Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand and Color Filters for Tabletop/Low-Angle Shooting, Zoom/Video Conference Lighting/Game Streaming/YouTube Video Photography Electronics

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Video Call Lighting: With adjustable brightness from 10% to 100%, get soft and even lighting on a video call with this tabletop lighting kit. Ideal for Zoom meetings, Skype calls, YouTube streaming, and more USB-Powered Light: Keep the LED light powered via a USB wall charger (5V 2A) or USB power strip. For continuous long-time use, avoid powering the light with a laptop, tablet or power bank in case of fast battery drain and insufficient power output Optional Color Filters: Included 8 filters with 4 colors (white, yellow, blue, red) give you the flexibility to create colorful lighting effects for game live streaming and more Foldable & Extendable Tripod: With a minimum height of 8.85”/22.5cm, the mini tripod can be directly mounted to the panel light to offer an ultra-low position lighting. It is easy to set up and fold down. The height can be adjusted from 8.85” to 45.66” (22.5cm to 116cm) when using with the extension rod Package Contents: Neewer LED Panel Light with USB Cable 2-Pack, Two Mini Tripods, Two Extension Rods, Two White Filters, Two Yellow Filters, Two Blue Filters, Two Red Filters

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Neewer 2

Neewer 2
Neewer 2

Neewer 2 Packs Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand and Color Filters

  • [PLEASE NOTE: Using with laptops or power banks may draw too much power. And the USB port on most tablets does not generate enough power so please DO NOT use it with your Tablets. This light is designed to work with a Wall Plug, so it is recommended to use with a wall plug which is NOT Included in the package. Please purchase separately. ]

Neewer USB LED Video Light can be used as floor lamp to provide the best possible light for selfie, portrait, YouTube video shooting or be used as desktop lamp to offer low-angle lighting for toy, jewelry, other small and exquisite articles photography.

USB LED Light:

Output Power: 10W

Luminous Flux: 1000LM

Led Quantity: 66PCS

Color Temperature: 5600K

Dimmer: 10%-100%

DC power input: USB 5v/2A

Tripod stand:

Minimum Height: 8.85 inches/22.5 centimeters; Maximum Height (with extension Stick): 45.66 inches/116 centimeters

Package Contents:

2 x USB LED Panel Light; 2 x Mini Tripod Stand for LED Light; 2 x Extension Rod; 2 x White Color Filter; 2 x Red Color Filter; 2 x Yellow Color Filter; 2 x Blue Color Filter


  • Consists of 66 pcs energy-saving SMD LED Bulbs with low heat output for providing superior lighting. It will not flicker even if at low brightness. Its brightness can be adjusted from 10% to 100%.
  • Comes with 4 color filters (white, red, yellow and blue), they can help provide soft and colorful lighting.


  • Powered via a USB port, you can plug it into your desktop PC, wall charger, power bank, laptop, etc. More convenient for your creative work.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Using laptops or power banks may draw too much power. And the USB port on most tablets does not generate enough power so please DO NOT use it with your Tablets. This light is designed to work with a Wall Plug, so it is recommended to use a wall plug which is NOT Included in the package. Please purchase separately.

180° Angle Adjustable

  • Equipped with Cold Shoe Ball Head, it allows the angle of the panel lighting to be adjusted 180 degrees.
  • The tripod with standard 1/4″ is detachable, so you can also enjoy low-angle shooting after connecting to the panel light directly.

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12.72 x 5.71 x 2.6 inches

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2.21 pounds



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4.2 out of 5 stars

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#1 in Lighting Filters

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June 21, 2019



9 reviews for Neewer 2-Pack Dimmable 5600K USB LED Video Light with Adjustable Tripod Stand and Color Filters for Tabletop/Low-Angle Shooting, Zoom/Video Conference Lighting/Game Streaming/YouTube Video Photography Electronics

  1. Klinton

    This is an initial review, meaning that these are my thoughts on the product after only a few days.If anything happens within the next few weeks to couple of months, I will update my review to reflect things.So far so good, they seem to get plenty bright and light my face quite well.In regards to the brightness, they offer 10 levels of brightness.When turned on, you can turn the brightness up and down in increments of 10% each with the lowest level of brightness being 10% and the highest being 100% making for 10 levels of brightness.When it comes to quality of the materials, I had thought about giving three stars, but decided that for the price that wasn’t fair so I am giving four stars instead.Everything is plastic, so don’t expect anything super high quality, but as far as plastic goes, it’s more than acceptable material quality.The only metal component is the piece that connects the LED panel to the stand and the other connector at the top of the stand.I’m not sure what other people were complaining about in regards to them not being balanced when fully extended, but perhaps they were not standing them up properly or on a level surface, fully extended they stand up fine for me.However, the entire thing isn’t all that heavy, so it’s possible that if the environment you plan to put them in isn’t all that stable with wind blowing, sloped surfaces, or moving surfaces, then they most likely will fall over and I would highly suggest rigging something of your own design to grab hold of the base, and weigh it down if you plan to use them in a non stable environment.In regards to versatility I am rating them at 4 stars, they aren’t the most versatile, but they offer enough range of tilt and swivel based on the two connector pieces that you can have them shining at almost any angle, the only reason they get 4 stars instead of 5 in this aspect is due to their maximum height not being the tallest, and also because of what I mentioned above about the overall weight of the product.Laslty, I would highly suggest you head the specifications of the product when they state that these panels require 5v and 2.0A through USB.Connecting them to lower voltage, and lower amperage USB ports may result in the product not working right.Connecting them to USB that supplies more voltage and/or amperage than what they require that is cheaply made and does not properly downstep the voltage and amperage and thusly properly regulate the power output to only be what the device is asking for, will most likely result in you burning them out and destroying them.So I would highly recommend that whatever USB ports you plan to plug them into, you make sure that they supply at least 5v and 2.0A and that if they supply more, that they are properly built to downstep to only provide what is being asked of it by the device.I personally am plugging them into a 2 port USB wall adapter that supplies up to 5v and 2.1A but that I know is quality built and will downstep itself to only provide what is being asked of it by a device that requires less than what it can supply.If interested in what USB wall adapter I use, it is the Ailkin brand here on Amazon, and it is a 3 pack for $11.As for the filters you get the following:Two of each, one for each panel.Red, Blue, Yellow, and White.The red, blue, and yellow filters are thin and mostly transparent, allowing for light to pass through easily while coloring the light.The white however is thicker plastic that is softened white and used as a diffusion layer to diffuse the light coming out of the panel.While the white diffusion panel is in place, there is only enough room for you to slide a single colored filter in front of it, so this means that if you wanted to double up on a single color, or mix two or all three of the colors together on the light, you would have to remove the diffusion panel from the light, but that is OK because once you have more than one colored layer installed it ends up diffusing the light source by just enough that it’s not super harsh on the subject you are lighting.So to summarize:They are bright.Overall decently built for the price, but fairly light weight.You get two of them for such a low price.They are powered off of USB, making them more versatile since you can plug them into the USB ports on a PC, or can plug them into a 2 port USB wall adapter like me, making them not have to take up two power outlets with fatter brick connectors or anything like that.So all in all I give these a 5 star rating for what you’re getting and for the price, and I would highly recommend these for the entry level budget photographer if they need something quick and cheap to use, but mostly for anyone who’s on a tight budget that wants to have good lighting for either live streaming, or making YouTube videos.As stated at the beginning, this is an initial review, and if anything happens within the next few weeks to couple of months, I will update this review.Thanks for reading.-UPDATE-It’s been 7 months and they still work perfectly fine, granted, they never move or get unplugged from where I’ve had them at my desk so there’s no wear and tear from moving them around.

  2. HappyMom

    *Customer Service came through for us on these! They reached out to me and sent replacement stands which seem to be very durable and even easier to adjust. We are happy! For the price, these are fantastic!We bought these for making stop motion videos. The lighting was fine, but after adjusting height and putting them away only few times over a couple of weeks time, both stands broke on us. The price seemed great at the time, but now we are looking for something more durable.

  3. Virginia Rho

    UPDATE: Although the Amazon return period was over, the company did reach out and worked with me to get a replacement on the damaged item. Customer service was definitely great!The light is very bright but the filter screens are not really easy on the eyes. The tripod accessory is also crap; broke only 2 months after use while I set it on my table.

  4. Lyle Dodson

    I had been using a photo cube ( also made by newer ) for scale photography. I was looking for something that gave me good lighting without the dimensional limitations of the cube . I have to say , overall , I have been impressed. Considering that I am using an 11 year old Sony cyber shot camera and a 14 year old iMac to process the photos the results have met my expectations.

  5. LIATA

    I actually have grown to love these things. Keep in mind that they’re made to sit on top of your desk though. They shut on your desk and are meant to be pointed downward so that way they don’t cast a shadow to your green screen. They work perfectly for green screens. Make sure to turn your normal lights off when using these for a green screen. And make sure you spin the extendable poles into the locked position, or they’ll slide down easily. That’s my only issue with this is the poles not locking when first setting up, but other than that, these are perfect and inexpensive too. Get them!

  6. Harbinger of books

    These lights are a great price and light up will for online video calls and meetings.I opted not to use the selfie stick tripod that came with the kit and instead attached them to my desk with a desk mount so the lights would not be directly in my eye but still over the camera.Based on the concerns about the electrical power I attached the usb cord directly to a surge protector. So far the lights have been great I like that I can adjust them and did I mention the price is amazing!

  7. clinresga

    I was equally pleased with these lights as everyone else, as reflected in all the 5* reviews. But I can add testimony to great support as well. Unfortunately, one of my two lights died (flickered for an hour, then went dead). It turned out to be ONE day short of the one year anniversary. While no explicit warranty is listed in the description, I thought it was worth a shot and contacted support.My first try using the email address supplied with the lights bounced back–I thought, well that’s the end of that. But I found an updated address on the Neewer website and tried that ( Got an almost immediate response. They asked for screenshot of Amazon order page and a short video showing the problem. Within 24 hours I got a personal response saying they would honor warranty. Since they don’t sell single lights, they refunded my credit card for 50% of the original cost. Happened almost immediately and have gotten confirmation from Amazon that refund is received.Pretty darn impressive–to sell a quality product at a remarkably good price, AND still to have top grade customer support. A rare thing and gets my 100% appreciation.

  8. Raju T.

    Perfect for what i was looking for!

  9. Alejandro

    ACTUALIZACIÓN: resulta que los geles deben usarse SIEMPRE delante del difusor para evitar problemas como este, Neewer CS se puso en contacto conmigo y me explicó que cuando se usan colores oscuros como el morado al máximo brillo, y si se ponen los geles mal (no en el carril, que parece que fue lo que hice), esto podría ocurrir, he probado yo mismo con otros colores un poco mas frios al máximo brillo durante horas (para ver cómo se calientan) y tenían razón, sólo ocurre con los colores oscuros (que es lo normal). Ofrecieron nuevos geles debido a los problemas. 5 estrellas.Excelente luz, lo suficientemente fuerte para una habitacion pequeña/mediana, los plásticos funcionan bien y los podés combinar, ten en cuenta tambien que colores un poco oscuros como morado hace que se calienten mucho y aunque lo pongas al máximo de potencia no alumbra como quisieras, colores claros no hacen que se calienten, ademas de esto, asegurate de emparejarlos con un buen cargador de pared para que no anden mal, estas luces quemaron uno de mis cargadores, pero los demás funcionaron perfecto, nuevamente, alumbran muy muy bien… Ahora, el problema esta en los plásticos, como ven en las fotos, el azul se redujo de tamaño y se deformó, este lo puse detras del rojo para poder obtener morado, tal vez fui yo quien los puso mal y al recalentarse paso eso, pero el metodo que usaron para alinear los plásticos dentro de la lámpara no funciona tan bien como quisiera, se desmontan facilmente y chocan con los leds de atras o simplemente el plástico va como quiere y no sigue el caminito. Buen producto, lástima que la calidad no sea tan buena y su montaje sea algo raro//UPDATE: turns out the Gels needs to be used ALWAYS in front of the difusser to prevent issues like this one, Neewer CS contacted me and explained when using dark colors like Purple at the max brightness, and if you put the gels wrong (not in the rail, which seems what I did), this could happen, I have tried myself with other light colors at the max brightness for hours (to see how they heat) and they were right, it only happens with dark colors (which is normal). They offered new gels due to the issues. 5 StarsExcellent light, strong enough for a small/medium room, the plastics work well and you can combine them, keep in mind that dark colors like purple make them get very hot and even if you put them at maximum power they do not light as you would like, light colors do not make them get hot, besides this, be sure to pair them with a good wall charger so they can work properly, these lights burned one of my chargers, but the others worked perfect, again, they light very well…. Now, the problem is in the plastics, as you can see in the pictures, the blue one was reduced in size and deformed, I put it behind the red one to get purple, maybe it was me who put them wrong and when they overheated that happened, but the method they used to align the plastics inside the lamp does not work as well as I would like, they disassemble easily and collide with the back leds or simply the plastic goes as it wants and does not follow the little path. Good product, too bad the quality is not that good and the assembly is a bit weird.

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