of my eco devices. The Alexa app does not support youtube videos or music. I wish I could play youtube music on all of my eco devices. I hope amazon and Alexa will bring youtube soon on all eco devices.

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