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Rich Blood (Jason Rich) 9781542037273: Bailey, Robert: Books


Rich Blood



Attorney Jason Rich has made a fortune off other people’s bad luck. His billboard slogan—“In an accident? Get Rich!”—accosts motorists on highways from Alabama to Florida. As ambulance chasers go, he’s exceptional.

But after a recent divorce and a stint in rehab, Jason has hit a rough patch. And things only get worse when his sister, Jana, is accused of her husband’s murder. Even though Jason has no experience trying criminal cases, Jana begs him to represent her.

Jason has mixed feelings about returning to Lake Guntersville, Alabama—and even more reservations about diving back into his sister’s life. Between the drugs, the affairs, and a tendency to gaslight everyone in her inner circle, Jana has plenty of enemies in town.

But did Jana hire someone to kill her husband? Jason isn’t so sure. He heads back to his hometown to unravel the truth and face off against opponents old and new.

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10 reviews for Rich Blood (Jason Rich) 9781542037273: Bailey, Robert: Books

  1. M. Emrich

    This is by far one of the best First Read (ie, free) books Amazon has ever offered. Even though the setting takes place in Alabama and constantly mentions their football program, it was still really good. There were a few things that seemed forced or unbelievable, like when the District Attorney spent all of two minutes questioning the star witness for the defense, but the rest of the lawyering was just fine. The author did a fine job of setting up future books, planting seeds of a blood feud as well as giving the protagonist a possible love interest. And the passages about the hardships of addiction seemed personal and relevant. I’d have liked a bit more meat on the bone – more character development for folks like Chase and Cade – but perhaps that will come later. Anyway, great read!

  2. Kindle Customer

    I began reading Robert Bailey’s books about two years ago. I had been diagnosed with cancer and going through some difficult times. I have always loved to read and i especially love a good “who dunnit” in which i cannot determine who did it within the first paragraph. To keep my mind off of my own circumstances i decided to read an author i had not read before. I enjoyed the first books he wrote. We share some things in common. I am from Alabama, my family are not only die hard Alabama fans, but we can recall the great Bear Bryant and of course now Nick Saban. I have been to many of the places he writes about so it is easy for me to place myself in the scenes. I suppose the most important reason I enjoy his books-he is a darn good storyteller. A good Southern storyteller along the same lines as Rick Bragg and Sean Dietrich. Southern writers always tell a good story.

  3. Susan Vrabel-Williams

    This novel grabs you with both hands and will not let go!When Braxton Waters is brutally murdered on the fourth of July, his drug addicted, alcoholic wife is the immediate suspect and she’s dragged off to jail.Jason Rich is leaving rehab for alcoholism when he receives word that his sister, Jana Waters, is being charged with the murder of her husband. Jason is a personal injury lawyer, with billboards all over Alabama and surrounding states… hardly the person one would want as their attorney in a capital punishment case…but he is full of surprises!Add in a meth dealer, a trio of former military security, two teenage girls with attitude, along with some of the best courtroom writing that I’ve ever read, and you get a Robert Bailey novel.This is the first time I’ve read this author, but it certainly won’t be the last. I’m really looking forward to the next Jason Rich book.

  4. Kindle Customer

    Jason Rich has been in rehab for the last 90days due to alcoholism. The day he gets out he sees a message from his sister, Jana Waters. She’s been arrested for murdering her husband and needs his be help. Everything points to her guilt. Jason is a personal injury attorney and has never tried a murder case. Everyone he speaks to tells him to walk away and let her get a court appointed attorney, but it’s his sister and he can’t turn his back on her. You don’t know until the end of the book who the murderer is. This is a very good mystery that you will enjoy.

  5. Valleri

    Amazon Prime First Reads for August.I so enjoyed Rich Blood and I’m thrilled it’s going to be a series!!Jason Rich is one of those personal injury attorneys who plaster the streets and highways with advertising billboards: “Injured in an accident? Call 1-800-GET RICH.” Tacky? Yes. Effective? Also yes! Although Jason has zero criminal defense experience, he’s the attorney his older sister calls when she is suspected of murdering her husband – even though he has just gotten out of rehab for alcohol abuse and is recently divorced.I absolutely loved the way the characters developed throughout the book. The pace was fast and the courtroom scenes were nailbiters! I can’t wait for Rich Waters to be finished! Well done, Mr. Bailey!

  6. Louise S. Anderson

    I got this book as part of Prime First Reads for September, and I am so pleased that I made this selection. Others have detailed the plot and so on, so I am not going to re-hash that. My personal experience is one of staying up late, in bed, with my Kindle illuminating the blankets, because I “had to know” how it ended. Such a great narrative, with multi-dimensional characters. I was so excited when I got the notice that Book 2 was available, then crushed that it won’t be accessible until some time in 2023. I’ll be impatiently looking forward to Jason Rich’s next case.

  7. Marrianna Dougherty

    My first read by Robert Bailey because I chose his book on August 1 for the free Amazon Prime First Read free eBook. The first legal thriller I’ve read and it won’t be the last. Since this is the first book in a new series by Mr. Bailey, I look forward to what happens next. Some real surprises in the book and excellent writing. A few laughs. I never figured it out and was surprised at the ending. I think that if you like legal thrillers, you might like this book. It definitely wasn’t dry or predictable.

  8. JRL

    I got this book thru Prime First Reads.This is the beginning of a new series. It starts with Jason receiving a message from his neice asking for his help. It appears that his sister, Jana, has been charged with the murder of her husband. An individual has been arrested for the killing and he has told the sheriff’s deputies that Jana paid money to have her husband. Jason has been out of contact since he was undergoing treatment for alchol excess and that was the 1st time he had checked his phone. Jason gets into his hometown and goes to visit Jana. Everybody arround him is telling hoim not to take the case. Because of all the attention that the case has brought, he decides to defend his sister even though he hasn’t been involved with criminal matters in his practice.He eventually is threatened and at that time brings in security personnel to protect himself and his neices. It seems that this individual needs to make sure that he isn’t brought up in this trial. Jason agrees with the request and then starts investigating the crime and trying to figure out how it can be done with all the evidence that is available is against him.Follow Jason as he pursues the facts and learn what unexpected help he receives from people not part of his firm. Follow the yrial as the witnesses testify and see how Jason peforms in this trial. Learn of all the possible people that could be the guilty party.This book meets the high standards that Robert O’Brien has done in the previous series.

  9. vegasbill

    Robert Bailey does a good job of making what seems obvious, questionable. He sets the stage to make it appear Jason Rich’s sister, Jana, has conspired and paid to have her husband murdered. The remainder of the book delves deeply into the personal lives of Jason, Jana and the various colorful characters in their small Southern town. Their lives are rife with alcohol abuse, drug abuse, marital infidelity and various sorts of criminal activity. Bailey has done a masterful job of misdirection with the setup of the story. Though Jana is not guiltless in the way she conducted her life, Jason needs to prove murder is something to which she wouldn’t resort.The book moves along at a smooth pace with the suspense and excitement building as we move toward Jana’s climactic trial. Bailey continues to use misdirection as Jason and the reader are taken down some frustrating blind alleys which make the mystery all the more delectable. He does a good job of detailing Jason’s trial strategy but spares us the tedious procedural details of gathering the information needed to build his case. The mystery takes a major but believable twist at the trial’s climax leaving the reader satisfied that justice has been or will be done.This is a good legal thriller which I recommend to those who enjoy the genre.

  10. Scarlett

    I love to read, and I’ve read a lot of books recently! They just seem to get better and better except for one I couldn’t even read because it was so offensive. “Rich Blood” is the first book I’ve read by Robert Bailey, and I just finished it. I’m already looking for another book by him because this book was absolutely fantastic! I’m a paralegal so I know the legal procedures, terminology, etc, in the story were extremely accurate. The plot was fascinating and kept me on the edge of my seat. I hated for anything to interrupt my reading because I didn’t want to wait to find out what happened next. If you haven’t read a book by this author, please start with “Rich Blood.” I think you’ll be as happy as I am that I discovered another legal author who can hold my interest just like John Grisham always does. I’ve read almost all of the Grisham legal thrillers. He’s one of my most favorite authors. I’m going to read more by Robert Bailey and decide if he is in my category with Grisham. Bravo Mr Bailey!! Superb writing, excellent plot, and very little of anything to repulse you like explicit sex or grating profanity. I’ll be writing more reviews of your books for sure!

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