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Works with Ring Video Doorbell 3, Video Doorbell 3 Plus, Video Doorbell 4, Peephole Cam, Stick Up Cam Battery (2nd and 3rd Gen), Spotlight Cam Battery, and Smart Lighting Solar Floodlight. Powers your device for up to six months depending on motion and light settings. Includes a quick-release tab to easily change the battery without moving the device.

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Many people became familiar with rechargeable batteries in the form of recharging mobile phone batteries. Nowadays, rechargeable battery packs have become a common household item, but what is a rechargeable battery pack? It is a device that comes in many different sizes and forms. These battery packs can be used to charge up different devices such as laptops and mobile phones. They are made out of advanced materials like lithium-ion cells which allow them to hold more energy than ever before. Rechargeable battery packs also tend to be smaller and lighter than their disposable counterparts in order for them to fit into any bag or pocket easily.

Usually, people buy these battery packs to save money. By using these rechargeable battery packs, people will not have to pay for the expensive disposables which are thrown away once they die. Rechargeable batteries can be used over and over again until they are rendered unusable and even after that, most of the materials can be recycled. Also, more companies have started making their products compatible with rechargeable batteries in order to cut down on costs. Nowadays, many laptops come with a built-in charger so that one does not need to bring an extra charger around anymore.
































































10 reviews for Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack Amazon Devices & Accessories

  1. Puzzler

    I finally added a second battery to my drawer. I have three cameras and two of them are solar powered. The camera at my front door, which is tied into my doorbell can not be solar due to a whole mess of problems. Normally I would see the battery was running low, I would remove it and begin the charge. In the meantime, people would ring the doorbell, believing I would be in the house hearing it. Nope – packages would sit and I would be none the wiser. Now, the one in the drawer is fully charged and I can just swap one for the other. I’m never without the protection of my camera or my doorbell. These batteries last a very long time, so I’m not constantly checking to see if they’re low. So when I do see they are, I’m happy to be able to make the quick fix. Wish I would have done this a year or two ago when I first got the darn things. I feel everyone should do this if they have the opportunity. Best purchase ever.

  2. Christine Davis

    I have to periodically charge my battery since it is not hooked up to electricity so I got a second battery to have fully charged so I can simply swap out my battery when it gets low. This way my Ring Doorbell is not down for any period of time.

  3. Diana Barragan

    I used it for my ring Camera. Had to purchase chase a total of 3 to be changing out. 1 came with the camera. Got tired of changing out. Now purchased solor panel.

  4. Amazon Customer

    Adding a battery to the camera means less charging sessions and more camera time. Works like a dream.

  5. Brian F. Vaughan

    The Ring rechargeable battery pack is a great item to have in addition to the battery that comes with the stick up cam so that you don’t have to keep your cameras offline while you charge the battery.

  6. Lauri D.

    I love this charging system because it’s sleek and charges fast. I bought it for back up batteries for my indoor Ring cameras. Worth the extra cost!

  7. Hacien

    I bought this in conjunction with a solar panel to power security cameras on either side of my house. I have never once had an issue with this battery, and it’s purchase three more sense. The solar panel and this work really well together

  8. sara1133

    The batteries (I have one battery along with a back-up in the unit) last 2-3 months if I do not have sound activated or use “live” much. I think I should have gotten a Ring I could connect to electricity because it is difficult for me to be on a 10 foot ladder to change the batteries. Otherwise, they are good batteries.

  9. Craig K.

    My house doesn’t have the 24VDC supply for a doorbell for some reason. There is no transformer for a doorbell anywhere. In fact, we never had a doorbell until I installed Ring video doorbell. My plan was to use a plug in transformer supply from the wall outlet and run the wires to the Ring doorbell, instead of charging and installing the battery again. Well, change of plans as I didn’t want to drill a hole in the house wall.I decided to buy a second battery as a quick replacement whilst the other battery charges. So far this replacement battery is working nicely and the battery swap is as easy as it gets. I like the fact mine was shipped with another charging cable to plug into a USB-C charger. Charge the other battery at home or work, whatever. The job gets done nicely.Result, I am happy with purchasing this second battery. Recommended.

  10. Dave E

    Charges and maintains spare Ring batteries way quicker than using the Micro USB cable supplied with the cameras and doorbells. This unit comes with an 18W brick and USB to USB-C cable that fully charges 2 Ring batteries concurrently in a couple of hours.

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