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1080p HD video doorbell with enhanced features that let you see, hear, and speak to anyone from your phone, tablet, or PC. An update from the original Ring Video Doorbell, enjoy improved motion detection, privacy zones and audio privacy, and crisper night vision. Receive mobile notifications when anyone presses your doorbell or triggers your built-in motion sensors. Powered by the built-in rechargeable battery or connects to existing doorbell wires for constant power. Easily setup by connecting your Ring Video Doorbell to wifi through the Ring app and mounting with the included tools. With a Ring Protect Plan (subscription sold separately), record all your videos, review what you missed for up to 180 days, and share videos and photos. Pair with select Alexa-enabled devices to enable announcements and two-way talk for convenient in-home monitoring.

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Ring is a company that has developed two different doorbells, the Ring Video Doorbell and Ring Video Doorbell Pro. The Ring Video Doorbell features a high-resolution camera that records in 1080p and has night vision, a 160 degree field of view, motion detection, and pre-buffered recording.

What It Does?

This product lets you see what’s happening outside your house with a free App on your smartphone. You can also talk to people in front of your house on the video feed who press the button to speak. The video feed displays both the front and the back of your house.

The video feed is live 24/7, so you can see someone who is walking away from your house like you can’t with a camera on a manned camera. It’s also great for parents because if you have kids who are inside the Ring Video Doorbell, you can monitor them through the Ring app on your smartphone.

This product also works with security cameras. If there is an issue like someone ringing the doorbell while it has motion activated, an alert will get sent to your phone and you’ll know what’s going on outside of your home immediately.




























































10 reviews for Ring Video Doorbell

  1. Erik Guerrero

    You can set up to sensor motions or persons or even packages. Didn’t understand it at first but I got a little help from a friend and YouTube as well. I think it’s pretty simple after you learn how to set it up the way you want it. I bought the basic one which sucks because I have to unscrew it and put it to charge, probably like once once every month and a half just because I have it to notify every movement and person passing by or when I receive packages. Other than that it’s pretty worth it but you should buy an updated version if you don’t want to deal with unscrewing it and screwing it back.

  2. Sam Hunt

    We are not techy people. Our seller on our home used this system and swore by it. During our inspection/walk thru she was notified of our presence immediately and just patched through to make sure we were who we were. She was able to talk to us and we were able to hear her from over 15 feet away clear as day. After reviewing videos and doing some research and talking to her about the system, we installed the bells and tested out the app. It was everything we were expecting and more! We can also edit the range so we don’t pick up motion from the road. It’s a little trial and error but pretty easy to zone in. It did rain the other night but it did not detect the rain – something I wondered about. So far we’ve used it for 4 days and are very happy with it! We did buy the alarm system as well but we have not had a chance to hook those up as we are still in the moving process. So far we’d definitely purchase these again if we ever needed to.

  3. CoyoteMike

    I had an original RING Gen 1 unit, and it has never worked right…Camera quality was terrible, and the motion detection was even worse.My Mom purchased a Gen 2 and it wasn’t much better than mine so you can understand that I was very hesitant to purchase anything else made by RING.When Amazon had its recent sale, they lowered the price of an updated (2020) version of the Gen 1, claiming it was much better.I decided to roll the dice and spent the $79.99 and purchase this updated unit and see for myself it was any better.I installed it today and OMG! what a difference…The picture is so much clearer and seems to have a wider-angle view…Best of all the motion detection is almost real time fast.On my old unit it would detect the motion about 4-5 seconds after someone come to the door and usually all I would see on replay was their back as they were walking away.I highly recommend this updated version of the RING Doorbell camera and I will add comments to this review if I have any issues with it.

  4. AmazonUser

    Our first generation Ring doorbell died on us so I bought the Ring 2020. Have it hardwired to a 18V AC plug in transformer with 500mA current output, and it is working well so far. Contrary to the reviewer who thought it was poorly designed for install, I prefer this install. The wires being connected directly to the doorbell body means that the wires are shielded from rain, unlike the first generation doorbell where the supply wires were connected to the doorbell mount and the doorbell made physical connection with sprung pins against solder pads on the mount, to acquire charge. This is just a much better connection and means charging will be faster.Ring nickel and dimed us by not included the small bubble level for install. I had to use my 12″ level and ended up slightly off-level.Picture quality is good, WiFi remains so-so.

  5. Cork Fork

    I had a slightly older model that had a plastic front. In a brutal winter where it was like negative 30 and in need of a recharge the plastic front broke off into pieces. I ordered this as a replacement, and it looks a lot classier and hopefully its metal–I’m pretty sure it is. Either way, it charges differently and does not require the face plate to be removed so hopefully breaking in cold weather won’t be an issue. For functionality I’ve always been a fan of these things. I love the safety it provides and just knowing when the mail has been delivered or a package, always good stuff.

  6. dlb703

    It’s early, but so far all the Ring components work great. I did need a lot of help with that, though, and that brings me to the best part: Ring customer service is very good. A live person gets on the line quickly, understands my questions, and helps get things working. Too many companies nowadays don’t care about customer service. Ring is a welcome exception. Thank you, Ring Customer Service!The doorbell seems to work fine, the Spotlight Camera, not so much. The doorbell sees delivery people at the front door, but the driveway camera doesn’t see them at all, and the only way to the front door is up the driveway! My 30 day return window will close soon and Ring Customer Service, which was good help setting up, is not so good at problem resolution. I’m getting very frustrated!Ring was a hugh mistake. It took more than a month to realize how big a mistake so now it’s too late to return.

  7. Daraya Mayers

    I keep telling my bf this was he best purchase we made all yr? the video is so clear both during the day & night. With it recording every motion & sending alerts immediately gives me the reassurance that my home is okay when I’m not there. I also love that you get alerts from ppl in the neighborhood so you can stay current with what’s happening. The audio is also so good that you can even hear your dog barking from inside for anyone with anxiety about their pets when they aren’t home!

  8. Mrs. M

    Purchased this device a few months ago. It’s been functioning properly. Mounting it wasn’t hard, but you will need a hammer drill if you have a brick home. You can rent these from Home Depot for a few hours use. You can find videos on YouTube to help you. Don’t drill into the mortar… just the brick!I plan on buying the solar attachment so the battery will stay charged. Depending on your settings, it can run about 3 months before you need to take it down for charging. This is pretty accurate. I’ve only charged it once since I’ve had it. Still, the solar attachment will keep it charged for you so it makes sense to get it.

  9. Irwin Fletcher

    I don’t care what anyone says — and I have a friend who claims he pays nothing — but you must have “Ring Protect” in order to see the 15 seconds or so leading up to, including, and after someone comes to your door. Otherwise, you’ll just get a notification and even if you’re quickdraw, on the ball, at best you might see them walking away because all you have is the Live View. Ring Protect ($40/year) is what you need to record and see someone walking up, ringing the bell and/or leaving a package, TPing your house, whatever. So just be ready for $40/year, but IMHO, it’s worth it. Just kinda sad because it’s ANOTHER subscription that contributes to bleeding the average family dry.

  10. Christine Doty

    I purchased this to have it on my backdoor of my house. I currently have a ring battery spotlight cam and a ring doorbell on the front of my house. These products have came in handy due to the rising amount of individuals trying to break into other peoples homes. So, this is just extra added defense for my home and protection of my children. I have not had issues with any of my devices connecting to the internet and they really do help keep an eye on the front and back of the house and on my driveway. I will recommend ring products for sure!

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