Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4″ LCD, 150° Wide Angle, WDR, Night Vision Electronics

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About this item 4K ULTRA HD RECORDING – The Rove R2-4k dash camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160p. The ultra hd video recording quality is so good that you will notight Sce much more clarity and quality difference than all other car dash cams. Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology (Ultra-low liensor NT96660 + SONY IMX335) helps to get comparatively clearer footage and images from the recording in low light condition BUILT-IN WiFi – Use the ROVE App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and android devices. By using the app you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smart phone and then easily share these on social media with friends and family DASH CAM WITH GPS – Built-in GPS accurately records your driving location and speed. View your driving route and tracker on google maps via Wi-Fi using the App or with our Car DV Player. We provide FREE Firmware Upgrade for this car camera FEATURES WITH STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY INCLUDED – The car dashboard camera has f1.8 apertures (the largest in the industry), parking mode, motion detection, 150° A+ wide angle lens, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-mo video, supports up to 512GB class 10 – U3 speed micro SD card (NOTE: MEMORY CARD NOT INCLUDED) 100% USA-CHICAGO BASED CUSTOMER-CENTRIC COMPANY & CUSTOMER CARE – This dash camera for cars is backed by full 1-YEAR WARRANTY. You can text us for (Faster Response) or Email our customer care and we will answer any of your questions and resolve arising issues fast. If you’re having any doubts, it comes with a FULL REFUND within 30 DAYS
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Rove R2-4K dash cam is the perfect car dashboard camera for those who like to have a clear view of their vehicle from any angle. The camera can be connected to your car’s WiFi and it will automatically update its data according to your location. This makes it possible to view your footage in real-time, which is a great addition for safety purposes.

Product Description

Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard CameraROVE R2-4K is today’s most advanced and powerful 4K Video Car Dash Camera featuring ‒

Novatek NT96660 Fast Processor ∭ SONY STARVIS IMX 335 Ultra-Low Light 5MP CMOS Sensor ∭ F1.8 Large Aperture ∭ 6-Glass Wide Angle Lens

⇨ The Hardware is meticulously designed to provide crystal clear 4K video not only during the day but also during the night-time with its ultra low light Sony STARVIS sensor with super night vision technology

⇨ The Advanced Software is the heart of this dash camera. We have spent countless hours making its custom-designed software for the user-friendliness and personalised experience that we desire in today’s world

⇨We provide how-to videos that will help you set up your camera easily, personalised customer care and a beautifully written user manual for any dash cam enthusiast.



  • A memory card is NOT included in the packaging.
  • Max Support 512 GB Micro SD Card.
  • ✔ Class 10, U3 Speed Micro-SD Card for 4K Video is required. We recommend Samsung ProEndurance Class 10, U3 Speed Micro SD Card. ASIN: B09WB1857W | Link:
  • ✘ Please DON’T USE any “Samsung EVO Select”, “Samsung PRO Plus 128GB”, “SanDisk Ultra” or other “Generic Class 10” Cards from third-party sellers. They are NOT made for 4K Ultra-HD high-end dash cam like this one. The Camera will notify you that “The Memory Card Speed Too Slow” alert if you get any of these cards.

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021


dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021What is included in the box?


  • Rove R2-4K Dash Cam
  • Rove Dual USB Car Charger
  • USB Power Cable (12 FT)
  • USB Data Cable (2.5 FT)
  • 360° Suction Mount
  • 360° 3M Spare Sticky Mount
  • Electrostatic Film for 3M Mount
  • Car Wiring Trim Tool
  • 5x Cable Hiding Clips
  • User Manual & Registration Card
  • 180° Video Rotate Feature
  • Multi Language Support
  • Loop Recording
  • Built-In 3-Axis G-Sensor
  • Time Lapse Video – 1fps, 2fps, 4fps
  • Voice Guidance & Parking Mode Alerts
  • Slow-Mo Video – 720P @120fps
  • 12 MP Photo Resolution & so much more

Next Level Of Video Experience!

Crystal Clear Day & Night Recording.

Why Choose ROVE?


  • ROVE is an American start-up from the windy city of Chicago, IL.
  • At ROVE, we don’t just sell dash cams. we sell our obsession, which is user experience, video quality, and all features.
  • We are constantly improving and provide FREE firmware updates and APP updates for iOS & Android.
  • 100% US-based support. We have got your back if you need any help setting up your camera. have issues, questions, or concerns.

Safety Certified & Tested: Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS & UL Certificates

  • Built‒In WiFi & GPS║Free ROVE App for iOS & Android║Free ROVE GPS Player
  • Emergency Recording(Built-in 3-Axis Impact G‒Sensor)
  • Custom Designed Dual 24-HOURS Parking Mode ― Motion Detection & Time Lapse
  • F1.8 Large Aperture ― Captures More Light
  • Dual Mounts Included – 360° Rotating Suction Mount & 3M Sticky Mount
  • Screen Saver with Live Speed, Compass, Date & Time
  • Supports Up To 512 GB MicroSD Card (Largest in the industry)
  • OPTIONAL ACCESSORY: Custom designed ROVE Ultimate Hardwire Kit (ASIN: B08JLHGP17) for 24-Hour Auto Trigger Parking Mode & for cleaner Installation directly to your car’s fuse box. NOT Included

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So many state of the art features that ROVE R2-4K is all you need.

rove r2-4k dash cam support memory card up to 512 gb for car cameras dash cams

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

Supports up to 512 GB Micro-SD Card

We understand how important it is to have a dash cam that can support the largest memory card in the industry. That is why ROVE R2-4K is designed to support up to 512 GB Micro-SD Card.

Please Note: The memory card is NOT Included in the packaging.

We Recommend: Samsung ProEndurance Class 10, U3 Speed Micro SD Card. ASIN: B09WB1857W | Link:


Capturing details in ultra-low light during nighttime and even in the dark road ahead of you is something we understand well. With Its F1.8 Large Aperture, 6-Glass and 150° Wide Angle Lens captures more light which is processed by its ultra low light SONY STARVIS sensor ensures super night vision video in clear details even during night time.

Custom Voice Alerts & Guidance

R2-4K provides many voice alerts.

One example and most important one is letting you know when the parking mode got activated while you were away.

If someone hits your car while it was parked, and if the impact reaches its set G-sensor level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-Min Video, Lockes it, and Saves in Emergency Locked Folder.

Then when you come back and start your car for the next time, the dash cam will alert you with voice alert stating “the parking mode got activated white you were away” – so you can go back and check to see what happened.

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dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

Proprietary Distortion Correction Algorithm

You can turn ON/OFF the distortion correction feature within R2-4K’s video settings.

Dash cams lens have a somewhat fisheye effect at the peripheries of its image due to its Ultra Wide Angle Lens.

Many customers have requested if there was a way to get rid of distortion along the edges, and that is when we have designed our proprietary distortion correction feature for the R2-4K.

By turning ON this feature your images will look less undistorted and more realistic.

WDR – Wide Dynamic Range

WDR – Wide Dynamic Range

When we are driving on the road, we can’t pick and choose if the sun is directly in the field of view or in the opposite direction.

When the sun is directly exposing the camera the picture will be overexposed (lighter image) and when in opposite direction it will underexpose the image (darker image). So how to overcome and make one robust image so it does not loose it’s details regardless of various light exposures?

That is when the WDR feature of R2-4K comes to play. By turning ON the WDR feature you will get one beautiful robust clearer image regardless of various light conditions.

Screen Saver – A Unique Feature

R2-4K has built-in GPS which allows its unique capabilities to be put to work.

Built-In GPS allows extra unnecessary cable-free clean installation on your windshield.

The screensaver feature allows your camera to go into screensaver mode automatically after 1-min, while it continuously records the video in the background, it will show you the only details that matter to you most while driving.


  • Red Blinking Dot: Recording Status
  • Live Speed: Current driving speed
  • Compass: The driving compass direction
  • Time: 12/24 Hour time as per your choice
  • Date & Day

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dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021


Unlike any other dash cams, ROVE R2-4K has two distinct parking mode features.


  1. Internal Battery Parking Mode (NO additional accessories needed)
  2. 24-Hour Auto Trigger Parking Mode (ROVE Ultimate HWK Required)

Scroll on other images to learn more.

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

(1) Internal Battery Parking Mode


  • This parking mode works from the camera’s internal battery. NO additional accessories needed. The camera’s internal battery is designed to last about 5-7 minutes when fully charged.
  • How does it work? – When your car is parked and the camera is turned OFF, and if someone hits your car and if the impact reaches the set G-Sensor level, then the camera will turn ON and record 1-Minute video, then it will lock and save that video in the emergency locked folder so it does not get deleted by the loop cycle function.
  • Then when you come back and start your car for the next time, the camera will give you voice alert letting you know that the “parking mode got activated while you were away”. If you hear this voice alert, then you should check the last locked video to see what happened or who hit your car?

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

(2) 24-Hours Auto Trigger Parking Mode

This parking mode has two options to choose from.

– Requires continuous power and ROVE Ultimate Hard Wire Kit


  1. Time-Lapse & G-Sensor: This parking mode allows you to record the whole night in timelapse while you are away. Also if someone hits your car while the time-lapse parking mode is being recorded, and if the impact reaches Its set G-Sensor level then the camera will record 1-Min continuous video capturing every details. Then It will also alert you with voice alert when you start your car for the next time.
  2. Motion Detection & G-Sensor: This parking mode allows you to record only when there is motion detected in front of the camera while you are away. And also if someone hits your car while the while in the motion detection mode, and if the impact reaches Its set G-Sensor level then the camera will record 1-Min continuous video capturing every details. Then It will also alert you with voice alert when you start your car for the next time.


dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

ROVE Ultimate 3-Lead Hardwire Kit – OPTIONAL


  • This is an optional accessory. It is custom-designed for the 24-Hour Auto Trigger Parking Mode feature to provide continuous power to your dash cam from the car’s battery while your car is turned OFF. This will also help with a clean hidden installation, so no wires or cables go into the cigarette outlet.
  • This hardwire kit is designed to connect the dash cam directly into the car’s fuse box.
  • It comes with all the necessary installation parts and easy to understand DIY clear installation instructions in a beautifully written user manual.
  • We also have how to videos for this which will walk you through step by step installation instructions.
  • NOTE: Separate purchase only and not included in the packaging. (Search ASIN: B08JLHGP17)

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

Dual Parking Modes

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

(1) Internal Battery Parking Mode

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

(2) 24-HR Auto Trigger Parking Mode

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021

ROVE Ultimate 3-lead hardwire kit

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021Meticulously Designed Hardware – It is Small Yet Powerful

Temperature Guidelines:

Operating Temprature: -22°F (-30°C) ~ 176°F (80°C)

Working Humidity: 10-90%

dash cam for car cams car 4k rove r2 4k dual best 2021Built-In WiFi & GPS Feature – FREE ROVE GPS Player for PC and MAC

With It’s Built-In WiFi Feature:


  • You can download your videos on your iPhone or Android devices using the ROVE APP instantly while you are on the road or on a trip.
  • Once downloaded, you can play your videos with google maps and GPS trackers in the APP.
  • The ROVE APP allows you to easily share the video with your friends or family on social media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, TikTok, and many more.

With It’s Built-In GPS Feature:


  • You can utilize the FREE ROVE GPS Player for your PC/MAC and then you can download and view your driving route on a google map along with speed, compass, and 3-Axis XYZ gravitational sensor data.

Additional information

Item Weight

‎1.14 pounds

Product Dimensions

‎2.99 x 2.01 x 0.98 inches

Item model number



‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Display Type


Wireless Remote


Media Playback Supported




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25,281 ratings
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4.4 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#118 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #1 in Car On-Dash Mounted Cameras

Date First Available

August 11, 2017

10 reviews for Rove R2-4K Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4″ LCD, 150° Wide Angle, WDR, Night Vision Electronics

  1. Beate O.

    I received my dashcam 3 days ago and couldn’t be happier with the product as well as customer service.Customer Service: I am no tech wizard, so right out of the box I had a few stutter steps setting up the camera. I contacted customer service several times (that same day) per text with questions and each time they answered literally within 5 minutes. With their help I was able to set the camera up to work in my car, connect to our cellphones, tablet and laptop. So… very impressed with Rove’s customer service.The Camera: After set-up, I drove around my neighborhood for 35 minutes to see how the camera works, the clarity of the videos, loop recording, ease of playback etc. Boy, was I surprised by the quality of this camera and the videos! Playing back right on the camera works great, but when I played the recorded videos on my tablet it was like “wow”. Beautiful!I can say now that even after just 2 days I am pretty familiar with the camera and it’s functions. It is very easy to set up and the quality of this reasonably priced camera is superb.Oh, I forgot about all the “Settings” on this camera. So many settings, so many choices, and easy to understand. I think Rove covered all the bases and I can’t think of anything they may have missed.As I said in the beginning, I am no tech wizard and if I can do it, anyone can !

  2. Rain

    i’m writing this review on my literal day 1 of owning the camera and only just now finished installing it in my car. (the pic attached is from when i had JUST turned it on while i was in the passenger seat and was still fiddling with the angle. I also blocked out the location coordinates, but thats something you can toggle off in the settings as well)the setup is simple. there are tons of quick short videos to help guide you on how you might want to tuck away the wiring. you just plug it into the car charging socket (you can also hard wire it into your car if you’re knowledgeable and comfortable doing so)i read the booklet that came with it. a lot of useful info in it. Tons of features and settings you can use to customize it to what suits you best.i like that it has ‘parking mode’ which means the camera will automatically turn on and record for a bit if it detects a sudden impact/movement while the car is parked (and while you are presumably away). i experienced ended up testing this while i was carrying the dashcam with my hands full. i accidentally dropped the camera, and even though it was off, it suddenly turned on and stating something along the lines of “parking mode has been activated”. It started recording, but since i didn’t fully charge it at the time, it only stayed on for a few seconds (which is normal for these type of dash cams. The manual states that the camera typically should be able to sustain a recording of 3-5 minutes on a fully charged battery).I also tried the app. it lets you view/download your footage in real-time by connecting to the dashcam’s built-in wifi. i HIGHLY recommend downloading the newer beta app (which currently has an all orange UI. the old app hasn’t been updated since 2019 and had tons of negative feedback, so i didn’t even bother with that).I think the app is a nice benefit. It’s nice if you need to quickly share a photo or footage of what just happened on the road, but you don’t have the time or ability to connect the dashcam to a computer or other device. and you do this by connecting to the dashcam’s BUILT-IN wifi. you don’t have to do anything special or complicated to set it up. it’s pretty self explanatory. BTW If you have any trouble connecting to the app, you might have to disable mobile data on your phone to properly connect).I’ll be sure to update this review if anything comes up that greatly impacts my impression on the product, but so far i’m satisfied. I’ll be sure to take care of this one (my last dashcam stopped functioning properly because i would leave it in the car 24/7, even during extreme summer heat or extreme winter cold).===EDIT 4-10-22===i’ve owned this for a few weeks now. I recently decided to hook it up to my pc to check on the videos, just to make sure video/audio were being captured properly and that there were no issues. i was pretty horrified at first to see that the videos seemed really glitchy/choppy. it was practically unwatchable!i did some quick googling and saw some people suggest it could be the framerate/resolution that it’s recording in. and then i remembered that the instruction manual mentioned using a decent video player- specifically something like that’s what i did. I already use VLC for other things on my pc, so i opened some videos in it. no more choppy/jittery video! everything was smooth and amazing!So, in short, if you’re noticing that your videos appear choppy and strange i’d suggest either playing back your videos in something like VLC and NOT your basic windows media player. It’d also be worth it to maybe try lowering the camera’s FPS/resolution settings if that still doesn’t work for you (Although I would say lowering the quality should probably be a last resort… since, you know, the whole point of a dashcam is so that you can capture everything on the road in perfect quality)the only gripe i have now is that the dashcam itself seems to slightly shake/jitter when driving at certain speeds/roads. I think this is a result of the cars vibrations. I’ll try to see if this’ll be fixed by tightening the mount or repositioning it a little. it’s possible that we just didn’t have it locked in properly (I haven’t been the one personally driving with the webcam lately. So maybe my family members flubbed on that)It’s nothing too crazy, though.Still happy with this device! very worth it!==final edit 7-21-22===it’s been 4 months since i owned it and its STILL incrediblei’ve even connected to it to share a clip of a dicey moment i had on the highway! (i did this by connecting to my pc. the app is still an amazing option to connect remotely/on the spot, but i was already at my pc anyways)i wanted to take a moment to commend their support team as well. i recently contacted support because i somehow managed to push the power button in so far that it got stuck. i was surprised that this happened! this made it difficult to turn the camera on/off at will. i contacted their support team directly after finding their email on their website. i described the issue, provided picture evidence & proof of purchase, then they were able to process a replacement as it was still under warranty! the entire process was smooth and hasslefree. it didnt take very long at all for the replacement to come in. i customized the settings and took some video footage + photos as a test. Everything was perfect.I didn’t have to wait long at all for their replies/solution (something i was extremely wary of after dealing with support teams from other products/services)Anyways, I support this brand/small team VERY much! I think its VERY important to have a dashcam. Even if u don’t feel comfortable hot-wiring or whatever, i feel that even a USB/car charger-type of cam is better than nothing– like i said, i’ve already reviewed & shared footage to friends & family at least once after having a spooky moment on the highway. It’s not only good for urself, but others as well. U never kno wat could happen. Video doesnt lie. ur footage/photos could do a lot to help u or even a stranger if u ever come across a sticky situation.


    This may sound silly, but I LOVE this product!Attached please find photos of how I mounted two ROVE R2-4K cameras on my car. I am very pleased with the results. Now, I have an amazing 4K Ultra High Resolution, 150° Wide Angle, Wide Dynamic Range camera looking out my front and rear windshields.I provided power for the two cameras from one of the dual port cigarette lighter adapters that come as part of the standard R2-4K camera package. It has a current rating of 3Amp that can simultaneously power two cameras.The 12ft power cable that is normally provided by ROVE was too short for my standard size sedan car. I had to purchase a 25ft USB 2.0 A to Mini B 5 Pin USB Cable from Amazon for about $12. I ran this cable out of sight along the passenger side trim.The rear window had heater traces on the glass so I first applied the electrostatic film to the glass before mounting the camera. If I did not use the film sheet I would run a chance of damaging the heater traces in the future when removing the camera.ROVE should supply a 25ft cable rather then a 12ft cable that now supplies. I’ll bet if they advertised the fact that their cameras can be installed to front or back windshields they might neatly double the number of cameras sold!

  4. James M. Hare

    Ok, first I have to admit that I returned my first copy of this unit after a few days, I was just a little too impatient and made some hasty decsions about usability and functionality. I then went through three other dash cams (including a Hero 9 which isn’t really good as a dash cam) and a couple of other “highly rated” brands, and was still dissatisfied with the offerings. So I reconsidered, re-evaluated my habits and needs, and decided to re-order the Rove unit.The specs for this unit match up well with pretty much anything in the $100 – $200 +/- price range. I just can’t justify spending the money on a NextBase 522GW or 622GW unit, the VIOFO A129, or even the Nexar Beam units. The video quality of the files seems to be excellent, even when displayed on non-ideal viewing platforms. All the GPS data is there, timestamps are accurate, and even your speed and Lat/Long are there.(That’s one thing I think so many Amazon or YouTube reviews and samples seem to forget to mention – no matter how good the original video file is, if you’re viewing someone else’s files on your crappy old PC monitor or a TV that doesn’t support UHD or 4K video, what you see is not accurate in terms of the original quality. If you’re looking at “4K” video on an old smartphone screen or a PC with barely-above VGA quality, you’re not getting a true picture. Keep that in mind.)My requirements were simple – I wanted 4K and, perhaps more importanly, outstanding UHD resolution, which I’ll use most often. I wanted built in GPS without the need to buy a separate logger. I wanted a WiFi connection ability to control and monitor the unit via smartphone. I wanted a cam that was simple to get set up, started recording as soon as it got power (without having to reach over and press a power button), and made my life easier, not harder. The startup process is easy, the menuing system is adequate ( most consumer device menus are really crappy, honestly, but the Rove is at least easy enough to navigate through), and the included mounting devices work fine – I use the suction cup mount, and it attached well, and was very secure. (Hint: clean your windshield with an alcohol wipe first to remove the crud left there by dashboard plastic outgassing or smoke.)I sent a few questions into Rove customer service and got quick, intelligent, and clear answers. They seem to be genuinely helpful and don’t talk (or write..) down to their customers. Their English was first rate, which these days can be an issue. I believe Rove is US-based, and I don’t mind “foreign” support staff, if they can speak the language. And yes, I know that not everyone is from the US, and there are foreign customers, but it’s nice to communicate with someone who can speak and write accurately in my case. If you are from Thailand or Chile or Tanzania, I’m sure you’d appreciate working with someone who speaks your language too.The packaging is first rate, the build quality and documentation are very good, and the unit does what it says it will do. This is a dash cam worth every penny, it provides excellent value and is highly recommended.

  5. RNLee

    I was shopping for a replacement Dash Cam and found the Rove R2-4K on Amazon. I was confused because the description included descriptions of two mini-SD cards. I contacted Rove Customer Service and they provided a very detailed response on the types and sizes of mini-SD cards to use, based on my personal use. They also emphasized the need to purchase an “authentic” SD card since knock-offs may not work.As a result of their excellent support, I purchased the Rove R2-4K and installed it. The user’s manual is impressive and can be easily down loaded. I’m sure that I have not activated all the features yet, but the set up and installation were easy. I appreciated the tool and hangers to allow me to route the power cord into my headliner, along the door molding, and under my dash.My only minor comment is that the instructions indicated that I could charge the camera battery by connecting to any USB port on a PC. I did this and the camera battery was charged. However, I thought that I could set up the camera while connected to my PC, but the message that the camera was connected to my PC persisted.Watching a YouTube, I saw that the person just plugged the camera into a USB charger. This worked fine and I was able to go through all the options. I wasn’t always sure what choices to make and will probably go back and review.Nonetheless, my system is up and running and I couldn’t be more pleased. Great product, price, and customer service.

  6. C. Winton

    I bought one of these as a replacement for a 5 year old KDLinks X1 that had served me well until recently, when after witnessing an accident I discovered that not only had it failed to record the accident, but the video had become foggy and inferior. I was going to buy another KDLinks but didn’t find anyone offering the X1 type anymore.The Rove camera is basically an upgraded version of the X1. 1. GPS is built-in, not an add on – found satellites immediately once installed in my car, and time/date information can be taken directly from the GPS rather than having to be manually set; 2. As might be expected from its more recent vintage, it can achieve much higher resolution than the X1; 3. You don’t need a refresher every time you have to access the interface; 4. You can use your cell phone to view the camera’s video files via wifi.If you’ve owned the KDLinks X1 dash cam, you will find this one’s interface far easier and more intuitive. I found that out in fiddling with it before installing it in my car. Virtually every useful feature and associated settings present for the X1, plus a few more, are duplicated on the Rove (loop recording, auto turn on, etc), even the same three modes (recording, stills, and playback). It also has a parking mode for those who need a camera that activates if their parked car gets banged into. If it holds up as well as my KDLinks did, it’s a winner.The unit comes nicely packaged, with car USB adapter, a long USB cable, a short USB cable, a plastic wedging tool for pushing the long cable between windshield glass and vinyl surround, stick on cable guides if that’s your bent, a mount with stick-down pad for surface mounting, and a well-designed suction mount for windshield mounting. Unlike the X1, the Rove requires a USB micro plug, not a USB mini plug. The unit is set up to auto start in recording mode when you turn your car on, and turns off shortly after you turn the car off (settings you can change if you wish). A modest internal battery maintains settings, providing a few minutes of play back if it comes to that. You have to supply your own SD card. The manual recommends using a new card with the camera, and specifically recommends you use a brand name SD card (class 10, U3 or higher), and Samsung in particular. The notes interestingly say to absolutely avoid Sandisk cards and after market cards. The 128Gb Samsung card I purchased to go with the camera added about $24 to the cost. The Rove can handle cards up to 512Gb.I should also note how the wifi and GPS player work. For wifi, my phone uses the Rove Android app. You turn wifi on/off for the camera by press and hold the emergency lock button in the bottom center (the button’s primary function is emergency lock). For Android go to settings/connections to connect your phone’s wifi to the Rove camera. I found that totally transparent. The app itself is a bit less transparent, but when you open it, it brings up the phone display. Tap the folder icon and select the video you want to view and play it. You can do the usual vertical or horizontal, upload it from the camera, etc. That all worked for me once I got past the confusion factor of the app’s red button for turning record on/off. I could see the wifi feature being quite useful if you need to show a cop a larger video than what the camera screen provides. Incidentally, my phone auto connects to my home wifi, and when I killed wifi on the camera my phone immediately reconnected to my home wifi as it should. As for the GPS app, you go to the Rove web site to download it (it’s under the downloads tab). It installs as a .exe file. I’m using Win 7 on an older machine and at first it didn’t work. I queried Rove help and received a reply almost immediately letting me know I probably just needed to install the “K-lite” codec. They supplied the codec download site (which you can Google for) and provided the following install instructions:1. Please download the K Lite Codec Pack and run the .exe file (if there’s a prompt to download the new version please select NO)2. Installation Mode: Normal and hit Next3. Preferred Video Player: Something else Preferred Audio Player: Something else and hit Next4. Do not change anything on the settings and hit Next until you see the option to Install6. Once done, please click Finish.Worked like a charm (fantastic customer service!). The app itself is slick … you just load up the files from the SD card that you want to view and it plays them, visually showing both your GPS data and path on Google maps.

  7. The Bees knees

    *Update March 29, 2022 – This camera is still in use and performing perfectly. No problems, glitches or complaints so far.*I purchased this camera at an Amazon “Prime Day” price. I also purchased a Samsung Evo Select (Class 10-U3) 168gb micro sd card at the same time as one isn’t supplied with the camera.I have been using the camera for about 4 weeks at the time of this review.This is a nice, small, unobtrusive, dashcam. It appears, and feels, to be built from quality materials. It comes with a couple of different brackets for mounting. The double sided tape mounting bracket was the best option for my ’07 Jeep Wrangler due to the near vertical windshield. The suction mount, when mounted nearly vertical, held the lens almost right on the glass. I mounted mine to the plastic trim above the windshield with the supplied tape mount where it’s perfectly stable and holds the lens a couple of inches from the windshield.The instruction booklet supplied with the camera is well written and easy to follow. There are also several “how to” video tutorials available on the Rove website which go into detail of the operation, setup, and button shortcuts available on this camera. The camera’s onboard menu’s are easy to follow and navigate. There is even voice guidance with each button press which is in clear english, in a female voice. That’s just plain cool at this price point! With even basic knowledge of electronic gadgets, setup is straight forward and can be completed in about 10 minutes or less. If after reading the included instruction booklet, and viewing the video tutorials, you still have questions, concerns, or problems, a text or an email sent to Rove is quickly answered in a kind, informative, and professional manner. My own initial questions (via text) were answered in less than 3 minutes, and it was on a Sunday. It’s also refreshing that the technicians are based right here in the USA in Chicago!This camera’s video quality is outstanding! Although you can view the videos on the screen of the camera just be aware that the screen is very small and pixelated. It’s not a fault, it’s there if you need it, or want to use it, and it functions as it should, but don’t expect full HD video results on a 2 inch screen. Pulling the sd card and viewing on a computer, or a quick download to my Android phone (after installing the free app) using the built in wifi results in a high quality HD video that can be viewed by, or shared with anyone. At 1080p@60fps, with the 168gb Samsung Evo Select micro sd card that I chose, a 1 minute video (157mb) can be downloaded via wifi to my old Samsung Galaxy S8 in under a minute, and a 3 minute video (464mb) in roughly 2.5 minutes. I haven’t found a need to operate my camera above 1080p@60fps yet but at that resolution videos, when viewed on my phone, are sharp and clear with bright natural colors, and without glitches or twitches. I am more than satisfied with the video quality and camera performance on bright sunny days, nighttime, and on rainy or overcast days. It has been used in all of those conditions already and performed above my expectations.Although nothing new, this camera has a very sensitive built in microphone that records audio to the video. Thankfully It can be permanently disabled in the settings menu if you wish. Again, it is VERY sensitive. I’ve left mine on but am mindful of what I say outloud these days. All I hear in the videos unless I’m on the phone, conversing with a passenger, or accidentally muttering an obscenity at another driver, is the radio when it’s on, the hum of my offroad tires, and large bugs smacking the windshield. A simple button push, the up button (^) on mine, enables a quick toggle on or off of the mic, or as mentioned before you can disable it completely in the settings menu. The mic is very useful during traffic stops, or road rage incidents, where people are close enough to the vehicle to be heard so I leave mine on and only toggle it off if I don’t want audio recorded at that moment.I can’t report on longevity or lifespan of the camera yet as I’ve only had it for a month, but so far I have experienced zero issues. The camera comes with a 12 month factory warranty, and I purchased a 3 year protection plan through Amazon (Asurion) at the same time I purchased the camera. The protection plan rides on the back of the factory warranty for the first twelve months, then acts as a true extended warranty for the remaining two years. I’m covered for any unforeseen mechanical issues, or faults, for 3 years so I’m happy.Having this camera provides peace of mind, and an added sense of security, in the event something does happen in future while driving and I need an unbiased, honest, witness to the event.I have already recommended this camera to friends and family members. There are better cameras out there I’m sure, but at this price point you are getting a lot of camera for your money!I have attached a couple of photos of the camera mounted in my vehicle, and two screen shots grabbed from video to give an idea of nighttime and heavy rain camera ability.


    I have had cameras in all three of our vehicles for many years. It is a handy thing to have in order to prove you were not at fault in an accident as well as visual documentation if you witness an accident or event.This camera has a larger screen than most, a very clear picture and is easy to set up. One thing I like is the camera mount. The suction cup works with a lever that you turn to make it stick. It also comes with a more permanent mount. Living in the south I need to be able to remove my camera or the heat will shorten camera life significantly. It has a built in GPS and it records your speed on the screen .The speed display can be turned off if it is a concern.

  9. Matt – Danielle

    I have used several of the cheaper dash cams. They all seemed to use the same software/firmware. ROVE is much more intuitive and functions much better. Transferring the images was pretty easy and directly to your phone using the enabled wifi connection in the camera. You can also transfer using a cable directly to your computer.Audio quality is great and the kit comes with everything but the SD card. Make sure you get a compatible card. I tried a few I had laying around and they wouldn’t work. Once I used the correct card it worked perfectly.I think the GPS and Speed recorded with the video will be a helpful asset to this camera as I have been pulled over and issued a ticket for excessive speed when I wasn’t speeding. This will give me the ability to dispute that in court or protect myself in the event of a collision. Hopefully I won’t need to but having that security is nice. I would absolutely buy this camera again.

  10. Michael V.

    Pros+Great build quality of the dashcam, itself.+Great image quality at 1440p@30fps.+Built-in battery allows for a parking function that records after sensing g-forces (i.e., an impact).+Two mounting options provided & easy to install.+Everything you need and more in the box (aside from an SD card). Box is also well-packed and protective.+Stupid simple setup. Easy to navigate UI if you want to dive into the settings to make changes.+Affordable.+AMAZING 67-page full-color manual.Cons-*2160p capable, but not traditional 4k resolution* (2880×2160 vs 3840×2160). Consider this a 1440p/2k camera when purchasing.-Not as compact as some other models.-Cable on thick side. USB or durability limitation?I had been wanting to buy a dashcam for YEARS, but have been stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ just doing research on a purchase. Browsing Reddit and Youtube reviews and recommendations, etc. None of it really helped make a decision until I read a comment on Reddit by someone who just suggested to get something in your vehicle to start with, and go from there. Great advice. And so I set out to find something that would let me easily wade into the world of Dashcams without breaking the bank or skimping on necessary features… and I found that something in the Rove R2-4K.The box it came in was interestingly shaped and informative. The dashcam and other contents were nicely packaged and well protected. Everything you need comes in the box, include two types of mounts (adhesive and suction), two cables including one 12-foot long cable, cable guides, 110v cigarette lighter charger, and even a prying tool for helping to route your cable behind molding and panels. I geek out for manuals, and I was extremely surprised by how good the manual was. I was expecting maybe a fold out black and white “quick start guide” in broken English. What came in the box, however, was a 67 page, full-color booklet that was a mostly well written, detailed, exhaustive, and informational with instruction from specifications, to setup, to operation, to troubleshooting and more. Customer support options are also plentiful and listed front and center, instead of buried on the last page. Setup was straightforward and simple. The longest part of setup was figuring out exactly where the camera should be mounted – the work of mounting, routing cables, and other setup was a breeze.Image quality at 1440p@30fps is great. I do not like that the “4k” in the name of the device is somewhat misleading. The device only supports up to 2880×2160@24fps vs. traditional 4k which is normally 3840×2160. I understand they want to label this as “4k” since it is technically 2160p and to drive clicks and purchases from people who only purchase based on buzzwords and couldn’t tell the difference if a comparison was an inch from their eyeballs. Having read reviews before buying, I knew this was the case and I also knew I would be using this in 1440p for the extra temporal resolution provided by 30fps, so I can’t dock a star for that, but I do wish they were more upfront about the max resolution in the description here on Amazon. A note, the Novatek NT96660 chip cannot process 3840×2160 and the SONY IMX335 sensor doesn’t have the megapixels to capture the required amount of data for true 3840×2160, so this is strictly a hardware limitation.As is this is overall a solid 5 star, $100, 2k resolution* dashcam with $200+ dashcam bells and whistles. Easy to setup and operate. Easy piece of mind for myself and my SO when driving. Would easily recommend purchasing to anyone else who might be stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’. Easy to get in your car today and get your feet wet in dashcam land while you hum and haw over the ultimate dashcam setup that you might upgrade to down the road.These are things I would suggest to Rove if a v2 model is in the works:-Ditch/update the “4k” naming, or make it very clear in the description on Amazon what the supported resolutions are. Customers shouldn’t have to dig through the QA/review section to find that info.-Build quality is lovely, but consider making it more compact or angled so it can mount closer to the windshield and doesn’t have to “hang” down so much.-Cable length is great, but could it be made thinner without affecting power delivery or durability?-Keep up the great work on the documentation and user manual. Good stuff.Note: I’m writing this review after having installed and used the dashcam for a few days, and will check-in to update my review after a few weeks/months of regular use.

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