| Joomra Womens Shower Pillow Slippers Thick Sole Platform Massage Non Slip House Bathroom Slides for Ladies Cloud Recovery Cushioned Size Soft House Indoor Bath Female Sandals Black 35-36 | Slides

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 Joomra Women’s Shower Pillow Slippers Thick Sole Platform Massage Non Slip House Bathroom Slides for Ladies Cloud Recovery Cushioned Size Soft House Indoor Bath Female Sandals Black 35-36 | Slides

Joomra Women's Shower Pillow Slippers
Joomra Women’s Shower Pillow Slippers committed to providing the best service and comfortable shoes for every customer.

Unisex cloud slides

Barefoot shoes for women

Barefoot shoes for men

Running shoes for men and for women

  • Made with skin-friendly durable EVA material, super lightweight, breathable
  • The deep heel cup and concave vamp with roomy toe box wraps around the whole foot absorbing impact to protect your toes safe
  • Outer Material: Premium durable EVA material
  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Heel Type: Flat
  • Shoe Width: normal
  • Built with a 1.7-inch thick sole enhances cushioning just like walking on a cloud

10 reviews for | Joomra Womens Shower Pillow Slippers Thick Sole Platform Massage Non Slip House Bathroom Slides for Ladies Cloud Recovery Cushioned Size Soft House Indoor Bath Female Sandals Black 35-36 | Slides

  1. Juli H

    I’ve been having problems lately when I’m on my feet too long on my hard ceramic tile at home. My heels have been cracking, the soles of my feet are killing me, and even my knees have been hurting more than usual. These shoes solved all of those problems. They are so soft, with just the right amount of support. I wear them any time I’m doing house work now and I don’t have the pain I was experiencing before.

  2. Asia

    I gave the first pair I tried to my sister, since they fit her better. I had to squeeze my feet into them. I had ordered the range where I was at the high end, but TBH my feet have gotten a bit bigger over the pandemic? So, I ordered the next size up, and they’re perfect. I was determined to find something to walk around the house in, because my achilles tendons have been giving me so much trouble. I don’t have pain in my achilles when I wear these shoes! Totally worth the effort to find the right size, and returns are so easy!

  3. P. Young

    I just purchased these and they are Perfect. The fit is true to size and the band across the top holds your foot snug in the shoe. These are NOT a cheap knock off. They are the real deal in fit and comfort. Yes I totally recommend these slip ons. I’m going to purchase more in different colors. Great for trips to the grocery store and around the pool. Love my slippers.

  4. Marshall

    First, I’m not showing a picture of my hooves in these things. No one needs to see that even though I know some of you are only here for the feet pics.Second, I rarely write reviews because there is no reason, usually. But this time there is a reason.Now on to the review.I purchased these to replace my Jesus sandals. I was skeptical because of some of the reviews, but opted to try them out. Well let me tell you I’m glad I did.Let’s talk about the look. Not impressed by the looks of them but they are for around the house. Sometimes you have to wear ugly inside your house because beauty is pain. So I’ll happily wear the ugly in my home.And to the comfort we go. HOLY CRAP! These are probably the most comfortable pair of slides I have. The cushion is amazing. I slipped out of my Jesus slippers and into these and was elevated in comfort. I love them. You’ll love them. If you do t love them it’s because you don’t know what true comfort is. Slide back up to the top and hit buy now or place them in your cart. You need some comfort in your life cause it’s hard being a bad b all day every day and sometimes you just gotta let it loose at home so you can relax. I’m fixed to buy a few more pairs to match the house clothes. Color coordination is important.Happy shopping

  5. FY

    Final Update:Wait until these mold to your feet before judging. They are great for me, and I see them as a perfect slipper because they slide on, there is enough room for socks in winter, they are zero drop yet cushioned, and they mold to your feet after a few days of wear, which increases stability and stops the feeling of them shuffling around. I am actually able to lift weights on my concrete patio in these without laying down a mat because they cushion some well. That said, I do not think a size ten foot would fit these. I’m always a size 9 and these are exactly perfect in terms of fit.Update:I’m leaving the other entries so you can see my process, which was essentially that I didn’t “get” them at first. Now, just a day later, and I am LOVING these. I couldn’t wait to get my feet into them at the end of the day. They make me happy :).Update:This is a next-day update. So far, I do love the soles of these for standing at the sink and standing desk and at the bathroom mirror. I removed the foam inserts because they weren’t doing the trick. These are not good for walking because they are loose and slide around. The sole does fit my foot just right: I’m always always a size 9 women’s medium, no matter the shoe, so I don’t think this would be big enough for a size 10. It would be too big for a size 8. Someone should invent these with a comfy, wide *stretchy* neoprene strap that is adjustable with Velcro or something to make these work better, but they are what they are.Original:Yes, the sole is very comfy. I would say these are worth $15; I just spent over an hour using an old mat to create customized shims in order to wear these without the strap being useless. I have an average size 9 female foot. I have included pics to show you what the customized foam looks like in case it is helpful to anytime. If these work with the foam, great?! (BTW, the foam does not require adhesive as it is thick and stiff enough to simply stay there bc of the slight tension of the arch).

  6. Whitney

    I bought 2 pairs in the same size. But my black pair is a either an entire size or at least half a size bigger than my green pair. However, after leaving them in the sun for an hour they SHRUNK and are now perfect. Both offer support and have cured my foot and back pain. I wear them 24/7 as I have a pair for inside and outside. Highly recommend. But be prepared for inconsistent sizing and shrinkage if left in direct sunlight. I think my most worn pair have stretched a bit. But nothing some sunlight won’t fix, so I’m looking at it as a plus.

  7. Felicity Phillips

    I bought these to wear at the end of my pregnancy, to the hospital, and now postpartum. They are amazing! Super comfy (with & without socks) and lightweight. My only complaint would be that they have little holes in the soles that little rocks get wedged into. But still highly recommend!

  8. Terry B.

    Needed a pair of slides that I could throw on quickly to go out back by the pool, or to take out the garbage. These fit well, stay on, and are very comfortable. They are light weight and have plenty of cushioning to wear continuously. I’ve only had one minor issue and that was when I was wearing them when it was extremely hot and humid outside. The slides held up well, but because of their material, my feet sweat a lot and I started to get a blister. By drying them off and taking break from them resolved the issue. I recommend these as an affordable, comfortable option for around the house.

  9. Nao A.

    I got the smallest size which fits my size 5.5/6 wide feet. I’ve been having some back pain from poor posture and walking on hard floors barefoot since I work from home. These sandals help alleviate some of the pain. They’re super comfy and have a nice thickness to them. I feel like I’m wearing my thick kitchen mats tbh lol. I’ve never been into ‘sliders’ but I’m actually pretty happy with these as house slippers.

  10. s.brown

    I thought these were really ugly when I got them, but it’s been a couple months and they’ve grown on me. They’re also super comfy. I’ve worn them everywhere. I have no shame. If I wasn’t on a budget I would have them in more colors. Also, due to the ridge around the whole outside of them, it’s like a bumper. I was thinking for people with neuropathy it may be a sandal they could wear since the foot is more protected with that extra area around them.

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