Google Nest Cam Indoor – 1st Generation – Wired Indoor Camera – Control with Your Phone and Get Mobile Alerts – Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video and Night Vision Electronics

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24/7 live stream video in full 1080p HD over Wi-Fi. Check in from anywhere at anytime. Send clips to family or friends in 1920×1080 resolution. Night vision featuring 8 high-power infrared LEDs provide light for clear video in the darkest conditions. Mobile alerts and notifications let you know as soon as your camera spots activity. Take action or save the event for sharing later. 3-hour snapshot history makes sure you don’t miss a thing. Industry-leading security means that your video feed and information is well protected. Enable two-factor authentication and take your account protection to the next level. Free trial of Nest Aware for 30-days. Experience 10-day video history intelligent alerts and activity zones. Keep the service starting at $6 per month for your Nest devices after the trial ends. Talk and listen with 2-way audio. Say hi tell the dog to get off the couch or remind the kids to put the milk away. All with the touch of a button on the Nest app. Easy setup with flexible mounting and free Nest app. Place the camera on a shelf mount to the wall, or use the magnet base. Then plug into a wall outlet and the Nest App walks you through the rest. 2-year Limited Warranty


Google Nest Cam Indoor – 1st Generation – Wired Indoor Camera – Control with Your Phone and Get Mobile Alerts – Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video and Night Vision Electronics

Google Nest Cam Indoor – 1st Generation – Wired Indoor Camera – Control with Your Phone and Get Mobile Alerts – Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video and Night Vision Electronics
Google Nest Cam Indoor – 1st Generation – Wired Indoor Camera – Control with Your Phone and Get Mobile Alerts – Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video and Night Vision Electronics

Stay connected to what matters.

How are the kids doing? What’s the dog getting into? The Nest Cam Indoor security camera is designed to help you look after your home and family from anywhere – in crystal clear 1080p HD.[1]

Keep an eye on what matters.

Get motion and sound alerts

Clear as day. Even at night

Lets you talk and listen.

Quick, easy setup

Don’t miss a thing with the new Nest

See what you missed.

Know what happened with intelligent alerts.

  1. Get alerts when Nest Cams spot familiar faces[1,4] or Nest speakers or displays hear unusual sounds

Call emergency services when you’re away.

  1. If there’s an emergency when you’re not at home, you can call 911 right from the Home app.[5]

1 Nest Aware 2 24/7 video history 3 Intelligent alerts 4 Emergency calling 5 Subscriptions

Find the right Nest camera for your home.



Indoor or Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor Power source

Wired only

Wired only Battery. Wired w/cable [8] Wired only 3-hour event video history[3]

Snapshots only

Yes – included Yes – included Yes – included Snapshots only 1-hour local backup storage[5]


Wi-Fi outage only During Wi-Fi and power outage During Wi-Fi and power outage No Required app (free)

Nest app

Google Home app Google Home app Google Home app Nest app

Additional information

Product Dimensions

2.8 x 2.8 x 4.5 inches

Item Weight

7.2 ounces



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1 Lithium Ion batteries required.

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4.6 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#12 in Camera & Photo Products (See Top 100 in Camera & Photo Products) #6 in Dome Surveillance Cameras #7 in Bullet Surveillance Cameras

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

June 17, 2015





10 reviews for Google Nest Cam Indoor – 1st Generation – Wired Indoor Camera – Control with Your Phone and Get Mobile Alerts – Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video and Night Vision Electronics

  1. Amazon Customer

    Works great with the Google home ecosystem as a baby monitor

  2. Ronald Epstein

    In an attempt to help prospective buyers decide whether the NEST is perfect for them or not, I am hoping to write as detailed a review as I can that addresses some of the biggest concerns about the purchase of this security camera.Let me quickly say that I never thought of buying a security camera for my home. However, I was offered another brand (Amcrest) at a discount for review purposes. Installed it, and was immediately elated that I could check up on my elderly Mother during the day. However, that security camera was absolute garbage. It lasted a day before it stopped working. I was a bit heartbroken after realizing the benefits of having a camera in the home, and immediately sought for something better.The Logitech Circle was one of the cameras I considered. However, there were many complaints about its performance, particularly the fact that its cloud recording doesn’t particularly do a great job of reporting movement in the room. Many complained that it captured movement after it occurred instead of before, thus causing the viewer to miss the action completely.Since I am putting the most important aspects of this camera first in my review, I want to address the biggest complaints about the NEST Security Camera: it’s price and the cost of a subscription.No doubt, something needs to be done about the costs related to this product. This is not a $200 camera. It costs NEST less than half that to manufacture. I wouldn’t mind paying $200 if not for the fact that there is a $100 yearly subscription required for cloud storage on top of that. There has to be a compromise somewhere. I bought two of these Nest cameras and would have bought 2 more if not for the fact that the cost was prohibitive for me. The folks at NEST need to realize that many customers want to build a home security system with their product, but cannot, because of the combination of pricing.Your first security camera will cost you $100 per year to monitor. Each additional camera is $50 per year. That adds up very quickly as you add on cameras.Now mind you, I am all for cloud base subscriptions. I think they are essential. Yes, you could buy a camera with the ability to put a SD card in it and record/monitor activity. However, a smart burglar will steal that camera and the card inside of it, thus losing your ability to review the theft. A cloud service ensures that if your camera is stolen, the recorded activity is secure in the cloud. A thief cannot steal it.NEST does provide an ample 10-day history of 24/7 recording for its basic $100 per year subscription. You can purchase 30 days of history for (I believe) $300 per year. However, I don’t think most people need even 10 days worth of history at their disposal, so I have no complaints about level of storage being offered. Perhaps NEST could offer even a lower subscription price for 5 days of recorded history, which might attract more people to its brand.Since I am still pointing out the negatives, I might as well also say that this is an indoor camera only. It cannot be placed outdoors. There are enclosure options made by companies like Dropcase (you can search them on Amazon) that allow you to place the camera outdoors. However, using this as an outdoor camera voids your warranty and there have been many reviews on Amazon that say these enclosures have damaged the camera as it tends to overheat.I am hearing that NEST is working on an outdoor camera. This is very exciting to hear. However, ultimately, that means another $200 purchase and another $50 a year subscription to add that camera to the system. You see how easily costs add up when investing in this product?And yes, NEST seems to answer every single one of these type of reviews citing that one does need a subscription to view live streaming. This is true. If you just want the camera to get a live view of the nursery, or check on your parents, you don’t have to opt for the subscription. Just realize, if something happens in the frame while you are not viewing — and you want to know more about it — you are completely out of luck without the monitoring subscription. NEST offers all customers a free 30-day trial to test out the full aspects of the monitoring service so you can see if you really like it or not. Chances are, you will.I’ll talk more about the monitoring in a moment. I seem to have placed the negatives at the top of this review. Let me go into some positive aspects of this product to offer some fair balance….This NEST camera is a solid product By that, I mean it is well built, has some nice weight to it (so no worries of tipping over), and many mounting options including a magnetized base (you can actually mount this on a refrigerator) and hardware to mount and screw it into drywall. So kudos to NEST for thinking of everything. You also get a 10′ USB power cord. Wish it were black like the camera to make it less obvious, but since many walls are painted white, the cord might actually blend in.There have been many conflicting reviews about the amount of time it takes to install this product. Certainly, your mileage will vary pending on your level of expertise and the network in your home. For me, it literally took less than 5 minutes from box to install. I took the camera out of the box, plugged it in, went to the NEST app on my iPhone and added it as a device. I simply scanned the QR code on the back of the camera and then entered my WiFi password. Within seconds, I was streaming live video to my phone.I am also an owner of the NEST thermostat. So perhaps that helped expedite the install process as the NEST uses the same software app. As a NEST thermostat owner I appreciate the fact that I can see all the NEST products on the same app.Video quality is exceptional. I opted to switch from the default 720p to 1080p recording. While many will not see a huge difference on their small device, it makes a bigger difference when streaming from your laptop or desktop. It also allows you to get more finite detail when reviewing recordings. Personally, I would recommend going with 1080p streaming. I was quite surprised that when I monitored my home activity over my iPhone using nothing more than a cellular connection, the video looked exceptional. I was worried that a cellular monitoring connection would be compromised. However, the video looked great on the NEST app via my iPhone via a 4G LTE connection with very little compression artifacts being introduced into the picture.Live streaming works rather well, though be aware of the lag time. Since the video needs to be sent from camera to server to viewing device, there is at least a 2 second lag in live action vs. what you view. I suspect if you have a poor WiFi connection, this lag will increase. I tested the lag time over and over again. I would sit, view myself on the browser while raising my arm. It would take two full seconds before that action could be seen on my screen.The camera offers a fish-eye view of the room. One of the biggest disappointments I have with the NEST over the Amcrest camera is that there is no ability to pan up and down or move the lens from side to side. This would have been an awesome feature to include. However, the amount of information included in its fish-eye view is pretty amazing. You also get a huge amount of depth. In other words, the camera has the ability to reach far back in the room. A zoom feature allows you to bring that depth up close. An enhance feature lets you zoom in and enhance any “fuzzy” far-off object. The enhance feature works quite well.Night vision is simply amazing — even better than the Amcrest camera I previously owned. NEST really did an outstanding job of putting a first-rate night vision camera into this device. In total darkness, you can monitor movement very well. I was able to capture video of my dog sneaking into the living room and grabbing tissue paper that was left on the floor and tearing it up in her mouth, leaving a mess for the morning. How did it happen? You can simply review it with your cloud monitoring software.The talk feature is pretty neat, though there is a half second lag involved that makes 2-way communication (like a phone) a bit cumbersome. It also doesn’t work on Safari browser, as others have reported. I have to use Chrome or another browser for the flash plug-in that enables this kind of communication to work properly. Still, the feature is kind of cool to use, particularly if you want to yell at your dog to get off the furniture.Let me talk about the monitoring software and subscription service for a few moments, then I’ll return to talking about the pros and cons of the camera…As I noted at the top of this review, the subscription service is a must. It’s so unfortunate that the price is exorbitant. I could have put an entire fleet of these cameras in my home if not for the price of the cameras combined with the subscriptions. Even at 50% off for each additional camera, the costs add up quickly.However, again, the subscription service is a “must purchase” item and you’ll quickly and out why once you start using it.The monitoring software is really neat. First, every time the camera senses movement in the room, it sends you an email alert. Email alerts are kept to a minimum of one every 30 minutes so your mailbox is not bombarded with alerts. From your email alert, you click a VIEW NOW button and you are immediately taken to the point in history where the movement takes place. Mind you, this can be done on any device. What I really love is the fact that you are taken to a point in the recording *seconds before* the movement actually happens. This is essential, as you never miss the actual event. Reviewers that own the Logitech Circle have complained that they are taken to a point in the recording AFTER the event itself so they completely miss it.Now, the sensitivity of the camera to detect movement is a little high. It detects every little bit of movement in the room. When you become a paid subscriber, you have the ability to set up ACTIVITY ZONES. This allows you to draw a pinpoint area in your room where you want the camera to concentrate on. Want to only detect movement in and out of a sitting chair? Want to detect movement only in a certain portion of your driveway? The software promises the ability to define hot spots within an entire captured area. However, I found this doesn’t work very well. Despite setting up these activity zones, the camera still picked up and reported activity outside of these zones. This is an area that NEST really needs to improve.A huge omission in the software that is provided is the ability to monitor several cameras on one screen. The Amcrest camera allowed a single piece of software with multiple windows that showed several camera activities in the home at once. With NEST you have to open several browsers to monitor all your cameras, or the mobile app, switch from one camera to another which takes several steps to do.Since I know the folks from NEST are reading this review, I urge them to upgrade their software to enable multiple cameras to be monitored in a single window. According to Amazon reviews, this idea has been suggested to them several times and it seems to have fallen on deaf ears.Now nearing the end of this review, I want to close by saying the NEST CAM is a quality product both in build and performance. By far, I think this is the security camera that you should consider.However, that being said, the cost of the hardware combined with the monitoring service — and considering these costs for years to come — might drive someone to pay much more up front for a complete home security system with monitoring DVR from a professional surveillance company. Really, I have sat here time and time again justifying the costs of this product, long term, against the costs of buying a professional home surveillance package. Monitoring services with the NEST, alone, is costing me $150 per year and that is only for two cameras. In a couple years that money could have paid off a more elaborate surveillance system with DVR.I also touched upon the fact that the NEST cannot be used as an outdoor camera, though many are using it with an outdoor enclosure. I am leaning towards trying it, though with the fear I might fry the hardware. Right now, I have the camera pointing inside out of my front bay window. It allows me to monitor the driveway and mailbox. However, it cannot be used at night. The window reflects the night vision LED sensors. To be able to truly use the NEST as an outdoor camera, it needs to be placed in an enclosure outside. That comes with risks.Absolutely, I will purchase an outdoor camera from NEST when they finally manufacture it. However, as noted previously in the review, that’s another $50 per year to monitor the feed.So, I end this review by simply saying that the NEST CAM has become a love/hate relationship. It’s a beautiful camera. It provides exceptional day and night video. It’s monitoring capabilities are exceptional, particularly the ability to scrub through days of recorded history. It’s email alerts when the camera detects motion and the ability to actually see that movement seconds before it happens is second to none.However, paying $200 per camera is inane. Combine that with the price of cloud service makes this a product that too many people will either pass over, or like me, think twice about expanding in the home.What NEST needs to do is become competitive. They either lower the price of these cameras or offer a lower-tier monitoring subscription that allows its customers to want to purchase more cameras to expand their home surveillance network.UPDATE (August 2016): Nest app and web page now supports multiple camera viewing windows at once. Amcrest still does it slightly better, but this is a great addition for Nest.

  3. Mk

    Given how long ago this model was released, it really does still hold up and is a lot better than most newer cameras. The set up was extremely easy and straight forward (so long as you actually read the prompts and can follow simple direction 🙂 . We use it as a baby monitor and love it especially when paired with our hub and hub max. Alerts can be customized from movement and audio to just movement or just audio.The field of few is really nice which makes up for not having a large pan field (again, I acknowledge that this is the older model and a lot of newer stuff has this.What I really was surprised by and actually liked, was the weight of the product. It has a little weight to it and is very solid for its design. I actually like that cause I don’t feel like I am going to break it if I look at it the wrong way like some other cameras. The mounting plate is also nice and I like that the camera attaches via magnet (don’t worry it is strong). But there are other mounting options out there via 3rd party.If you are looking for simple room monitoring, I highly recommend this product. Especially since you don’t need to subscribe to Nest Aware if you don’t want. Be warned though you will not have active video storage if you don’t have nest aware. That wasn’t a huge deal for me though.However, if you are looking for a ton of different features with the latest and greatest in video quality, sounds and feature, then I would look elsewhere. If only for the fact that this came out 7 years ago and tech has come a long way. But be warned, a lot of the other stuff out there require subscriptions to their services, in order to access all the features.

  4. Aliza Hausman

    For almost a year, the camera worked for us without fail. We started using this in lieu of a baby monitor after many fails with the 

    Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

    . We love being able to check in via our phones and on the web while at work, on-the-go and during dates. We signed up for the Nest Aware subscription service as well and we can watch video playback whenever we want and we can even make clips to show relatives our now toddler son’s funny antics.As we previously wrote, we use an 

    Apple iPod touch 16GB Blue (6th Generation)

     for an iPod but we kept having playback issues. It turned out that all the issues were having with that AND the Nest Cam were due to wifi dead zones in our home. We recently upgraded our router to the 

    Google Wifi system (set of 3) – Router replacement for whole home coverage

     and our wifi is now at lightning speed above 100 mps. I do not get this camera unless you have very good, stable wifi.When we were just about to hit the year mark when we started to have problems with the camera going offline by itself without reason. When we tried to reset it, we’d get error C102 repeatedly which isn’t mentioned on their website. It’s incredibly frustrating as we depend on this camera and we paid a great deal for it (more than its now listed price). We called customer service and they were incredibly helpful. As it turns out, we needed a replacement wall power adapter and they sent a replacement out quickly.We haven’t had any problems with the Nest Cam since even when our son pushed it off the corner of his crib where we used to keep it before he learned to stand up. We now keep the Nest Cam across the room with an eye on his crib and we’ve set up zone alerts to tell us when there’s movement in the crib specifically. We also get alerts in the Nest app and to our emails when it sees “someone” in the room outside of the zone we created around the crib or when someone is heard in the room.The Nest app has improved since we first got this camera two years ago. When you log in now to the Nest app, you the video right away and you can press on it for sound and close-ups. Even though the Nest Cam doesn’t pan or tilt like many baby monitors, it has captures a view of the entire room (see attached photos). The picture quality in daylight is incredible. It feels like I’m in the room with my son. As for the night vision, I think it’s pretty good. The picture is clearer when I sign onto the web for night vision than on my iPhone.I’ve recently started using the microphone more now that my son is getting closer to age two. If he wakes up during the night and thinks it’s morning, I gently tell him to go back to sleep because it’s night time and he will turn right over and do that. I don’t like that you can’t hear what you’re saying as you talk into the microphone. You hold down the microphone on the app to speak and you’re heard on the other end. I know I’ve been heard because I instantly get an alert that someone was heard in the room.If I could afford it, I would put cameras up in all the rooms. And not for security. The Nest Cam has captured incredibly gorgeously rendered moments in my son’s life. From the time we discovered he could (gulp) climb onto his dresser, to the time he learned to climb up onto his changing table and the play dates with his friend where they sit on the adult and toddler sized recliners in his room to read.This wasn’t offered when I first bought mine but it’s very handy if you’re looking to have more cameras at a discounted price: 

    Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera 3 Pack

    . I have been so impressed with this product that I have since purchased a 

    Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

     because we had such a great time using the regular indoor Nest Cam as a security camera when we were away from home. The microphone sensitivity can be adjusted and we put it on high while we were on vacation and placed it in our dining room by the window. It let us know when it heard and/or saw both the mailman and handyman and we were able to communicate to the latter that we weren’t home. We also plan to invest in the 

    Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation, Works with Amazon Alexa


  5. Jeanne Phillips

    My husband is disabled and I can check in on him from anywhere!!!!

  6. newpalfan

    The Google Nest 2nd Generation wired camera’s video is clear and responsive. Downloaded the Google Home app, followed the instructions, and in 10 minutes we were up and running. I added the Nest Aware subscription for $6.00 a month. There is no charge for additional Nest cameras, Nest hubs or Nest doorbells. The facial recognition feature is spot on.There seems to be confusion in the reviews. It appears that different generations of cameras were being reviewed (with different apps that handled the equipment). The Google Home app is well thought out. It handles my cameras, Nest Hub 2nd gen and Nest Doorbell (Battery). I can watch live streaming feeds simultaneously of all cameras and doorbell. If I receive an alert on my phone, I can check the alert on the Home app. I also have the Home app installed on my Chromebook. The system integration is polished.Update. We now have four Nest 2nd Generation wired cameras for good coverage. Excellent video quality. Took advantage of Prime Day sale.

  7. Charles R. Arehart

    Nice product, great images, easy to use. Affordable. Has Google’s backing.

  8. erika atkins

    I have 5 of these cameras that I use around my house. I have them positioned to look at the exterior perimeters of my property. The first few I’ve had for years and I’ve added on. They are super simple to set up, highly reliable, great picture and sound quality and the Nest Aware subscription is well worth the annual fee to allow for saving clips, history and playback etc.

  9. Boogieman

    Not as good as the original nest but still works for what I need it too.

  10. Dennis Eichenlaub

    I have three major complaints with most security cameras. First, it’s easy for hackers to attack them. Manufacturers are too busy developing new models to fix bugs in the old ones. Nest is a Google company. Google is very good with security. Of course, you must secure your Google account with a strong password and preferably with 2-factor authentication. If somebody breaks into your Google account, they can turn the camera off. Or they can turn it on, look around your home, and even talk to the babysitter. This would totally freak out any teenager I know, and rightfully so.My second complaint is that the cameras work fine until a glitch or power failure causes the camera to drop the Wi-Fi connection. After that, they won’t work until you unplug the camera to reset it. The Nest camera is excellent hardware and very robust. After a glitch, the Nest camera reconnects to the Wi-Fi without fail. It also sends a notification so you know if the camera is disconnected from the Wi-Fi.My third complaint is that most cameras are stupid. I had a camera send dozens of notifications a day because the answering machine light was blinking. Nest does intrusion detection on the server, not in the camera. Nest Aware is an option (with a monthly fee) that adds smart intrusion detection. “Sound” becomes “Person talking”, “Dog barking”, and “All other sounds”. “Motion” becomes “People” and “All other motion”. “People” detection works very well. If a person walks into the room, Nest servers will trigger a person event. As long as the person stays in the room, there are no more person events. If the person exits the room, then re-enters it a few seconds later, Nest triggers another person event. Nest Aware also records video and lets you make video clips.Events don’t always trigger notifications. This drove me nuts. I was waving my arms in front of the camera and not getting notifications. The first 3 Nest support people I talked with didn’t know why. After a notification is sent, there are no additional notifications until a 10 to 15 minute “cool down” period is over. If a second event is detected halfway through the cool down, the timer starts over again. There must be no events for the entire cool down period before Nest sends another notification. Also, one can watch the video, see that events are declared, and receive no notifications (as I did). If someone is watching the video, they don’t need notifications. So says Nest.Notifications can be sent to your smart phone as a push notification and/or sent to your Email. Email notifications come with an attached picture. If other family members install the Nest ap on their phone, they can share camera control and notifications using their Google account.I like the privacy that Nest provides. A green light, which cannot be disabled, indicates when the camera is sending video to the server.Here’s some things I don’t like about Nest. Because intrusion detection is done at the server, Nest continuously sends video when the camera is on. You can set “Bandwidth/Quality” to low, medium, or high. But if your internet service has restricted bandwidth or data limits, Nest may not be for you. The “pictures” attached to Email notifications are actually frame grabs from a compressed video. Even if video quality is set to High, there is not much detail in a person’s face. If you don’t use the monthly service, intrusion detection is stupid. You won’t get dozens of notifications a day from a blinking light. But you will get a notification every time the timer turns the lights on. Finally, Nest support people are friendly and helpful with normal setup options. But they don’t have good in-depth knowledge of how Nest works. (Hence this long review.)Here’s a small nit that Google might eventually fix. My Nest ap is on my Android phone. If I turn on “Do not Disturb”, I don’t get a sound when I receive a notification. Do Not Disturb does not have a way of allowing Nest push notifications through. If I’m wrong about this, please let me know in the comments, because I would love to have this feature.Nest is a great product. In my opinion, most of the negative reviews it has received are not warranted. Many of its important features are not appreciated. Buy the Nest and turn it on. It will do what you want it to do. But don’t try to figure out why it does what it does. It will drive you nuts.

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