Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Color – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results

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Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray is the most innovative product of its kind on the market. Our patented solution is scientifically proven to keep your pet’s coat clean and smelling great for weeks. Forget about smelly pet odors, itchy skin, and dull fur. Your pet will thank you!

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Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Inspired by textile technology, its light-as-water, humidity-proofing formula acts like a raincoat. It wraps each strand in an imperceptible, water-resistant barrier that causes water to bead up and roll off. So you get silky, glossy, glassy, frizz-free hair no matter the weather!

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Dream Coat, Anti-Frizz Spray, Anti-Frizz Treatment

Chris Appleton Glass Hair, Dream Coat, Anti-Frizz Spray, Anti-Frizz Treatment

Dream Coat, Anti-Frizz Spray, Anti-Frizz Treatment

Color Wow CEO, Gail Federici, + Chief Chemist, Dr. Joe Cincotta, Ph.D. created the first EVER range of products designed to tame + treat frizzy hair. Working together for decades and winning over 70 beauty awards for innovation, this unparalleled team has now taken frizz technology to a heretofore impossible level with its breakthrough formula, Dream Coat. This super lightweight spray leaves hair ultra-smooth, humidity-proofed, and frizz-free for days!

Celeb stylist Chris Appleton is known for creating iconic, glass hair styles on all his A-list clients. His secret weapon? Dream Coat! “It humidity-proofs the hair so the finished style stays super smooth, glossy + doesn’t come undone with frizz. I use at least 100 bottles of Dream Coat every year!”

Get smooth, glossy hair that lasts through 3-4 shampoos, without the chemical processing.

Sulfate-free, Paraben-free, Cruelty-free, Gluten-free, Vegan

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Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Dream Coat Supernatural Spray FRIZZ CONTROL LIGHTWEIGHT LASTS 3-4 SHAMPOOS HUMIDITY-PROOF CREATES GLASS HAIR DREAM COAT ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ OTHER FRIZZ FIGHTERS ✓

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

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10 reviews for Wow Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Color – Multi-award-winning anti-frizz spray keeps hair frizz-free for days no matter the weather with moisture-repellant anti-humidity technology; glass hair results

  1. Amazon Customer

    I live in a state where we suffer unbearable humidity in the summer. This has always caused my hair to look frizzy if I’m outdoors for more than 30 minutes. I saw an advertisement, and thought, “what do I have to lose?” After ONE treatment, I immediately ordered a second bottle! I don’t ever want to be without this product! It does not weigh your hair down and does not look oily after your hair is blown dry. There is a slight medicinal smell that I hardly notice. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  2. Jen S.

    A product has to be outstanding for me to recommend it, and this is! I have very course, thick, naturally curly hair that I straighten almost exclusively and color regularly. This product was amazing from the first time I used it. I immediately made my hair feel lighter when applied, it cut down on the drying time, and left my hair super soft, shiny, and no frizz (even in humid weather!!). This is a game changer for me. The first time I used it I was asked 3 times – the following day – if I just had my hair done. In fact, I was actually way overdue for a cut & color, and people still thought I just left the salon!!! I love it so much I also purchased the one for curly hair and love how that performs as well on the says i decide to not straighten it.

  3. Heliya Ahmadi

    My friend recommended this product to me, but I wasn’t optimistic because I have curly, fizzy hair and have tried almost every product on the market. However, ColorWow changed everything. Applied in damp hair and activated with a hair dryer, it makes blow-drying easier and gives you silky, smooth hair with a shine. By far, this is the best hair product I have ever used and would be my first and foremost choice. Using colorwow, I wouldn’t have to undergo keratin treatment.

  4. ramandip kaur

    I have oily scalp and frizzy and dry ends. I am so happy that i tried this. I can’t go out with hair down in humid weather but thanks to this now I even went to Florida and my hair was shiny and didn’t get frizzy at all. I will say wow . I have tried many many things in my life for my hair to look like this and spent so much money too but nothing worked like this. I’ll surely buy it again especially for the summer weather.

  5. Harvey Elwood

    I have bleached super light blonde hair that is usually pretty damaged and frizz prone. This time of year it’s usually an exercise in futility to try and keep my hair straight (it’s naturally wavy) and frizz free but this stuff does help a lot more than I thought possible. The trick is(I was told this by a hairdresser after complaining that it doesn’t work) you have to dry your hair a bit first and then use a lot of this- like fully saturate your hair before drying again. It’s a bummer since this stuff is expensive but if you are like me and only have to wash your hair once a week, it will last a pretty good amount of time.

  6. Jenny

    I bought this product because I have very fine curly/wavy hair. And boy did it not disappoint. First time I used it my hair looked as it did when I was in my teens. And then the big surprise came the next day, I woke up and all I had to do was brush my hair and it looked as it did the day before. GAME CHANGER for someone that travels. Not sure if it’ll last through that many shampoos but will report back. This product is amazing!!

  7. Anto G.

    Muy buen producto para controlar el freez del cabello. Tiene buen olor y deja con suave textura el cabello. Me lo coloqué y seque el cabello y ese día llovió demasiado la humedad estaba elevada me moje el cabello con la lluvia y aún así mi peinado se mantuvo. Es impresionante el cambio en el cabello. Y ayuda mucho sobretodo en los climas con alta humedad.

  8. Norma T

    I’m Spanish and have super thick hair. My mother in law is Scottish (blonde hair) and has super thin hair. I tried it on her and I – FOLLOW the directions to spray it when wet and air brush it dry…100% works on her and I! I tried on DRY hair and it doesn’t work as good – not even close, so follow directions – or just comments I saw for folks using it. MIL hair looked AMAZE, she’s buying this and also a fan! Side note – if you use dry spray – don’t with this – it messed up my shiny, perfect hair and puffed it up! Advice – wet hair and air brush…then you can flat iron! My hair is BONE straight and sleek now.

  9. Kimberly

    I have tried so many hair products, from very inexpensive all the way up to very expensive. Most of them have either not helped at all, or the ones that did help, it was so minimal that I would not purchase the products again. I have had my eye on this product for some time. When I finally decided to purchase it, I had already made my mind up that it would not give me the results I am looking for. I literally have tried every product there is to tame the frizz in my hair. I was extremely shocked and amazed at the results I got after using this. After towel drying my hair, i sectioned my hair and sprayed with Wow. I combed it out to make sure it was evenly applied and proceeded to blow dry my hair. If frizzy hair is your concern, I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing this product. If it helped my hair, it will help anyone’s hair. I didn’t get “slight results”….I got AMAZING and UNBELIEVABLE results!!!! I buy a lot of different products from Amazon and this is one of my best purchases. I’m going to look into other products in the Wow line


    I do write reviews most of the time and I am always honest and sometimes a little generous, however this product has the perfect name. I have blonde hair and I get it highlighted every 6 weeks for many years. Needless to say my hair is damaged, the first time I used this product my hair felt like it did when I was 13 years old. Soft, shinny, smooth and super manageable. I have finally found the product I have been looking for and its perfect. The compliments on my hair have been endless. I am serious when I say this product is great for you hair. The best part… it will last a long time since you only use it every 3 washes. WOW

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