EZlifego Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Removable Mounting Tape Adhesive Grip

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【MULTIFUNCTIONAL TAPE】- Made from the latest acrylic-gel material, our transparent double-sided adhesive tape is incredibly strong,durable,Easy to Install,No Tools Required,Instant Bonding does not require curing or drying stage.This super adhesive tape works perfectly in temperatures range from 0℉ to 200℉. 【REMOVABLE & REUSABLE & TRACELESS】- The removable double-sided tape leaves no residue, easy to remove and will not damage surfaces.Wash it with water and dry it to regain its stickiness when you need to reuse the tape. Please Note: it is not recommended to use it on unstable Paint Walls,our tape is very sticky,avoid causing the wall surfaces to fall off when removing tape. 【EASY TO USE】- Size: length 9.85 Feet ,width 3.0cm(1.18in) ,thickness 0.07in.Strong Holding Power: Holds up to 18 pounds on smooth surfaces (1.2 pounds per 4 inches). It can be easily cut to any size or length you require.All you need to do is to stick the tape to the surface of the item. 【Versatile Uses Meet all Your Needs】- This double sided tape will stick to almost anything with a smooth surface so you can stick anything anywhere.You can use it to fix or paste items such as pictures,photos,frames,wall stickers,posters,hooks,shelves,phone holders,carpets,flowerpots,power sockets,decorations, DIY items… Good performance in both indoor and outdoor. 【Double-Sided Tape Is an Essential for Your Daily Life】- Our tape has undergone strict quality testing. This sticky transparent tape can be used for a variety of purposes,it will bring great convenience to your life!

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EZlifego Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Removable Mounting Tape Adhesive Grip is a heavy-duty remover that is a dry contact type of remover which does not require moisture for bonding. It also offers strong grip power and flexibility, allowing it to be used for various industrial, office and home purposes. Do you like to do your kind of work at home? Do you have a lot of projects to do? If yes, then you’re going to love this. This item is for you and every person that likes making home projects does this.

Why EZlifego Double-Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Removable Mounting Tape Adhesive Grip?

This item is one of the best items of EZlifego’s double-sided tape series. This item is specially designed for mounting and removing purposes. It’s an additional adhesive tape that can be used for mounting purposes only, but it can also be used for removing purposes as it provides strong grip power. Even though this adhesive is strong enough to remove tough materials, but you have to take care of how you’re going to use it because some materials are not good for adhesion. Therefore, if you need to remove it, and you will do it the wrong way, some residue might be left and you might end up damaging your wall surface or furniture. However, if you will apply this item with clean hands and press it in the right places, nothing is going to go wrong. It’s also good for highlighting purposes because it can stand any kind of weather condition; whether hot or cold. It’s also suitable for indoor use only because of its adhesive type. No matter when it’s cold outside or when there is a high temperature inside your house, this item is very strong in resisting both hot and cold weather.


1. It is a strong and powerful adhesive
2. It has an anti-skid feature
3. It is safe for indoor use
4. It is suitable for highlighting purposes
5. It can resist weather conditions


1. It’s more suitable for removals that are done with clean hands
2. This item is not suitable for outdoor use
3. If you try to remove it from the wrong way, it might leave residue on your surface
4. It comes in transparent packaging as a single item, so be careful when unwrapping it
5. It can’t be used for outdoor uses only because of its adhesive type

Things To Remember

1. This item is very suitable for projects at home like highlighting purposes, mounting purposes and removing purposes. It’s strong enough to resist any kind of weather condition too. You can use it anywhere as long as you know how to use it.
2. Even though this item is suitable for home use, you need to be careful when you remove this item from the surface because if you will do it the wrong way then some residue might be left from your mounting surface
3. Don’t leave this item outside or in a high-temperature zone; because it will take damage easily in such kind of places
4. It’s better for outdoor use only if you want to use it on an outdoor surface. Otherwise, it’s better for indoor use only
5. It is a single item that can be used without any other tools

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4.7 x 4.7 x 1.2 inches; 5.5 Ounces

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July 26, 2019

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#1 in Transparent Tape

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10 reviews for EZlifego Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty, Multipurpose Removable Mounting Tape Adhesive Grip

  1. Monica K

    If you are really looking for something to hold whatever you need mounted, this is it. I bought this to use for my daughters birthday party decorations and it definitely did the job. However, when removing the decor and this tape, it DID take the wall paint with it. Be careful.

  2. Journey

    This is the stickiest tape I’ve ever used. It’s very thick, kind of like a gel, so it works well on uneven surfaces. I used it to stick an acrylic pencil holder to the back of a large computer monitor that has a slight curve and it worked very well. I don’t know how well it will come off, haven’t tried. It’s definitely very sticky and a little tricky to work with (the ‘gel’ factor makes it stretchy), so I’m considering it as semi-permanent.

  3. Sharon

    I have a broom holder hung to the wall with this stuff, two rows of spices are held in clips above the oven. Ive been using it for everything and have removed it once. I did not have a problem. I think if it were stubborn, heating it with a hair dryer would loosen it. I’m impressed.

  4. Raquel

    No es grueso pero tampoco muy delgado, es perfecto, se pega muy bien. Lo use para pegar una barra clear en la pared y le puse unas plantas y no se despego y tampoco se nota. En la imagen, en donde estan las matitas es la barra que pegue a la pared con ese type, las matitas casi no pesan, pero parece ser muy resistente, y si miras bien, entre medio de las plantas, veras el type pero se mezcla muy bien con la pared y la barra transparente. ya veremos cuanto dura.

  5. Deborah

    I was skeptical after reading some reviews, so I looked at other adhesives as well. I received it in pronto delivery! The tape was packaged very well, not like some reviewers had received theirs. Tape was in a cellophane bag sealed, and then in a zip-lock type bag. The tape was in tack, not sticking to the cellophane. It was easy to cut with scissors to my specifications. The adhesive is great.I needed this to install a light under my cabinet by my stove (the microwave light shorted out, no bulb could fix it). Not wanting to stick the light to the metal underside of my microwave (the light has magnets which could possible damage the microwave magnetic waves), I placed it under the adjoining cabinet.Would I recommend this tape for adhesion, Yes definitely!

  6. Sean

    Whatever amount of this tape you’re about to use, it’s too much — unless it’s something you never want to come off for the rest of eternity. If you’ve got a mummy’s tomb to seal, this is the tape you want for the job. If there’s an earthquake and California is about to fall into the Pacific Ocean, the government had better use this stuff to keep it in place. Had Abraham Lincoln had this tape in 1860, the South would not have been able to secede. This stuff is so strong, it transcends the physical realm. It will keep your relationship together. If your boyfriend is about to leave you, just take this out of the drawer and show it to him. You don’t even need to apply it. Its power is so strong he will be unable to leave you. This tape creates a bond that cannot be broken. Use with caution.

  7. Pretty Byrd

    This tape is the best! I bought a pop socket that I wanted to use on my bare iPhone 12 pro max. I have a Rhinoshield bumper around it so there is no cover on the back. No adhesives tend to stick. But this one does. I put it on the back of a pop socket and then put it on the back of my phone, and it has not come off I’ve been hanging it upside down to see if it pops off and it doesn’t!!!. It is absolutely awesome. And it makes my phone look magnificent. This is a must have!! It comes in a huge roll so you can use it for a lot.

  8. L. Arend

    This is great, kind of like command tape but clear and more malleable. I used it to mount a webcam that came with a stupidly weak tape and it works GREAT. I have since used it for a lot of other applications and, so far, it’s been effective. It also comes off relatively easily, although it does leave a residue that you might have to scrape or use Goo-gone to remove.

  9. Whispering willow

    I have been struggling to come up with a window treatment solution for my kitchen window. The window is surrounded by tile and doesn’t have depth which made it difficult even with tension rods. I wanted a shade but did not want to drill into the tile. This tape received so many good reviews that I decided to give it a shot. I purchased a lightweight roman shade roughly 3-4 lbs. and adhered a strip of this tape to the whole metal header of the shade. This stuff is sticky, pretty sure I lost some fingerprints when applying it. It’s been about a month and so far it is still holding. I open and close this shade everyday.

  10. Cindy Ponds Newell

    This tape is great and will hold heavy things. But removing it isn’t always easy. It WILL pull paint off walls! I use it in my classroom to avoid using nails and I ordered a second roll for a new room. I love it!

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