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Whole-home coverage – An eero 3-pack is a whole-home WiFi system that replaces your router and covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. Works with Alexa – With eero and an Alexa device (not included) you can easily manage WiFi access for devices and individuals in the home, taking focus away from screens and back to what’s important. Works with your internet service provider – Eero connects to your modem to bring your existing internet connection to every corner of your home. Set up in minutes – The eero app walks you through setup in less than 10 minutes and allows you to manage your network from anywhere. Don’t let WiFi slow you down – Get the most from your WiFi by streaming, gaming, and working from anywhere in your home. Gets better over time – Automatic updates keep your network safe and secure. TrueMesh technology – Eero intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, buffering, and dropoffs. Easily expand your system – With cross-compatible hardware, you can add eero products as your needs change.

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Amazon eero mesh WiFi system is the backbone of a residential internet connection, and it’s important to ensure your signal reaches all corners of the house. Of course, this means replacing or adding more than one internet router to maintain coverage. But installing a separate wireless router can be difficult and expensive. You need to run new network cables, and physically switch off your current wireless router while the installation is performed. There could also be an issue with pre-existing wiring that needs to be replaced too.

If you are looking for an easy way around these issues then Amazon has created just what you have been looking for in its latest product innovation: Amazon eero mesh WiFi system – 3 pack replacement routers (US only). Here’s what this Amazon eero mesh WiFi system is all about:

1- Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation: Get access to Alexa, and add voice control to any room in your home – without a separate internet-connected speaker.

2 – Simple setup: With one click you can set up the router and cover your entire home in a matter of minutes.

3 – High-speed performance: Unlike existing routers, you don’t need to do an extra step by removing your current router from the wall; rather, all you have to do is place it on top of the eero mesh WiFi system. You can even take it back off after setup if you wish.

4 – Multi-device performance: The eero mesh WiFi system works with any Amazon-enabled smartphone, such as the Amazon Echo or Fire tablets, or even your laptop.

5 – Coverage for all devices: Even if you don’t have an Amazon Echo, you can still enjoy coverage all around your home. Your internet bandwidth will be shared between up to five individual devices at the same time.

6 – Alexa compatibility: With Amazon eero mesh WiFi system – router replacement for whole-home coverage (3-pack), you can get Alexa voice control in every room of your home.


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(9,979) WiFi coverage Best for homes up to 5,000 sq. ft. Best for homes up to 5,500 sq. ft. Best for homes up to 6,000 sq. ft. Wireless network speed Best for internet speeds up to 350 Mbps Best for internet speeds up to 350 Mbps Best for internet speeds up to 550 Mbps WiFi connectivity Dual-band 2.4GHz and 5GHz Tri-band (eero Pro), Dual-band WiFi extender (eero Beacon) Tri-band 2.4GHz, 5.2 GHz and 5.8 GHz Ethernet ports 6 Ethernet ports (2 per device) 2 Ethernet ports on eero Pro 6 Ethernet ports (2 per device) Placement Countertop Countertop (eero Pro), wall outlet (Beacon) Countertop




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10 reviews for Amazon eero mesh WiFi system – router replacement for whole-home coverage (3-pack) Electronics

  1. P. S. Kiesling

    I did hours and hours of research over weeks to decide what mesh units to go with. I decided on the Eero 3-pack for my needs, because I’ve read of the headaches other mesh systems caused people and I didn’t have a need for one with a speaker or anything like that. Going from a 10 year old router with a single 2.4Ghz band to these units is a big difference. My house is roughly 3100 sq ft and is 120 years old, with thicker walls of plaster over wood, and who knows what sort of older wires and such in the walls themselves. Despite the original router being in roughly the center of the house, I would have a very weak signal that frequently dropped off my desktop. The 3 Eero units have been up for barely a day and it’s a marked improvement. I have noticed that they run a tad warm, but not any warmer than the box we use for cable (not the modem, but what’s actually connected to the TV). We did sit them on coasters as a precaution considering the age of the furniture the devices sit on.Set Up:Relatively easy. My phone and the Eero units wouldn’t connect via bluetooth for some reason, so I had to manually enter each serial number, but once I did the units were found in the app and recognized each other and main one. The actual set up from there was easy. I found good locations for the other 2 units and the app informed me I’d chosen great locations for them.App:I like the app. I prefer it over a computer-based website I would need to access, and I like that I can monitor what devices are connected from my phone. The app walked me through the setup and it didn’t take me long to figure out how to make some changes to things and take advantage of some of the customization options. There is some discrepancies with the speeds the app tells me the various devices are getting and what the devices themselves tell me they are getting. I also like that I can see which devices are connected to which unit and the band that they’re on. For some reason some devices jump between the bands rather than sticking to the same band, but that isn’t an issue for me. I also don’t mind that I can’t select which devices use which band. With so few devices connected compared to other homes, interference isn’t a concern.Strength: Noticeably stronger. My phone has full signal in my room where before I had maybe 2 bars at the most. My desktop is at 70-80% strength, which isn’t surprising given that it’s still 20-30 feet from each of the 2 units and also likely due to the wireless network card I’m using, but it’s stable and hasn’t dropped at all once the units updated themselves through the app (dropped just once when the units were updating, but likely because it’s more sensitive to signal strength and connection strength).Speed: This hasn’t been an issue. Some social media images are slightly slower to load on my phone, but I spend more time on my desktop and everything works perfectly. I was able to watch episodes and such without any buffering or other issues; before with the old router I would have to pause episodes to let more load so it wouldn’t buffer on me and it would take twice as long to watch something. I’ll have a console in November and will be better be able to judge stability and strength with it as well, but at this stage I’m not anticipating having trouble.I didn’t contact tech support at all, so I haven’t rated it. I have my own security options in place on the various devices, so I did not do the eero Security trial or anything to do with that. Also, this is not a smarthome. We have no smart devices connected and will not ever have smart devices connected to these units, so I cannot comment on those. We will have, at most, 6 devices connected to the wifi at any one time, and usually just 5. There is one desktop with a wired connection to the unit connected to the modem, so that one doesn’t affect the wifi. I did turn on band steering in the app to help my desktop and such in my room have a stronger signal. I am not planning on using the guest option at all. I’ll update this review if necessary if I run into problems later on or if there are any changes with how the units work or how I use them.

  2. Murphy the Dog

    TLDR: I had Luma Wifi for 3 years, Google Wifi for 5 days, and finally Eero and I’m very happy with Eero so far.Back in 2017 I was looking for whole home wifi. There was Eero, Luma Wifi, and Google Wifi. At least those were the brands I was looking at. Over the 3 years I really didn’t have any problem with it. I mean it just sat back and did what it was supposed to. The last couple of months I noticed some issues with streaming and general slowness that I chalked up to everyone being at home using it all the time. I did a little research and Luma was sold back in 2018 and I never received an email or anything and the app had never had an update since then either. I guess that’s why it was so stable. Luckily they left us on a stable build.I started looking for a new Wifi device again. I’m a Nest Home so I looked at Eero and Google Wifi. I liked that Google Wifi will incorporate into the Google Home app with all my other Google items. I gave Eero a brief look but liked the form factor of Google Wifi a little better. So I purchased it on Wednesday and it showed up on Friday. I hooked them up and the hookup was a little clunky. Even the instructions were a bit confusing as it has you hook up the router then unplug your modem then boot the modem back up and plug in the Google Router. Then follow along on the app. It wasn’t great. I finally get it set up and that’s where the trouble started. Every 30 minutes to an hour the Google Wifi would just drop from existance. My Hue Hub was connected directly to my Modem so I could still access that from off network if I disabled wifi on my phone. But then the Wifi would mysteriously come back as quick as it disappeared. This happend on off for the next five days while working with Google Wifi support jumping through their hoops which consists of:1. Unplug Modem, Google Router, Google Point2. Wait 5 Minutes3. Plug everything back in4. See if it drops. Which it does.5. Set DNS to see if it drops it does6. Set DNS to and see if it drops it does7. Set DNS to ISP DNS see if it drops it does.8. Move the Google Point into the same room see if it drops it does9. Turn off the point see if it drops it does10. Reset all Google Devices to Factory Default and resetup see if it drops and it does.11. Switch out the network cable.12. Then they started blaming the ISP.13. ISP comes out and changes all the cabling from the pole to the modem. Still drops.14. Complete steps 1-10 again about 10 times.I asked Google support to overnite me a new set so I could make sure it’s not faulty and they said they could not do that. Even though I just bought it 5 days ago. I showed them evidence that my internet connection is working even thought there wifi is not by showing them a Laptop wired directly to my modem can access the internet while their Wifi connected to the internet was showing connection but Wifi was no where to be found.At this point I was on day 4 growing more frustrated and decided to order EERO. It said it would be here in 2 days. It was here in 1 kudos Fedex and Amazon during these times I was expecting a longer wait. I unboxed Eero and started the process. The instructions in the box are simple. Download the EERO app. Create an account. Unplug your Modem. Follow the instructions in App.It starts out saying you will have internet access in less than 10 minutes. They were spot on. The next step was to Plug one eero into the modem. Boot up the modem and boot up the eero. In the app it starts searching for the Eero and it finds it. You setup your SSID and password. I chose the same SSID and Password as the previous Wifi. It was up and running in less than 10 minutes. Your tasks aren’t done at that point as it still does a software update and reboots one time but the wifi was up and running in under 10 minutes. I setup my kid for her profile and set her weekday bedtimes and weekend bedtimes. Very simple and easy to use. The speeds are on par with Google Wifi and way better than what I was getting with Luma. And as a bonus no Wifi drop outs. I’ve only had it plugged in for 14 hours but no drop outs.Google support did reach out back to me with one last question. THey asked me how close my Google Router and Point were and I wrote back they are about an inch apart in the box. Sitting in a FedeX bin on their way back to you. You can keep those POS devices. I feel bad for the Wifi Support forum because there are about 10-15 posts on the same issue happening since March and in each post there are 5-10 new people complaining about the same thing. Apparently they either had a batch of bad hardware or a software update that affected a batch of hardware. I’m glad I finally made it to Eero. I’ll update this after a bit of use since I’ve only had it for less than a day, so far I’m pleased.

  3. Sulthan

    Yes it is TRUE !! it did increase the speed and gave full coverage of my house!!!I bought this as a bundle along with ARRIS SB8200 Modem Docsis 3.1.Installation was very very easy with respect to the devices (MODEM + EERO MESH 6). Need to chat with my ISP since this is the first time I am upgrading from DOCSIS 3.0 to 3.1 and to register this new device with them. If you were with the same dilemma like me, you will see a tremendous increase in Internet speed (you will be surprised by looking at my attached screenshots). Yes I did with doubt for a year to make a decision of upgrading my modem to 3.1 whether it will truly improve the internet speed or is it just a business strategy by ISPs in the market. But now I have to admit it is TRUE. 3.1 upgrade is needed if you do WFH or have multiple device streaming.I have not explored its full capacity of how many devices it can handle, for now only 16 devices connected and it does it’s job with justification.But I did verify the coverage and it has improved 100%.In layman terms – ARRIS SB8200 is a modem and does not have an inbuilt router in it. The EERO MESH 6 does the job of a router (physically 3 router devices at your house with the same WIFI name to connect to your devices).So, No need to manually switch to connect to these MESH devices as we normally do with a WIFI extender. Wherever I move around my house there is a MESH device to back my N/W coverage. I believe it can easily cover 5000 SQFT as they promised. Whenever there is a switch of MESH device happens I can see the coverage strength drop for a second and then regain its full strength in seconds.I am satisfied so far with this device as far as the coverage, signal strength all over the house and its perimeter (garage, driveway, backyard) and most importantly for the competitive price in the market when compared to the price range of a Netgear ORBI.

  4. Katherine

    I bought the bundle with three Eeros and Alexa, to set up the WiFi at my parent’s house. Before I took it over there I set it up at my house and configured it here. I am only moderately familiar with network stuff, so I need to concentrate while setting it up, I don’t want to be peppered with questions!My existing network had two wireless access points. I have had them for years and they’re very stable, I have no complaints. But the Eeros gave me much better speeds and coverage, I was super impressed. I was sad when I unplugged the Eeros from my house and took them to my parent’s house. So I am going to buy a second set for my house.Setting them up was not completely seamless, but it was close. The first one just worked, almost instantly. But the second one did not immediately work. It gave me an error message, can’t recall exactly what is was. But then it offered me a firmware upgrade, and I accepted it. Then it just sat there like a lump, I could not tell if it was doing anything. After an hour it was still sitting. I just left it and went to bed, figuring I would call Eero in the morning. But in the morning, it had finished upgrading itself, and it just worked. I did not have to call support. So I would say, if you get one and have trouble, let it automatically upgrade itself and be patient.One other bit of advice: The setup tells you to place them in spots spread through your house, pick their room names, and then it praises your choice of spots. This is a silly bells and whistles thing. Just line all three up on the table together and set the software up with them like that. Because it is annoying to be setting something up and running up and down stairs to plug things in and check whether the lights are on or whatever, especially if, like me, you get one that needs a software upgrade. Place them in their spots in the house, later. There is a screen in the app where you can change the room names if you end up moving them around, so you are not stuck with whatever room names you pick first.I love the phone app, too. I can check my parent’s network, without going over to their house. My mom has dementia and cannot remember why there is a row of little green lights, so she finds the plug and turns them off. When this happens I can see they are offline without going over there, and I can call them and talk them through plugging the modem back in. (After a few rounds of this I found a place to hide the modem, LOL!)Within the Eero app there is a spot where you can turn off the white status light. This is good, I was able to darken the living room Eero and therefore reduce the likelihood it will be unplugged.They can run in bridge mode, so when I install the next set at home, I can place them downstream of my wired router and my Pi-Hole (whole network ad blocker) will still work. They come with a 30-day trial of some other ad blocker, but it’s nowhere near as good as my Pi-Hole so I will not buy it.The bundle: I would never have bought an Alexa, but since it was bundled at the same price, I decided I might as well set it up for my dad. He has poor vision and it’s hard for him to get out of his chair, so it’s nice for him to be able to turn on music or make a phone call just by talking to Alexa. It’s working so well that I have gone ahead and bought a smart plug and I am going to try my hand at creating an Alexa-controlled lamp for him. I like Alexa way more than I though I would.Edit 7/4/2020: I am taking away a star. The unit that gave me trouble during my install of the first set, which seemed to be fixed by the firmware upgrade? I don’t think it is truly fixed. It has been intermittently failing for the last week. If I go out there and power cycle it, it might work for a while but it keeps failing again. Or if I ignore the failure it sometimes starts working again on its own. The other two carry on working fine even when this one is out of order. I suppose I will need to contact Eero about it.Then yesterday I had a weird hiccup on my second set. The internet just stopped working. The Eero app said all was fine, but it would not restart, and would not let me save any setting changes, the app was just frozen. No amount of power cycling of Eeros and cable modems seemed to help. What fixed it was, I unplugged all the Eeros, then used my cell phone data to get online, then I brought up the app and it realized the Eeros were not responding, it finally displayed them as offline. Then I plugged them back in and they came back online normally and started working again. So apparently you need internet to fix the internet connection. Glad I have cellular data as a backup source of internet!Anyways, I am taking away a star. I may give it back if Eero gives me decent support when I contact them. Because when the Eeros work they really are great. I just have this stability issue right now.Edit 7/13/2020I have been working with Eero support. They have been quick to answer and pleasant to work with, but they have not yet been able to resolve the issues with my one flaky unit. They worked with me on the phone, and emailed me some steps to try. Since the unit can be made to work if you tinker with it, but then fails again over time, it’s slow to troubleshoot – you do something, it works, then you wait, and in a day or two it fails again. But I cannot trigger the failure while troubleshooting, so we just end up trying things and waiting and hoping that when it comes back up this time it will stay up. So far it has not. It’s in a failed state again now and I have emailed them saying I think we have done enough and they should just replace it. I mean, the other five all work perfectly and there’s nothing in the environment that should make this one any different.I will update the review when something happens, and give them back their star if they send a new one and it works.Edited 11/25/2020Eero did send me a replacement unit, back in July. It works just fine. I have had no issues since.I am bumping them up to five stars. Because they have been great.

  5. Columbia1991

    After fighting with a cheap $50 router I decided to get this for my daughters college apartment. The Ethernet connection is from the wall so no separate modem. The other router didn’t like that. The eero setup took 5 minutes. Flawless integration and the speeds are superb. No brainer.

  6. Joni Wilson

    I left these in the box for a while because I was worried that it was going to be a difficult process to set them up. We had a major internet outage and had to have our router replaced so I switched to these. Previously we had a special booster box on the other side of our house. I spread the three of these out evenly and we have had no dead spots so far and no difficulties. It was very easy to set up with the app. I am waiting for my 30 days to be up to see if they try and charge me just to use them. It did give me a 30 day free subscription to something. The only thing that would be disappointing about these is if the subscription is required to use them.

  7. Patrick J. Murphy

    I bought the 3 pack Eero wifi mesh router to work with my Eve HomeKit cameras. I have 5 Eve cameras, 3 outdoor and 2 indoor. I use these as security cameras since they stream to Apple iCloud and you can review triggered events. I needed the mesh capability since some of my Eve cameras were far from my prior WiFi router so they would disconnect frequently. With Eero WiFi mesh I never experience disconnects and the HomeKit App always displays the video.

  8. David Bader

    I use to lose WiFi in my own attached garage. once I put this in, there has been ZERO issues. I was doin fence in the bottom of my property when I realized my phone was still hooked to the new WiFi playing music. Easily 100 yards away.

  9. Mark DeNillo

    My home office is as far away from my router as you can get AND it has to go through a brick wall. My laptop would get 2 Wi-Fi bars (at most) and I would sometimes lose signal. Moving my office was not an option. I stumbled upon this product during Prime Days and thought I would give it a try. The set up was relatively simple. I ran into an issue because I have an Xfinity router/modem combo. If you have the same, BE SURE YOU ENABLE BRIDGING ON THE MODEM/ ROUTER PRIOR TO INSTALLING YOUR EERO. If you do this, you will have no issues with set up. Once that was taken care of, set up was a breeze. I did have to call customer service for one other issue and I have to say, I got right through, the rep was super friendly and helpful and my issue was resolved immediately. I placed the beacons in a path from the router to the office and I now have full bars on my Wi-Fi signal. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!

  10. Ms Garvin

    The most impressive part about this setup was when I switched to Eero, I used the same WiFi name and password from my previous mesh WiFi. I didn’t have to update any of my existing devices (kid’s cell phones, computers, Smart TV’s, etc) – they just assumed the new WiFi! When I’ve had to do a complete restore with my previous mesh router, I always used the same name and password for the WiFi, but had to go to every device and re-enter the WiFi settings in order for them to connect.The setup process took MINUTES! Super simple (not that I can’t handle more complicated) but with previous mesh routers, it’s taken at least a good 20-30 minutes for various reasons, mostly because the firmware in the device needed to update.I also love the fact that it allows for remote administration for an additional $2.99 per month so I can control the network when I’m not at home. It allows you to filter internet content for specific groups and setup bedtimes as well as randomly pause any time if needed. All of this is extremely simple to setup, simplest setup ever!!Highly recommend for any home network!!

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