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Kindle Paperwhite – Now with a 6.8” display and thinner borders, adjustable warm light and 20% faster page turns. Easy on the eyes – Now with adjustable warm light to shift screen shade from white to amber. Purpose-built for reading – With a flush-front design and 300 ppi glare-free display that reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight. More reading, less charging – Now with up to 10 weeks of battery life. More books in more places – Store thousands of titles, then take them all with you. A single charge via USB-C last weeks, not hours. Waterproof reading – Built to withstand accidental immersion in water, so you’re good from the beach to the bath. Find new stories – With Kindle Unlimited, get unlimited access to over 2 million titles, thousands of audiobooks, and more.

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Like most people, you probably already bought a Kindle Paperwhite or know someone who has. It’s one of the best pieces of technology available, with built-in features that make it easy to read and get lost in the books. However, Kindle users are always looking for ways to make the most of their Kindle. We’ll show you how to maximize your Kindle by using the right accessories and using it correctly.

How to Make the Most of  Your Kindle Paperwhite?

As with any technology, there are a few things you should do first to make sure you’re using your Kindle in the best possible way.

1. Adjust to your Own Reading Preferences

The first thing you should do is learn how to adjust the settings on your Kindle. There are a lot of things you can change to make sure that you’re getting the best experience from your Kindle, whether it’s changing the text size or brightness settings, using dictionaries, or turning on annotations. Find out what these settings are and how to use them before moving on with this guide.

2. Protect Your Device With Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are a great way to protect your Kindle’s screen, and you can easily find a variety of options for it. You can get a screen protector that’ll cover the front of your Kindle, or you can find one that will fit a Kindle with a padded case. You should try to find some options that are lightweight so they don’t weigh down your Kindle and make it hard to hold.

3. Put Something in Your Pocket

There are a couple of ways you can keep your Kindle from getting scratched. One is to use an Amazon-branded case for your device, but these cases are usually expensive and often just add bulk to the kindle itself. You can also buy inexpensive soft pouches or sleeves that you can fit over the Kindle and then slide the kindle into. This will help keep your Kindle from getting scratched while you’re reading.

4. Reading In Bed

It’s easy to forget how to read in bed with your eyes closed when you wake up, especially if you were using a device that was on before bed, but in order to make this as comfortable as possible, it’s best to try and read before going to bed with one eye open. You want to be able to see the light at night so it doesn’t disturb your sleep, which is why it’s best to use an e-reader instead of a tablet for reading in bed at night.

10 reviews for Kindle Paperwhite

  1. Chris Garcia

    E-readers are supposed to emulate the experience of reading a physical book as closely as possible and this new Paperwhite is by far the best e-reader on the Amazon lineup and the entire market.The 300ppi display makes for ultra smooth and hyper-realistic text (and gorgeous images on the lockscreen). Corners and edges look dangerously sharp, lines look pin-straight and un-pixelated, and adjustable brightness and warm light allow for a perfect combination of comfort and realism. The 6.8″ screen allows for more visible text on a page and is only 0.2″ away from the screen size of an Oasis. The brightness of this display can be turned up to 11 and I highly doubt that anyone, even with impaired vision and in the worst lighting conditions, would ever need to max it out. And I like my screens brighter than most. Trust me, you don’t need a higher LED count.The flush-face design is attractive with the downsized bezels around the screen and still provide enough real estate to hold the device. The USB-C port is a must in 2022, the power button is unobtrusive at the bottom of the device (although I would’ve preferred it placed at the top), and the device itself has a good weight at just under a half-pound. Note: this Kindle is ever so slightly heavier than its predecessors including the Oasis, but is still more than comfortable enough to manipulate in one hand for extended periods of time.The hardware and software pairing as of April 2022 feels well married. Older reviews have expressed judgement of earlier software versions, but as of today I can report no issues. Pages turn a little quicker, loading screens take less time in decision making, and switching between books and other applications feel faster than ever.My only judgements about this Kindle are as follows:I would’ve preferred different placement for the lock-button but this isn’t a functional issue.I wish this Kindle was available in more colors.I exchanged this Kindle before writing this review because I received my first one with a pinhole defect in the display. I believe this was due to shipping conditions because the packaging was minimal and the device was placed at the bottom of the shipping box, underneath only a top layer of bubble packing. So, I wish these shipped with better care.All in all, if wireless charging and auto-adjusting brightness isn’t important to you (and it shouldn’t be), this Kindle is the one for you. No one needs 32gb of storage in an e-reader, and if you do, it means you’re probably neglecting your local library and/ or personal collection of printed books. Shame on you. Thousands of books can be stored in the base 8gb configuration so I truly believe that 32gb is totally unnecessary. Skip the Signature Edition and save a buck.You can always upgrade to “ad-free” at a later date by paying an additional $20 so try the ad-supported version first to test the waters. They only appear on the lockscreen anyway. Kindle Unlimited is laughable unless you strictly read B-level romance novels, so feel free to skip a 3 month trial subscription option at the time of purchase if a Kindle without that option selected will ship faster. You’ll also get an offer upon setting up your Kindle for the same 3 month trial, so even if you’d like to try it you’ll have the opportunity the moment you login to your Amazon account. The offer will also be forwarded to your email upon initialization.Buy this one, you won’t regret it.

  2. WayneChicago

    Kindle Signature Paperwhite plus Charging StandI own the 11th Gen (newest model 2022) standard Kindle Paperwhite and the Signature Paperwhite. I love them both. If dough is not the issue, I would buy the Signature model for fifty bucks more. Here’s some of my particular findings in use.Cases: Note that I do not like the Amazon cases because I don’t like folding over cover type cases; I prefer cases that simply help with holding the device. I purchased the “MoKo Case for 6.8″ Kindle Paperwhite (11th Generation-2021) and Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Ultra Clear Soft Flexible Transparent TPU Skin Bumper Back Cover Shell, Clear” from Amazon and it fits the Kindle ideally, and most importantly this case DOES go on the proprietary charging stand made by Anker and the charge does go through the case (that is, I do not need to remove the case to charge the Kindle in that charging stand).Battery: Amazon states that the Kindle 11th gen will hold a charge for 10 weeks, when used at limited brightness for 90 minutes a day (and a lot of other stipulations, like WiFi and Bluetooth off, etc). In reality, many may turn up the brightness, read more than 90 minutes, and Airplane mode on, or use other features that drain the battery faster (See audiobooks below). I have found that my battery drains faster than 10 weeks, but I am using the device with Airplane mode off, Wifi on, Bluetooth On. I do not like turning off wifi in particular because it MUST Be on to sync books between devices, and since I have two Kindle 11th gens, plus a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and I read 5 books at a time simultaneously, I have no desire to turn wi-fi off. Thus, having Qi charging is helpful…not mandatory but helpful. Another BIG reason for the Qi charging is Audible audiobooks. I do listen to them through the Kindle itself, and the battery drains fairly quickly when listening to audiobooks.Memory Storage: The Kindle has 8 GB storage, but only 5.8 GB after their software OS. The Signature Kindle has 32 GB storage, but only 28 GB after their software OS (there is slightly different software between the two models as the Signature supports more menu and charging features). So if you love downloaded “off-line” reading, and in particular if you enjoy having audiobooks in your downloaded library (they take much more storage than an e-book), the 32 GB is reassuring.Auto-light adjust: I can’t even detect that it’s doing anything, but if one rides a train daily to work and it passes through dark tunnels, this feature may be of benefit to you.Advertising free: Many forget the $20 value of the ad-free that is part of the Kindle Signature. Even those that wouldn’t pony up for it on their own may enjoy it here as “icing on the cake” for the price difference. I like seeing my own book cover on the sleep screen, and that is not possible with the “with ads” version. I thought I enjoyed the ads for editors choice books and book sales and stuff, but I much prefer the ad-free model. And, little discussed fact, the ad-free version has one less swipe to get to your Library or current book every single time you turn on the Kindle. True!Dedicated Signature Charger Stand: I bought the Qi charging stand and like it greatly. It does work with my “MoKo Case for 6.8″ Kindle Paperwhite (11th Generation-2021) and the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Ultra Clear Soft Flexible Transparent TPU Skin Bumper Back Cover Shell, Clear”., and charges through the case and the case fits the stand (but not quite as bump-proof as the Kindle without the case). I like that the stand sits quietly on my desk as I am working, or on my coffee table while I’m watching sports do I can read during commercials. I do not need to keep the AC cord attached to the stand at all times; sometimes I use the charger stand as simply a free-standing stand for either of my Kindles. I like that it can hold my Kindle 11th generation normal edition without Qi charging and I can read on it as an easel stand. I feel the utility as an easel stand is underrated. Qi chargers in general are not free, and neither are easel stands, so coupling those two together, you get the price of this Anker model. I find no issues with the size of the “wall wart” or the plug in the back of the stand. Some people complain with the charging stand that the white light indicator does not turn to another color, such as green, to indicate full charge. A “work around” for this is to place the charging Kindle on the stand upside down; now the LED light at the bottom of the Kindle device itself, which does change color when fully charged, is face upward and easily seen. Frankly, there is no issue with simply assuming the Signature PW is charged after an hour or two. I like this stand much more than I thought I would.I’ve owned every Kindle since the first one! I use library Libby, and am an Audible and Kindle Unlimited subscribers. I guess you could say I’m a “power user”. I definitely prefer the Signature version, but both are good readers. If I could change one thing about these Kindles, it would be to add a physical button like the Oasis. I realize that sounds outdated, but to reach and switch with the other hand, or reach thumb across screen to scrub, every page turn is a chore that is solved with an under-thumb button like Oasis. Additionally, the e-ink is good, but after two decades, one would think the text versus background contrast would be better…that is, darker text, whiter background. Instead, it remains darkest gray text in lightest gray background, not ideal. Happy reading!

  3. Vernon Howell

    I took advantage of Prime Days to get a Kindle. Now, I’ve had a few days to evaluate it.I’ve heard critics of the device say that they want the smell and feel of a “real book” and have no use for such a new-fangled device. Such remarks remind me of the late Phyllis Diller. She was notorious for her obsession with plastic surgery. When a reporter wanted to know how she felt about people who say they would never have such surgery because they think nature should take its course, she responded: “Well, let those people grow old gracefully then.” Fear of anything different seems to hold folks back more than a granite wall.If you think a conventional book is better than a Kindle, you might as well get an icebox, throw out your refrigerator, live without air-conditioning, build yourself an outhouse, and get your liquor from an old fruit jar. Okay, maybe that’s a little strong; I, too, like holding a book. But from now on, they’ll need to be room in my life for both.Perhaps your hesitation about getting a Kindle is because you don’t really love reading that much or don’t completely understand all a Kindle can do for you. The Kindle is to the book what a book is to drawings on a cave wall. In the next paragraph, I’m going to sell you on getting a Kindle, and I don’t even get a commission. I will, however, accept your thank you.You probably already know that you can read a Kindle in the dark or outside in bright sunlight, and the screen is no-glare. But did you know that you can press on a word and the dictionary definition will pop up? You can press and hold while you run your finger across a sentence, paragraph, page, or whatever and it will highlight the same way you would use a highlighter for a book. It will stay highlighted unless you delete the highlight. You also have the option to write a note on anything in the text you want: a word, a paragraph, a page, whatever. You can even email your highlights and notes to yourself. When you stop reading, the Kindle will keep your place. The battery life is insanely long, and the device is much easier to hold than a regular book.If that paragraph didn’t convince you, let me add one more fact: you can get a high-capacity Kindle for a little more money than I spent. However, the one I got – the Paperwhite 6.8 — gives me a good view and, with 8 GB, will hold an average of 2000 – 3000 books. I said, two to three thousand books. Thank me later.

  4. Allen D. Reinecke

    I have used Nook e-readers over the years. A 2010 and 2015 model. The 2010 is dead. The later one is obviously outdated and hasn’t been used for a while. My wife used a very early Kindle Fire, also dead. So, I was familiar with Amazon’s eBook library and we had many books in our shared library. I decided to update to a Kindle Paperwhite (11th gen) on Prime Day and it has proved a wonderful choice. I’ve already read about 10 history books in just this last week and I’m looking for more..At 6.8″, the Kindle screen is larger than I’ve been used to, but that screen makes reading more pleasant and more like a real book. I actually now prefer the landscape mode and have added a Pop Socket to hold the Kindle, since the bezel is pretty narrow. (The PS sticks no problem to the soft rubbery back, after cleaning with alcohol). I have noticed the back really shows greasy finger marks and isn’t easy to wipe clean though. The light weight and minimal thickness is really nice for holding for long durations. I specifically don’t use a cover, as I did with my Nooks, as that almost doubles the weight and ruins the experience..The touch control could be better, especially when trying to select highlights. The page turns are awesomely quick and the screen illumination is smoothly consistent across the whole screen. The 2015 Nook clearly showed where the LEDs were located! The 300dpi screen is really nice with no pixelation to the letters. I haven’t had any ghosting issues either, with the screen page refresh option off. The warmer screen option in dark situations is really nice to read with and I have it set to warm automatically for evening reading. My eyes are much less strained..The non-Signature edition’s capacity is fine for me. I don’t need to store the whole world’s library on my e-reader. I like to read no more than a couple books in parallel, with a handful to refer to, as required. The battery life is absurdly (in a good way) long..In 12 years, the functionality of e-readers really hasn’t changed much at all. The improvements have been subtle, but much appreciated. The way books are handled in the library is similar too! The technology development has been much less dynamic on these than say, cell phones. I guess there’s not much you can do when the device is basically just for reading. Eagerly awaiting a good color Kindle! (Hint Hint)I do like the more modern design of the screen layout. It actually is very similar to the old Kindle Fire my wife has and is actually about the same size. Again, nothing really is that new in the e-reader world. The 11th Gen is now quite a bit thinner and lighter though!.I do wish Amazon, and others, weren’t so restrictive with book formats and DRM’s. I can’t read my many Nook books on my new Kindle! There are plenty of books in the Amazon store though and I’ve already rebought some of my favorites, though reluctantly..SUMMARY:.Loving my new Kindle Paperwhite 11th Gen.! It will keep me entertained and educated for a long, long time. I highly recommend it.

  5. sean

    The Kindle Paperwhite 11th generation is perfect for whenever and wherever you like to read. The warm light option and 8g of storage is a game changer. If you don’t own a Kindle or want an upgrade, buy this one now!This device is a lifesaver, literally! During a business trip to Costa Rica our yacht accidentally caught on fire which distracted the captain as the ship oversteered, hitting a rock! The yacht capsized and sank into the depths of the ocean along with the entire crew. Luckily I bought the cork cover for my new Kindle and it kept me afloat. After a couple of days swimming, and reading, I safety landed on Coco Island. One day later a fellow crew member made their way to the island as well. Alas, we we’re the only survivors from our humble business vessel. Unlike the water-soaked book my colleague was able to dredge up on the sand my Kindle Paperwhite was in perfect condition. As dusk fell upon the lonely island I watched him struggle to read as I adjusted the built-in light and turned up the warm light option with ease. For the next eight days he read the same book over and over again (what was left of it). Fortunately for me I had my entire library with me and looked forward to days/weeks (?!) of uninterrupted reading time. On one particularly peaceful day I realized that I had quietly transitioned into the role of our business yacht’s sole survivor. Anyhow, the next day a rescue chopper found me and delivered me to safety.I am eternally grateful for my Kindle Paperwhite 11th generation. I will never give it up, never gonna put it down, never gonna run around or desert it.

  6. J. Fowler

    This is a great kindle. It does what it’s advertised to do. It’s the best digital book you can buy at this price point. It does play your audiobooks as advertised once you pair bluetooth headphones to the device.What it doesn’t do that your free iPhone/Android kindle app does is simply a deal breaker for anyone alive today who’s brain is rendered absolutely useless by TikTok and other short attention span stimuli. This feature is called immersive reading. And, it’s the only way I have been able to ween myself off of my iPhone addiction.I was gifted my kindle for Father’s Day. It was a lovely gift. I downloaded a ton of books. I was so excited to read in the pool. I read for exactly 13 milliseconds before I was distracted. I sat by the pool and read for another 23 milliseconds before I picked up my iPhone and scrolled through TikTok for the next consecutive 4 hours.I then found, what I learned to call, immersive reading by searching for “can audible read my kindle books to me”. Immersive reading is absolutely fantastic. It reads the book to you and highlights as it’s reading. You’re reading along as the audio keeps you focused. I have plowed through 400 and 700 page books in days like I was back in middle school. This can’t be my same brain….I have abandoned my kindle, for now, to use immersive reading on my iPad and iPhone. I hope to return a recovered iPhone addict one day. But, I would also return should a software update bring this feature to the kindle paperwhite. I do not think I would buy a newer/other kindle model to get this feature. It’s just to easy to use the IPhone/iPad app for no extra cost..

  7. Kwebbster

    I have had several previous versions of the Kindle and Paperwhite that we absolutely loved. Each version offers more and this one is a no-brainer. With the waterproofing (which I need with a Granddaughter around) and the new warm light display, this thing is a charm to use and read with. I keep mine loaded with books and periodicals that could come in handy if my wife goes on a prolonged visit to her favorite stores. It also makes it easier to read in bed even if my wife dozes off, as to not wake or keep bothering her with the light. It’s size is perfect for reading (a little larger than a paperback) and very lightweight. The back helps keep a grip and soft so if I manage to fall asleep while reading, I don’t give myself a concussion! With a newer USB-C port, charging is made easier with my newly purchased Anker charger. The display is now seamless across the screen to the edges making it much better to hold. I know the higher priced Kindle reader comes with physical page-turn buttons, but I have not needed or miss these at all. Screen refreshes seem much faster on this version also. If you like to real a lot (or a little) and need a way to read without having to keep a pile of books, this Kindle Paperwhite is the way to go!

  8. Jason W

    I’ve had several Kindles for more than a decade now, going all the way back to the Kindle Keyboard. I usually replace them just to get desirable new features, and also because the trade-in/trade-up is always a good deal. I read a lot every single day, up to 50 books a year in the past few years by balancing my attention away from so much toxic social media and taking advantage of Kindle Unlimited. It’s easy to get consumed by having a shiny device in your hand with infinite bites of short-attention-span content, taking all your attention away from reading a good book or even enjoying a good show or movie. The Kindle Paperwhite is an aesthetically pleasing and covetable device that you can turn to for the experience of a beautifully printed page with crisp clean fonts and no paywalls popping up or asking you turn off your ad blocker or accept cookies, or sticking annoying ads between paragraphs.I love that this new Kindle has a bigger flush screen that goes closer to the edges. I can read in the pool with one hand in extremely bright sunlight without any worries or eye strain. At night I can switch it ti dark mode where it’s white text on black background and puts off very little light to disturb my wife if I’m up late finishing a chapter. It’s got a USB-C port, which I like better because my only problem with older Kindles is when the USB Micro port would start to get loose. Not sure if that would surely would be improved by this, but the fact that USB-C is reversible might make the difference. Plus I think it charges faster and that’s one less cable to pack. The new adjustable color temperature setting is a feature I didn’t think I’d care about but it’s actually nice. If I do some low-light reading with warmth on 3-4, then switch it back, the screen looks all blue and harsh. This think is pleasant to read no matter how dark or bright it is. Finally, it feels like there’s still more performance improvements to this one. It feels faster when I turn the page or scroll through my books.I can tell there’s one corner of the screen that’s just a bit yellowish even when the settings are for 0 warmth. Lots of people have complained about even screen lighting in all the different Kindle Paperwhites. It’s probably the hardest thing to engineer, and this is not an expensive device. What I find is that if the book I’m reading is good, I don’t notice it at all.Amazon should do a subscription plan where you commit to 24 months of Kindle Unlimited and get the Kindle PaperWhite included, and then trade up at the end. They’d still be selling the cases and upcharging for the higher models, but I think that would get more people reading a lot more and maybe draw even more authors to Kindle Unlimited.

  9. TRS

    I forgot how much I missed a regular Kindle. The last kindle I had was the Kindle fire, so it has been several years. This is much easier on the eyes than the Kindle fire, the Nook color, or the iPad. And reading on the iPad or the Kindle fire, I found I was always interrupted with a text, or an email, or a phone call when it was linked to my phone. I had initially liked the idea of a tablet that had everything in one place, but it does interfere with reading, I find. I am really liking the Kindle, as just a device for reading. It’s also less (or maybe no?) blue light, and I read before bed, so not using a tablet/computer may help or be better for sleep. It is very light weight, and the suggestions/adds on the lock screen don’t bother me. Page turning is easy, but it is sometimes “tricky” to get into and out of other menus. It takes a little getting used to, as the response is different than other touchscreens, in my opinion. It takes a while to find your ideal brightness and warmth settings (I like about 16-18 brightness and no warmth during the day. I set it to shift to warmer in the evening/early morning). Just be aware, if you are used to reading on a tablet, you will lose the color images on the Paperwhite. No big deal, unless you read a lot of cookbooks, graphic novels, or other animated content. Still, if you have the Kindle app on another tablet or computer, it’s easy to switch between the two, if you want. It came 50% charged. I bought the charging plug too. Like many people state, it should really just come with the plug, but most things don’t now, so I don’t really hold that against Amazon in this case. I’ve always been afraid of using “off-brand,” discount plugs/cables; so, I figured why not just buy a new one. I’ve also turned off WiFi to save battery: that’s not just a toggle on/off, either. You just have to use the Airplane Mode to turn WiFi off/on. So far, so good, and I’m glad I made the purchase.

  10. M. Jones

    The new paper white is terrific. Sometimes when making an expensive purchase that I “don’t really need” I feel a bit of buyers remorse. But not this time. I loved this thing right out of the box. My friends have had different models over the years and I’ve always been impressed with the screen, and decided to pull the trigger this year on Prime Day.This new model is like reading actual print on paper. It is very clear, especially outdoors. I think it is more crisp either outdoors or under a reading lamp. The text is a teenie-tiny bit fuzzy when using the backlight alone (ie. in the dark). It totally works, but as a person who needs reading glasses I notice the difference. I enjoy it most when used outdoors.I’ve also found that I read faster. Turning the page is quick and easy. And the Kindle is very light weight, it weighs less than my iPhone!! It is easy to hold for long periods of time.Book purchasing is quick and easy. You can buy on the Kindle, or from your PC and send-to the Kindle. sorry iOS users, Apple has a stick up their butt so you can’t buy from your phone.My only real complaint is the location of the power switch. It sticks out the bottom of the device and is easy to accidentally press. For example, I was reading on a picnic bench in a park and was resting it and my arms in front of me when suddenly a dialog box appeared “shutdown, reboot…” I’ve also managed to turn it on while in my pocket or carrying it to a different room.. I would have located it on the top or recessed it.Nitpicky “could be better” It could use a lock-screen function so that I can carry it to another room. If you accidentally touch the screen, the pages start turning. Or a different book opens, etc. Currently the only option is turn it off. The power options in settings are either “sleep” or “deep sleep” . Maybe they could add a progressive “soft-sleep for 10 minutes and then go into deep sleep”. The default deep-sleep takes several seconds to wake up again. Soft-sleep wakes faster but uses more battery.Another thing, backing up a page requires a Swipe whereas turning forward is a simple tap. It would be nice if a tap in the left side was backwards (for cases when you fall asleep and the pages start turning 😀 )Battery life so far has been 2 weeks between charges. To get the claimed “10 weeks” you need to do a few things: turn off wifi (apparently this is the big battery sucker and gets you 6 weeks) and turn off the backlight. And Read Less. 🙂 I leave wifi on so that it syncs immediately with my phone. 2 weeks is 2 weeks longer than my iPhone lasts.

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