HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Army 14oz) Sports & Outdoors

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PERFORMANCE: Made from 100% Virgin Sourced 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel. 100% resistant to oxidation, rusting, and corrosion. 100% BPA Free. Cold 24 hours. Hot 8 hours. DESIGN: Double Wall. Vacuum Insulated. Inner Copper Plating. Grip-Tech Powder Coating. Hydro Cell sets the standard for new colors/styles and ensures manufacturing excellence not found elsewhere. STYLE: Purchase Includes Stainless Steel Screw Cap (100% Airtight) & Bonus Sports Cap with Straw (Cold Temp ONLY). Hydro Cell offers the largest selection of matching Paracord Handles, Bottle Boots, and Replacement Caps: Sold Separate, Linked Below. Customize your Hydro. PROMISE: We are 100% Committed to Pure Base Materials & Production Excellence. If you are not 100% Satisfied, Contact Us Directly, and we will Refund/Exchange your Hydro. Customer First Brand. PURPOSE: Your Purchase Supports/Funds Food & Water Projects all Over the World. Hydro Cell is a Mission Driven Brand that provides Environmental Conscience Products to Drive Change in Less Fortunate Areas of the World.

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HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Army 14oz) Sports & Outdoors

Hydro Cell the Pinnacle of Hydration
HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Army 14oz) Sports & Outdoors

Hydro Cell Stainless Steel Water Bottles offer unrivaled quality through generations of innovation, advanced product technology, and purity in base materials.

Hydro Cell brings a sharp and contemporary design by engineering the latest style options for those who push life to the limits! We are committed to providing a green alternative to single-use bottles, donating back 1% of profits, and providing the highest quality products to our customers.

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Stainless Steel




14 Fluid Ounces

Age Range (Description)


Product Care Instructions

Hand Wash Only

Product Dimensions

3.03"W x 7.17"H







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1 Count

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9.02 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches

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15.4 ounces


Hydro Cell



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4.8 out of 5 stars

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#6 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors) #3 in Water Bottles

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer



14 Fluid Ounces

Warranty Description

Hydro Cell provides a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Please contact the seller directly for warranty information for this product. You may also be able to find warranty information on the manufacturer’s website.

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10 reviews for HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Water Bottle w/ Straw & Wide Mouth Lids (64oz 40oz 32oz 24oz 18oz 14oz) – Keeps Liquids Hot or Cold w/ Vacuum Insulated Sweat Proof Sport Design (Army 14oz) Sports & Outdoors

  1. Kelsey Wabanimkee

    I’ve had this bottle now for a couple of months and I’m really impressed with it. I was nervous to make the investment because I didn’t realize how much was actually *needed* in a solid bottle- one I can count on for a long time.I’m thought it was silly at first, that many reviewers commented that it enforces their water drinking and they drink more as a result of ownership. I can attest that it’s true! Seeing a bottle I take everywhere, that looks nice, reminds me to drink! My water intake has greatly increased since I’ve owned it.It keeps ice forever! It definitely does depend on the size of the cube so I won’t stand behind any claim of how long. But I’m shocked at how well it keeps cold and there’s been ice in my bottle for 48+ hours.It does scratch rather easily so I try not to let it roll around and always have the handle attached. I haven’t dropped it, so I can’t speak on whether or not it dents.I’m glad I chose to invest in some of the attachments, like the rubber bottom and braided handle. I LOVE the way it looks and I never forget it. I do notice my straw top makes a funny noise (almost like a squeaking when drinking) that I wish it didn’t and my bf def knows when I’m drinking from it as a result. (This bottle is literally in my bed at night, all nights). So, that’s a bummer but I’m wondering if it’s a fluke. I haven’t seen anyone else review on the same issue. I noticed, along with other reviwers, that the bottom does tend to slide off occasionally, but I guess, for me, that’s a low priority, bcuz I always notice what it looks like without. But that’s not to say, I wish it just stay on. And perhaps would benefit from being slightly more fitted. I believe the rubber on has helped some possible damage that may have resulted otherwise so I’m glad to have it.Grateful for the reviews that really swayed my choice in choosing this specific one bcuz I’m really happy with it.

  2. Ravin’ Mad

    Okay, the first time I used this water bottle it fell lid first on the floor. It did not break. Did not leak.I’ve had two other types of water bottles, one with a plastic lid. Yeah, that didn’t last long with me. But my big issue with those other bottles was finding replacement lids. Nada. Hydro Cell has replacement lids. I bought an extra. Plus the lids fit both my 32 oz and 14 oz bottles. The mouth opening is a little larger than my past bottles, but that fraction of an inch is just enough so that when I add ice directly from my refrigerator ice dispenser, I don’t have to chase the cubes around the kitchen. Just big enough to capture the ice. The bottle also fits nicely in both the drink holders in the consoles in my cars. I carry the 14 oz bottle in the web holder in my fanny pack on walks. The 32 oz fits nicely on my recumbent elliptical or treadmill for exercising. Living in the desert, one of these is always with me. I use Reverse Osmosis purified water, so I don’t clean the inside of the bottle that often. The lid, I just wash with soap and water between uses.To clean: Put two drops of bleach in the bottle, fill with purified water. Let sit for ~10 minutes. Then open the spout and let it drain through. Use a small diameter brush and a little bleach (same brush I use for my hiking water bladder mouth piece) to clean the drinking spout. After that, rinse with clean water and put in 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda. Fill again. Let sit 10 minutes. Drain some water through the spout. Finally, rinse all. You’re ready to go!

  3. Daisy_girl

    I own 2 of these bottles: the teal/blue 24 oz and the coral/punch 40 oz. I find that I use the 40 oz size most of the time simply because it needs refilling less frequently. These bottles do their job well. I have only used them for cold water (no hot drinks) and have found them to be very well-insulated, keeping ice for hours at a time even in summer heat. Both bottles came with 2 lids—a screw cap and a sports/straw cap; I’ve not seen either cap style leak. As far as the exterior, the bottle colors are vibrant, and, in my experience, the paint is durable. I would recommend!


    I did a ton of research on these metal water bottles before I bought one. These seemed to have the best reviews and now I see why. They are super cool looking, do not slip out of one’s hand, keeps the water super cold (amazing how long the ice holds up) and makes my water taste better. And just an FYI…I do not even need to use the two straws that come with it, I just throw it back and drink, easy! Finally, I saw reviews where they dent or scratch easy, well any metal bottle being dropped or bumped up against something will do that. So far for dents and scratches…I had two scratches of my own doing, simple fix…take regular (not gel) toothpaste and rub it into the scratch with a soft warm damp cloth for about 2-3 minutes and viola, the scratches disappear. Don’t forget to rinse off the remaining toothpaste. Finally, these DO NOT LEAK, that was extremely important to me. The bottom line is this is a damn good product : )

  5. Sarah

    Beautiful bottle, and excellent material! I got it to bring with me to college in the coral and pinkish color, and was astounded by the quality! It’s made of sustainable metal that does indeed keep it from getting warm when something cold is in it and having condensation when the ice eventually melts!It comes with a normal cap (not pictured in my review) and the sports cap, which I included a picture of, and two straws! The sports cap is designed for colder liquids, the normal cap for warmer ones – which is super easy to use too!Recently I brought the bottle with me to a picnic at a park and the ice placed inside early afternoon lasted until well after 7 in the evening, even with changing the water when I finished it! Definitely highly recommend this bottle and seller, so I bought more bottles for my family from them :))Just to note, it’s a bit hard to hold the larger bottles, so they sell handles separately which I’ve ordered to match each of the bottles I’ve gotten so far ?Worth the money if you want something to keep your drinks cold or hot

  6. Starcrescendo

    What designates a “5-star” product from a “4-star” product? For me, its when a product goes above and beyond. You think, what could a stinkin’ water bottle do that is “above and beyond”? Well, I’m happy to say that this product is made in the USA, the water bottles are elegantly designed and have care and thought put into them: you can’t imagine how difficult it is to pick out a large waterbottle that actually fits in a standard cupholder! It comes with two caps, to fit your usage. Their customer service is ultra fast, friendly, and helpful. The price is right, and above all else, can you believe the product actually works as advertised? Super cold or warm drinks for the whole day. To me, all that combined makes this a stellar product and one that I’m happy to use, and recommend wholeheartedly!When I first got the product I assumed it was just like any other waterbottle/cheap thing you buy on Amazon, it comes from some other country, and has no instructions and a bunch of cheap accessories they throw on to inflate the price and make it seem like a better value. I’ve been taught this from too many Amazon products. So, I was not surprised when I unboxed it filled it up and the next morning went to drink and ended up with water pouring out down my chin.Over the next few days I started drinking a LOT more water, because the bottle was attractive, it fit in my cupholders at work and in my car, it was convenient, and it kept the beverage enjoyable because it was ice cold- just the way I like it.But it leaked, every time I took a sip… Disappointed, I contacted customer service to initiate a return. I was really kind of sad. The customer service person was overtly polite and apologetic and wanted to ship out a return at no cost. They even wanted me, again, fully prepaid, to return the bottle to them so they could inspect it for manufacturing defects, which I was more than happy to do. What company does that? Not many that I’ve dealt with. Most just want the product back so they know you aren’t scamming them. However, after I started talking about a return, I did some Youtube investigating because I wanted to see if perhaps the leak was specific to the 24oz bottle or something. As I went through reviews, nobody mentioned it. And finally I stumbled upon an unboxing video where they showed someone putting the water bottle together and that’s where it hit me. There is 2 straw accessories included with the water bottle. These accessories I assumed had to do with the other bottle cap that came with the product. Or, I assumed it was for if you literally just didn’t want to put a cap on at all so you could drink out of the bottle. I don’t know what I was thinking. I clearly wasn’t. But anyway, after looking at the video I realized that it was leaking, because the straw cap is meant to be used in conjunction with one of these straws on the inside of the bottle. That way, you aren’t inverting the entire water bottle upside to drink out of an open hole. What an idiot!After I realized this, I tested it, and of course it worked. I went back to customer service and immediately told them my error. I’d like to call out Jordan who was the representative who was very helpful the whole way and may have chuckled to himself but never made me feel like an idiot.As I mentioned, the bottle looks great, and has made me drink more water each day. I think from a combination of it being nice and cold, and from the flashy bottle being in my peripheral vision to remind me to drink. In fact, each day, even though I know you should be drinking more than one 24oz bottle a day, I have to make baby steps. And each day I come home with a bottle that was full in the morning that has less and less each progressive day. I call that a win, and it is all due to this product.I would completely recommend this product to anyone. And plan to pick up some more bottle soon as gifts. My only negative would be that it should come with some basic instructions on how to care for it, and maybe a little idiot-proof diagram that shows if you use the straw cap, that there is an interior straw that needs to be added.

  7. Kareem

    I bought this bottle for the main reason of switching from plastic to metal. The quality of thus bottle from the interchangeable caps to the color finish is very high. I use tap water filtered through a Brita filter which is kept in the fridge. When i fill up, the water stays cold for hours and this is even when I’m out and it’s left in the car for around 45 mins to an hour. I got a 64oz for work and currently ordered an 18oz for my kid and a 40oz for me to use at home. It really does promote a greater intake of water for me throughout the day. There are days I find myself drinking out 2 refills. This is a great product and some of my colleagues and family members are already interested. Buy this bottle, it’s worth the money.

  8. L. F.

    Not much to say about the bottle other than its flawless. Less than half the price of the other “hydro” brand but virtually indistinguishable. Seriously, I had mine up against my friend’s $50 bottle and they’re exactly the same in fit, finish, and dimensions. When you look VERY carefully they are slightly different shaped on the bottom, but that’s about it.But what really gets me on here was the customer service. One of the caps came with a slight defect; I reached out and Jordan from hydro cell responded right away. A few days later I received a brand new cap. I am always a bit leery when I order from off brand cut rate products but the quality and customer service is as good, if not better to be honest, than any major brand I’ve dealt with. If you’re looking for a solid product from solid people, this is it.

  9. C Wilkins

    I own several of these in the 64oz and 40oz sizes, as well as a few from other brands for comparison. These are definitely legit and keep drinks super cold (I do not normally use them for hot drinks, but I’m sure they would work for that too). Despite being priced much less than brands like Hydro Flask they are definitely of comparable build quality and performance.However the one problem I noticed is that the metallic cap covers are conductors of heat, and will get cold if you put any liquid from inside against them. This means the cap is allowing heat to leak in from the outside much faster than the rest of the bottle, which is not ideal. If you want the best performance personally I would suggest replacing the stock caps with a Hydro Flask wide mouth flex cap, which actually fits these bottles well and does not get cold upon contact with fluid inside the bottle.PS: If you like to load these bottles with ice like I do, consider getting the Hydro Flask flex sip wide mouth lid. It works wonders and does not allow any ice to pour through (you do not have to take the cap off to drink), all while keeping the inside super cold (again, better than the stock lids these come with).

  10. Cassandra CG

    …this is worthy of five stars all around. My family and I live part of the year now in the desert of Nevada and I’ll be honest, I was not fully prepared for the heat. My kids weren’t drinking enough water and I was sick of seeing plastic water bottles half empty and everywhere. I was also not happy about the fact that I was buying plastic reusable bottles like every month or so. I started noticing that a lot of people around me were using these thermos like water bottles so I looked into them. There’s a well know company that is known for these great bottles but honestly $40+ per bottle for a family of five sent me into a small panic. Underneath that well known brand was this brand. The colors were cool, they were half the price, and came with two different lids. They looked identical so I took a chance.We have had these bottles for exactly 33 days now and this is what I’m doing cartwheels over.- My kids, without me reminding them constantly, make sure to have it with them wherever we go.- All five of us drink way more water now.- I have yet to deal with any type of leak. Not one.- Everyone is happy with their chosen color and they fit (24 oz size) in car booster seat holders and the cars cup holders.Obviously, drinking nice ice cold water is way more refreshing than drinking hot water and bottled water here gets HOT quickly. We put ice in our bottles and, no joke, there’s still ice when we wake up the next day! Maybe I’ve been living under a rock just now finding this exists and I don’t have to carry a huge thermos around, but I’m sure someone reading this is under that same rock, too. Hopefully you love these bottles as much as we do.Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.

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