2000 – Al-Rehab Natural Perfume Spray- 35 ml (1.15 fl. oz) Beauty & Personal Care

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About this item 1 pack Genuine Al-Rehab perfume High quality exotic longer lasting Comes in 35ml or 50ml Spray. Most are Unisex (can be used by men or women) One of the most popular perfume brands

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Al-Rehab is an Iranian natural perfume Spray. It was created in Tehran and introduced to the market in 1998. Al-Rehab has many advantages, including being environmentally friendly and recyclable, which has led to its global recognition as a superior product.

This article discusses some of the different ways that Al-Rehab can be used. It outlines some of the merits and benefits of this brand’s products as well as what others might find appealing about them. Finally, there is a brief summary for those interested in reading more about this particular type of product offered by Iran’s capital city, Tehran.
Al-Rehab is an Iranian natural perfume spray. Al-Rehab has many advantages including being environmentally friendly and recyclable, which has led to its global recognition as a superior product.

The company’s name, Al Rehâb, literally means “the Alcoholics”. Alcoholism has been a widespread problem in Iran since the 1950s (due to the effects of the Western culture), and this company was created by some members of Alcoholics Anonymous to tackle the problem. They were unable to find sufficient treatment in Iran, so they decided to make their own. Before this project began, they had given all kinds of natural substances to alcoholics in order to try and help them quit drinking without success. Then, a chemical engineer suggested to them that they try natural perfume. Perfume has been proven in the past to help cure many different kinds of illnesses and diseases; for example, it is used by aromatherapists to cure depression and anxiety as well as other mental illnesses.
Al-Rehab’s first product was the “Perfume Spray”, which was created in 1998. It became very popular with the public, thanks to its many benefits. The spray can be sprayed on skin or cloths and it leaves a natural odor or provides a pleasant fragrance which lasts for some time (the duration of time depends on the individual using it). The spray can also be used in homes, offices and cars.

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10 reviews for 2000 – Al-Rehab Natural Perfume Spray- 35 ml (1.15 fl. oz) Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Nisi

    Between the Tickity Tok & a couple of FB fragrance groups, this gem has been UP & DOWN my feeds. I. SEE. WHY! I quite literally smell like the sexiest cup of cocoa ever made on the coziest of early winter nites! If I layer it with something vanilla I smell like the most seductive s’more ever made by the fire. GET IT!

  2. Darlene Marte

    It smells amazing however it is very STRONG. Every time I spray it on myself I sneeze a few times. However I have recieved so many compliments & it lasts very long. I work in fast food and the smell catches on to me, however I still always smell the perfume on myself. It’s amazing. Smells very vanilla-y. If you’re into that kind of scent this is definitely the fragrance for you.

  3. Stephanie Cavalcanti Kaczinski

    Based on the reviews I kinda expected more. It smells more mature (idk its something my mom, aunt or gma would smell like) Its def not bad, just not really what i usually like to smell like.

  4. kiki

    I’m very happy with this perfume. I saw this girl recommend it on Instagram so I purchased it. It smells like chocolate/vanilla ice cream on me (I love sweet fragrances) but my favorite is to combine this fragrance with “Hypnotic Poison” by Dior and they smell amazing on me. Great quality, very long lasting. Very fast shipping and it came in great condition. I recommend this perfume if you’re into sweet smelling perfumes.

  5. Courtney Wicks

    ***UPDATE: It smells amazing and the bottle was full this time. Nice warm notes of coco and vanilla. Great price. Will order from them again. ***Original: Came completely empty and there is a no return policy for this! DISAPPOINTED!!! From the leak it smells like it would have been good but won’t know now until someone contacts me back about a replacement :-/

  6. Vanessa

    This fragrance is great if you like sweet gourmand scents. This is a dupe for Billie Eilish (BE) EDP retailing $48 for 1oz… which is still a great buy. The description for BE basically confirms these two are the same. “The heart of the fragrance unfolds with soft spices, rich cocoa, and creamy vanilla.”

  7. Shenoa Thomas

    I love how this smells! It gives a very soft chocolate scent, I paired it with a vanilla musk and got compliments all day! I like my scents to last all day so I also got the roll on oil in the same scent which helped. Great for the price!

  8. A.

    I like this one, it gives chocolate but softly. I mix this one with my other vanilla options, after I apply cocoa butter and you would’ve thought I was a chocolate, cocoa goddess. Anywho, the scent itself doesn’t last long. It lasts for significantly less time than your typical Victoria Secret’s body spray. It’s worth a try. It’s pleasant and senses enjoys chocolate as a fragrance. I’ve received compliments from my mixture, but I have to douse myself with this one for a fraction of the scent’s longevity. By the time I leave my house and commute to work, get to work, clock in, foot traffic picking up, it’s faint. Long story short, make the purchase. The biggest con is the fragrance not lasting. You can extend its strength with some Vaseline.

  9. Amazon Customer

    I been in middle eastern scents and everyone recommended this. For the price… 10 out of 10z it’s like a warm semi chocolate sugar cookie. Will be perfect for fall winter. I payed it with Kayali vanilla 28 and it did what need to be done

  10. Jay R

    Straight to the point: if you enjoy a warm, toasted chocolaty scent, think of s’mores and hot cocoa, with a mild(a strong emphasis on mild) bitterness, which surprisingly always compliments sweet, then without a doubt you will LOVE this perfume, it’s a seriously beautiful gourmand scent that LASTS, about 5-7 hours on myself if I do proper skin prep. Did I mention people will be asking if it’s you that smells so delicious haha?More details: This beautiful choco musk EDP is a complete steal for its price point, I most definitely give it a 5/5 ⭐️ review, the ONLY thing I don’t care for, but does come with the territory of lower priced EDPs is that of course on first initial spray you do get the heavy smell of perfumers alcohol, BUT this literally disappears in a minute or two and shouldn’t be a deterrent In not trying this gorgeous EDP, the dry down is absolutely beautiful, a very earthy chocolaty scent. I did purchase the Choco musk concentrated perfume oil and it is just as equally beautiful on this skin, it is strong but of course perfume oils don’t have the same ‘throw’ as EDPs. A lot of reviewers and myself enjoy mixing the oil concentrate and EDP for an all day stay.Final Verdict: I did purchase this as a blind buy and as someone who usually doesn’t lean towards gourmands, I’m more of a flowery/earthy scent kind of perfume wearer, I love this! It’s affordable, unique and can easily be layered.

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