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About this item ORGANIC CHAI TEA – 16oz/453g Resealable Bag (1 Pound) SMILE SIP & FEEL GOOD – Brew 200 cups of tea with this premium loose leaf variety! LOOSE LEAF TEA – Our loose, organic tea allows you to customize each cup according to your sipping preference. No unnecessary waste from bags or strings. Just organic loose leaf tea, ready to enjoy! CERTIFIED USDA ORGANIC – All our products are certified USDA Organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), a leader in organic certification. Look for the USDA Organic seal on our products! LOVE IT OR WE BUY IT – We don’t think you should pay for products that you don’t love. If you aren’t enjoying our products, simply let us know and we will refund your order – it’s as easy as that!

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Organic Chai Loose Leaf Tea is a spiced tea that originates from India. Most often associated with the region of Kashmir, it is a popular beverage in India now. It is made by boiling black peppercorns, cardamom pods, and cinnamon sticks in water along with two teaspoons of sugar or honey and some milk to serve it.

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10 reviews for Organic Chai Loose Leaf Tea | Brew 200 Cups | Blended in USA | 16oz/453g Resealable Kraft Bag | by FGO Grocery & Gourmet Food

  1. Barry

    I bought it, actually, for growing my hair, but I ended up just drinking the tea because it tastes so great, IMO, and is noncaffeinated. Delicious tea, big bag of tea bags. Each tea bag produced a rich cup of tea! I would order this again.

  2. Philo

    Review for: Organic Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea 16oz bag (1pound), bought September 2020.The underlying black tea is a good mix of Keemun and Assam. The Keemun makes for a lighter tea that does not drown out the Bergamotte oil, or force an amount that makes the tea taste soapy. Twinings itself has replaced most of the real Bergamotte oil with extract and their website doesn’t say how much real Bergamotte is left. I still like Twinings Earl Grey, it’s been my family tea for more than half a century, but knowing that this organic product uses only the real thing (2% organic Bergamotte content, as per ingredient list) is an extra star in my book. The tea that arrived was super fresh with an aromatic scent (expiry date end of January 2023), which is important as the bergamotte oil fragrance and tea aroma will evaporate over time.The taste is a delicious, light to medium strength Earl Grey, great on its own or (for lighter taste) mixed with 1/3rd Darjeeling. If you are used to soapily strong Earl Grey variants or those made with Assam alone, you may find it too light. If you like Twinings, you’ll probably like it alot.I have not been able to do a direct taste comparison side by side, as I ran out of Twinings before this arrived, but as I am sitting here, sipping a cup of the hot, dark-golden liquid with a small teaspoon of cane sugar, tasting a well balanced mix of light black tea and bergamotte oil, I am letting out a satisfied sigh. I am finding this one to be an excellent substitute.Update 2021: Had 3 1-pound-bags of this in the meantime, and all of them were perfectly aromatic and tasty.Preparation instructions:Serve in thin-lipped bone-china cups of approx. 6oz size (better sensory experience than mugs for delicate teas, see image).Use 2 tea pots and a straining sieve: one pot to steep the leaves and another to strain the brewed tea into, in order to get the leaves out before they turn bitter.Bring 3 cups / 24 oz of water to boil, pour over 6g (0.22oz) Earl Grey tea leaves while still boiling. The leaves should float freely in a pre-warmed tea pot. For less or more tea, just multiply or divide water and tea by the same amounts.Strain after no longer than 3 minutes of steeping through a tea-straining sieve into the serving tea pot. (I am setting a timer to 2:40 min brewing time and don’t stress over 20 seconds more). When I strain the tea, I either stirr the leaves right before, or let the leaves drip from the sieve after straining, to get all the full, concentrated tea. (if you accidentally steeped it too long, you can try decanting without stirring the leaves and it might save you from a bitter experience). I drink it with a little cane sugar and a piece of bread with something sweet on it, and thereafter, my brain starts working. If you are a Trekkie and have not tried what Picard’s favorite drink really is about when properly prepared, this is it. If yours is bitter, you either use too much tea or you let it steep too long.Oh, and I never use tea bags for black tea. It is filled with the tea dust that is breaking off from the properly dried tea leaves, the leftover after the leaves have been packaged. That tends to make for an overpoweringly strong tea, plus the dust tends to seep into the tea itself. Either that or (with luxury versions=filled with proper leaves) it does not have enough room for giving off its taste. Free floating is the way to go.If you want to avoid the garbage getting all wet, just leave the used leaves to drip and dry in the sieve over the pot you used for steeping before throwing them away.Disclaimer: this is the first time ever I bought this product. I have picked and paid it myself and have nothing whatsoever to do with either FGO, Amazon or Twinings. This is a pure tea enthusiast’s review article and I hope you enjoyed it and your tea.

  3. Buckeyegirl76

    I don’t know what they changed. Seems like the hemp bags giving the ginger tea had an almost chemical or off flavor after taste. Last gime I had any, I literally emptied the ginger into a coffee filter and ran hot water through it that way. Really liked this product but something changed.

  4. Music Fan

    Overall, this is a really good product. The rose hips appear to be good quality and had a very nice smell and really good flavor. The packaging is very good as well. I use rose hips to make herbal tea and I like the tartness that it adds. Rose hips have a lot of vitamin C as well. I also like to use hawthorn berries as well for the same reason. I highly recommend this product.

  5. charles swanson

    I love high end teas. And drink camomile as a cheap wash for the evening prior to bed. So i ran out and went to Amazon to see what they had. Saw this and said that’s the perfect ticket. But after i got it and opened the bag for the first time; I mean WOW!! This is a premium high end tea for pennies. If you keep Camomile on hand; this is a NO Brainer. Amazing Fresh, High Quality, and a 100 Large bags – can make 10 cups easy with 1 bag. Love This Stuff !!!

  6. Cristina

    I love THIS Peppermint tea!! When I opened the bag for the first time the intense peppermint aroma was overwhelming. I felt like I was in a field of mint. I closed my eyes and breathed in deep and felt the mintiness deep into my lungs and sinues! It was so relaxing yet energizing! Excellent product and tastes great too! This is the first time I have tried this brand. If the rest of the teas are as pure and fresh as this I would feel like I won the lottery! We shall see! Thank you FGO

  7. Christine C.

    This turmeric tea is perfect for before bedtime. I am drinking this daily to ease any inflammation in my body. The flavor is not intensely strong, but just enough to make a soothing, flavorful cup of tea; there are sufficient notes of ginger and tumeric, though I don’t sense the cinnamon as much. I’m surprised there are 1600mg of tumeric in one cup — that’s nearly the recommended dose for one day! I think that’s a good thing, but am limited to one tea bag per day. The large bag is sealable and easy to store. I’m happy with my purchase and highly recommend.

  8. Anna M. Waddell

    I’ve been drinking this for a little over a week now. I have chronic migraines, either RA or Lupus (still waiting for the Dr to decide), can go through periods of chronic UTI’s, PCOS, and all the lovely fatigue, brain fog, pain, extreme difficulty losing weight, etc that go along with these issues. The first thing I noticed with this tea was when I had a bad UTI and that night I started drinking the tea. That tea completely got rid of my UTI. I was completely pain free in less then 2 days! Antibiotics have never worked that well for me. I recently started adding the lemon and honey and have been losing about .5lbs to 1lbs per day. I’ve been eating healthier for a couple of months maybe more and had lost about 7-8 lbs. I’m now down 11lbs which is 4-5lbs since drinking the tea. I didn’t want to do a crash diet to lose a ton of weight fast. I wanted to make changes that wouldn’t leave me feeling starving or unable to have the yummy things when I craved them (within reason of course). I just didn’t want to feel so restricted and miserable like so many other diets made me feel.If you’ve never heard of moringa tea I’m telling you you need to read up on it! Also I have heard many stories of how this tea helped with infertility. Josh and I tried for about a year to get pregnant. We tried everything… diets, supplements, prescriptions, etc. A friend introduced this to me and after a month of drinking this we got pregnant.I’m not getting any benefits for posting this. I know others have the same issues I do and even worse. Just wanted to share my experience with this in hopes that it may benefit someone else. Would love to hear anyone else’s experience with Moringa tea too!I’ve also been taking Beet Root and Kelp Extract along with some other common vitamins for a few months now as well.

  9. Valya

    I tried an iced matcha latte from a popular coffeeshop and within an hour I was researching how to make them at home. After reading many reviews, I settled on this powder, and here I am already, buying another pouch. I whisk 3 teaspoons in 1/4 C. warm water, then pour over ice and add oat milk. I like my drinks sweet so I add a little extra white sugar, pop in a straw, and try not to drink the whole thing at once. It’s delicious.

  10. littlesatilla

    I have been consuming Hibiscus tea for over a year. My local grocery was hit and miss regarding in stock or out of stock. Finally I jumped on line and found the Organic Hibiscus and find it to be the most flavorable I’ve ever experienced. The subtle hint of citrus is a bonus. Please note, it’s not 100% Hibiscus. There are quite a few additional ingredients included.

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