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Do you love to travel? Are you tired of fumbling inside your luggage and unpacking everything to look for an item the same old way? Concerned you will leave expensive items in the hotel? Use packing cubes to sort, organize and find your things in a flash. Say goodbye to all your travel woes! These cubes are 26% thicker. We‘ve tested the other travel essentials on the market for thickness and durability. Compared to their 230D nylon or different polyester fabrics, we construct our packing cubes with 290D nylon fabrics – much thicker and more resistant, allowing you to use them every day. Waterproof fabric – another benefit of our packing cubes: they will prevent your items from getting wet. These packing cubes keep your stuff dry even if your suitcase or backpack gets wet. An exclusive, innovative design. Eva is a new, environmentally friendly, packaging material that is waterproof, sturdy and recyclable. We even stamp a unique logo on each cube to identify what is inside – saving you time to locate what you are looking for in seconds! Suitable for every occasion. These packing cubes can help to reduce clothing wrinkles by preventing movement inside the suitcase. Imagine 1 piece of luggage for every item, or use one packing cube per group and compress them all in one bag. Ideal for family vacations, business trips, outdoor camping, and daily storage.

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Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes are a lightweight, easy to carry way to organize your clothes in just a few minutes. It helps you put away clothing and stay stress-free!

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10 reviews for | Veken 6 Set Packing Cubes, Travel Luggage Organizers with Laundry Bag & Shoe Bag (Black) | Packing Organizers

  1. Mango House

    Okay bear with me…. lol…I LOVE these so much I had to buy another set. I’ve had my first set for about 2.5 years and they are good as new. I bought my 1st set when I was about to travel to Mexico. OMG!!! I had 4 days of clothes in the med size cube and all my undergarments in the smallest one. I just wanted to take a carry on and that’s all I took… with plenty of space to spare. These cubes made packing and unpacking unrealistically easy… simply took out the cube from my carry on and put it in the drawer and back.For my daily use… they are in my drawer and hold all my things together without the clutter. These cubes keep my drawers neat and clean and allow a lot more stuff to fit in them. I traveled to Canada last week and ordered a set of 8 from BAGAIL (my favorites were being used to keep my drawers clean lol) I did not like their quality AT ALL… they were cheaper (by less than $10 including tax), had more cubes and had designs…. but they did NOT pass. One even ripped a little around the mesh. I ordered these again as soon as I came back for my future trips.These packing cube may be a LITTLE more expensive than the others and have less cube but quality is everything, they will last you a long long time. I HIGHLY recommend these!!PS: I have the aqua and now marble ones. The marble design is so beautiful. I LOVE it <3

  2. D. Roberts

    These were purchased for a 2 week international trip as an addition to some other packing squares I already owned. When they arrived and were unpacked, they were not that impressive. While the quality seemed great, they looked small and not all that usable. I considered returning them, but I’m glad that I didn’t.I wear size XL or XXL clothes and typically they take up a lot of room in a suitcase. I didn’t think they would be able to hold everything I wanted so I pulled my other squares as well. I was totally wrong about how much they can hold! I was able to fit about 8 shorts, 10 t-shirts, underwear for 10 days, a pair of jeans, swim trunks, a hat, and a pair of shoes in these squares, nothing else needed, and I didn’t even use the drawstring bag – that was used for laundry during the trip. The clothes were all rolled, so they weren’t very wrinkly on arrival, but the biggest improvement over previous trips was the amount of space left in my suitcase after putting all the squares in there. They were also used for short overnight trips as well, which makes them doubly useful. You can fit enough clothes for 2-3 days in the large square and throw it in a car, or backpack, for easy transport. You could even just carry it easily due to the handle on the top.I bought four sets for my family, and they were all just as good, no issues with quality. I’d thoroughly recommend them if you have a need for any sort of packing. They work really well for long trips, short trips and anything in between.

  3. MARCIA C.

    I always thought these were a joke, but saw a presentation online about how to pack. Ordered these and left on a weekend trip 2 days after receiving. I used a large duffle bag and couldn’t believe how nice it was to have my clothing organized, to be able to get things out of bag and not worry about the surface I was putting them on, and to keep several pairs of shoes in a separate bag. Just wish the bag for soiled clothes was bigger. My friend was so impressed, she was going to order her own set when she got home.

  4. Ssjud

    Incase you didn’t get the message from the title, I LOVE these packing cubes! I just got back from Hawaii and used them to pack. My husband asked me, “why do you need to pack your clothes inside of something that your going to pack inside of something else?” I DON’T KNOW!!! Why do I??? Well, here’s my crazy reasoning.1. It looks neater. And because of that I think my clothes didn’t wrinkle as much.2. It’s so much more organized. All my bathing suits and coverups went in one cube. All my shorts and tops in another. All my husbands clothes went in a cube. When we got to the condo we just pulled out the cubes and either hung the clothes up or put them in the dresser.3. I could fit more in, or at least I think I did!4. If you have to live out of a suitcase on vacation packing cubes will make it so much easier to find things rather than having one big pile of clothes.5. These were very nice quality. I filled them pretty full and had full confidence that the zippers would hold.6. I liked that there’s a strip of see through material so you can see what’s inside.7. The laundry bag and shoe bag is nice to have too.8. These would be great to use to store clothes in under my bed too!I’ve included pics off my cubes all packed up for Hawaii. Some people said there’s had a smell so when I got mine I just unzipped them and let them air out for a couple of days before I used them.I can’t believe how excited I was to use them and how excited I was to open and unpack once I got to my destination. My husband still doesn’t get all the hype but I think their great!

  5. jimoba

    I bought this set of packing cubes because I booked a cheap flight where I couldn’t bring a standard carry-on (I’ll never do that again!) and needed to get everything for a 5-day trip in a duffle bag. I had heard great things about packing cubes but had never used them before, so I didn’t want to spend much money on my first set. I have used these cubes on four trips this year, and they have exceeded my expectations. Whether packing for a quick work trip or extended vacation, I love that I can mix and match the sizes to accommodate the size of the suitcase I’m packing and get twice as much stuff in my bag as I would without using the cubes. The print is cute, and after several packings and unpackings, the cubes are still in great shape–no fraying or tears, and the zippers work great.

  6. ReviewBeast

    Whether you’re a roller or a folder, these organizers keep all your clothes in place where you packed them! I didn’t think I would be as impressed with these but I decided to order them a day before my flight for same day delivery and received them a few hours after ordering – what an age we live in!While they are not necessary, the convenience these organizers provide make them worth purchasing. I always organize my clothes when I pack my suitcase but over the course of a trip, all my different articles end up mixed up and jumbled together from pulling stuff out and stuffing things back into the suitcase.Having separate cubes for different types of clothing maintains order in the suitcase and saves me time when putting an outfit together, ultimately giving me more time and energy to enjoy my vacation or trip. It also makes it super easy to take everything out of the suitcase and put it into the wardrobe/drawers – something I’ve never done before but felt confident doing since there was a protective layer around my clothes. The shoe bag and laundry bay are awesome, too.Veken also included a little pamphlet on suggested ways to fold or roll your clothing in case you’re a complete noob. To those complaining about the durability, you should be realistic about what you’re receiving for a 6 piece set at this price point. Don’t manhandle them and you’ll be fine. Get these! At a fraction of the cost of other brands, they are a great way to try packing cubes.As an aside: I read reviews pretty thoroughly and I noticed people commenting on those “hairs” they found in their bag. If you look closely, you can see that those fibers are bent in the middle, looks like bristles from a brush or cleaning device so that answer from the company actually makes sense.

  7. Carol

    I always thought that packing cubes just wasted more space, but after watching travel tips videos and reading blogs, I decided to give them a try. My husband and I flew to Alaska for a wedding and really needed to cram a lot into our luggage to avoid an extra checked bag. I was very surprised. Not only did these cubes allow us to pack a lot of clothes (since weather was varied while we were there), everything stayed mostly wrinkle free, including his suit. The shoe bag and laundry bag included with the set were also very nice to have. I used the both sets again for another trip shortly after the first with the same results. They also keep things organized. I highly recommend them.

  8. MM

    I bought these and didn’t have high expectations given the price and the photos (which make them look kinda cheap), but figured I could return them if they were poor quality.These are actually way nicer than I expected. I bought them to use to pack my infant’s stuff for a vacation. My husband and I have the ebags brand, which are great, but we didn’t want to spend upwards of $40 for a set when it’s just for baby clothes, etc. and doesn’t need to be super durable. When I opened these, I was surprised by how well they are made, how nice they look, the quality of the material (the polyester, the mesh, and the plastic peek through window), the smooth glide of the zippers, etc. And the sizes just make sense, too. Perfect sizes for different things, with each of the four bags being different sizes, and the shoe bag looking like it could accommodate at least one pair of large men’s shoes if need be. The laundry bag is probably too small to be useful (unless you do laundry daily on vacations, which, seriously, no…), but I expected as much, and even if the laundry bag wasn’t included the set would still be an awesome value, so I didn’t care. I am looking forward to trying this out, and have no reason to believe it won’t hold up for many vacations if used properly. Get these!


    I picked this pack of packing cubes for my trip and I was not disappointed. It came in a back of 6 if I am not mistaken. they were neatly packed in the smaller bag. Laundry bag is perfect if you have dirty items that you would like to pack separately while on vacation. the shoe bag, I really thought it was going to be too small but the more shoes I added the more it could fit, especially if you are travelling with multiple sandals etc. I used the smallest bag for my under wears and bras. the medium I was able to pack swimsuits etc., the L and XL shows what type of clothing items should go in each which I like. They both fit everything I was taking with me. It made packing so each even though i didn’t fold everything I was taking., I know more items would fit If I did.

  10. Lisa Wannemacher

    I was preparing for a 10 day road trip and knew we couldn’t all pack suitcases and hope to fit in the car. So I decided to use a duffle so it could be smushed. But 10 days in a duffle could get messy fast. I found these packing squares and I was pleasantly surprised at how much they held. If you’ve ever read one of my reviews, you’ll know that I’m not a petite person. Large person means large clothes. But these bags held everything. And it comes with a bag to store a pair of shoes and keep from getting your other stuff dirty. It also comes with a small laundry bag.All in all, this was a good purchase. They worked well for keeping me organized during a long trip. They look nice. And they held a good amount. I’ll definitely get some use out of these in my future travels.

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