Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter Concentrate Makes 4 Gallons, Odor Free, Dries Fast, 32 fl. oz. : Patio, Lawn & Garden

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Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter Concentrate is a non-staining, odor free insect killer that kills common household bugs inside and keeps insects out of your house KILLS COMMON HOUSEHOLD BUGS: Effective against a number of insects including the mosquito, cockroach, fly, ant, spider, wasp, beetle, cherry fruit fly, silverfish, mite, scorpion, stink bug, and tick LONG-LASTING: Provides up to 12 months of protection from ants, roaches, and spiders (indoors on non-porous surfaces) USE WITH CONFIDENCE: Use indoors (for kitchens, bathrooms, doors & windows, and basements) and outdoors (along the perimeter of the foundation, on patios & decks, and in garages) where insects are a recurring problem EASY TO USE: Each 32 oz. container can be mixed with water and can make up to 4 gallons of insect killer which can be applied by using a tank sprayer

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The Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor and Perimeter, 32 oz. is an insecticide concentrate that kills bugs fast. The insecticide is odorless so it won’t bother you, but will kill insects as they come into contact with the product. This Ortho product comes in 4 gallon concentrate which will be enough to treat 4 garden size areas or 1/2 acre of area up to 3 feet high with one gallon of the product.This insecticide is a ready-to-use spray that allows you to cover up to 1/2 acre of area with one gallon. You will only need 2 gallons of water in order to mix the concentrate into 4 gallons of spray, so that’s less water than other brands and reduces the amount of time it takes to mix the product before spraying. This Ortho insecticide can be used outdoors or indoors and works quickly without any lingering odor of insecticide after application.You will have to set up a sprayer for this product. It can be used indoors or outdoors and the directions for use are on the product label. You will have to add 2 gallons of fresh water to the quart jar and then add 2 quarts of concentrate into that water, shake it well and pour it into your sprayer. You will mix 4 gallons with 4 gallons of water, so that’s 32 ounces in every gallon of water you mix the concentrate into.

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4.5 out of 5 stars

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10 reviews for Ortho Home Defense Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter Concentrate Makes 4 Gallons, Odor Free, Dries Fast, 32 fl. oz. : Patio, Lawn & Garden

  1. EMJ

    So first time I used this was for centipedes and it do a good job, the house was old so it didn’t quite remedy the problem as a whole. But let me tell you, recently my trash was not picked on its regular schedule and they didn’t come back until the next scheduled time. That means my trash sat out there for 2 weeks! Mind you, I have soiled baby diapers in there. They finally came and I pulled the trash can back to side of house and opened it to put baking soda in it to help with the odor. There were MAGGOTS!!! I about fainted! I read the reviews and it said does not work on maggots. YES IT DOES! They were all dead within half hour! Sprayed the hell out of the can inside and out, closed the lid and let it do its thing. Rinsed, Clorox sprayed outside and then gave it a good dose of this stuff on the inside once more, to ensure I don’t have another episode.IT DOES WORK ON MAGGOTS FYI!!!

  2. Kat Deppmeier

    I was stuck in a groundhog day of ant massacres. No matter how many I killed or how many bait traps I set, they always came back somewhere else, stronger. Not to be dramatic, but this product is my hero! I have not seen a single ant since I sprayed the outside of my house, and that was over a month ago. I didn’t spray it inside, because I worry about my cat, but that hasn’t seemed to lessen the impact. If you are tired of stepping on ants, I highly recommend this product!

  3. Aubrey

    I sprayed the perimeter of our home and porch with this spray, and it has worked fantastically!At night I used to see ants crawling all over the outside of the house, even up towards our second story window. That same night I wasn’t able to find a single ant crawling on our house.Today I went out to play with my son, and we found a pile of dead ants in one corner of our porch where I had sprayed.This spray isn’t intended to kill ant hills, but it does kill them if they come in contact with it.Now our porch is relatively ant free!

  4. AmazonCustomer777

    I’ve been using this for years at various places I’ve lived. Works really well, just remember to re-apply on a regular cadence. I usually spray the house completely about twice a year, and do spot applications every 3 months (around doors, windows, the garage). As long as you’re consistent you will see results.But, here’s what I’ve been thinking lately: The chemical this uses is Bifenthrin, which you can buy in concentrate form for about $20 and it makes several hundred gallons. When I run out of the jug of this Ortho I still have I might just buy that concentrate and mix it together myself- already have the jug and sprayer!

  5. dragonfly

    i have had a carpenter ant invasion for 6 years – they have lots of nests in trees, especially a huge (almost 5 feet at base) cedar tree about 50′ from my house (it was so infested, a huge pileated woodpecker showed up a couple months ago and started tearing into the bark to get them – but hardly dented them)… they finally got into one of the walls of my home a few years ago, and i would go out every night during summer and fall and sprinkle diatomaceous earth on them as they foraged around… mixed up may own borax-sugar bait that finally took care of the ones in the wall – but it wasn’t working anywhere else… tried other commercial baits with no real success… I would occasionally find a nest and douse it with diatomaceous earth and that would work – but the DE didn’t work on the nests in the trees… I diid not want to go with insecticide because I have a couple cats that roam around outside and insecticide creeps me out (rather than spray, i catch about a dozen black widows a year and release them about ¼ mile up the road in the woods) – but then the ants got into my shed and that was the final straw… i kept the cats inside and sprayed the trees and the wall of the shed and around the perimeter of the house and shed – THE ANTS ARE GONE… oh, a few strays wandering around, but the nests in the trees seem to be gone… can’t say how long this will last though…

  6. Pricilla

    after discovering this bug spraying only used this. It’s a great perimeter spray. Once the bugs cross over it, they die. Good for roaches, ants, spiders. I spray it on the windowsill and find dead mosquitoes and flies too. I definitely recommend this if you need a bug cure. There is a bit of a scent if you’re going to spray the whole house/perimeter. I recommend spraying after cleaning the floors and everywhere thoroughly. Once it dries, you don’t smell it anymore. I always have my kid and dog go in the room and stay on the bed until it’s dry and safe to walk Around. I don’t want my dog to go sniffing and being curious.

  7. Sandy Sconce

    I live in a trailer and get spiders. After getting bite by spider and getting IV antibiotics from r two weeks, I found this product. My bathroom also get ants in the spring time, and I spray window seal and outside by bathroom and it takes care of them for about 3 months, then I reapply I bought this brand for years and the cost is great as well.

  8. FrozenTouch

    Seemed to work. Been in a new house, and earlier this summer, we were getting a cock roach encounter almost nightly all of a sudden. Our cats are very good at detecting, finding, and playing with them, otherwise I don’t even know if we’d of known. I put this stuff around the house outside, I did the inside of my garage, both around the walls and the garage door, and also in the gaps between the concrete rectangles. Got those same gaps down my driveway leading to the garage as well.Still had a few encounters initially, but they slowed down, and basically stopped. Might get 1 every 3 to 4 weeks now. I started finding bodies in the garage every now and then, and that stopped too. This stuff doesn’t kill these insects instantly, it seems to hurt them over time. Ones you find, will be slower, sometimes basically dying.I did not spray inside, aside from the garage. I was going to spray inside, if we didn’t see results, but it seemed to have worked. Either the spray worked and has done wonders, or the pests may have been a time of year thing, or related to construction in the area, I’m not sure. But as far as I can tell, this stuff worked for us.As for the amounts, I have a 1 story, 1950 square foot house, and I was able to do the entire house perimeter, the inside garage , the driveway, and I was left with what feels like half, or just under half left.

  9. Mike P

    I used this in a Brooklyn basement apartment for 5 years and never saw a live bug. Occasionally, I would see a dead one in the foyer which means it works.Places to apply Inside- anywhere floor meets wall. Under sinks and stoves. Behind toilet. Any penetrations that are ‘sealed’ from outside.Places to apply outside – All along the Sill plate of the house (Where the structure of the house meets the foundation). On door thresholds and along inside edges. Window sills. Penetrations from outside (cable, wires, A/C connections)Also – do not allow any bushes or branches to touch your house – trim them

  10. Sonya & Gee

    Ortho kills bugs instantly (on contact) and keeps them away. What I do is treat the area that has the problem by spraying baseboards, around pipes, and behind cabinets for immediate results. Since bugs crawl I also put down boric acid after this stuff dries. Nothing survives boric acid, they crawl through it and take it to their hiding spaces/nests. It attaches to their bodies and cuts them while they continue to spread it by crawling. Boric acid takes patience though it kills in 2-5 days. They have that stuff at the dollar store. I live in a twin home so when my neighbor (insecticide) bombs her house is when I have problems. I use this spray to send them back to her. The boric acid kills anything that remains that may have resistance. I also spray the perimeter of my home outside with Ortho. This stuff also keeps them out.

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