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The Top Gun Maverick Limited-Edition Steelbook is an extremely limited edition release that is only available to those who purchase a specially packaged steelbook. This steelbook comes with a number of exclusive features, including an extra layer of protection for the hardcover and a dust cover. The release is also only available through the Top Gun website.

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Top Gun Maverick Limited-Edition Steelbook

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Tom Cruise fighterjet

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7.5 x 5.25 x 0.5 inches; 2.4 Ounces

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November 1, 2022

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Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller

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#6 in Action & Adventure Blu-ray Discs

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10 reviews for Top Gun Maverick Limited-Edition Steelbook : Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller: Movies & TV

  1. Beryl R.

    I am so proud of Tom Cruz, et. al., who contributed to this film. There are sequels and there are sequels, but this sequel gave honor to the original. New planes, new techniques, new sound effects, and a smart and talented cast. God bless Cruz by bringing back Kilmer during his illness. Even though Val could not speak, whatever he did, was poignant and the screenwriter made his condition work in this film. He was great and he looked good even though he was ill. With every breath Tom took while flying in the plane, I took and I felt like I was going to hyperventilate. I was in that plane and I volleyed left and right when he volleyed while he did his dogfight. I have not been in the theaters in 7 years and this was a visit that was worth it. I enjoyed this film immensely. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. martinarchie

    Great movie can’t wait to buy the steel book

  3. DK

    We already know that Top Gun looks amazing in 4K already. We can only hope that Maverick will be too. Maverick is awesome with a better story and way better plane sequences in it. The cast is top notch! The actor who plays Bob is veteran actor Bill Pullman’s son and he is flawless along with Miles Teller. Mr. Kilmer shows up in the film and steals the whole show. You will tear up. Such a tragedy what happened to him physically in real life. But, it was so cool that they had an important part in the story for him. Jennifer Connelly is always great as Maverick’s love interest. Get this awesome 4K two pack.

  4. Larry

    I truly think all who put this together Tom of course number one, you can tell they started this for the Fans. Superb,hard working talent & crew Hart warming,Great Script Must Have Aluminum stealth 4K UHD+ BULERAY & Digital copy pre order yours today.

  5. Alex YAU

    It’s so touching in every aspect, especially the conversation between Maverick and Iceman. Maverick and Rooster just like Father and son. The atmosphere of the first scene in the bar, the dog fight in the air, the relationship between Maverick and Penny…You would never regret to own this and enjoy it in your entire of life.

  6. Timothy W.

    A word of caution to all who are pre-ordering any 4K copies of this film: The standard 4K edition was originally promoted as a combo pack 4K/Blu-ray when I placed my order. Now it has changed to be a single 4K disc ONLY. For those who care about such things for whatever reason, keep an eye on these pending release to make sure you’re getting what you think your paying for. I cancelled my standard edition and jumped on this one. I don’t yet have 4K equipment so I never buy 4Ks that aren’t a combo pack.The film itself? Let me just say that, as of 8/23/22, I’ll have seen this in theaters 15 times and taken five different people to it. For some reason Paramount hasn’t offered me a free copy with my efforts to keep it in theaters singlehandedly! Thank you, Tom. If I never see you again, thank you.

  7. FullMetal Head

    It not oh well gotta own two copies of Maverick I guess. Man this money rocks saw it in IMAX and it was ONE of my favorite cinema going experiences EVER!!! Such a fantastic movie, love the soundtrack too!

  8. Dan Rhéaume

    In the I-Max theater, there is nothing bad about this film! A classic for a hall of fame. As a flyer myself, I was shocked, amazed, thrilled and envious of those that do this, Blow your doors off flying. Cruise is a Natural “Captain” the rest of the “Top Gunners” were rightfully arrogant enough to pull it all off. Oh, to be in the back seat.

  9. James Woodward

    Just what this country needs, action, drama, and a whole lot of testosterone! Great script.

  10. Roland Wei

    I believe this 2 4K discs is a combo 2 movies of Top Gun with Kelly McGills and Top Gun: Maverick with Jennifer Connally, you can see Kelly McGills’ picture on the left of the box. If you search this combo in Best Buy website, it shows the side of the package that has 2 tabs Top Gun and Top Gun Maverick.If you don’t have 4k equipment yet then you may not be able to view them.

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