Elvis Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Richard Roxburgh: Movies & TV

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Elvis Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Richard Roxburgh: Movies & TV

Many of us have been familiar with Elvis’ work ever since he appeared in Season 2 of “The OC.” He’s had roles on “Pretty Little Liars,” “Switched at Birth,” and “Hawaii Five-O.” Now he’s back as the lead in MTV’s new show “TeenWolf!” You might recognize him if you’ve seen any of his Disney Channel or Nickelodeon appearances, like TV movie adaptations of Peter Pan. He’s starred in the television series “Austin & Ally” and “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

Tom Hanks takes on the role of Forrest Gump in his latest movie, “Saving Mr. Banks.” He also has appeared as Captain America in Marvel movies, appeared as The Mikado in a British stage production and directed Broadway plays. He is nominated for an Oscar for his role in “Philadelphia. “Tom is known for roles in “Forrest Gump,” “Apollo 13,” and “Cast Away.”

Richard Roxburgh is an Australian actor who plays the role of Bryan Mackenzie in the TV series, “Rake.” He recently appeared as Dr. Henry Jekyll in the movie, “Jekyll & Hyde.” In 2010 he also appeared as Dominic Foy in the movie, “Clash of the Titans.” He has starred in movies like “The Informant!” and “The Black Balloon.”

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10 reviews for Elvis Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Richard Roxburgh: Movies & TV

  1. Bookchick43

    I was hesitant to like this because most Elvis movies and biopics go one way or another. This one is told by Colonel Tom so I was ready to hate it. But honestly one of the best Elvis movies ever made! Tom hanks becomes Tom Parker and Austin becomes Elvis. A great story that shows the weakness and lure of the famous life as well as the downfalls.

  2. Mary JO Ossenkop

    I loved it! I have always thought no one would ever compare !! The Actors were great Butler’s singing should get him an award! Even if he didn’t sing every song he was wonderful!

  3. Monica R

    This multidimensional film about Elvis Presley explores new perspectives.It leaps far beyond the chain of events that we’ve already seen in prior bio pics about this man. The actors tell the story of Elvis’ evolution as an artist, within the context of the era’s music business, American history and cultural climate. As viewers, we experience the black culture that enveloped Elvis’ childhood and the R&B and gospel music that he embraced. We learn and feel how deeply these aspects influenced his spirit and style. Austin Butler *channels* Elvis. He effortlessly lures our empathy for those screaming girls in the audience filled with goose bumps and exhilaration, and, later, the agony of Elvis’ grief-stricken moments. We all come to understand Elvis more deeply in some way, in both the familiar and also the lesser known aspects of him. Beautifully done.

  4. Deb

    This was a great biopic of Elvis’s career and life. He was a true talent that will always be remembered as such. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that anyone can be exploited. I’m glad that this part of his story was told. Elvis was so cool!

  5. cutieyudi

    I’ve been an Elvis fan all my life !I’ve been to Graceland and Sun Studios all over Memphis BB Kings etc .I can’t stop crying! I have to pinch myself…! I’m like is that Elvis or Austin??Omg The Comeback Special Over The Moon!!Don’t Hesitate Purchasing This You Won’t Regret It!My opinion Elvis would be honored to see the fantastic job Austin did to respectfully portray him! RIP Elvis Presley ??Thank You To Everyone That Made This Possible ?


    I have watched this 6 times and counting . It’s amazing . Austin Butler did an amazing job portraying him and deserves an Oscar . The graphics and sound are amazing . You will not be disappointed. I’m praying for an Elvis 2

  7. verisww

    I am one (of many) who has supported the makers of this film for I have seen it at the theatre at least 4 times and now I have bought it so I can watch it to my heart’s desire. It is entertaining and mesmerizing. Austin had me believing he was Elvis even though the first time I went to see the movie I was so very hesitant. I didn’t think he looked at all like Elvis. Indeed I have seen impersonators who did a good job with the makeup, hair and had the right physique and facial features to look like Elvis but never have I seen anyone make me believe that who I was watching was Elvis! He was as good channeling Elvis as Val Kilmer was channeling Jim Morris in the movie, The Doors. As good as Rami Malek channeling Freddie Mercury in Bohemiam Rhapsody.Austin was either possessed or he is a reincarnate.

  8. Crystal Richardson

    I haven’t been this excited or inspired by a film in years! It’s fantastically produced- everything from the directing, editing, costuming, cinematography, use of music… it’s all great. But Austin Butler’s performance is absolutely out of this world. He’s utterly magnetic. I saw this multiple times in theaters and have now viewed it multiple times at home, and even despite the long runtime, it never drags. As someone who wasn’t around while the man himself was alive, this movie felt like it transported me back in time to an Elvis concert and I never wanted it to end!

  9. InTennessee

    Being from Tennessee, I grew up with Elvis being bigger than life. This was a great movie and the actors were perfect.

  10. K. Gardner

    I did not expect this movie to be this good. I did not expect to be this moved. I did not expect Austin Butler to become Elvis in one of the best performances I have ever seen. If you’re of a certain age it’s like living those decades all over again. And mourning Elvis, and his gifts to the world, all over again. Bravo.

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