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Foo Fighters – Saint Cecilia EP (1 LP) -Pre-order the Foo Fighters’ first new recording in five years. The Saint Cecilia EP is available exclusively on Record Store Day, November 23rd, but you can pre-order it now and receive a digital download ahead of time. Pre-orders are limited to one per customer and automatic entry into a contest for a chance to win tickets to an upcoming Foo Fighters show with VIP guests and backstage access.

Tracklisting :
1. Saint Cecilia
2. Everlong (acoustic)
3. Walking After You (acoustic)
4. My Hero (Acoustic) FoosForums – Saint Cecilia EP (1 LP):
While we can’t reveal the exact details for this album, we can say the album is one of their most intimate and personal efforts to date and features a wide array of their acoustic side with some tracks appearing on previous albums as well as a brand new tune, “My Hero.

Release Date: October 30th, 2011 worldwide
Label: Republic / ATO Records
Format: 1 x Vinyl LP
Tracklisting (all songs written by Foo Fighters) :
Side A  Track 1: My Hero (Stadium Arcadium cover) 2. Everlong 3. Inside Job 4. Saint Cecilia Side B  Track 5: Walking After You 6. My Hero 7…. 8…. 9…. 10.. … 11… 12… 13… 14… 15… 16.. … 17.. … 18.. . 19. . . . . … 20. . .
Total Length: 60:37
Total Length (Digital): 60:37
From iTunes Store: The Foo Fighters have announced the release of their forthcoming EP, Saint Cecilia, on October 30 on the band’s own Roswell Records. This is the band’s first new recording since Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 in 2011. The EP will be made available digitally, on limited-edition 12″ vinyl and as a CD in a custom box set, which includes a 48-page book of photographs and notes by Grohl.

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10 reviews for FOO FIGHTERS – SAINT CECILIA -EP- (1 LP) – Music

  1. Es Am

    God bless the Foo. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas gift from the band. 1. St. Cecilia – so much yes, definitely my favorite song on the EP. It is the perfect bridge from the Sonic Highways album. 2. Sean – sounds like older Foo to me (circa Big Me, Monkey Wrench, etc.) I like it a lot. 3. Savior Breath – not sure about this one. It sounds so much like Motorhead to me, it’s scary. Little loud, a little messy. 4. Iron Rooster – I really enjoy this one too. It reminds me of Halo from One by One. Love Dave’s voice in it. 5. The Neverending Sigh – Love, love this one. My second favorite on the EP. The intro is a bit long, but it is so Foo. Brilliant, brilliant. Overall, I am excited by the sounds of this album. It seems like the perfect combination of everything they’ve done in the past combined with some new sounds for the future. 5 out of 5 stars. I would have paid money for it smile emoticon

  2. Anonymous Andy

    “Have you ever been dumb enough to do what you wanted to do, without good reason coming over you?” Dave Grohl crows over “Iron Rooster.” It’s in that spirit that Foo Fighters — arguably the biggest rock band in the planet by this point — decided to record an off-the-cuff EP, “Saint Cecilia” over the course of a two-day stay in Austin, TX and give it away for free.In the same vein as 2014’s “Sonic Highways,” an album that found the band exploring its influences — as well as indulging in some American music history — in different cities across the country, “Saint Cecilia” has a strong whiff of the artists that helped Grohl and company become the band they are today. Witness “Sean,” which sounds almost as if Bob Mould has inexplicably gone Southern rock or “Saviour Breath,” which wears its Motörhead influences proudly on its sleeve. It’s only five tracks deep, but “Saint Cecilia” packs quite a punch in a short amount of time, especially in its title track, a spiritual sequel to “Walk” from 2011’s “Wasting Light” that finds Grohl wrestling with his mortality (and perhaps lamenting the broken leg that kept him seated for most of the band’s touring duties this past year). By the time the classic-rock influenced “The Neverending Sigh” wraps up, one can’t help but feel the urge to repeat the set of songs all over again.In spite of its brevity, “Saint Cecilia” turns out to be a slightly more satisfying listen than its predecessor, if only because it’s leaner, tighter and flat-out meaner. The air of “dad rock” that carried over “Sonic Highways” has all but dissipated this time around, making this EP a nice companion piece to the aforementioned “Wasting Light.” 20 years plus and not leaning on nostalgia for one single moment in their career, it’s rather obvious that the Foos will be sticking around everlong.

  3. swaguilar

    I enjoyed the album. (I am trying to finish my reviews)

  4. Kim

    I “purchased” this album for free from Amazon thanks to the generosity of the Foo Fighters. I’m a longtime Foo Fighters fan, and I was pleasantly surprised the day that they announced that they had recorded this EP and were going to give it away for free on various music sites as a Thank You to their fans.This EP is amazing. It’s a tribute to all of the different sounds of the Foo Fighters over the past 20 years. There are songs that were written back in the early days but never released as recordings, and some new songs too. I absolutely love the song “Saint Cecilia”.As a fun fact, this EP was recorded on a spur of the moment decision in the Saint Cecilia hotel, which is NOT a recording studio. The Foo Fighters took over the entire hotel to rehearse and record this over a few days. The vocals were recorded in a bathroom – and let me tell you… they sound nothing like what you would expect to come out of a bathroom. I’m amazed at the wonderful things the Foo Fighters and their producers were able to do in a non-recording environment.Overall, amazing. Even if it wasn’t free, I’d be buying this one and listening to it all the time. Way to go Foo Fighters!

  5. Tommy Mccown

    What a beautiful!!! Melodic “ Hard rock master piece!!!!! Can’t say enough about this Great album!!!! God bless you all today Shalom

  6. Trickster

    I have been a huge Foo Fighters fan since the beginning and the Saint Cecilia EP is one of the best efforts by the Foo’s in the last few years. Nothing fancy, no gimmicks, just straight forward rock. It is good to see the Foo’s back to their old form and not trying to overthink it here, no long line of special guest, just the Foo’s doing what they do. I am hoping this is a taste of things to come, because I can’t say enough good things about this EP. This EP was a much needed jolt for Foo Fighters fans new and old after the rather flat Sonic Highways album where they tried to do much and reached to far falling flat in the process. The EP starts with the title track, Saint Cecilia, which sets the tone for the entire EP, which quickly picks up the pace with Sean and Savior Breath. We then slow down for the melodic Iron Rooster and finish off with Neverending Sigh, which is a great song, and reminds me of the great powerful rocks songs of the late 60’s and 70’s. The EP focuses on what the Foo’s do best write great rock songs, using their three guitars to their fullest as you listen the riffs throughout this EP.I bought the vinyl version of this release which I recommend to everyone. The free download is great while out and about, but to truly enjoy this EP listen to it on vinyl, you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Liquid Frost

    This is a fun EP; given freely by the Foo Fighters as a “Thank You” to all their fans. It was recorded in the small Saint Cecilia Hotel in Austin, Texas. Rami Jaffee, Ben Kweller, and Gary Clark Jr. contributed on this short, five-song EP.Iron Rooster has a 70s Adult Contemporary feel to it – just a soft, melodic and catchy tune. Sean and The Neverending Sigh are definitely FF songs – their trademark sound and style, where Savior Breath is uptempo/punk. And lastly, the title track, Saint Cecilia has a solid medium/up tempo.Thanks to the Foos for firing out a free EP. Amazon has this set as free, but you can also check out saintceciliaep dot com. You can dontate to the victims of the Paris attack from that site.

  8. nestor pino saavedra

    Gran sonido y sonidos rockeros. Reivindicando elsonic…

  9. PrimeExample

    Don’t let these Foo’s fool you. They don’t fight any foo. There are no UFO’s anywhere near them ever either if you were thinking that. This EP is pretty good. It’s more rock music though then Foo, just so you know. Since you can sample all the songs before you purchase it you should probably not read any reviews just listen to it and then get it or don’t, I don’t care really.

  10. Jacob

    Dave Grohl and the gang really out did themselves with this sort of blast from the past collection of old re recorded songs. I can’t believe they held onto Neverending Sigh for twenty years! This just follows the trend of fantastic Foo content that’s been flowing for the past few years and is an absolute treat to hear these songs for the first time. Four out of the five songs are some of the best Foo songs ever written and the weakest link, Sean, still is a fun song to listen to. Though the title track, Savior Breath, Iron Rooster and The Neverending Sigh are all prime examples of the fantastic music the Foo Fighters have released in their twenty year span. All in all, Saint Cecilia is an amazing EP.

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