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The Levi’s Women’s 501 Original Shorts have a loose fit, making them a great choice for staying active. The denim is soft and stretches with your body. They also have deep front pockets to store all of your essentials in style. These shorts are available in five different colours: Crimson, Cherry, Gumdrop, New Denim Blue, and Mint Fizz.

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10 reviews for Levi’s Women’s 501 Original Shorts, Whiteboard-White, 23 at Amazon Women’s Clothing store

  1. Kathryn Koier

    I was SO skeptical of buying shorts online without trying them on, and even more skeptical of buying off Amazon. THESE SHORTS ARE AMAZING! I’m shocked. These will be my new go to.Bought a size 32, fits great, slightly loose in the crotch area but it doesn’t bother me (more comfortable when sitting because of this), 5’8”, 165lbs.

  2. H&M

    This was my second order, I bought another pair in a size 25” which are really cute & flattering with a crop top because they are tight around the bum but loose around the waist which makes your waist look tiny & your butt look good.I ordered a second pair but in a different wash in my normal size 24” waist & they for like a glove! I love the button fly and the fit is super cute & comfy. Great quality, thick denim.. basically no stretch. I would recommend ordering your normal size, just keep in mind that they are high rise shorts. Hope this helps

  3. Bri

    i ordered some because i already had some just in a size that is too big, they’re comfortable and not too short i also sized up from a 26 to a 27 and the fit is perfect!!

  4. Monica

    I bought the original 501 shorts in Ojai top light blue from target, loved it so much I had to get another. This time I got the whiteboard. This is slightly softer and has more stretch than the ojai shorts. I think it’s maybe an inch to half an inch longer which I don’t mind. The white isn’t see thru and it’s also not paper white, it’s more cream /white. (Again that’s what I wanted) I loved these shorts because I’m a mom now and want to wear shorts that are not always booty shorts , and these were a good transition lol it’s also very flattering, it really accentuates the backside, if you do or don’t have it . for reference I’m 5’1 126 lbs, got size 26 in both shorts.

  5. Ali B

    These are a rigid denim with little wearing ease. Size up for comfort. My thighs rub together and the hem at the inseam was too thick, it was so uncomfortable. I ended up cutting the hem off and fraying the ends so they were comfortable. I would order again at 2” bigger than my measurements and planning to cut the hem off

  6. Leahhh

    I ordered these shorts and ordered up a size (29) because I have a bigger bottom. I love them! I do have to wear a belt with them bc the waist is pretty big on me, but fits me everywhere else (I’ve struggled with this issue shopping for shorts my whole life so I’m not blaming Levi’s). I like that they’re longer in the back, they’re more flattering for my build and I prefer not to have my booty cheeks hanging out lol, but they’re shorter in the front which feel and looks nice. Definitely worth the purchase. For reference, I’m 5’4”, 140-145 lbs.

  7. Rosa K.

    This is my second pair of the 501’s and they’re by far my favorite shorts. In the pictures they have been worn and then washed and dried. My first pair was the true blue Jean shorts I purchased from Macy’s size 29. I sized up in those because they had absolutely no stretch to them. I purchased the grey wash thru Amazon thinking it would be the same but this wash does have some stretch to them for sure. I would’ve sized down but i didn’t want them to be too tight because then the stretch makes high waisted shorts cut me right at the hips and it’s not cute or comfortable. And they’re not too big to the point of it being noticeable. I love how these fit and how they look and will definitely be purchasing more. I have tried on the dark black 501’s at the Levi’s store and those have no stretch as well so sizing varies on the wash for sure!

  8. Michele

    They are super cute and comfy. I will say the tag looks different than regular Levi’s (maybe outlet) and they have way more stretch than the regular denim 501s we get directly from Levi’s but they were cute for summer

  9. Amy F.

    I’m 4’11.75 inches, 119 lb. I didn’t know what to expect when i ordered these and was scared i should have sized up like the other receivers said but i’m glad i didn’t. these shorts fit perfectly everywhere and are beautiful. they kinda ride up a little when you’re walking but it’s ok!

  10. Polly Ko

    They fit and feel like all my other Levi’s. They’re TTS and just long enough to be decent. I’m a diehard when it comes to 501s and they are consistent with the fit. I know there are some concerns of them being knock offs due to the red tag, but if you go to the Levi’s website they’ll explain why. In a nutshell, 1/10 of their items have intentional blank tabs to signify they own the rights to the actual red tag and placement. So don’t worry, they’re good! Plus, as long as you look and feel good in them, what’s the problem?For reference, I’m 5’5” 115lbs and ordered a 25 in sansome straggler and Luxor baked. Both are fitted, but not tight and wear nicely with room for comfort. But this is all preference on how I like them to fit and if I wanted a more skin tight fit, sizing down would have worked (:

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