Invisible Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings Ring Adjuster Fit Any Rings, Assorted Sizes of Ring Sizer Arts, Crafts & Sewing

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⭐ VIRTUALLY INVISIBLE RING SIZE ADJUSTER FOR LOOSE RINGS – High-quality Transparent TPU Material and Unique Design, Virtually Invisible when on rings. ⭐ 8 ASSORTED SIZES IN ONE PACK – Reduce Ring Size 0.5-1 Size, Perfect Fit for loose rings, Prevent the ring sliding off your finger, Saving your valuable rings. ⭐ FITS MOST RINGS – Fits Ring Width from 1mm to 10mm, Suitable for both Women’s Rings and Men’s Rings(even Wide Men’s Rings). Works with Big Knuckles as well. ⭐ SOFT TPU MATERIAL- Non-toxic, Safe to use on skin, Soft and Comfortable to wear, No Pain and No Irritation to your fingers, odorless and environmentally friendly. ⭐ EASY TO USE – Stay Well on rings and Feel Nothing on your ring and finger when used. Depend on your needs to Cut and fit your rings.

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The Invisible Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings is a great solution to fix the loose ring size problem. Your ring might be slipping off your finger and you need to get it back on your finger. The advantage is that you can adjust the ring size by yourself without taking off and adjusting the whole band.

There are few types of materials this product consists of, including silicone and rubber which are favorable because they are durable, non-porous and flexible. Another benefit is that it will not cause allergic reactions when worn together with rings people might wear daily such as a wedding band or earrings.

You can wear these ring size adjusters for loose ring bands in any condition, whether it is wet or dry. The Invisible Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings contains no metal materials on its surface so it will not cause allergic reactions when worn together with rings people might wear daily such as wedding bands or earrings

. This product is suitable for anyone who has sensitive skin and is also a good gift idea. Many people find it difficult to get the right fit since they can only try out the ring at the store before they buy it. But, this product offers an affordable solution to fix the loose ring size problem.

Product Description

ring size adjusterFeramox Invisible Ring Size Adjuster Set, The Best you are looking for!

Feramox ring size adjuster is the best invisible ring size adjuster. Its unique design makes it virtually invisible when on rings and easy to use. It is made of Soft TPU Material, very comfortable to wear, no harm to your skin. Totally 8 different sizes, perfect fit to your rings, perfect for both women’s and men’s rings(even wide men’s rings).

invisible ring size adjuster

ring size reducer

8 Sizes to Fit 1-10MM Width Rings, Fit Both Mens and Womens Rings

Totally 8 Sizes to fit 1-10MM width rings, there is always one for you. XXS – Fit 1-1.5 mm width rings


  • XXS – Fit 1-1.5 mm width rings
  • XS – Fit 1.5-2.5 mm width rings
  • S – Fit 2.5-3.5 mm width rings
  • M – Fit 3.5-4 mm width rings
  • L – Fit 4-5 mm width rings
  • XL – Fit 5-7 mm width rings
  • XXL – Fit 7-8 mm width rings
  • XXXL – Fit 8-10 mm width rings

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ring sizer

Soft & Flexible TPU, Comfortable to Wear!


  • Made of Soft & Flexible TPU, safe to use on skin and non-toxic.
  • Soft and Comfortable when on your finger, no pain and no irritation.
  • Clip-on Design, stay very well on rings and feel nothing on your ring and finger when used.

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invisible ring size adjuster


1. Choose the suitable size that is slightly bigger than your ring width.

ring guard


2. Clip the ring size adjuster on your ring band.

ring spacer


3. Put your ring onto your finger with the ring size adjuster.

ring size reducer


4. Perfectly reduce ring size and can’t be seen.

invisible ring size adjuster

Step 1

ring guard

Step 2

ring spacer

Step 3

ring size reducer

Step 4

invisible ring adjuster

invisible ring sizer

adjust ring size

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Package Includes:

8 X Ring Size Adjusters in 8 different sizes

1 X Instruction

1 X Silver Polishing Cloth

Additional information

Product Dimensions

4.69 x 3.5 x 0.2 inches

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4.1 out of 5 stars

Best Sellers Rank

#79 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing (See Top 100 in Arts, Crafts & Sewing) #2 in Jewelry Sizers & Mandrels

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Item Weight

0.64 ounces




Freeman Direct

Date First Available

February 12, 2018

10 reviews for Invisible Ring Size Adjuster for Loose Rings Ring Adjuster Fit Any Rings, Assorted Sizes of Ring Sizer Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  1. Cellar Dweller

    Even after having a very expensive adjustable shank replacement done on my engagement ring (it was still half a size too large), this is the one item that finally stopped my ring from twirling around my finger. In fact, it was very helpful for my other favorite ring on my right hand as well. The price was $10 for 8 sizers and now I have 2 rings that fit after many years of annoyance due to badly fitting rings. For the first time in my life, I feel like I can wear rings with some confidence. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true coming from someone with large knuckles. This purchase was so worth it for me! The spiral ring sizers worked somewhat, but this item blew those away! Just bought a second back-up set in case something happens to these. Did not need to use the adhesive that came with this kit.

  2. High Desert Studio

    This ring adjuster is the best. Fits perfectly and doesn’t move. There are multiple band widths (for slimmer and wider ring bands) in the package and I found the one that fits my ring perfectly. It popped right on and it’s very comfortable. I don’t even feel it. I had another brand of adjuster before this one (the kind that coils) which was a ridiculous solution because the ends kept uncoiling. So I researched a bit and found this one. Perfect Ring problem solved.

  3. consuela kennedy

    These ring size adjusters are amazing, they actually hug/clip to the ring to where the original adjusters like these didn’t clip/hug onto your ring and would slip off while wearing it or move around the ring to the top of it just not a good design. I have tried every ring size adjusters out there and I bought these about 2 months ago and have had the same adjuster on since I got them, it’s like there’s nothing there and that’s what I like, nothing annoying me coming off or adjusting the size to fit on my finger!!

  4. Aleishia

    This thing is a life saver! I was so sick of my ring spinning around my finger. This stopped it. Its a very comfortable and not noticeable. I have big knuckles, I guess, because I’m not able to remove my ring easily when I need to. That’s low key annoying but still better than my ring spinning around like a toddler hopped up on sugar. I recommend it for sure!

  5. Amazon Customer

    My wife bought me this ring for Christmas & despite having it sized 3 times, it didn’t fit comfortably & I rarely wore it. I have small fingers (size 5) but because of the shape of the ring, my normal size was still too big. After having it taken down twice, the jeweler added a piece, like a built in sizer, because he was afraid the stones on the side would become loose & fall out if he sized it again. Even with all of that, if I washed my hands or put on lotion, my ring would slide right off.Because of that price added to the band, this product doesn’t snap down. It sits on it fine, but will come off when I take my ring off & gets water under it when I wash my hands. Minor inconveniences. The ring fits much tighter & I can comfortably wear it without fear of it spinning sideways or falling off. I wish I had thought too buy this before having that piece added to the band.

  6. TravelingFool

    This is a review and comparison of two different products:Feramox Invisible Ring Size Adjuster, assorted sizes (this product), and the Vancool (18pcs) Ring Size Adjuster (1.5mm/2mm/3mm) ( have several rings that were a little too loose and kept spinning around on my finger. I didn’t want to have them resized, because then they’d be too tight to go over my knuckle, so I decided to try some ring sizer products to see how well they worked.Bottom line: Overall I prefer the Feramox insert-type adjusters to the Vancool coil-type adjusters because of the look and comfort, but it all depends on your preference. Either type can be put in place after the ring is on your finger, so you don’t have to worry about getting the ring over your knuckle. The biggest drawbacks to the Feramox ones are that they may fall off and get lost if you don’t use the adhesive (and maybe even if you do), and you may only be able to use one size out of the package for a particular ring. The coil-type has the advantage of allowing you to adjust the ring size a little better by using thicker or thinner coils, and they won’t fall off.Detailed comparison:The Feramox adjusters, which were sold by “Freeman Direct”, come in a package of 8 in various sizes, to fit band widths from 1mm to 10mm. (They also sell packages for wider widths, so be careful what you order. If you are looking for sizers for thin rings like solitaires, this is the one you need.) Also included in the package are a silver polishing cloth and a sheet of adhesive. Unfortunately, the product information sheet comes attached to the adhesive sheet, so I didn’t realize what it was at first. There was a blue-green card that had the Feramox product information on one side, and a yellow backing on the other. The yellow backing was actually the backing for the adhesive tape sheet. I had to peel the Feramox card off it, which revealed the instructions for using the tape on the other side. The tape has a transparent film on one side, and the yellow paper sheet on the other. When you pull them apart, be sure to peel the Feramox card off, leaving the transparent film attached to the yellow sheet. Do not peel off the yellow sheet. If you choose to use the adhesive, cut a sliver of the tape to fit inside the groove in the ring adjuster. Peel off the yellow paper and attach the adhesive to the adjuster, then peel off the transparent film. I will probably not use the tape, because with the sizer stuck onto the band, I probably wouldn’t be able to fit the ring over my knuckle. Instead, I’m going to try wearing it by just slipping the sizer in place after the ring is on my finger. I’ll have to be careful not to lose it when removing the rings, but I think it will probably work out better for me, and none of the rings I’ll use it with will get daily wear.I found one sizer that perfectly snapped onto a 5.7mm gold band. The smallest sizer snapped onto a ring that was 2.16mm wide and stayed on. For the rings that are 1.25mm and 1.83mm, the smallest sizer wouldn’t stay on the ring by itself, but it seems to work okay on them if I slide them on once the ring is on my finger.Once in place, they’re virtually unnoticeable. The sizer is barely visible when looking at the palm side of my hand, and I don’t feel anything unusual except that the ring just feels a little thicker. It works great to keep the stone on the top of my finger where it should be, instead of sliding around.Unfortunately, you have to purchase a package of 8 different sizes, when you might only need one or two of the sizes. I wish they had packages of just one particular size, then I wouldn’t worry about losing one. On the other hand, I was able to use 3 of the sizes in this package, and since I’m not going to use the tape to stick them on the rings, I can move the smallest one between the rings that need it. You can use a sizer that’s a little wider than the band, so the two smallest sizes both worked for 3 different ring sizes.One other thing to note: When trying to get the rings on/off my finger with the insert in place, I found it a little more difficult than when using the coil type. Maybe it’s because the coil rolls around the ring, and helps the ring sort of roll over your finger. So if you do tape the insert in place, that might be an issue.Vancool Adjusters: This product was sold by “Nest My Life”. It comes with 18 adjusters (6 each of 1.5mm, 2mm, and 3mm coils, and also includes a polishing cloth. The adjusters are easy to use, just coil the desired size around the ring and cut it to desired length. I looked at a lot of similar products, but purchased this one because it included the smallest coils (down to 1.5mm). Most other packages did not come in a size less than 3mm. On a thin ring, the smaller coils look much better.The advantages of the coil adjusters are that you can use whichever thickness provides the best adjustment, and you don’t have to worry about them falling off the ring. You get so many of them, and only need a small piece for each ring, that it’s not a big deal if you need to replace them. Since the coils wrap around the ring, you don’t have to worry about them falling off. I also found that rings with the coil adjuster were easier to slide over my knuckle than rings with the insert adjuster, because the coils rolled and helped the ring move. But if you do have a problem getting the ring over your knuckle, it’s possible to put the coil on while the ring is on your finger.The downside is that they’re much more visible than the inserts, and are a little less comfortable. They also seem to slide around on the ring, which wasn’t a problem with the inserts.

  7. Snow Bird

    I never had to use a ring sizer before, but the ring I have cannot be sized. I purchased this item and was pleasantly surprised. The size assortment is wonderful. I found the perfect sizer to fit my ring and it works great. The plastic sizer is flexible yet sturdy. It’s comfortable to wear – I can’t even tell it’s on the ring! Very happy camper!

  8. Free Falling

    I’ve been losing weight and my wedding ring set was getting dangerously loose. My engagement & wedding ring are soldered together so the large sized one fits the set perfectly. I like that I have several sizes to choose from. This works perfectly! I had ordered another different style from another seller previously and that one did not work out so great but this one is PERFECT. I’m very happy with this purchase. The design is fantastic. Thank you. ?? Now I don’t have to worry about a lost wedding ring set while losing weight.

  9. Kevin R. Hunt

    5 stars for these! I really like these ring sizers. They’re silicone and feel nice – a soft, supple feel – and they grip the ring nicely. My fingers are like some other reviewers – they swell and deflate depending on the weather or whatever, so these things are great for ending the frustration of the rings flipping around a lot. I got the newer snap-on kind. I know some reviewers said they got the old ones that don’t snap on. But these snap-on ones are great. They’re comfortable – I don’t even know I have them on, and I’m wearing 2 different sizes sometimes. I have one really skinny one on my engagement ring. Then I have 3 “stack” rings with different size bands, and I used one wider sizer to put all 3 of them in and it works great to keep those 3 together and from moving around as much as they did.I don’t have any problem with the sizer coming off when I take the rings off. Maybe that has something to do with the way it’s being removed? I don’t try to just pull them off, I wiggle the ring while pulling it off and they slide off easily. They’re also very easy to take off while still on the finger. I have to do that sometimes if I have to take the ring(s) off when my fingers are puffed up – because even though I put the sizer on because my finger was “cold” and the ring was sliding around, the finger eventually gets warm and swells up again, making the ring tighter because of the sizer. Then I have to take the sizer off and use dish detergent to get the ring off. Just things you have to put up with because of bodily functions.They’re pretty clear, not a cloudy color, I usually take my rings off when doing dishes, or anything where I’d normally take them off, so I don’t know if they will, or how long it will take, for them to turn any color other than the basically clear color they are now.As with other reviewers, I wish you could order just the sizes needed instead of having to get those sizes you don’t need. Or at least if they would give 2 or 3 of the same sizes, even if that would cost a couple bucks more. Anyway, I like them a lot so far, though I’ve only been wearing them for about a week. If they start breaking down and getting hard, like silicone sometimes can do, hopefully it will take quite a while before that happens. Maybe by then someone (this company, since these are really nice) will have a set with multiples of different sizes, or the ability to get more than one of the same size, as suggested.

  10. CatsInPants

    First of all, this is NOT a paid for endorsement….I just seriously can’t believe that a product the cost of a cup of coffee could work so well!! I have fingers that sometimes swell which makes assessing ring size next to impossible. My engagement ring would stay on, but would constantly rotate around my finger and drive me crazy. Now it fits perfectly and I wear it a lot more! Plus, if my fingers swell, I can easily pop the plastic right off.I have another ring that I bought 10 years ago in Greece that I LOVE but never could wear because it would fall off. For the first time in 10 years I can actually wear it!!What a simple, yet effective product. It’s barely noticeable and was super easy to clip on. Very, very happy with this purchase!

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