18PCS Fruit Fly Sticky Traps Fungus Gnat Traps Insect Trap for Plants Kitchen Indoor Outdoor White Flies Mosquitos Fungus Gnats Flying Insects Houseplant Gift. Patio, Lawn & Garden

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〖Yellow Sticky Traps〗– Bright yellow color attract flying insects, and high quality glue keeps them from escaping. Specially designed for flying plant pests. Great for outdoor or indoor plant, especially potted plants. 〖Safe and Non-toxic〗– Gnat killer traps use bright colors and glue to catch pests, odorless and harmful drugs, no harm to people and pets. 〖Easy to Use〗– Easy to peel it and insert it in the plant pot or the fruit without sticky hands. Suitable for a houseplant, a home kitchen, or a garden. 〖Long Lasting〗– Yellow sticky fruit fly traps with a upgraded strong adhesive so they are UV resistant and waterproof. Not need to replace them until fully covered with bugs. 〖Package Included〗– Pack of 18 pcs. 9 Butterflies Shape and 9 Tree Shape. The shape of butterflies and trees is small and convenient for small potted plants.

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This is a pack of 18PCS Fruit Fly Sticky Traps Fungus Gnat Traps Insect Trap for Plants Kitchen Indoor Outdoor White Flies Mosquitos Fungus Gnats Flying Insects Houseplant Gift. Patio, Lawn & Garden. It can help to keep away various insects and flies from your plants, houseplant, patio and garden.

The traps have strong adhesive that cannot be pulled off cleanly (when the back is covered with dust). The adhesive not only does not hurt but also does not attach to most other surfaces so it’s safe for use around kids and pets. Unlike other traps that are made of plastic, these traps are made of natural materials, and will not harm your plants. 案列

It is very easy to use: it’s simply pulling the back part off to take the fly or insect in.
It is totally harmless to your plants and pets. The fly or gnat will be caught alive between the adhesive tape on the trap and the plant’s leaves. The sticky back makes it possible for you to remove insects from the trap without damaging them, just like how an ear squeegee removes wax from one’s ears.

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4.3 out of 5 stars

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10 reviews for 18PCS Fruit Fly Sticky Traps Fungus Gnat Traps Insect Trap for Plants Kitchen Indoor Outdoor White Flies Mosquitos Fungus Gnats Flying Insects Houseplant Gift. Patio, Lawn & Garden

  1. KHickman

    We had a HUGE problem with small gnats (I thought they were fruit flies!) everywhere in our house! I realized the bugs were coming from our house plants and took a shot at these traps. They work wonders! Since I have put them in each of the plants, we’ve had minimal bugs flying around and tons of them stuff to the traps. I highly recommend buying these if you are having an issue with plant bugs!

  2. Michelle Vendelin

    This works better than any home remedies I have tried to get rid of fruit flies. Within the first 12hrs it had already caught a bunch (photo with 1 in the pot) and within a week it had caught most of them!(photo with 4 in the pot). My only complaint is the color, I would like to keep them out for longer but the yellow color stands out and highlights all the bugs it has caught. (Gross to look at.) it would be awesome if it came in black/ brown/ grey /tan, so that you can see the bugs it has caught if you look, but they don’t stand out visually. Over all it’s a great product that works, which is most important.

  3. Jazzyme

    I made the mistake of overwatering some house plants and sure enough, I had a massive problem with fungus gnats. I tried everything to get rid of them, and then I ordered these, some diatomaceous earth, and Sevendust. Between the three of them, the problem was eradicated within days. I ended up removing the plants from the soil and mixing in some Diatomaceous Earth and Sevendust and then repotting each plant. Meanwhile, I stuck a few of these in the soil and sure enough, they attracted and caught the gnats. The ones that were able to avoid these adhesives ended up dropping dead all around the base of the plants after coming into contact with the Diatomaceous Earth and Sevendust.

  4. Dianne B

    These sticky traps work great! I was having a problem with fruit flies destroying my basil. It was suggested on a website that sticky traps could help and boy do they. I put 3 of them out around my basil and within a couple of hours all of them had little flies stuck to them. I change them out every couple of days. Now I only get a couple of flies every few days and my basil is doing so much better.

  5. Jessica

    For the past two years we have had a fruit fly infestation every summer! I have tried the apple cider vinegar home remedies with limites success. I needed to find something that I could team with the home remedies to help take down these tiny flying menaces! Who thought something as tiny as a fruit fly would be so hard to get rid of. I found these little sticky traps on Amazon last year and decided to give them a try. I was so impressed with the outcome that I am here again purchasing them for a second time. These work great and they don’t stink or stand out like nasty fly tape hanging from your ceiling. I peel these nifty little gadgets and put them in high traffic fly zones. These traps are washable and reusable which is amazing and for the price, what more could you ask for! Don’t hesitate to buy these awesome traps!

  6. Nick

    If you don’t want to use these, buy Mosquito Bits and mix them into your soil or spread them on the top of the soil. However, if you have forgotten to do this with your new seedling’s pots, or if you have dirt from somewhere else, you’ll most likely have to deal with Fungal Gnats. I have a large amount of indoor plants and so sometimes used to get gnats. I purchased these to try out an approach to kill the living plants, while the Mosquito Bits killed what was in the soil.After several days, the surface of these things were covered almost completely in flies. I couldn’t believe how many there were in there, as you normally only see one or two here and there.Overall these work extremely well, if you’re trying to get rid of Fungal Gnats. I have no experience with them attracting any other pest though.

  7. Josep Marc Mingot Hidalgo

    I got a new plant for my bday, after some days of having the new plant home I started noticing tiny little flies , I found that product in Amazon, and I am surprised of how good it works! I thought there were just a few of them since around the house I had only seen 1 or 2 flies every now and then, but I left the sticker for a month and that’s what happened!

  8. kaoly khang

    These fly traps worked so well I was pleasantly surprised! I honestly didn’t think my plants had as much insects as they did and I was pretty shocked on how much these traps were able to trap. No more pesky flies flying around!

  9. Krissybums

    I’ve tried ALL the things—wine and apple cider vinegar with a funnel or covered with holes on top. Store-bought devices with holes and mystery liquid. This was the easiest, fastest, and cheapest thing! Found it way too late, but I’m psyched. I put mine in a small glass with a little ac vinegar or wine to attract, and also in a bowl with a few cherry tomatoes. It’s like magic. Just look at the pics. A+

  10. Hayley English

    I have bought these traps a few times throughout my life and it’s always been a positive outcome. I have a very large indoor plant collection and it’s only a matter of time before you have a fungus gnat problem. These sticky traps killed the adult gnats fairly quickly and I finished off the eggs in the soil with diluted hydrogen peroxide mixture. Works like a charm! Get this product.

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