Smiling Case Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6/SE/Series 5/Series 4 40mm with Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector ,Overall Protective Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Cover-Black Cell Phones & Accessories

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About this item Compatible with:This case compatible with series 6/SE 40mm & series 5 40mm and series 4 40mm. Easy take on and off: This new design case, easy take on and off and you do not need to take off your watch band. Sensitive Touch: Ultra-Thin tempered glass film maintains watch’s original response sensitivity, ensuring quick app launching. Shock-proof & Against Scratches: Made of anti-scratch hard pc and tempered glass, this case covers the full front and curved edges of the watch, offering full protection for your watch against scratches, drops, and bumps. Includes: 1 pack hard PC case and 1 pack small soft cloth.

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Introducing the Smiling Case Compatible with Apple Watc Series 6/SE/Series 5/Series 4 with Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Ultra-Thin Protective Hard PC Case with a Colorful Soft Silicone Back for Apple Watch 42mm.

◆ The Apple Watch Series 6/SE/Series 5/Series 4 40mm with Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Ultra-Thin Protective Hard PC Case with a Colorful Soft Silicone Back for Apple Watch 42mm is made of hard plastic combined with anodized aluminum alloy and then processed by high-class silicone saver to make the case tough.

◆ It features a Tempered glass screen protector for each of your watch cases. It can protect your screen from scratches or any damages that may occur when you put it on a table or ground. It also protects your Watch’s sensitive touch screens, the battery and all buttons.

◆ Precise openings on the protective case to allow access to all controls and features on the watch.

◆ The Apple Watch Series 6/SE/Series 5/Series 4 40mm with Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector, Ultra-Thin Protective Hard PC Case with a Colorful Soft Silicone Back for Apple Watch 42mm is available in 4 colors. Please type the color you want in the message of payment.

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1.57 x 1.57 x 0.04 inches

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0.317 ounces



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4.4 out of 5 stars

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#6 in Cell Phones & Accessories (See Top 100 in Cell Phones & Accessories) #1 in Smartwatch Cases with Band

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Curved Edge, Shockproof, Scratch Resistant

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Date First Available

January 11, 2020

10 reviews for Smiling Case Compatible with Apple Watch Series 6/SE/Series 5/Series 4 40mm with Built in Tempered Glass Screen Protector ,Overall Protective Hard PC Case Ultra-Thin Cover-Black Cell Phones & Accessories

  1. Kyndis Evans

    I bought this product almost 7 months ago. I have the Series 7 in stainless steel. This is my first stainless steel watch and it’s not cheap so I needed good protection for it. It’s done it’s job being hit on by objects like doorways. The touchscreen hasn’t given me any issues when pressing on it like other screen protectors have. I don’t have to press on it multiple times. Today, I got out the car to put my watch on and dropped it. The screen protector cracked and I just knew the screen on the watch was cracked too. I took the screen protector off and there wasn’t one crack or scratch! Since it was a 2 pack, I put another one on immediately when I arrived home. I’m very pleased with this product and will continue to use this brand in the future!

  2. Jones

    There are a number of products that look like this. This one actually does the trick. The difference is the touch screen is truly sensitive and works as if it weren’t there. I bought another product which looks great but requires either multiple woodpecker taps or makes me turn off wrist detection to get the touch screen to work which unfortunately also turns off all the heart monitoring apps and fall detecton. With this product however the touch screen actually works as it was designed to work. I have no idea what they did but they did it right.

  3. Instructor Too

    The Apple Watch is a clever piece of technology, but “wearable tech” runs the risk of bangs and bashes as happens in peoples lives so we added the “Smiling” screen protector. The “Smiling” screen protector snaps tightly over the face of the watch but is easily removed when the watch and protector need to be cleaned.Periodically, the screen protector needs to be removed from the watch to clean all the surfaces front and back. The last time we removed the screen protector for a cleaning we discovered the screen protector was cracked, meaning it took a hit or a passing blow from something. The wearer of the Apple Watch did not even notice that her watch had taken some kind of a beating, and fortunately the protector did what it was supposed to do and protected the watches’ screen from damage.We then installed the second screen protector (they come with two protectors in a package) and we then ordered another pair of replacement screen protectors so we always have some on hand – they seem to work pretty well and are adding an important layer of protection to the Apple Watch screen.Adding the layer of tempered glass does not impede the touch screen (or stylus tap) on the watch, and aside from the occasional humidity build-up between the screen protector and the watch screen (removed with a quick wipe with a paper towel or tissue) adding the screen protector is invisible and unnoticeable. These screen protectors are expensive for what they are, but certainly much less expensive than a screen repair done by Apple.

  4. man man

    i got this for my new watch as i knew i am prone to accidents and it was well worth it. a few months after purchasing i smashed my watch into a steel wall on accident and shattered the glass screen protector. had i not had it on, my watch screen surely would’ve been destroyed. but it was protected and was completely unharmed. this was after multiple times of smashing and scraping and dropping my watch with the screen protector on. only minor scuffs on the pc case but the glass is strong and scratch resistant. no visible scratches until the shatter happened. for such a low price it is shocking how good these work. it’s much better to pay $10 for not one, but 2 protectors, than to have to pay tons of money for a whole screen replacement. highly recommend.

  5. Mismymts

    I am re-ordering since I dropped my watch face down on tile and it shattered the protector (see pic) but didn’t do a thing to my watch face. (I dropped an older model Watch a yr ago in the same way and it shattered the watch face, ya think I’d learn) I did learn that after the 1st time and bought these face protectors and it just proved to be the cheapest way to save my watch. It fits snug and you don’t even know it’s there there wasn’t a scratch on it till I shattered it. Love love love it and so happy I’m not buying a new watch.

  6. Dom

    So my only complains are rather big but I still like the product. First of all, what everyone says about the trapped moister on the edges inside, true and annoying but not a deal breaker for me. My other complain: I put the glass on as directed and my side button got damaged in the process. It is dented in and wont give that appropriate click when I push it. it still works and I can slightly push it and will do what its supposed to do but its still not the same. I have a warranty on the watch still so I will be able to replace it or fix it when I feel like it but if this happens to folks that don’t have warranty on it, they sure are going to be disappointed. Anyways, other than that, I love the touch of it and it serves its purpose. Probs wont buy again though who knows. Been feelin like a Karen with my purchases lately and I thought I would write this review on a full stomach with coffee beside me to avoid her showing atm. hehe goodluck

  7. Hunter

    I love these covers!The first time I ordered these, the protective screens broke pretty quickly without very much bumping. I’m certain it was a production issue, and not the sales company. (Typically, small companies buy in bulk from larger manufacturers, then resell them in the marketplace.) There was probably just a little tweaking of calibration on the machine that needed to take place, and it seems they’ve solved that problem.I wrote to the company since they had a lifetime warranty, and the company graciously replaced them. The replacements arrived incredibly fast. Of course, one must provide the documentation, which seems quite fair.I am enthusiastically pleased with the company, and so far the replacement has lasted longer. (Well, I’ve only used one of the covers from the two-pack.) The person who runs the company is very quick with a reply and is quite professional, friendly and an all-around nice person. That wins my loyalty. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this product or company to anyone. In fact, if I get an Apple Watch for my kiddo, this is the company I’ll use to buy the protective covers for the watch face.These folks are top-notch when it comes to customer loyalty. They are honest people and I couldn’t be more pleased to be a customer.

  8. Annette Kirkpatrick

    After 2 years, the TPU soft case on my Mother’s apple watch was yellow. I didn’t realize how much it had yellowed until I took it off to clean it. I replaced it with a TPU screen that I had gotten at the same time, however it was cloudy in spots. I used it for a little while and couldn’t get past the uneven look on the screen.So this time, I spent 2x as much and purchased a hard cover case, thinking that glass will not yellow. I was very impressed with the clarity of the cover, and the touch screen is far more responsive than the TPU screen. So far, I love the purchase, however, it will take about a year for me to know its durability and whether it adequately protected the watch.

  9. Hon Guy

    Some reviewers have reported that it is difficult to remove this case. I remove mine daily to wash my watch. It’s not easy at first, but it’s doable. First of all, you watch and hands should be dry so that you can get a good grip. Remove the band and flip the watch over so that the face is facing downward. You have to pull on the side opposite the crown. I place three finger (nails) under the side of the watch case (opposite the crown) to pull on the case to slide off. With my free hand, I push on the exposed corner of the watch and pull with my three fingers at the same time. It’s works on a daily basis.

  10. Brad4d

    These have protect our i-watches against abrasion and scratches, and they haven’t scratched the watch face.Yeah, I know — be careful with your watch and don’t rub it or bang it against hard surfaces, blah blah blah. Still, no matter how hard you try, it’s pretty inevitable you are going to do exactly that. These protectors have absorbed all the shocks of our daily use, and I’m amazed at how much dust and film forms on them. They are easy to clean and take care of.The inner surface is soft enough that they have not scratched our watches, although if you expose them to grit and dust you should probably clean the interior. I routinely take them off about once a week to clean them and they are easy to remove and re-install. They are cheap enough to replace without much concern as they finally reach the end of the road.They do allow moisture to leak in, but it’s a simple matter to just remove them and clean them with a cotton or microfiber cloth (which I keep in my wallet). They do interfere a bit with the touch screen sensitivity.I’m not sure if other protectors work any better, but would I buy these again? Absolutely.

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