BAGSMART Large Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook, Water-resistant Makeup Cosmetic Bag Travel Organizer for Accessories, Shampoo, Full Sized Container, Toiletries Beauty & Personal Care

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BAGSMART Large Toiletry Bag makes travel with your items a breeze. Constructed of rugged ballistic nylon, this large size tote features a zip-top closure and roomy main compartment for storing everything from toiletries to books.

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  2. About BAGSMART Large Toiletry Bag:
  3. A BAGSMART Large Toiletry Bag product is the perfect companion for the nomadic urban lifestyle. It is all about mobility and resilience and enables its user to be prepared for all eventualities of modern life. The product allows its user to overcome all boundaries within the urban jungle and to successfully manage their diverse everyday life between work, commuting and social time.
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10 reviews for BAGSMART Large Toiletry Bag Travel Bag with Hanging Hook, Water-resistant Makeup Cosmetic Bag Travel Organizer for Accessories, Shampoo, Full Sized Container, Toiletries Beauty & Personal Care

  1. Daniee.Mo

    I travel a lot for work and this is the perfect bag ! I used to carry several different small bags for all my toiletries needs and this eliminated them as I am able to pack everything I need and keep it super organized ! I love this bag – purchase you will not regret it

  2. CRodriguez

    It was time to replace our travel toiletry bag and after some research I opted for this one. After 1 trip I’ve found this such a great purchase. I was able to fit a lot. I pack for our family of four and was able to fit our normal size deodorants, toothbrushes, large toothpaste, travel moth wash, face wash (2), moisturizer, travel size shampoo, conditioner, contacts, hair clips and other items. I loved that I was able to hang behind our bathroom door. It made everything accessible, while keeping the bathroom counters clutter free, and I loved that I was able to roll it up and easily pack it up. Despite how much I had in our bag it was still super easy to zip up. I think this will be part of our travel items for awhile as it also appears durable and long lasting.

  3. Ashley Phoenix Andersen

    my life changed when i got this, been traveling quite a lot and i used to be so disorganized. i can fit absolutely everything i need for daily bathroom care, unzip it and hang it conveniently wherever i need it, access everything, and with a quick fold and zip, i can stow it, pack it away. no fuss no muss. i am in love.

  4. Amazon Customer

    So I’ve used plastic storage bags(for food usually) up until now. This is an item I didn’t know I needed. It made travel and packing up so much easier. It holds everything we need to get showered up. We took it to the Maldives and to Sri Lanka to multiple hotels and it still looks great. Buy it!

  5. Claudia Loera

    This travel case is great when you need to pack all of your personal care items! I bought it for an 8 day vacation and it was perfect. I was able to fit full size shampoo and conditioner bottles (full size, don’t get crazy with jumbo sizes, won’t work) body wash, hair products, hair accessories, and all other facial care items, and more. I will say, if you were planning on only being gone a couple of nights, this case may be a little too large for that. Great product and made very well.

  6. Alix

    It’s an amazing bag. Holds so much stuff it’s crazy. I traveled to Germany and am going to be staying here for a year and it is also great to keep my toiletries in one spot and to carry everything. I will continue using this bag even when I go back to the USA.

  7. GretaG

    Believe it or not bought this for a trip to the UK. Bought all new travel size products that I love. It fit great in my checked suitcase. Held everything I needed for my three week trip! But our checked bags never arrived at our destination and this cute, we’ll organized cosmetic bag never saw the light of day, until we arrived home! They finally delivered it to our door three days after we got home!!! Thank heavens for carry on’s!!!

  8. Bonbon

    I purchased this bag so that I could carry my toiletry stuff in one bag. This bag is big enough to do so.I am very happy with it as I used it for the first time . I could fit everything- make up, shampoo, medication,and other extra items. I would recommend it.

  9. S. West

    I love this bag. I purchased the large last year and loved it so much I purchased this medium size for shorter trips. Even this medium size holds so much! The large holds full sized products standing upright. The medium size will hold full size if you lay them horizontally in the bag but not as many. I try to use travel size containers for weekend trips. I can put all my hair, makeup, face and body products in here. Plus room for toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, etc. It all zips up neatly and then you can hang the bag in the bathroom wherever you are and access all your products without having a mess on the counter and you don’t have to pack and unpack your bathroom supplies.

  10. Ashley Briggs Horvath

    I’m on the road a lot and have been needing a toiletry bag that holds everything I need. I’m obsessed with this one! The large size is able to fit full size hair products comfortably. Im able to get so much stuff in here and I love that I can just hang it on the door! I used it for 10 weeks straight this summer and didn’t notice any wear and tear. I bought the medium size first and my husband actually stole it from me so I bought the large too! Don’t hesitate with this one.

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