Various Metaverse and NFT initiatives aim to blur the line between the virtual and physical worlds. Sneakmart and its Metakicks NFT drops offer something virtual for sneaker collectors, with a chance to win physical items. The team works together with StockX and top-rated football stars and artists to tokenize limited-edition footwear.

Metakicks Are Coming This June

The Sneakmart team has built a strong reputation through its community-driven mobile app for streetwear enthusiasts. Moreover, they see merit n the NFT phenomenon and how it can prove beneficial to the $6 billion sneakers resale market. Accessing physical drops of limited-edition sneakers has proven very difficult for many, as there is so much competition. As a result, one has a very small chance of “getting in” on these drops today.

Changing that narrative is not easy, as limited editions are designed to be very scarce. However, there are ways to enhance the overall utility and access to these collections with the help of non-fungible tokens. For example, the Metakicks NFT collection by Sneakmart will span 6,250 mystery boxes, each of which has a 10% chance to give its owner access to a limited-edition pair of physical sneakers. The virtual sneakers, tokenized as NFTs, can be used to customize one’s Metaverse avatar.

The collaboration with StockX will enable the shipping and delivery of the 625 pairs of physical sneakers. StockX is the leading global streetwear platform and will ship Dunk Lows, Jordan 4s, and Adidas Yeezy 350s to lucky winners. A total of 25 unique models will find a new home, along with two Jordan 1 Dior pairs and two pairs of Jordan in collaboration with Travis Scott. The total value of physical pairs is over $200,000.

There are also various one-of-one collaborations between Metakicks and international soccer players like Didier Droga, Kinsley Coman, and Marco Verratti. These limited-edition kicks will be auctioned in OpenSea before the Metakicks NFT collection drops in June 2022. Winners of these auctions can gain real-life benefits, including VIP access to soccer games, meet-and-greet opportunities, and signed merchandise. The Metakicks team will pursue other 1-of-1 collaborations with brands and Web3 communities.

Over A Dozen Unique Designs

The first Metakicks collection will feature 15 unique designs, depicting unique 3D animated sneakers. Moreover, there are various backgrounds, shapes, materials, textures, and colors. Inspiration for these unique assets comes from Sneakmart’s expertise in buying, reselling, and collecting iconic pairs of sneakers. Additionally, the designs have four rarity tiers – rare, super rare, epic, and legendary – based on their designs, shape, texture, and materials.

Regardless of which virtual design one draws, there is no link between the virtual kicks and the physical sneakers one can win, creating an extra degree of randomness and excitement. Holders of Metakicks NFTs do not need to open their mystery box if they prefer keeping it closed. However, one will not know if they won a physical pair without opening the box.

The approach by Sneakmart puts a new spin on the ever-popular sneaker industry. Valued at over $6 billion in 2019, the resale vertical of this industry notes explosive growth. NFTs tied to real-world experiences and the potential to win physical sneaker pairs create a new paradigm for enthusiasts and collectors to explore.  It also signifies the importance of fashion in the incumbent Web3 and Metaverse ecosystem.




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