The Great Reset And the War for the World: 9781510774049: Jones, Alex: Books

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The Great Reset And the War for the World: 9781510774049: Jones, Alex: Books

Sometimes, it’s a good thing to just press the reset button and unplug your life from the grid. Life gets so tied up in the trivialities that we sometimes forget what really matters. The Great Reset: A Eurasian Journey follows a group of nomadic hunters as they follow the ancient art of “The Great Hunt” before everything changes. The film takes you on a journey to learn about life’s simple pleasures and the value in appreciating what you can’t take with you — like family, culture, and tradition. Each night they would go out together, fire their rifles into the air, and make snow angels to show their appreciation for this perfect moment in time. After a week in the wilderness, they would return back home with fresh hunting stories from around the world — stories that have been passed down through generations.

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Tucker Carlson powerful people trying to silence opinion dissent decide for yourself no censorship

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Skyhorse (August 30, 2022)

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264 pages

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10 reviews for The Great Reset And the War for the World: 9781510774049: Jones, Alex: Books

  1. Amazon Customer

    Whether you like Alex or not, get this bood and read it.

  2. Critical

    This book will open your eyes to how the world is run, who the players are and how it’ll impact you, your children and the generations that follow. Once you understand how the world really works, there’s no unseeing it. What a brilliant, insightful masterpiece by Alex. In flag he could fit all the information into a single book and make it understandable for the rest of us.

  3. Joe Dunkle

    Just received it today and I cannot put this book down. Alex breaks down the globalist blueprint for dominating the world and taking down America with tons of URLS and references to their own documents in the appendix. What Alex has been saying since the late 90s is coming true in the news every day. With 70 days until the 2022 midterms, what do the Democrats and the administrative state have in store to foil MAGA from getting patriots elected in the House and Senate. Buy this book and make it go to number one.

  4. Bobby Lee

    Wasn’t sure at first, because of all the things I’ve heard about Alex Jones, but looking past that, this is eye opening factual information.

  5. Brandon

    This will give you a real and true understanding of how the world works and who runs it, along with what their plans for the future are. ?

  6. Loving Retirement

    Wake UP and fight for your country as if the sand is running low on a fragile glass egg timer, because IT IS! We are on the brink of a global civil war against greedy power obsessed globalists who are IN PROGRESS to create human cyborgs (humans surgically merged with computerized electronics) to police/control/govern you/us. They can’t take over our country to take your/our constitutional freedoms unless you capitulate! Don’t give in. Don’t give up! Don’t believe anything you hear until you research all opposing sides. Our whole country is founded/based on having CHOICE, anyone who tries to rob you of your legal rights is intending to suppress you; and if so, IS YOUR ENEMY. Wake UP! VOTING IS YOUR POWER..USE IT! NOW, You’ve only got two choices. Lose your rights by going along – or by passively doing nothing, or fight like hell to keep your rights by VOTING IN PERSON whatever ticket/person who will go to the mat to fight like a dog for YOUR Constitutional rights to be retained. The Book of Revelations talks about a Chip to buy sell or trade. ITS already here! Just not mandatory, YET! You’ve already seen what happens when a gov sponsored vaccine is refused by the people. In addition, The Book of Enoch talks about genetic modification, and animal/human hybrids that took place in bibical times. When you stop reading bibical warnings as “your own personal judgements or attack on your own consciense” and more like a blueprint that lays out what can happen as the result of “x, y, z” … then it makes a whole lot of sense why we have to struggle to support and organize our local communities to TRY to retain our moral values and help strengthen each other, and protect our children. Meanwhile, VOTE TO RETAIN our Constitutional rights, no matter what party you belong to. It MAY be the last time we have the freedom to choose!

  7. TG49

    This book gives a historical background to the current political situation we nowfind ourselves in.Where we go from here is to be determined.

  8. m00001

    Alex Jones is a national treasure and this book is probably the most important book of the decade. He’s a rough-around-the-edges fighter for freedom. You may not like his style, his voice or what he says, but it will be your loss if you fail to grasp the concepts introduced in this book. The fate of the nation is at stake. Educate yourself as to what you can do to fight back against the globalists– read this book!

  9. Nunya Business

    This book is a roadmap to understand what is behind all of these major movements being pushed on society. All these agendas are like puzzle pieces that fit together to make the eventual world government. Do your research folks, they want the vast majority of us gone. They don’t care about your health or happiness.

  10. Zachariah king

    If you want to know the future of where society is being pushed into this will open your eyes like it did mine, never mind the hype find out for yourself!

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