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About this item Keep track of and find your items alongside friends and devices in the Find My app Simple one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your things, or just ask Siri for help Precision Finding with Ultra Wideband technology leads you right to your nearby AirTag (on select iPhone models) Find items further away with the help of hundreds of millions of Apple devices in the Find My network Put AirTag into Lost Mode to be automatically notified when it’s detected in the Find My network All communication with the Find My network is anonymous and encrypted for privacy, Location data and history are never stored on AirTag
Replaceable battery lasts over a year AirTag is IP67 water and dust resistant Make AirTag yours with a range of colorful accessories, sold separately Show more

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Apple AirTag Electronics allows you to use the Apple Airpods to activate your phone. This means that when you walk into a room your phone starts playing a song, or if you mention the word ‘Airpods’ it will set off a series of lights. The Airpods themselves have an infrared sensor which allows you to use them without touching them, which is why Apple decided to incorporate the pendant into their product.

The PCB  is made by Inokom and there are three components on it, Orange LED , IR LED and a switch. There are five pads on the PCB that can be used for additional components. The first thing I did was remove the orange LED, because two of the pads (ID1 and ID2) were already connected to a smd 3528 1W resistor instead of a standard 2K resistor as needed by the IR LED.

Apple AirTag Electronics is a product that uses radio-frequency identification to detect an object in your environment and communicate back with your Apple device. Unlike most electronics, which still use the old-fashioned wire-based solutions, this handset enables you to connect with any object in your environment by simply holding it up.

Apple AirTag is a thin, rectangular piece of technology that securely connects via Bluetooth to an iOS or Android smartphone. Once connected, the device transmits a signal to indicate the presence of a nearby Apple AirPod, Apple Watch or other iOS or Android device with Bluetooth capabilities. If a compatible smartphone or tablet is nearby and within range of the AirTag’s wireless signal, then a light will automatically turn on on the AirTag. The green light indicates that there is an iOS device in your vicinity, while the blue light indicates that there is an Android device in your vicinity.

10 reviews for Apple AirTag Electronics

  1. hellcatrydr.

    I initially thought I had failed to connect with it so I returned it to Amazon. But that night it came on, and it was amazing to see hundreds of semi trailers in the live view of Amazon’s local distribution center.I was able to zoom in on the exact trailer my AirTag was in! I could even see which of the trailer it was packed in! In the morning, I watched live as it drove ~300 miles up the highway to Amazon in Vegas.Amazing.So I’ve ordered another and had them set it up at the Apple store.

  2. G.

    We heard about luggage being lost at airports and being able to find them with these AirTags so, we bought 2 of them for our luggages. Our luggage got left behind in the atlanta airport and once we landed in Florida we could see they weren’t on the plane so we went directly to baggage claim to let them know and they delivered our luggage to us the next day when they arrived. Love these! It will also notify you if they are left behind like for a purse or keys if AirTag is put on keys or in purse.

  3. gp

    I haven’t been able to set this up the way I want. I get notification when I leave, but sometimes it is delayed. That would be a problem if something is stolen. The perp could be quite a way away by the time I’m notified.UPDATE: 8/25. I learned how to geofence it and I get alerts if I’m separated from it, but I’m still not happy with the whole thing. We tested a simulated theft. I got a notice that the car left the geofence, but tracking was poor. I traveled 8 miles out and stopped. I received one update of the tagged car’s location at about 4 miles from the starting point. I kept watching and looking for updates as the car moved through populated areas, through heavy traffic. There was even an iPhone carrier in that car. They pulled up next to me at a busy shopping center, but the ‘find my’ function still showed the car at the 4 mile location. The whole exercise took about 15 minutes and I only received one location update, which was also the first notice the car had left the geofenced area.Still working on this, but for now, disappointed.

  4. Andrew T.

    I leave my tools at work. My tools cost around $1000 and there is a trust that other guys at work will not mess with them. The other day they got moved and I couldn’t find them or who moved them. The air tag that I put in the bag worked great. No one stole them but I was able to find them quickly with my phone. I know people use these for travel and other items they need to keep track of and I can say this thing works. This will not be the only one I own going forward.

  5. MusicFreak09

    I love this thing it made me feel so great when I was on vacation because every time I left my hotel room I was told where my bag was so I would always know if someone rummage through it or stole it. It was great at the airport as well! However, because so many people are using these now sometimes you will not really be able to track it as accurately especially when you’re getting on the plane. My last flight home I didn’t even know where my bag was until they started loading it up at the airport and it came back online. Prior to that it told me it was 1000 miles away back at the original airport. That’s just because most of the people on the plane had iPhones and AirTags. So the technology is new but I’m sure it will be better in the future. Even knowing that I still will buy more of these and put them in everything!

  6. Karen O’Connell

    Bought this because I was traveling to Scotland and was hearing so much about lost luggage, especially at Heathrow, where we had a stop over, that I hoped to at least know where the luggage was if it didn’t make it to my destination. I could see each time I landed that the luggage was in my vicinity, so I knew it wasn’t lost, which gave me peace mind. Same thing while I was on the tour, could see on the app that the luggage had always been loaded on the coach. Also let me know that my iPad and iPhone were nearby (or left behind in the hotel). Worked really well!

  7. Cristian Palomeque-Castro

    I have used my air tag for some time now and so far it has helped me find my wallet many times. I have tested it out many times and has successfully send me the right location of where it was left behind. A feature I truly love about the air tag is that it alerts you when you leave it behind it has helped me remember to take my wallet when I go out or when I leave it in my car. The downside of the air tag is that it takes a minute to find a signal weather there is too little light or your in a tall building it takes quite the while for the air tag to be located but once it is the tracking is awesome pinpointing it perfectly. Overall a great product but if Apple could improve the signal it would make it ten times Better.

  8. :-)

    UPDATE: The app sucks. I walked around the entire perimeter of my property pressing play sound every couple seconds. It would mostly come back saying it’s not in range and it would stop trying to play sound. Then at one point it said “Playing sound”. Obvious sign it was nearby. I couldn’t hear because of all the background birds and cicadas so I asked my kids to walk around me and eventually I was close enough to hear it ringing and I found it. I will be getting a better app to put it on and hopefully that app won’t give me false readings.I bought this to put on my cat understanding that it could come off and that it isn’t recommended for tracking animals. I liked the idea that if it was lost, other iphones could sense it and help me locate it. Well the collar it was on came off at some point the other day (not airtag’s fault). I went for a walk around the property to see if the app could sense it. At one point by the woodline of my property it told me that my airtag was seen nearby but it wouldn’t play any sound. It said I wasn’t close enough. I moved around and it would suddenly disappear. It would alert me on a different part of my property not near the first alert. It would then do the same thing. The app also did this with my watch that has been dead for a few weeks. We live in the woods and don’t have close neighbors so it is unlikely that someone walked off with it. I understand that this issue isn’t just with airtag, it is with the app as well. If I am able to find it, I am very likely to continue to use it but with a much different app. I am disappointed with Apple. I would not purchase again due to price and how inconsistent the app is….. I am willing to change my rating if problem is resolved.

  9. iluvgr8tdeals

    ⁃ Setting up the AirTag is easy. Pull the plastic cap and once the battery is connected to the AirTag and the AirTag is activated, the iPhone will recognize the AirTag and connect to it. It is connected to a specific Apple ID and once you connect the Airtag to the iPhone, you can designate what the AirTag will be used to trace/locate, for example, ‘Wallet’ ‘Keys,’ ‘BackPack’ and so on. ⁃ The use of a replaceable CR32 battery is a plus. Just twist the top cap and replace the battery by following the instructions on the polarity of the battery terminals. ⁃ I have an iPhone 8 Plus, so, the fancy ‘precision finding’ function that uses ‘AR’ and the arrow to point out the location of the AirTag as you approach it is not available. I knew that beforehand but it doesn’t minimize the effectiveness of this AirTag. ⁃ If you have an iPhone 6/6 plus and/or later, you’ll be able to use Bluetooth and NFC for tracking. ⁃ However, the AirTag works perfectly with the iPhone 8 Plus. All I need to do is expand the screen of my phone when on the ‘Find My’ app on the iPhone and activate the sound of the AirTag when I get close to the AirTag and once the AirTag starts beeping, then I can be able to trace it in its exact location. ⁃ The AirTag is excellent. If you leave the AirTag in a location and walk for about 2 minutes, or 0.1 miles, the iPhone immediately alerts you that you have left the AirTag and gives you the street address. When driving, the alert shows up after approximately 0.5 miles. Once you get the message on your iPhone, you then open the ‘Find My’ app on the iPhone and when you select ‘items’ at the bottom right of the app, you will then see the AirTag description and the blue dot that shows the location of the AirTag. As you walk back to the location of the AirTag, all you do is expand the screen on your phone and once you get to a couple of feet of the AirTag, you can press the ‘play sound’ button and the AirTag is going to start beeping. ⁃ I have now purchased 3 of these AirTags. I use one for my wallet, one for my keys and one for my backpack. I’ll definitely add more AirTags once the need arises. ⁃ The AirTag works so well such that, even when I go to the gym and leave my wallet and backpack in the gym locker and then go to the main floor to work out, about 50 or so feet, I get an alert on the iPhone notifying me that I have ‘left my Wallet/Backpack’ behind and gives me the gym address! Excellent! ⁃ You can disable notifications from the iPhone for certain locations so that, when you leave certain items like a backpack at home, you won’t keep getting notifications. ⁃ The ‘Find My’ app figures out where ‘Home’ is after a while (even before setting the home address on the ‘Maps’ app) and when you leave the AirTag at ‘Home,’ then the iPhone alerts you that you have left the AirTag at ‘Home.’ You can also set the ‘Home’ address on your iPhone’s ‘Maps’ app. ⁃ Just to show you how good the AirTags work, I attended a SuperBowl party and left my Backpack (with AirTag attached) at home. I had my wallet with me and my house keys in the car. The ‘Find My’ app was able to accurately pinpoint the location of my Wallet, (with me) my keys (in car, on road close to the Super Bowl host’s house) and my backpack, 44 miles away. The location of the backpack had been picked up by another iPhone that was close by the backpack. ⁃ I purchased a PSRAT 2 case wallet holder for my wallet AirTag and it works well. I purchased the Arae AirTag keychain holder for my keys and I got the Apple leather loop for my backpack.

  10. DEA

    I bought these to track luggage. I had an airline lose my luggage for 5 days. Was eventually plopped on my front porch by Fed Ex but was most stressful experience. Even with their barcodes they couldn’t track. Turns out my bag never left France and it was rerouted through Germany then to me in the US. I didn’t connect through Germany!Bought these for this trip and did absolutely nothing to them. They immediately came up on my iPhone as “Find my.”So now that I am very apprehensive to check a bag but I was forced to do so in Vienna (horrible airport by the way and if you ever have to connect leave at least 4 hours in between flights) because they allow only 1 bag and even carry on must be a certain weight. No choice. Had to go. I had bought the waterproof plastic cases (from Amazon, of course) for these with a clip and attached in inside of my luggage.,I didn’t set it to any “mode.” I’m the least tech savvy person there is.So was extremely worried when they took my bag for 5 hours. I was tracking it along the way from a good distance and up until the very last minute I could see it was loaded on. When waiting for bag could tell was getting closer to my backpack which was with me, What a huge relief! No more stranded bag sitting in a dark room somewhere, lonely, and missing me. Got to the airport and there was my bag on carousel. IT MADE IT. I could see every move throughout those 5 hours so knew they were transferring it to my next flight,Very highly recommend, especially for travelers.These were so worth it to have piece of mind. I bought 2 as used one for backpack., I don’t know how far they trace but I have read it can trace anywhere. Won’t give precise location but gives general area. Would very highly recommend.Work as international flight attendant and will be using these in my crew luggage as well as keeping a coiled lock to lock bags together in overhead bin to keep from wandering off.Definitely highly recommend as well as the waterproof cases they come in with clips or can attach to keychain or something else.* For those saying can not attach it to anywhere are many variants of holders that can allow you to attach to anything. I bought clear, waterproof ones with 2 different ways to attach. They’re available on Amazon and work well. I’ve walked quite a distance away while leaving suitcase back in the apartment and it would notify me I was away and where it was last seen.

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