Jurassic World Dominion [DVD] Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, DeWanda Wise, Mamoudou Athie, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Colin Trevorrow, Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley, Steven Spielberg, Emily Carmichael, Colin Trevorrow: Movies & TV

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Jurassic World is one of the most anticipated films of all time and with a new sequel set to come out this year, it looks like the dinosaurs will never be the same! The film follows the journey of a team of scientists as they attempt to save the dinosaurs from being hunted by a group of rebels. The film has been well-received by audiences and experts alike, and is expected to bring in over $500 million at the box office.

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Chris Pratt

as Owen Grady. Dinosaur behaviorist Owen used to write his own rules, but he’s gone from rogue to responsible as a father figure to Maisie Lockwood, whom he now raises in secret alongside Claire Dearing.

Bryce Dallas Howard

as Claire Dearing. No longer consumed by corporate interests, Claire’s evolving conscience gives her the confidence to navigate the ongoing dinosaur disaster by prioritizing the lives of her loved ones.

Laura Dern

as Ellie Sattler. Ellie put paleobotany behind her after escaping Jurassic Park the first time, but her new skills as a soil scientist pull her back into prehistoric pandemonium with Alan Grant & Ian Malcolm.

Sam Neill

as Alan Grant. Alan already escaped two islands overrun with dinosaurs. Now, the renowned paleontologist must help save the entire world, and reunite with his former flame Ellie in the process.

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Jeff Goldblum

as Ian Malcolm. Reunited with fellow Jurassic Park survivors Alan & Ellie for the first time in 30 years, Ian’s intellect as a chaos theory expert could be key in fighting for the fate of the planet.


Blue has always been the leader of her pack, but this time she is leading, teaching and protecting one of her own to adapt and survive in an environment even more dangerous.


A 4-foot baby raptor, Beta is the mirror image and identical clone of her mother, Blue. Quick and alert, but still a bit clumsy on her floppy legs, Beta learns how to hunt and survive.

T. Rex

The ultimate apex predator is back, and once again proves that she never backs down from a fight.

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The Pyroraptor, whose name means “fire thief,” is a gorgeous and terrifying fire-red feathered dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous period. A small, bird-like theropod with enlarged curved claws on the second toe of each foot, the Pyroraptor is estimated to be 8 feet long and weighs about 400lbs.

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PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)

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7.44 x 5.39 x 0.67 inches; 3.21 Ounces

Director ‏ : ‎

Colin Trevorrow

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Run time ‏ : ‎

2 hours and 27 minutes

Release date ‏ : ‎

August 16, 2022

Actors ‏ : ‎

Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill

Producers ‏ : ‎

Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley, Steven Spielberg

Studio ‏ : ‎

Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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Writers ‏ : ‎

Emily Carmichael, Colin Trevorrow

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#2 in Action & Adventure DVDs

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725 ratings

10 reviews for Jurassic World Dominion [DVD] Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, DeWanda Wise, Mamoudou Athie, BD Wong, Omar Sy, Colin Trevorrow, Frank Marshall, Patrick Crowley, Steven Spielberg, Emily Carmichael, Colin Trevorrow: Movies & TV

  1. Creature Feature

    I love to see Hollywoods take on the Incredible Thunder Lizards of the Past. But they kinda throw them in your Face at an astonishing Blink of an Eye Rate. Yes there are a Lot of Dinosaurs in this Movie and they are Fun to look at, if you don’t Blink much. Almost like Flipping Thru a Book with your Thumb as a break.The Realism is slowly Very Obvious, because Hollywood doesn’t seem to pay much attention to Physics or Common Sense. I have to Laugh at how a full Grow Man can be lifted up onto another platform with a flip of the wrist from another Actor, and the list goes on and on . .But in the End, it’s Really like a Grown Up Live Action Cartoon.Still I love Watching this Saga,

  2. Danny S.

    Don’t listen to the bad criticism some are saying they obviously didn’t pay any attention while watching this. I never bother to give a good review but I will say that by far the BEST Jurassic park movie. I promise no question unanswered, nonstop action, great story combination of the first Jurassic park and Jurassic world intertwined. Very long movie and will leave you satisfied

  3. Girlgood9

    I’ve been a Jurassic Park fan since the first movie was released in theaters. I felt this movie was a nice ending to the series and I’m happy they brought the original characters back. One thing that old fans of the series might enjoy is that there are some scenes referencing back to their older movies. I enjoyed the story line and felt that there was plenty of action. This movie is set years after the last one and there is actually a news clip that is part of the beginning of the movie to tell you what has happened in the world after the dinosaurs broke lose. I found it very interesting to see how dinosaurs and humans might coexist together. I really loved seeing some of the new dinosaurs they brought to the movie too

  4. Deineira

    We saw this movie in the theater, and although we liked it, the movie wasn’t great. Sure, there was lots of fun to be had with amazing special FX and people getting eaten by dinosaurs, but there were plot holes that detracted from the overall film. The new opening was a much better lead-in, and the rest of the additional minutes were put to good use answering a lot of questions we’d been left with after leaving the theater. I’m not sure what the reasoning was for not releasing this version in the first place. Fans would’ve easily sat through the additional 14 minutes, and I would’ve bought the blu-ray either way, as would most fans. Instead I’m left trying to erase the theatrical version from my brain so that I can fully enjoy the extended cut. Whatever you do, just don’t watch the theatrical version first, or at all for that matter. This truly blows it away.

  5. Andrew Driscoll

    I don’t understand why people are hating on this if they like Jurassic World or any other sequels for that matter. It’s suppose to be a bunch of pointless action, lots of dinosaurs, and yes a lot of cgi. The original characters are great in this film and Jurassic Park is my favorite film of all time. I’ve seen the original Jurassic Park probably over 200 times. I even worn out a VHS as a kid watching it almost daily.To see the main cast reunited in Jurassic so many years later is something great. Also the wide array of dinosaurs is great to see. The extended version of the film is better than the theater version. It has a much better begining and ads a lot more script throughout the film with the main characters. The extra 13 minute footage shouldnt have been cut. That being all said, it’s a mindless Jurassic World entertainment popcorn flick. I don’t understand what else people were expecting.

  6. amazon customer

    It was wonderful to see all of the former actors from the other jurassic films in one movie. Plenty of new dinosaurs, thrills, laughs & screams. Very enjoyable & not a let down. I would recommend followers of the Jurassic series to watch this one. It has a long and extended cut of 2hrs 40 min but great. But if you weren’t a fan of the first films, don’t watch it or if you are looking for perfect scenes, and highly critical, stay away. It’s a fun movie with lots of action. Sometimes you may say “oh, how could that happen? “Take it as it is and enjoy it.

  7. TS

    I heard mixed reviews about this movie and ppl either loved it or hated it. I’m one who loved it. I found it highly entertaining. I also loved how they brought back the original cast members from the very first Jurassic Park movie. A definite bonus for me. Tho the storyline wouldn’t be considered ‘Oscar’ material usually the movies that are bore me to tears, this one gets high marks from me for action and flat out entertainment value. If you’re a fan of the previous Jurassic Park/Jurassic World movies you’ll want to add this one to your movie collection.

  8. M

    WOW ! We had so much fun watching it. So happy it is available on dvd so soon. Buy it. You’ll watch it many times. The Bonus material is very entertaining as well.Could anybody tell us how to access the Extended Version? We just can’t find it! Also, unfortunately, even with 4K player and receiver, we did not enjoy the 4K version as much as the Blu ray in 3 D. 3D is just absolutely great. Perfect surround sound included.

  9. Susan Macri

    Don’t listen to the unthinking masses who join the seemingly infinite ranks of brain-dead mongoloids, mindlessly bashing this lovely film. It’s absolutely consistent with the quality, style, and tone of the original film. Anyone preaching otherwise is simply not knowledgeable about filmmaking and Jurassic Park. But keep in mind an Amazon review for a movie is not a MOVIE REVIEW. It’s a PRODUCT REVIEW, meant to address the quality of the Blu-ray package and media itself. So, the 4K Blu-Ray picture is stunningly gorgeous and the film grain is exquisite. Must buy.

  10. vince west

    TONS of action with a lot of people from jurassic 1. Only sad part waas knowing this is last in this jurassic series. It goes out very strong and ties up many many details from original movie way back. Dinosaurs are now on mainland running pretty wild. Of course there are stupid greedy idiots trying to get rich off of them not knowing how it can anddoes end. Some never learn. To me these 3 were best of them all so far. Terrific fun movies for everyone.

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