NIPPIES Nipple Cover – Matches Breast Skin Tone – Sticky Adhesive Silicone Nipple Pasties – Reusable Pasty Nipple Covers for Women with Travel Box Caramel at Amazon Women’s Clothing store Breast Petals

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If you’re the type of person who can’t help but stare, this new product from Nippies is for you. Nippies are breast-shaped silicone nipple covers that match the skin tone of your breasts. They attach easily and painlessly to your nipples with a strategically placed adhesive and fit snuggly and securely in public, even under tight clothing.

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We’ve got you covered.

  1. Nippies nipple covers are a triple-threat: comfortable, convenient, and skin-safe. Nippies nipple pasties let you show off your style.
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  3. Our nipple cover pasties will get the job done on hot summer days, through sweaty workouts, and on nightclub dance floors! What’s most important is that you feel comfortable and confident. Our reusable silicone nipple pasties can be used discreetly to conceal your nipples under your favorite sheer styles, t-shirts, sports bras, or swimwear. Nipple covers are also a great option for an unpadded or unlined bra.
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  • Matte finish of nipple cover pasties won’t reflect light or camera flashes
  • Ultra-thin & soft silicone provides invisible, robust comfort
  • Easy to wash without ruining adhesive
  • Smooth edges eliminate ridges and bumps
  • Skin-safe medical-grade silicone
  • Strong adhesive for long wear
  • Semi-translucent color
  • Reusable
  1. Nippies Collection<img alt=”Nippies Collection” src=”,0,315,145_PT0_SX315_V1___.png”/>
  2. Skin-safe medical-grade silicone reusable nipple covers provide gentle coverage without pulling your skin or creating ridges. Our matte finish Nippies nipple covers eliminate light and flash reflections from cameras to avoid show-through in photos. Better than an adhesive bra, a sticky bra, or old-school sticky boobs, our nipple covers come in a slim case so that you can take your nipple covers anywhere!
  3. 2 Sizes<img alt=”2 Sizes” src=”,0,315,145_PT0_SX315_V1___.png”/>
  5. Reusable Nipple Covers Size Small:
  • Fits A-C Cups
  • 3”x 3” Diameter
  • These nipple covers securely stick for coverage
  1. Nipple Covers Size Large:
  • Fits D+ Cups
  • 4”x 4” Diameter
  • These nipple pasties comfortably stick for extra coverage

How to wear nipple covers?

  1. Our nipple covers are designed to be discreet and comfortable for formal wear, backless fashion, sports bras, swimsuits, sheer styles, and more.

How to clean reusable nipple covers?

  1. Wash with soap and warm water, allow nipple covers to dry completely, add the plastic film back on adhesive, and place on the clear mold to help Nippies maintain shape.

What are Nippies color options?

  1. Nippies nipple covers come in 3 colors to match your skin tone: creme nipple covers for light skin tones, caramel nipple covers for tan skin tones, and coco nipple covers for dark skin tones.
  2. Nippies Skin On Model<img alt=”Nippies Skin On Model” src=”,0,362,453_PT0_SX362_V1___.png”/>
  3. Nippies nipple covers provide comfort and discretion throughout pregnancy, a time when bras are unreliable and often uncomfortable.

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10 reviews for NIPPIES Nipple Cover – Matches Breast Skin Tone – Sticky Adhesive Silicone Nipple Pasties – Reusable Pasty Nipple Covers for Women with Travel Box Caramel at Amazon Women’s Clothing store Breast Petals

  1. Hannah

    Saw these on TikTok and have not been disappointed! I’ve been wearing them 4-5 times a week all day since I got them in early July and they’re still sticky. Just wash with warm water and soap then let them air dry overnight! I do notice that when I’ve forgotten to take them off and I get very sweaty from working out they start to lose adhesion, but that’s expected. My bf asked if I got new ones the other day and was shocked when I told him they were the same ones. The color was perfect for me and I will definitely be purchasing again!

  2. emfraz

    LOVE this product. This is the first brand I’ve tried and they are amazing. I am an A cup and even though the size small is for A-C, they fit great.The only surprise was that apparently the suction is enough to make milk flow! I stopped nursing about six months ago and haven’t even thought about it again, so when I felt a little drip I was pretty surprised! Mind you, there is definitely not a strong “suction” feeling. They really feel more like they stick on and they are totally comfortable. Fortunately I was able to remove the nippies and dry off, and then continue wearing them for the day. If you’re currently or recently breastfeeding, just know this is a possibility!

  3. Jennifer

    I love these! I live in a humid southern state and even when swearing these do not move! Wash them after wearing with mild soap and let them air dry. I haven’t had them lose their adhesion and just let them air dry! It’s way too hot to wear a bra sometimes so these are definitely it under backless shirts, dresses, and thin tank tops. I love being able to wear shirts with confidence especially if wearing white tops! I have never felt so confident. I am a DD and these are my go too especially having larger aureolas. Also a plus…no back fat from wearing a dang bra! They cover awesome. Don’t wear lotion on your breasts to avoid the issues people tend to have or self could stain the out side or also cause the adhesion to break down. I have had them since May 2022 and use them a lot! These do not disappoint if you take care of them.

  4. Jana B McLemore

    Creme, A-C size.Me: very pale, 150 lbs, 34C+ (after reduction and lift from 34DD)08/10/22 Wear #2: Wore them from 9:00am to 9:30pm; very comfortable ALL DAY; LOVE THEM.07/25/22 Wear #1: I was very surprised how well these worked, were comfortable, removed, blended with my skin – ALL THE THINGS. hey are sheer/translucent, not opaque – my areola are “visible” through these, but the Nippies “soften” the contrast of skin and areola.I wore them under a thin, knit (1 layer) summer sundress. I couldn’t tell where the Nippies ended and I began. I rinsed & rubbed them under cool water, dried, and put them on the little half-spheres to rest until there next trip out.The A-C size is perfect for me. The larger size would work well also.These were amazing and absolutely worth the cost.Looking to get some of the lift style Nippies next. I may get the larger size for the lift style to ensure adequate support for lift.

  5. T.Funaro

    I know that sounds really hyperbolic, but these have actually, significantly improved my life. I am petite with 30H boobs. For modesty I’ve always worn very structured (rigid) moulded cup bras. They add bulk, they’re hot, uncomfortable, and not cute. I’ve always wanted to wear an unlined lacy bra but couldn’t do so without being nips out all day (thanks to the a-hole who teased me ruthlessly as a teen). Nobody should feel shame or be shamed for their body, even their visible nips! That said, sometimes, for me, there are times I’m more comfortable with good nip shields. THESE are the BEST. The ones I’ve had on the past didn’t offer the coverage I needed, even in a structured/moulded bra. Ladies, I’m wearing an unlined, lace bra right now, at work, in a cold office and nobody would know. I feel better about my body wearing this bra. I feel happier wearing this bra. My life has changed since wearing this bra and the ONLY REASON I can do this and feel great is because of these sticky beauties. Get them, throw on the thinnest bra, or NO BRA at all, and go out into the world (where woman’s bodies are over sexualized and judged) feeling like a bad ass.

  6. IceQueen

    I am a C cup following breast reconstruction from a bilateral mastectomy due to cancer- which I am very thankful to have anything resembling breasts at all! Anybody who’s been through it knows that most of us are left with unsightly scars and possibly uneven areas that are not flattering depending on the top you choose to wear. This summer the heat has been miserable and wearing a bra makes it so much worse!!!I decided to give these covers a try, really not expecting much. Boy was I shocked at how awesome they are!!! This has been a total game changer for me. Even though I was able to have a nipple – sparing procedure and the smaller size of this product covered well, I ordered the larger size and I pretty much never wear a bra now (except at work-lol). The great thing is – you can’t tell! Now to be fair, I am small chested and reconstructed breasts that are small need less support so there’s that…but WOW, if I could I would just hug whoever came up with these. I am allergic to regular adhesives and these silicone covers have not irritated my skin once. The relief is beyond words. I’m not having to change bras multiple times a day from sweating through them. I know that’s gross but it is what it is and this gal will be a customer for life! And if it hadn’t of been on Amazon where I could read the reviews first, I may never have given them a second thought.

  7. Jen

    I’m in love with this nipple cover! I usually use D or DD bra and it fit as expected. I was impressed how well the covers stayed on during the heat and sweat! I’m living where it’s very humid and was concerned it would come off after an hour. It stayed over 6 hours! It’s never came off on their own. I wonder if some of the people that left reviews are having problems with adhesion are not re sticking it back to the plastic bag thing it originally came with. I’ve had 0 problems reusing this! I have had to wash this with soap and water and the adhesion is staying strong! The best experience I’ve had is being able to wear a white tank top and not seeing the cover or anything! This product is worth every penny, will def will buying more in the future!!

  8. D. K. Moore

    I have this one bathing suit where the pads float around and look TERRIBLE. Removing them makes me nippy, and my gravity-forsaken, life-giving mama boobies don’t look like they used to with no support.Enter these stickies. I honestly didn’t have high hopes, but imagine my surprise when these suckers made my bathing suit look *FLAWLESS*. I swear they not only are capable of giving these old girls a little lift, but they make absolutely no lines under my bathing suit too!I mean, frankly they also hang on on rivers, in lakes, and in the ocean. They stick when wet.And not just water wet… Texas was over here breaking record head all summer. Which is a lot when you grew up in Houston anyway. These held up under so many cute outfits! I wound up buying a second pair because they became my favorite summer bra. I would forget I was wearing them, and no struggle with a wet bra from sweat, or shimmying up a strapless that fell down to my waist.This product deserves ALL the stars! Really stellar!

  9. Jae

    I want to replace all my bras with these sticky silicone things. Being a barely A with especially enthusiastic greeters makes finding a bra that fits very difficult. I reach for these more than any other bra. My ladies are free to be the fat rolls they want without the bulgy back fat that bra straps create. I am a pretty sweaty person and they have not unstuck. They pass the white t shirt test. I rinse them off every night with cold water and put them back in their plastic cup with the film on top. Even if they aren’t fully dry in the morning, the stickiness is not a problem. They could also potentially be a marathoner man’s best friend. Recommending them to everyone.

  10. K

    UPDATE: After 2 months of use, these no longer stick on the edges of the cover, they wrinkle and leave gaps, so I have to wear a bra to smooth them down, which defeats the entire purpose. Also the edges of the cover are peeling away, so there is silicone missing from the sides. I will probably try a different brand next time. For the amount of time that these last, I’d like them to be about $15 rather than $30+.Based on all of the stellar reviews, I decided to take a chance on these and I am so glad I did. I’ve never liked bras, switched about 4 years ago to wearing sports bras/bralettes only. But I hate the feeling of straps digging into me. Now that I have these, it’s unlikely I’ll ever wear a bra again. I’m hoping they last forever because I want to use them forever. Firstly, it’s very fun/funny to see yourself with ‘Barbie boobs’ as I call them. Secondly, the adhesive works great and has taken many washes and still is holding up great. It’s not sticky enough to hurt badly when you remove them. You cannot see the edges through a shirt. They work so well and honestly help with chafing a lot, I hate going braless in certain shirts because of the shirt texture. I am 5ft10 and weight around 165 and my ladies are C-D, so I chose the larger size and it was perfect. I do wish the container was a bit larger, I can never seem to get them perfect on the plastic thingy so they don’t fit well into the case. They have held up very well through sweat, but there will be peeling after you’ve sweat. Even sweating profusely, they still hang on a bit.I cannot recommend them enough, do yourself a favor and get these right now!!

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