Sanco Bird Bath & Fountain Maintenance, 8 oz Patio, Lawn & Garden

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About this item This safe but fast-acting enzyme-based formula reduces and eliminates muck, dead leaves, odors When applied to fresh water it will super charge naturally occurring bacteria With regular use, it will help to protect and extend the life of your water feature and extended the life of any pumps in use

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If your pet bird or waterfowl is lacking in the bath department, you may want to consider buying a Sanco Bird Bath & Fountain Maintenance, 8 oz Patio. This handy product is an all-purpose and safe solution for pets ranging from birds to dogs.

It can be used as a drinker or bath, making it the perfect chew-safe alternative and an ideal option for small animals that cannot easily use their natural sources of water.

Sanco Bird Bath & Fountain Maintenance, 8 oz Patio is made up of a blend of organic oils, herbs, and natural extracts that provide an excellent source of food coloring.

It is free from salt or any kind of preservatives so it’s perfectly safe for your pets. It is easy to use and requires simply a thorough wipe-down after the bath and before feeding time.

You can feed your pet birds, waterfowl, and small animals, such as dogs or cats, with all kinds of food they like. First, you need to remove any solid matter in their feeders and wash them thoroughly with Sanco Bird Bath & Fountain Maintenance, 8 oz Patio. Then heat it a little at a time in the microwave for about 30 seconds for the best results.

10 reviews for Sanco Bird Bath & Fountain Maintenance, 8 oz Patio, Lawn & Garden

  1. Angela R.

    I’ve tried other bird bath maintenance liquid, and they didn’t work at all. This keeps my bird bath sparkling clean.

  2. Susan J. Jones

    Very glad I purchased this item! It certainly helps to keep the water in my bird bath fountain clearer and cleaner! I highly recommend this item in order to make one’s cleaning time of a “standing” bowl of water occur less frequently.

  3. Maine Gal

    I have several birdbaths and a small stone fountain. I use about a capful in each birdbath and fountain per week, changing the water then. This bottle will last me the season. You have to remember that an ounce is used per 5 gallons of water, so only use a little so as not to harm birds or other creatures. Too much would be much worse than letting the water go natural. They are still going to accumulate debris if you keep birdbaths in a secluded location under or near shrubbery (which is the birds preferred, safe location). All in all is does keep the water and bowls from getting green and icky and the water cleaner too.

  4. Mary S.

    Have used this product for years to clarify the water in my fountain. Works great!

  5. Lois L.

    Was forever scouring my bird bath and even then, could not get all the black residue out. Have used the Sanco bird bath additive for a week and the water stays clean for at least two days. Bowl is much easier to clean and refill with fresh water. (Deer drink out of my bird bath too!)

  6. B. Woz

    Easy to use pop the top and your in business.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Works great. My pump in my fountain is not getting clogged

  8. Giacomo

    I’m not sure why this product works better than the last bird batch cleaner k used? Best to empty birdbath or fountain first. Clean it, rinse, and fresh water along with a capful or two depending on the size of your fountain.

  9. Yvonne Satta

    I was tired changing the water of the bird bath every day. I started using this product and worked. I use a cap in the bird bath once a week adding only water every day. Birds love it too. I recommend it 100%

  10. CJ

    Using in a birdbirth and works great

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