Amazon Basics Unscented Standard Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip, 13 x 9 Inches, Black – 20 Rolls (300 Bags) Pet Supplies

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About this item 300 unscented pet waste bags with black dispenser for leash; 15 bags per roll; 20 rolls per box Sturdy polyethylene bags offer reliable strength and durability Unscented dog poop bags help keep hands protected and minimize odors Dimensions: 9 x 13 inches (LxW) per bag; bag dispenser with carabiner-style leash clip included


Basics Unscented Standard Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip, 13 x 9 Inches, Black – 20 Rolls (300 Bags) Pet Supplies

 Basics Unscented Dog Waste Bags, Standard

Amazon Basics unscented dog poop bags in Standard polyethylene

Unscented Dog Waste Bags

The dog waste bags include 15 bags per roll with a convenient leash clip and dispenser. Available in multiple pack sizes to suit your needs.

Amazon Basics

Reliable Strength

Made of durable polyethylene, Amazon Basics dog poop bags neatly contain waste, minimize odors, and keep hands protected from everyday pickups.

Amazon Basics

Handy Dispenser

The included dispenser makes it easy to pull and tear a single bag from the roll. It also protects stored bags from punctures and tears.

Amazon Basics

Carrying Clip

The dispenser’s carabiner-style clip allows you to attach it to a leash handle or belt loop for easy access to bags while out walking.

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September 3, 2020

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Amazon Basics

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10 reviews for Amazon Basics Unscented Standard Dog Poop Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip, 13 x 9 Inches, Black – 20 Rolls (300 Bags) Pet Supplies

  1. Suzanne

    I have been using a different brand of bags but these are as good and when needed I’ll be purchasing more. Hope they don’t change in the future because they’re thick and I’ve had no problem separating the bags, I do take my time though, and can highly recommend these to those who are walking dogs.

  2. Hollie

    Great value for the amount of bags you get. We had a little of pups and I use these to clean out potty box we have created for them. Easy to insert into the dispenser and never have had problems getting the bags out. They are a good thickness also! Great value.

  3. MacKenzie Monterroso

    Bags are just as good as any brand. Dispenser case is simple and good quality. The only thing I don’t care for on the dispenser is the clip. It’s impossible to get on and off things. But you definitely can be sure it won’t come off on it’s own. I use the dispenser for something new everytime I order. Dog leash. Stroller. Diaper bag. Work great as emergency trash bag dispensers without the dog designs on them.

  4. Sandy

    The main thing I was looking for in a bag was one that did not rip when I was trying to pull it out of the dispenser, or one that wouldn’t rip as I was picking up the poo. This bag delivers on those two qualities

  5. boatman91

    These are great poop bags. They don’t make a fashion statement, but I really don’t care. The quantity of rolls keeps me from ordering constantly. They’re sturdy and a decent size. I will order again.

  6. Kalley Barber

    This is a very sturdy holder and is super easy to use. The clip holds well on my dog’s leash. It comes with several rolls of bags which is really convenient. The end screws off and you just slide in a new roll of bags. I have had absolutely no issues with it and it is a lifesaver on walks where dog stations aren’t present.

  7. MightyDwighty

    Pros:- Slightly thicker than competitors- Resilient and strong plastic- Easy to open and separate from other bags on the roll- Good quality control (each bag is the same with clean seals and even thickness throughout)- Excellent value & comes with bag dispenserCons:- Uses “single” seal vs the “double” seal used by some competitorsPERSONAL EXPERIENCE:I own 3 dogs – 1 Yorkie/Miniature Shnauzer mix, and 2 Decker Rat Terriers (one is a puppy). My Yorkie mix is about 13 pounds, and my Decker Rat Terriers are 27 pounds and 18 pounds. Even though they are slightly on the smaller size for dogs, believe me, the Decker Rat Terriers sure eat a lot and let out A LOT at a good size! As you can imagine, waste bags are absolutely essential for me. When walking 3 dogs at once, you not only need a lot of waste bags, you need them to be dependable! Nothing is worse than having poopie hands while you’re still on a walk… .I have been using Out! waste bags for quite a while now, and to be honest, I have been completely satisfied. At the normal price, the Out! waste bags come out to be about $0.053 per bag 

    OUT! Rainbow Dog Waste Pick-Up Bags, 120-Pack

    , as compared to the AmazonBasics which can come out to be as low as $0.016 per bag (if you purchase 900). When comparing the AmazonBasics waste bags to the the Out! waste bags, I noticed a few notable differences:- THICKNESS:AmazonBasics are slightly thicker than the Out! bags. I included a side by side picture showing each roll next to each other (each roll contains 15 bags) and the AmazonBasics roll is clearly thicker. I also included a side by side picture showing one bag of each laid flat out flat. My granite counter tops can be seen somewhat clearly through the Out! bags, but the black color of the AmazonBasics bag also reduces its transparency. Regardless, with careful inspection, it is clear that the AmazonBasics bags are thicker.- SEAL:AmazonBasics uses a “single” seal at the bottom of the bag while Out! uses a “double” seal. I included a picture of each to show what I am referring to.- RESILIENCY/DURABILITY:AmazonBasics is more resilient than the Out! waste bags. The Out! bags were consistently easier to stretch until torn and poke through than the AmazonBasics bag. When rubbing the bags against concrete (for those pesky times your dog decides to go potty on the sidewalk…), the Out! bags would stretch and tear relatively easily, whereas the AmazonBasics bags would still hold up to gentle scraping against concrete. I ensured to test this out with multiple bags from both AmazonBasics and Out!, and from different rolls, to ensure I was still getting the same results.- ODOR BLOCKING:AmazonBasics is more odor blocking. In a more subjective test, I used both bags to pick up the same dog waste and compared which bag was able to hold in the odor the best (gross…I know…and you’re welcome btw so you don’t have to try this yourself). As expected, the AmazonBasics bag smelled less than the Out! bags (but you could definitely still smell it!).CONCLUSION:Based on my comparison, the AmazonBasics waste bags was the overall winner in nearly every category. AmazonBasics bags are stronger, thicker, retain odor within the bag better, and are also the cheapest. The only area where AmazonBasics can be perceived to fall short is that it uses a “single” seal instead of a “double” seal. However, in practical use, the AmazonBasics bags had absolutely no issue with leaks and I am confident that the “single” seal is perfectly fine. At this price and quality, I would easily recommend the AmazonBasics bags as the winner.

  8. Ty Van Slooten

    I live in NJ, so plastic bags are not given out at the grocery store, etc. anymore. Thus, I thought I would give these a shot. I read all the reviews stating e.g. broken dispenser, issues with separating bags, etc. I have not experience any issues! The dispenser tablet is pretty sturdy, unless you throw it on the ground I can not imagine it breaking. The bags separate easily, they even have an arrow identifying the end that opens. Oh, and the bags open easily, not like the vegetable bags in the supermarket.

  9. Jojo

    These potry bags are great ,easy to open but I like the arrow showing which end to open. And the quantity for the price you can’t beat it. Definitely a always buy for me

  10. Honu Hugger

    These bags are amazing! They are everything you want a poop bag to be. They are big, big enough to pick up two big poops with one bag. They are strong, I’ve never had one leak, puncture or break. They are super easy to open. I don’t use the dispenser as I just grab a roll and walk around the yard with it or tie a few onto the dogs’ leashes when we walk. They are not scented yet they keep the smell in. I have a diaper genie in the garage for putting them in, it gets emptied on trash pick up day but since using these bags the diaper genie doesn’t even smell when emptying it. Before I found these bags I used the “green” bags but never again – there is no comparison!

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