Timex Men’s TWC001200 Expedition Scout 40mm Natural/Tan Leather Strap Watch Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

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From the manufacturer -Timex Men’s TWC001200

Timex Men’s TWC001200

Timex Expedition Analog Chronograph Watches

A Casual Watch Made for Any Adventure

Get outside. From the hiking trail to the field to the top of the mountains—you’re free to explore with the watch built for the great outdoors.

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Expedition Analog Chronographs -Timex Men’s TWC001200

Timex Men's TWC001200

Expedition Chronograph Straps

Timex Men's TWC001200

Field Chronograph

The unique dial of the Timex Field Chronograph draws inspiration from vintage military watches, with numerals in increments of five up to sixty.


Timex Expedition Analog Chronograph Collection

Chronographs are unmistakable.




10 reviews for Timex Men’s TWC001200 Expedition Scout 40mm Natural/Tan Leather Strap Watch Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  1. George H. Jones

    Nice watch. I purchased it as an outdoor sport and working watch. Price was reasonable and delivery was good. It is also a brand that has been around for a very long time. And, it actually looks great!

  2. Sergio M.

    I have had the watch for a couple of weeks now. I know, not a long time, but it is a Timex. The small black loops on it, are made of plastic so we will see how long they hold up. Plenty of adjustment even for the smallest of wrists, like mine. Glows beautiful with the touch of a button. For the price/ reliability and the tactical look, you can’t beat it.

  3. Anna

    Although some watches are bothersome to wear, this one is actually a comfortable watch to wear. I like the style, the ease of time and date, and the compliments the watch receives from others.

  4. C. Lira

    This looks like a nice watch, it’s comfortable, and the display is easy to read. Amazon shipped it in a mylar mailer, with ZERO protection. The cardboard sleeve surrounding the watch was crushed so badly one tab ripped off. Hopefully the watch is OK. Amazon needs to do a better job shipping.

  5. nruhlig

    At $40 usd this watch is a great value. After wearing this watch for work and play for 3 months I am ready to leave a review.Things I like:Easy to readAffordableIndigloThings I don’t like:Only 50m water resistanceBattery may or may not be serviceableI wear this watch to work daily in a manufacturing environment so it is exposed to bumps and scrapes as well as chemicals and abrasives. It looks to be holding up great and no issues with the crown so far. The case does sit a bit high on the wrist due to the slip-thru strap, but it has not been an issue for me.I believe this a excellent everyday watch thanks to its great legibility, comfort, and price point. I would like to see more water resistance, but this may increase the cost. It will probably be replaced with one of the 21 variants available when the need arises.

  6. K. Bennett

    My old hiking watch was digital, and had the same Indiglo light feature, but the numbers were so small that I could not read them without my glasses. Made it kind of useless at night.This watch has a nice large face with analog hands, easily visible and easy to read. At night, the Indiglo feature shows me the hands, and I can read them without my glasses. Win!The strap is comfortable and looks nice. It’s easy to get on and off one-handed.The only issue I have had so far is that one day I noticed the stem had gotten pulled all the way out, and the watch had stopped. No idea how that happened while on my wrist. Need to keep an eye on that.

  7. Claudia Rutherford

    I had just had a bad experience with purchasing a watch on Amazon, and I had to return it. It cane very small, as if I was a little child. So I tried to be very careful this time when ordering. It arrived on time, and it really exceeded my expectations. Love the band. Love the watch. It is better than what is shown

  8. TE

    Delivery of my watch was delayed by several days. When the watch finally arrived and I opened the package I was shocked to see that inside the outer envelope was a VERY mangled product box, several pieces of broken plastic and the watch. I was surprised to discover that the watch itself was completely undamaged. It was running, as the plastic retainer had slipped out of place, but I couldn’t find so much as a blemish on the crystal or a crease in the band. Have only had the watch now for a few hours, but all functions are working, band is comfortable. Exactly what I was expecting. As I would have thrown away the product packaging even if it was undamaged, I am happy with the purchase. It’s a decent watch, second hand movements align with the face markings, and it is doing everything as expected. I don’t know how much force is required to shred the box and break apart the plastic holder, but it wasn’t enough to stop a watch that “takes a licking and keeps on ticking”! A great watch for the price in my opinion.

  9. Michael R. Riter

    Excellent watch, simple, easy to read, and when the band gets dirty take it off and wash it. Awesome bang for your buck!

  10. Allen Smith

    I use this watch all time, and I’m not necessarily gentle with it. It’s held up great. It’s waterproof for everything I’ve done with it I haven’t gone diving with it but dipping my hand in the lake or pool no problem. The back light is awesome. Only thing I noticed is the holes are stretching a little bit

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