Liquid Death Sparkling Water, Berry It Alive 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) Everything Else

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About this item 100% Sparkling Mountain Water from the Alps 3 Grams of Real Agave Nectar 20 Calories Armed with Essential Electrolytes Infinitely Recyclable (Plastic Bottles Are Not) Limited edition artwork on bottom of each case MurderYourThirst #DeathToPlastic

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Liquid Death Sparkling Water is a concoction of creating the purest, inorganic, and non-toxic water. It’s basically soda without all the extra stuff you don’t need. They start with pure, spring water and they add calcium chloride to allow it to flow easily from a fountain or spigot. Then they add potassium nitrate to increase density and flavor.

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Dont be scared. It's just water.

From the alps, not a lab.

infinitely recyclable. packed with electrolytes.


Limited edition case art

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10.79 x 8.03 x 6.85 inches; 1.77 Ounces

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Liquid Death

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10 reviews for Liquid Death Sparkling Water, Berry It Alive 16.9 oz. Tallboys (12-Pack) Everything Else

  1. BucolicBook

    * after I’ve smoked a bowl, sometimes my throat gets really painfully dry. Liquid Death deals with that, quickly .This water has the most divinely perfect bubbles that other waters simply don’t possess, or if they do, I haven’t come across them. The water quality is great, the bubbles are crisp without being overpowering, and the taste is amazing.I’ve never enjoyed beer but wow, do I love this water.

  2. Chris K.

    I just ordered a case of these for the 4th time in a month. Honestly, by far the best seltzer water I’ve had. I HATE seltzer with a passion. I’ve tried so many different brands and they’re alllll garbage.Best thing about this? It doesn’t taste stagnant! It doesn’t lose it’s flavor!You’ll open the can and it smells like a damn fruit snack and will remain like that for the duration of the can. Most other seltzers lose their scent and taste after 3 minutes!Murder your thirst. F*** plastic.

  3. Jay Scribbles

    Okay, I really love this drink. I have problems staying hydrated in the summer and I am especially vulnerable to heat-related illness, but it is hard to remember to drink 64oz of water every single day.First, this drink is delicious, the Berry-it-Alive flavor is my favorite and it’s like a fruit punch kind of flavor.I also love the Severed Lime which reminds me of 7-UP. The Mango isn’t for me, but the regular sparkling water is fantastic too.Second, flavored versions have a tiny bit of agave which really makes the flavor pop, but without adding a ton of sugar or calories to the drink. 20cal per can, which you can basically burn just sitting on your tush.Third, buying online is much, much cheaper than buying individual cans.Lastly, and this really should be first but they spend 10% of the profit on cleaning up plastic waste. It’s called Liquid Death because they are committed to killing plastic waste.What’s really special about this drink is the combination of flavor and calories. I drink all kinds of seltzers because it’s easier to drink than flat water for me, but I like these the most out of Sanzo, Spindrift, LaCroix and Bubly

  4. Emmanuel S.

    I’m a water person and will almost always strictly drink natural spring water. I try to avoid filtered or purified water since it doesn’t do much of anything. Matter of fact, during the pandemic, the only water my family and I could g3t ahold of was the nasty purified stuff and filtered waters which, no matter how much we drank, we still felt thirsty. As the pandemic started to come to an end, we were on a mission to find some water that will help us with that thirst. We’ve found a few great ones, but this one right here is by far our FAVORITE water! (Netherland water from Trader Joe’s comes in 2nd and Poland Spring 3rd)We love it and can’t get enough. It’s also awesome how they have some flavored sparkling ones and we always get the mango.This is a great brand and we love what they stand for. Getting rid of the plastic to help minimize plastic pollution.DEATH TO PLASTIC!

  5. Brittanie

    This is seriously the best tasting water I’ve ever had. Like me you probably think all water is water but there’s something about this that literally made me think wow that’s good. I just wish they weren’t pricier than most other canned sparkling waters.

  6. Anthony Phillips

    If you are a person who drinks water then you know not all water tastes the same. This is the best water I have ever tasted. I first was introduced to these at Whole Foods and would only buy when on mega sale. On Amazon they are at a much lower price with the added convenience of it being delivered to my front door! They are better cold then room temperature, but tasty nonetheless. I love that I can recycle the can when I’m done and they are easy to carry around. However, I feel uncomfortable carrying them around since EVERYONE who sees me with it thinks I’m drinking alcohol – it’s very annoying since I want to proudly drink this since it’s soooo tasty, yet I can’t because I don’t want to be reported to HR for drinking water that looks like it’s in an alcohol can! I’m also fearful of drinking it in the car because I’m afraid a police officer will see me drinking it and pull me over because they think it’s a beer can. So drink at your own risk. Even with the risk I’m starting to educate people around me that’s it’s amazing water! I won’t stop buying and won’t stop drinking! It’s worth the money. It’s incredibly refreshing and crisp.


    Great for a party when not everyone is a drinker and would like an option that doesn’t announce, “Oh, John’s not drinking! I should tweet about it!”It is water in a can. Clearly stated on the label. But my teenagers LOVE IT and would drink them all if I would buy it more often. It is a pricey choice when I can get a 24 pack of plastic bottles at WallyWorld for $3.50. This is cool water.

  8. happysunnystar

    I started buying Liquid Death once I found out all those plastic bottles do not get recycled and you most definitely do not get paid to bring it in. We donate the cans to a local charity.

  9. Heather

    I’m going through a plethora of health problems at the moment and keeping hydrated while finding something that doesn’t bother my system at the moment has been very frustrating.I normally find sparkling water extremely unpleasant, sour and don’t do even a sip. This is really good. I can drink this at a normal rate, not hours trying to drink a plastic bottle of aloe juice which I thought was being recycled. Death to plastic, Liquid Death for the win. I’ve had two cans today and it’s amazing. I haven’t liked drinking water because it usually comes in a bottle and tastes like plastic. I don’t trust the tap water no matter what because of all the dumping that was done up the hill. The EPA had to come in and the water is still being tested periodically. They aren’t done the cleanup.Seriously, get this water. Actual hydration without destroying the planet in the process, win win.

  10. Twigg lech

    I have nothing but positive things to say about Liquid Death, which has saved my life on more than one occasion (literally).I’ll start with what happened 2 years ago- I went on a vacation where there was no shade to shield me from the triple degree weather. I had a hard time drinking water or remembering to, and basically would reach for ANY other liquid first. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I got heat stroke- big time, to the point where my body started seizing. I end up in the ER- yep, it’s severe dehydration and I’m getting told I could have died. Doctor advises me to drink more water. I stop by 7-eleven, I see these cans. I was confused at first (“why is there beer with the waters?”). I grab one out of sheer curiosity. Lo and behold, it’s the absolute best water I’ve ever tasted in my life. I end up buying out every store in my area, and eventually feel sad that I can’t find them anywhere anymore.Then, almost exactly a year later- kidney stones, that supposedly are going to require surgery to remove. I end up ordering several cases of Liquid Death- by the time I finish the cases, my stones have passed and the doctor is bewildered. No, it wasn’t cranberry juice or some crazy diet- just this water, which I consumed enough of to eventually get $80 back when I recycled them.And thirdly, to the biggest selling point for me- many people think it’s beer. I, myself, thought they were beers when I first saw them. As a sober person, I cannot explain to you how much of my sobriety I owe to Liquid Death- it feels like a tall boy, looks like a tall boy, but it’s water. The placebo effect of it has kept me clean for years since I discovered it, and I still reach for one after a long day at work to wind down.Everything about this company, this brand, this water is incredible. If you live near me and are having trouble finding it- I’m sorry it’s because I still buy the entirety of stock when I find it. I can’t get enough of liquid death- thank you so much for everything you do for the planet, for the body, and for me.

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