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The Do-Over (The Miles High Club) Swan, T L 9781542034593: : Books

The Do-Over


In this sexy installment of the Miles High Club series from bestselling author T L Swan, a billionaire playboy goes incognito on a backpacking trip in Europe. But how long can he hide from love?

I’m wealthy, powerful, and able to get any woman I want.

So why do I feel so empty inside?

In search of a deeper me, I take a sabbatical from my privileged life. One year of backpacking around Europe: a new identity, no contacts, and no money. Not a bad plan, I think.

Until I get there.

A crowded hostel room, body odor, and beer bongs―there are no words for the fresh hell I’ve landed in.

But amid the chaos, I meet my new roommate, Hayden Whitmore. She sleeps in the bed opposite me, and I openly admit to staring at her more than I sleep. Beautiful, innocent, and smart. Not my usual type but perhaps the perfect woman.

There’s just one small problem with the divine Miss Hayden. She’s totally unaffected by my charm. Nothing is working, and now, I’ve been friend zoned.


But the good thing about me is that I’m an incredible problem solver, and I’ve come up with a diabolical plan. I’m going to slide right in under her friend zone. Be the best damn friend she ever had, hold her hand, make her laugh, and spoon with her in bed.

But now there’s another problem.

Hayden is the one who is sliding under my skin, and maybe friendship isn’t enough.

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Montlake (August 30, 2022)

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559 pages

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10 reviews for The Do-Over (The Miles High Club) Swan, T L 9781542034593: : Books

  1. Martha M.

    The youngest Miles brother gets his story. I love the humor and the heat in this story. This story is not only a romance, but a love story about friendship. I will def read again!

  2. mum/librarian/ avid reader

    I couldn’t put this book down! It insured me to what to have my own Do Over! Travel the world living in a dime meeting strangers! The stories are funny, the characters lovable. I great feel good story that makes you look at your own life and wonder how you can have more fun!!

  3. Obsessive Cat Disorder

    This one is easily the best of the series. Christopher is terrific. He knows he has problems and is willing to take big steps to change. I like him the best of the Miles boys. Hayden is smart, compassionate and a good match for Christopher. I had a lot of issues with the other books. They were all the same story, just different brothers. This one is unique. A thoroughly enjoyable read

  4. mouseglor

    I loved everything about this series. I laughed my butt off in parts and cried in others. My favorite part was in Casanova when Elliot carried naked Kate out of his bedroom telling her he wanted to boink her on every hard surface. There sat his Mom, Dad and 3 brothers. The brothers were knocking on all the hard surfaces!! Hilarious! Thank you for all of your books!!

  5. Ashley Stephens

    This might have been my favorite of the Miles brothers. Don’t get me wrong, they are all swoon worthy, but Christopher is hilarious. The humor in this book was an unexpected surprise and I loved it! Christopher and Hayden were the perfect balance to each other. This was definitely a great addition to the Miles High Club series!

  6. Trish66

    The Do Over is another wonderful read from TL Swan. I love how strong the female lead Hayden is and how in touch she is with others feelings. She takes no nonsense but still carrie’s her heart on her sleeve. Christopher Miles will make you laugh out loud, make you want to punch him in the face and want to hug him close to you. This book has all the feels . As always, TL Swan brings out all the emotions you want to experience when reading her books. Another brilliant read. I couldn’t put it down.

  7. Amy Costa

    This was the perfect ending to the Miles High series❤ And so another Miles brother is added to my “Favorites” I would say he is on par with Elliot. The story unfolds of Christopher finding himself and proving to others that he is not the spoilt entitled man everyone thinks he is.. taking a year off from the limelight and everything convenient – well for a billionaire. Enter Hayden.. a humbled cow handling farmgirl.A friends first relationship.. she was having none of him, to Lovers when she has all of him.I love how the whole story progresses to him finding himself and then getting back into his world with a humbled mind with Hayden in hand. Side characters were Hilarious and my heart for little Eddie just broke and mended with Chris being a protector for him.Can’t wait for next year for a Miles family catch up?❤❤

  8. Pamela Hooper

    Christopher Miles enjoys the finer things in life but he has never took the time to stop and open his eyes to appreciate the little things in life or things that money and prestige doesn’t buy. When his brothers are relentless in pointing this out Christopher decides to prove them wrong and sets out to backpack for a year and find himself. He makes friends with a group of people at the hostel and they have the time of their life partying wherever the road leads. Hayden Whitmore has sparked the eye of Christopher but she is not his usual type of women and she seems immune to his charm which has him more determined. Hayden is an only child and grew up on a farm. Her mother insists for her to go on this trip so Hayden can see the world and what it has to offer which includes finding her soul mate. Christopher meets a little boy by the name of Eddie who will steel you heart. Between Hayden and Eddie and the challenges of the backpacking life Christopher begins to see things in a much different perspective and by the end of the book this trip will change his life forever.TL Swan has brought perfection to this book! I love Hayden’s character and how patient she is with Christopher. Eddie is beyond precious and I just want to hug him and hold him tight. Christopher is so swoony and has a heart of gold. And yes, he has the Miles trait of the dirty talking alpha in the bedroom. This book made me cry and feel heart ache, it made me laugh throughout it and I thought I would pee my pants in chapter 19 with Julian Masters, Spencer Jones, and Sebastian Garcia in the yacht scene. This book is what the world needs right now. You feel connected like you are with them on this trip and makes you want to experience a backpacking trip of your own and be free to see the world. It makes you feel like there is hope and that they are still good in this world. I strongly encourage you to buy this book and feel all this wonderful magic.

  9. lissthebooklover

    I’m beyond mind blown. Miss Swan decided to go all out with the last installment of The Miles High Club and I’m absolutely in love with Christopher Miles and Hayden Whitmore.This book is full of laughs, self discovery, compromising, hot scenes, made families but above all true love.Christopher embarks on a year long backpacking Euro trip to find himself after realizing that his life is not normal and he needs to find out who he really is. In Barcelona he meets Hayden and they become fast friends. With other backpackers they go all over Europe and it’s the best time of their lives. When the trip comes to an end they have to face reality and life is not always as easy as it seems, even when you’re madly in love with each other.These to have to really go through so much to get to their HEA but that’s what makes it even more beautiful and worth it in the end. There were times while I was reading that I didn’t understand why the book had to be so long, we could have stop and be happy with the way it was a several points but then we would have missed on the amazing finale Miss Swan gave us. True love, a made family and a happily ever after in Bumf*ck Nowhere, England.

  10. Kathryn @CLiK Books

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     The Do-Over – Miles High Series – T L Swan⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️With each consecutive release from the Miles High Series I’ve thought, can TLSwan make these characters and stories any better?Well, let me tell you, Christopher Miles is the prince of one liners and such an endearing character and you’re going to love him.Some good natured fun poked at Christopher by his elder Miles siblings finds him rebelling against his privileged life and taking off on a twelve month backpacking trip to “find himself”. Little does he realise, he’s led a truly golden life until he winds up in a hostel in Spain, rooming with all assortment of wonderfully fun characters but most of all, the gorgeous Hayden.Hayden’s on a year long ‘find yourself’ tour as well, but her roots are firmly planted in her mid west country home and her animal husbandry career that she will return to.Their relationship is purely platonic as far as Hayden is concerned but Christopher sets himself a goal to be ejected from the friend zone and fall into Hayden’s bed. The road to achieve in this goal is definitely not paved with gold for Christopher and he learns so much about himself on the journey.A little guy called Eddie adds a certain sweetness to this fabulous story and teaches Christopher so much about living, giving Christopher a much needed reality check on his own life.This wonderfully written friends to lovers trope, will capture you from the very start and will leave you wanting more. The Miles brothers are certainly a force to be reckoned with but the women in their lives definitely know how to play these guys and seem to finish with the upper hand.Adored Christopher and Hayden’s story and loved every word from this series. Can’t wait for the epilogues for all the Miles families.

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